Howl in the Night

Summary: Major HBP SPOLIERS. A Remus and Tonks story. Do not read if you haven't finished HBP. Remus and Tonks are happily living with their daughter. But the Wizarding World still isn't safe. A new evil has risen.


Chapter One

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Remus leaned on a wall of Hogwarts. He had his wand in his hand, and his other was supporting a very bad cut on his leg. The last Death Eater he would fight that night had fallen. Peter Pettigrew lay still. He had finally gotten his revenge for the deaths of two of his best friends.

Unable to move he decided to just sit and wait. Ahead of him was the final battle. Some witches and wizards, both good and bad, were dueling in the distance, but he had his eyes trained on the two dueling in the center by the lake. Harry had hopefully gotten better. He would need every ounce of luck in this battle.

It wasn't like he didn't have any confidence in Harry. He just hoped he could defeat Lord Voldemort so this whole stupid war would end. It would just end all the suffering it caused him and other people. Wizard and Muggle people alike.

He finally pocketed his wand, and held his leg with both hands. Still keeping his eyes on the final battle in front of him. It was hard. The pain was slowly creeping its way up his body, but he had to watch. Everyone seemed to stop. It was like whoever won the battle in the middle won the war.

He saw some fancy wand work and what looked like complicated spells. Harry, when hit, would bounce back up and send another hex or whatever towards Voldemort. He had his wand in one hand, and the Godric Gryffindor sword in the other. Remus sent his faith to him. And hopefully everyone did.

It was like Dumbledore said himself. The only thing Voldemort didn't have was the love of his companions. The love of anything really.

He watched as Harry did something that would forever be in his memory. He sent out a spell or hex that came out in a pink kind of color. It surrounded Voldemort at once. At first it didn't look like it was doing anything. Not even Harry looked too sure about what the spell was going to do.

But then the pink light slowly turned into shapes. Remus could pick out certain shapes, and it made him gasp. There was Lily, James, Sirius, and Dumbledore. All of them were surrounding Voldemort. They were like pink ghosts.

But then he could see other people who were actually alive. He saw himself as one of the pink ghosts. He saw Ron, Hermione, Ginny, basically all the Weasley's, Neville, Luna, Dean, Seamus, Mad-Eye, and Tonks. He saw all of them coming from Harry's wand and more.

Voldemort forced out a laugh. He guessed these shapes were going to cheer him on. But the pink people were slowly surrounding him. He became scared and confused. But ghosts couldn't hold him down, right?

Remus watched as the ghosts held him to the ground. By know Voldemort had lost his wand. Harry slowly went up to it, and picked it up. He said something, and then broke it. Voldemort screamed. Remus couldn't tell if it was actually a scream or a desperate laugh.

Harry picked up his sword. It looked as though he wanted to make this as easy as possible. From where Remus sat he couldn't tell. But with one swipe, there was a burst of green light. It engulfed the both of them in light, sending the pink ghost back into Harry's wand.

There was an explosion, and Remus had to shield his eyes. The ground shook and cracked. Remus could only hope that he wouldn't fall through any, or hurt himself any further. But it just wasn't his lucky day.

The wall above him started to crumble. He suddenly had visions of his life. Life at Hogwarts flashed by, and his life at home went by. He had the sudden images of the people he would be leaving behind.

One of the people was his six-month pregnant wife. "Nymphadora…" He whispered, before the crumbling castle fell on him. Knocking him out.

There was a scream.


"It was pure luck that he survived."

"Will he be o-okay?"

"Don't worry Nymphadora. He isn't dead. He's just been sleeping…for a very long time."

It took Remus a couple seconds to realize that he was somewhere else instead of under a pile of rubble. He could see, in a blurry point of view, white curtains and shadows beyond them. He tried to move his body, but screamed out in pain.

The curtains swung right open. There was a short sturdy lady with bright red hair, and there was a taller woman with a pale heart-shaped face. She had mousy brown hair, and looked as though she was crying.

Remus held up his hand in a little wave. The younger witch waddled over and grabbed it. Mrs. Weasley smiled, and closed the curtains, although it really didn't give them too much privacy.

"I-I'm so glad your safe!" She cried. "I d-didn't think you'd ma-make it…"

Remus laughed a little. It wasn't really audible, but it was still a laugh. It would seem Remus had lost his voice for a moment, but his wife understood. She conjured a chair, and sat down next to him.

"N-Nymphadora…really, yo-you shouldn't--" but Remus couldn't talk to well. His wife put a finger to his lips.

"Don't worry, Remus. And remember don't call me that. I would rather you call me Tonks."

Remus smiled. Even through all of this, she still didn't like her first name. He could feel himself wanting to go to sleep. Tonks fluffed his pillow a bit, and sat back down. Remus grabbed her hand before his eyelids closed.


Remus woke up with a start. The room was brighter, and he could hear people chatting across from him. Tonks was snoozing in the chair. Her head resting on his bed.

Remus tried again to move. This time his body responded with less pain. He slipped off his bed. Using his wand, which he found on the nightstand beside him, he carefully lifted his wife and put her into the bed.

He rubbed his back a bit. He guessed he wasn't supposed to be up walking around, but he was curious about who was talking and what they were talking about. All he could remember was the ground shaking and that green light.

So he pulled opened the curtains to reveal Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Harry. Harry was the only one in a bed. Everyone else seemed to have sustained minor injuries. They were still in the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts.

"Lupin! You shouldn't be moving about!" Hermione warned. Lupin staggered his way over, and Ron quickly got him a chair. He sat down in it, ignoring the little glares Hermione was giving him.

"It's okay." Remus said, surprising himself. The night before he could only whisper. "Tonks is sleeping in my bed at the moment."

"We were wondering when you'd get out." Harry said. "It's been three weeks since the end of the war."

Remus tilted his head. "Really? Already been three weeks? Can you tell me what happened after that green light?"

Harry shrugged. "I just woke up two days ago. I haven't had any visitors since then. Why don't you three fill us in?"

Ron took his turn first. "Well after that light thing, or whatever, me and Hermione found you on the ground. Voldemort was several feet in front of you. Dead of course." He added at the expression from Remus.

"Well while Ron and Hermione was taking you back," Ginny said. "Me and Luna had to go see if there were any survivors. Well all the survivors were either taking care of the rest of the Death Eaters or heading back themselves. That's when we saw the wall had crumbled over at one of the towers.

"We saw your hand. Luna and I tried to dig you out, but we couldn't get to you." Ginny said. "We ran and got Hagrid, and he was able to get you out with ease."

"Everyone was worried about you." Hermione said. "Tonks over there was the most worried. Everyone tried to calm her down before she attacked you."

"Attacked me?" Remus asked, taking a quick glance at Tonks. "She tried to attack me?"

"She was really stressed, and angry that you got yourself hurt." Ginny added. "And of course being in her state right now, mum knew she had a chance of hurting herself or the baby with all of that."

Remus sat back in his seat with a sigh. At least she didn't hurt herself. "Who's…alive?"

Harry wanted to know too. The three others smiled. "Everyone managed to come out with only minor injures. You're the exception though." Ron said.

"No Death Eaters were alive, other then the ones taken to Azkaban. Their wands have been taken away and broken. There are charms blocking their escape too." Hermione said.

"But that werewolf did escape." Ginny said gloomily. Remus sat upright again.

"You mean Greyback?" Remus asked. Everyone nodded his or her head.

"But didn't we kill all of his followers?" Harry asked hopefully. "He won't have anyone to return to?"

"But that doesn't do anything." Remus said with a sigh. "He can still bite people on full moons."

Everyone kind of went silent. There was a loud snort from Tonks, which made everyone smile. Remus turned to Harry. "What happened at that explosion? Was that I coming out of your wand?"

Harry nodded. "I don't know what happened. I'm guessing anyone who had faith in me came out of my wand. Or at least the people with the most faith in me. It was weird seeing mum and dad there. Then there was Sirius…and…Dumbledore."

There was a moment of silence for their beloved old Headmaster. "And…others like everyone here right now. It was weird though…Even Snape came out of the wand."

There was a moment of angry silence for the last name. No one could really forgive Snape for killing Dumbledore, even if Snape said it was an order from him.

"They kept him down so I could break his wand and kill him with the sword. The thing is when I did that there was an explosion of green light. That's about all I remember."

Lupin could only shrug. Everyone was just relieved that Harry lived and not Voldemort. Everyone could question what really happened later.

"Remus? Why am I in your bed?"

"Don't worry Nymph --- Tonks. I'm just talking to Harry."

Tonks waddled out of the room. Her hair was back to its bubble-gum pink color. She looked deadly tired, and wobbled as she walked. Ron fetched another chair for her to sit in. She sunk into it.

"Are you feeling alright?" Ginny asked.

Tonks waved her hand. She did, in fact, feel awful. She had a stitch in her side, and her back hurt. But that was normal for a pregnant woman. She felt tired too. She soon fell back to sleep in the chair.


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