Chapter Eight

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Five years later…

Five year old Anna-Christine ran though the house. Her long mousy brown hair was flowing behind her, and her gray eyes were wide with fright. She was trying to escape the grasp of a boy that was behind her. They boy behind her was six year old Andrew. His bright red Weasley hair stuck up in wild places, and his brown eyes sparkled with a mischievous look. He pounced his way around, careful not to break anything that got in his way.

Anna ran through the doorway of the living room, and hopped onto the first thing she saw. Remus, who was taking just a short nap on the chair, awoke with a start, almost leaping into the air and throwing Anna off his lap. Andrew ran and hopped onto the seat next to him. Without thinking, he bit Remus's hand, thinking it was Anna's. Remus jerked it away, saying, "Hey, no biting!" He paused to rub his face. "What's…what's going on?"

"He's chasing me!" Anna cried. She pointed an accusing finger at the older boy.

"She hit me!"

Both glared at each other, little growling noises coming from their throats. Both Andrew and Anna have werewolf DNA in them. Andrew's father, Bill, was attacked by a werewolf badly a few years before, while Remus was bitten by the same werewolf when he was younger. This meant that Anna had the stronger werewolf DNA of the two.

"The both of you stop that." Remus set Anna off his lap. He got up, making sure none was hurt and nothing was broken. "Come on. Are you two hungry?"

"Yes!" they cried in unison.

"Well I know you are, Andrew. That hurt." Remus led them into the kitchen, still rubbing his hand, where he turned to them, and asked, "What would you like?"

"Peanut butter and bread!" Anna cried.

"Jelly and a spoon!" Andrew called.

"Andrew, you are going to eat something with your jelly," Remus said, pulling out the bread from the breadbox. "I'm putting it on--"

"Toast, please."

"Toast. I'll put it on toast." Remus set the jelly, bread, and peanut butter out. Anna and Andrew sat obediently at the table, waiting for Remus to make their lunches. Remus set two pieces of bread in the toaster to make toast.

Remus sat down next to Anna, waiting for the toast to pop up. Anna looked up at him. "When will mummy be back?" she asked.

"She'll be back in a few hours. I know she promised you something. She won't back down on her promise, Christine." Remus got the toast out of the toaster, and set it on the table. Tonks did plan to have a little girl's afternoon out. Remus only hoped she got off work in time.

Anna and Andrew got their separate sandwiches, and ate their lunches with much talking. Remus sat next to them, rubbing his eyes. He felt suddenly tired, and he could only guess it was because of what time of the month it happened to be.

"I'm almost done!" Anna teased Andrew.

"Nuh-uh! I'm almost done too!"

"This isn't a race," Remus interrupted. "You could choke, don't eat like that."

Anna and Andrew gave each other fierce looks while finishing their sandwiches. Remus shook their heads. Those two were being fierce and very playful. As he watched them, he reminded himself to give Anna her potion, as he needed to also.

They finished finally, and Remus cleaned up. He told them to go into the living room, and do something productive. "No biting or hurting each other."

"Okay," the two kids answered.

Anna and Andrew traveled into the living room, where they found Remus's wand sitting at an end table. Anna stared at it, while Andrew made the move to pick it up. "I don't think that's a good idea."

"What? It's just the magic," Andrew said, picking Remus's wand up carefully. "It won't do anything."

"Mummy says it's not good to mess with other people's sticks." She inched closer to Andrew. "It's not good practice."

"Hey, hey! We have to go across the street!" Andrew, forgetting all about the wand, started to wave his arms around.

"Why?" Anna watched as little sparks came from her father's wand. She knew it could get dangerous. "Is there some reason?"

"Of course! There's always a reason!" The little vase, that was next to Remus's wand on the end table, suddenly turned into a slug. Other things in the room were magically getting turned into little slow moving insects. "My sister is over there! If you bite her, she'll turn into a puppy!"

Anna, amazed at what she was hearing and forgetting all about the sudden insect population in the room, clapped her hands together. "Ooh! Ooh! Really? Isabelle can turn into a puppy?" As if remembering something, her face fell, and she felt suddenly sad. "Well…Daddy says I should never ever bite anything in my life."

"Well," Andrew started feeling a little disappointed. "If I bite something, it doesn't turn into a puppy." He gave up on the wand and put it on the floor next to him. "Uncle Fred and George told me that."

"What are you two talking about?"

Remus walked into the room, looking around. Something seemed odd. He looked at Anna and Andrew, and then saw his wand on the floor. "Why is my wand on the floor?"

"We didn't do anything!" Anna said, putting her hands in the air.

"Can we go across the street?" Andrew asked.

Remus picked up his wand, noticing that several things were turned into slugs and other little insects. He began turning them back. "Why do you need to do that?"

"So Anna can bite Isabelle and turn her into a puppy," Andrew answered.

Remus stopped and turned on them, a very serious expression on his face. "Who told you to do that?"

"Uncle Fred and George," Andrew answered.

"No, you cannot bite anything!" Remus's voice was louder then he expected. Anna and Andrew noticed, and lowered their heads in shame. "You know that if Christine bites anything it will turn into something…well…something bad."

"Like what?" Anna asked.

"If you, well, if either of you bite anything they will become sick. They could die from it." Remus toned his voice down.

Anna burst into tears. Remus was taken back a little. He wasn't expecting her to just stand and cry, he thought she'd apologize. But instead she raised a finger and pointed to Andrew. It took her a moment to get through the first slam of sobbing before she could get any words out. "He… You're sick! Andrew bit you!"

Andrew's eyes widened. He remembered when he accidentally bit Remus only about a half hour before. His eyes watered up. "I…did!"

Remus looked at them, a little confused. He didn't remember any biting. But now he needed to figure out a way to get the two to stop crying. Anna was almost hysterical. "Now stop that…" Remus held out his hands, but Anna, too scared, ran out of the room. Andrew sniffed, and looked up at Remus. He looked down in turn.

"I really wanted a puppy," Andrew said, explaining himself. "And Uncle Fred and George said if I bite someone they'd turn into a puppy. So I wanted to go across the street to bite my sister, but you said…well I don't know. You didn't say anything. But I bit you earlier and now you're going to turn into a puppy. And Miss…miss…miss-miss Remus is going to kill me and roast me over the fire!"

Remus took his hand and covered his mouth to keep himself from laughing. He led Andrew to the couch, and called Anna from her hiding place. Anna reluctantly sat next to Andrew while Remus stood in front of them. He cleared his throat to make the amusement go away.

"Okay you two. A lesson on…well, a lesson on something." Remus couldn't find a title. "For one, like I've said over and over, never bite anyone, or else they will get sick." He could see Andrew shift a little. "Don't worry about me. You can bite me, although I wouldn't do it again. You see I am already…sick. I cannot get any sicker. But your little sister, Andrew, somehow didn't catch what you and Anna-Christine have. She would get sick if Christine bit her, and you don't know how angry your mother and father would get."

"They would hate me?" Andrew asked looking up.

Remus shook his head. "No they wouldn't hate you, but they would be angry at you for a long time. When you bite someone, there is no cure. They will be sick forever, and then they'd have to drink those potions me and Christine drink. Now Christine, do you want anyone else to drink the yucky potion we drink?" Anna shook her head, and scrunched her face up. "Good. Now have we learned a lesson?"

"Yes," the two answered.

"Very good. Now, let's play nicely, okay?"

Anna and Andrew hopped off the couch, and went into Anna's bedroom. Remus rubbed his face, and sat down on the couch. It was still going to be a long while till Tonks came home, but he felt as though he could get through it.


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