Fine Line

He looped his arms around her waist as hers draped comfortably around his neck. They went about the preliminary steps, warming up and sliding sensually against each other. Once they felt secure and knowledgeable in the talents of the other, the steps started to get complicated and hands started to move and explore. They turned and twisted around the dance floor in perfect time. It was easy for them to move in sync, to judge the next step in advance. Her hands moved from his neck down his chest, stroking the toned muscle she found there. His wandered down to her ass, pulling her hips against his.

"Terry," he gasped as she rotated her hips and leaned up to nibble on his ear.

"Theresa," she corrected him, a reminder that here, she was a different person. He pulled back to study her, to look into her eyes and she could see the chaos in his emotions. Then a look of determination crossed his face as he pulled her closer and crushed his lips to hers. She arched against him with a moan, plastering her body to his as her arms clasped his head to hers in a death grip. He pulled away when the need for air screamed in his lungs, a decision made in his head.

"Teryy," he managed. Then she understood. This wasn't about a one-night stand anymore. He didn't want to make the distinction between the two. Somewhere along the line it had morphed into something completely different and the identities they'd created melded into their daily personas in what became a freer version of their regular, daily selves.

His words solidified it.

They'd been dancing around each other since he moved back to LA and returned to the office there. Both had been hoping their rekindled flirting would die away and they'd be able to work professionally as well as continue something that resembled a personal relationship without it getting out of hand. Don's words told her he was sick of playing that game. The rules had changed.

He'd left it up to her to accept the change, or return to what they'd been.

It wasn't a difficult choice to make. With a coy smile and a slightly shy tug on his arm, she moved him back against her. This dance wasn't between masked strangers anymore. It had transferred to a dance between past lovers that were ready to start a new chapter in their relationship. They hadn't lost touch after they parted ways, something that had strengthened their relationship considerably. It was why it became so easy to stop pretending. Hand stroked and caressed over fabric, remembering old touches and weak spots.

They current song ended and Don pulled Terry off the dance floor to a shadowed corner. She was sure he could hear her erratic breathing and heartbeat that definitely wasn't a result of their dancing. She'd noticed his. He leaned against the wall and pulled her against him, arms wrapping around her body, one hand tangled in her hair, the other on the small of her back, just above her ass. She went willingly, crushing her lips to hers roughly. His tongue immediately took possession of her mouth, thrusting past her willing lips to taste all the corners of her mouth that he couldn't find.

Someone moaned, who neither could tell. They were above and beyond understanding, thinking, and were content to just feel. Slowly, his hand began to move wandering her body, brushing against remembered weak spots. He grinned when she arched against him. For her part, Terry submitted. She knew Don, knew how little control he'd believed he had over the case and how it affected him. By giving up her control she told him that she trusted him completely and unwaveringly. She put her safety in his hands.

He felt her let go and allowed himself to surrender a little bit of his control back into her grasp. He couldn't hold onto it all by himself. His kiss was without restraint, stealing her breath with its passion. She didn't care. If it wasn't for his arm around her waist, she was sure she would have melted into the floor. She managed to tear her mouth from his when breath became necessary but he didn't let up in his assault. He moved to her neck, the muscle and vessel that had always been his favourite part of this particular woman. She gasped as he reached her collarbone.

"Don, not here," she groaned out as he continued to nibble across the bone. He moaned into her skin when she reflexively tightened her fingers bunching up his shirt and lightly scraping his back. She managed to get her hands around to his chest giving a forceful push against him. Both chests were heaving, eyes dark with desire, but both understood that public indecency didn't need to be added to their records.

"Did you walk?" he whispered, running his hands over her head, through her hair. Terry nodded as she pulled him backwards by his hands. They made it outside the club before Don threw her up against the wall to ravish her again.

They eventually made it to Don's car and to the apartment, no thanks to teasing on Terry's part as Don tried to navigate LA traffic. Like teenagers they took to the stairs of her apartment building, stopping every once in a while in a corner or against the rail. It took them longer than usual to reach her apartment and longer than usual for her to get the door open.

They lay together afterwards, Terry cuddled against his side contentedly, asleep. He loved how he'd made her so relaxed, content. It did more than boost his ego. In fact, now that he thought about it, he loved her. She stretched against him lazily, wincing slightly when muscles stretched that hadn't been used for a while.

"Welcome back." She smiled up at him, her cheek still resting on his chest. She purred as he stroked her back softly arching against him and pressing her delicious body against his. They were silent for a while, until Terry's curiosity got the better of her.

"What made you venture out tonight?" she asked softly, her arm tightening around his middle. He took a minute to formulate his reply.

"A friend of mine told me I needed to get out more." She smiled.

"So you took to my club?" She allowed the note of possession to slip into her voice. He chuckled as he looked down at her.

"Why the mask?" he shot back. Terry shrugged hiding her eyes from his gaze.

"It's safer." He considered this a moment before unwrapping one of his arms and lifting her chin. She saw the vulnerability in his gaze as he said his next words.

"No more masks?" She couldn't help the smile that stretched over her face.

"No more masks," she assured him. "And no more dancing." Don didn't miss the metaphor in her words. He agreed whole-heartedly with a searing kiss. They settled back into their previous positions. When Terry started drawing absent patterns on his stomach, he knew she was thinking.

"I never stopped loving you, you know," she told him softly. He smiled as the hand that was drawing on her back made its way into her hair.

"Me either." She avoided his gaze again.

"So…" her hand stilled and flattened against his stomach. "This wasn't a one-time thing?" He smiled, kissing her head.

"No. No, it most definitely wasn't."

He pulled her mouth up to his sealing his words.


I apologize for the horrible ending. I couldn't find a way to finish it saying all the things I wanted with a half decent ending. However, this is the last instalment of this story. Hope you enjoyed it, regardless of the OOC-ness through most of it!

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