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Chapter 11

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While the two were walking down the hall talking quietly Severus and Harry watched them through a small mirror that Harry had created. "You know," He commented. "Those two really need to get together I mean look they flirt and everything." "No" snapped Severus , "You are not going to event think about playing matchmaker to a couple of near strangers." Harry pouted for a moment than shrugged in resignation and curled back up with a book that he had pulled from the shelf. Severus glad that he had given up so easily quickly began making a new batch of healing potions.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hours later when they were both once more entwined with each other and sound asleep, Chakotay and Janeway were watching them in silence through a camera that had been placed in the room.

"Chakotay I do not believe that anything is goin..." Suddenly Janeway pointed at the younger man on the screen who was beginning to thrash around in his sleep as if in horrible pain. Moments later the elder awoke and gently pulled the convulsing man into his arms drawing him from the nightmare with gently spoken words of reassurance and love.

She turned up the sound and was able to hear what the man was whispering. "Harry, my love it's alright, nothing can hurt you here I won't let it. Come back to me please wake up."

Still trembling Harry threw his arms around Severus who asked still in an whisper, "Love what was it about this time? Please tell me."

A few minutes later while Severus waited patiently Harry began to tell him the nightmare or memory as he admitted which had happened the summer after he returned to the Dursleys after the Triwizard tournament


"So boy you thought, just because you got some freak killed you didn't have to do your chores." Sneered Vernon Dursley. Harry whimpered from the pain he felt understandable because he had just been beaten to within an inch of falling into unconsciousness and never waking again.

"Well." leered the ugly swine of a man. "We can't have you thinking your of any real use to us or to anybody else for that matter, but I am willing to lenient in one way." With that Vernon jerked the small teenager to his feet and began to rip off what remained of Harry's clothing after the beating he had just received.

Realizing what his uncle was about to do Harry began struggling fiercely but in the end it was a futile effort. He was unceremoniously thrown back to the ground his uncle following him down.

What followed was something that Harry would never forget the agony, the humiliation, and the utter hopelessness of his situation slammed into him every time his uncle pounded cruelly into him.

Flashback ends:

Severus held a still quaking lover to his chest, now understanding the full level of trust his partner had in him fully for the first time. He was clinging to Harry for the rest of the night but Harry returned the embrace fully feeling safe in the arms of his love secure in the knowledge that Severus would protect him from anything and everything within his power.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Janeway and Chakotay sat in utter silence for minutes the shock of what they had just seen closing off their throats as they struggled with their own painful memories. Janeway turned to her second in command and said quietly, "Chakotay I expect for you to not breath a word of this to anyone, we have just broken a private moment which we had no right to see."

He nodded and waited for a moment to see if she would say anymore and was shocked to see a tear falling down her cheek, wiping it away hesitantly with his thumb and suddenly realized just how vulnerable she looked as well as how attractive she was.

When she leaned into his hand slightly Chakotay slowly put both of his hands on either side of her face and said softly. "Of course Janeway, the words will never pass my lips unless you wish for them to, I hold to much respect in you for me to do something so dishonorable."

Still slightly teary eyed Janeway straightened her spine and squared her shoulders into a look of determination. Without another word she slipped her face from his hands and stole quietly from the room.

Chakotay sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, things were getting so complicated not only was he still unsure of the trustworthiness of the strangers borg killers or not, but his relationship with Janeway had just been taken to a slightly higher level. He to turned from the room and headed towards the mess hall. After all he deserved a bloody drink, and his shift was over.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Severus looked down at Harry held so protectively in HIS embrace. Why did the younger man trust him so much after all he was a former deatheater and he was still presently a bitter man what he wouldn't do for a sip of real Fire Whiskey not some hologram and not something transfigured the real utterly potent and just like the name implied burning, bitter alcohol.

Oh well at least he knew that Harry fully trusted him he would not have willingly done anything with the man if that was not so. So at least one of his problems had solved itself and he supposed more sleeping couldn't hurt him. And with that a slight bit of spell work to wake him if Harry had another nightmare Severus Snape Hogwarts resident greasy git fell into a soft sleep holding his lover close. What he didn't quite realize was that for him to fall asleep so easily he had to have at least subconsciously trusted Harry as well.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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