Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Goddess, Episode 1: "Universal Emotions: The University Fiasco"

By: Sokai

Disclaimer: It is sad, but very true. I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the wonderfully great Takeuchi Naoko's Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon series, or any of her brilliant characters. However, I DO own the plot, storyline, and the original characters as well as attacks that I'll put in here (though OBVIOUSLY they were inspired by Takeuchi-sama's series).

Note: This first installment to my trilogy has been completely revised with new ideas, plots and characters, and so will be an interesting "journey" for both you, the reader, and me, the writer (Heck, I'm STILL re-revising everything LoL). :)

". . . Mars . . . Flame . . . Sniper!"

". . . Jupiter . . . Oak . . . Evolution!"

"Artemis . . . Archer . . . Precision!"

"See that! She completely obliterated both of our strongest attacks!"

"Who is she? I --"

"Sailormoon! Watch out!"

Sibley Siasi woke up with a start, cold sweat matting down a few strands of her short, black, spiky styled hair to her tawny colored face. She closed her amethyst eyes as she took a deep breath and ran a clammy hand through her hair.

". . . What a strange dream . . . Sailormoon? I wonder . . . I wonder what it could mean . . ." Looking at the alarm clock on her night stand, she groaned with a grimace when she saw it read one o'clock in the morning.

Sibley pulled her pillow from behind her head and pressed it against her face as she fell back, sighing.

". . . I can't deal with any of this nonsense right now. In less than two hours, I'll be boarding a plane that will fly me to my new college . . . and new life . . ." She trailed off as she successfully finally fell back asleep, all thoughts of her peculiar dream leaving her for the time being.


Tsukino Usagi breathed a sigh of mixed excitement and worry as she gazed upon the large building that would be her new home for the next couple of semesters. A conglomeration of thoughts raced through her head as she stepped onto the vast and beautiful campus of Crystal University in her native home, Tokyo, Japan.

What will it be like? Will she fit in? Will she have a hard time adjusting to college life? What will her roommate be like? Or, most importantly, will her roommate like her?

Too caught up in her stream of thoughts, Usagi didn't notice the raven haired girl standing in front of the dining cafeteria building known as Crystal Hall as she bumped into her, knocking the two of them as well as both of their luggage over.

"Oh! G-gomen nasai! I didn't see you there, R --" Usagi apologized as she tried to untangle herself from one of the rather large trunks she had brought with her, realizing her almost mistake of referring to this stranger as her best friend and fellow Sailor Senshi, Hino Rei, before it had been too late.

It was remarkable at the resemblance this girl had to her friend, how she could easily pass for her twin if not for the difference in hair style and length. While Rei had been known for years to keep her hair elegantly long, cascading slightly past her buttocks now, this girl seemed to prefer to don spiky, short, although still flattering, tresses.

Finally realizing that she had simply been staring at the other girl without making any motion to speak, Usagi quickly collected herself from off of the ground, blushing as she smiled generously at the taller girl.

"S-sorry for staring . . . um . . ."

"Siasi. Sibley Siasi. Here, let me help you with your things, miss," the woman stated in fluent Japanese, although the dialect and accent were distinctly different, suggesting that she was not a native to the city or perhaps even the country, itself.

Usagi couldn't help but giggle at the fact that this new girl had just referred to her as "miss." About the only people to have ever called her that were usually those past the age of forty (or even, in some cases, little children who viewed her as such an "old adult").

Sibley looked up at Usagi as she reached down to pick up a stray hat that had tumbled out of her trunk.

"Did I say something amusing to you? I would hope that you're not laughing at my accent, because then I could do the same for yours, after all . . ." Not expecting such a drastic shift in mannerisms, Usagi only stood, staring at the young woman a moment before finally finding her voice once more.

"Oh! N-no, of course not, Siasi-san! It was just because you called me 'miss,' and no one's . . . never mind! My name is Tsukino Usagi, a freshman here. And for the record, I think your accent is very nice; obviously, you're a transfer student?"

Sibley's now stern expression relaxed into one of indifference as she nodded in response, handing Usagi her hat and picking up her own luggage.

"Yes, Tsukino-san, I am. I'm a freshman here as well, from Athens. I just arrived here today."

"Athens? As in, Athens, Greece?" Usagi asked, vaguely remembering her Geography classes back in middle school, pleased that she was able to recall anything at all, as she had spent most of the time sleeping during those lessons. However, Sibley did not seem to share in her sentiment.

"Well, unless there is another 'Athens' I am clearly not aware of, then yes, Tsukino-san. Now, if you'll excuse me, I suddenly have a pulsating headache. I think I'm just going to go find my dorm room, settle in, and take a much desired nap. Ja ne . . . perhaps . . ."

"Oh . . . yeah, ja, Siasi-san!" Usagi called out to Sibley as she watched the insouciant girl turn abruptly and walk off in the other direction towards the dormitories.

"Spacing out already, Odango-atama?"

Suddenly a familiar voice broke through Usagi's wandering mind from behind.

Turning around, a grin already forming upon her face, Usagi rested her crystalline blue eyes upon ironically the very girl she had almost believed Sibley to be not moments before.

"Hey, Rei-chan! When did you get here?" Rei smiled gently back at the blonde girl, lightly tugging at one of her odango.

"Been here since early this morning. Makoto should be arriving a little later this afternoon; said she wanted to make sure that the people who're subletting her apartment while she's living here settled in okay."

"And I see someone didn't waste any time in wearing her new uniform either, ne? It suits you, though." Rei smirked at her, twirling around as if in a fashion show.

"Well, you know that I like to be prepared; they might ask us to wear them during Orientation. Besides, I must admit that I was pretty excited to come, since it is the first time we've all attended the same school together." Usagi nodded in agreement, her smile slightly waning as Rei's words temporarily struck a nerve.

It would have been a much more enjoyable transition for her, for all of them -- that is, if they were all still together. However, the Sailor Senshi, having decided that they were long overdue for trying to lead normal lives, had chosen to do so accordingly. Their other friend and Senshi dopple ganger to Usagi, Aino Minako had opted to attend college in Italy, while the super intelligent Mizuno Ami chose to continue her studies to become a doctor in Greece ironically, though in Thessalonki.

Meanwhile, the dynamic duo, the ever masculine Ten'ou Haruka, and the elegant as she was arrogant Kaiou Michiru, had both decided to go on tour again -- Haruka with her racing and Michiru with her solo violin concerts; however, not before also deciding to move two cities over to a new loft. They had stated that their apartment was becoming simply too small for them, and the lack of privacy due to frequent Senshi meetings or fans bombarding the vicinity had finally pushed them over the edge.

As for the former timid and health depleting Tomoe Hotaru, she had been the only one from the team to remain within the same area, finally allowed to live a normal teenaged life of sixteen, her health much improved while attending the same high school Usagi-tachi had, Juuban High School.

Usagi's heart began to grow heavier as she thought of the eldest and most experienced Senshi, Sailorpluto, and then her fiancé, Chiba Mamoru. She, nor anyone else, had heard from Meiou Setsuna ever since she had returned to the future after their last battle with Galaxia well over two years ago. Usagi hoped that whatever Setsuna was doing, and wherever she was, she was happy.

Finally, as for Mamoru, he had decided to journey back to America to finish his studies as a doctor in Graduate School, this time promising, no matter what, to return to his beloved, safe and sound.

Feeling Rei's eyes boring into her with concern, Usagi finally escaped her thoughts, lightly shaking her head as if to jostle them away.

"Usagi? Daijôbu desu ka?" Rei asked worriedly, resting a protective hand upon her shoulder. Usagi looked at her friend and smiled reassuringly as she nodded.

"Hai, Rei; I am. I was just thinking about Ami-tachi, and how Orientation would have been far more exciting if they were all here with us . . ." Rei reached over and took hold of Usagi's trunk with one hand, leaving her with just her favorite rabbit shaped backpack, while draping her free arm around her in comfort.

"I know, and I miss them too. But you know that they're only a phone call away if missing them becomes too unbearable. Plus, once the holidays roll around, they'll be on the next plane back home. In the meantime, I guess you'll just have to make due hanging around with Mako-chan and me."

Usagi giggled in appreciation as she wrapped her own arm around the slightly taller girl.

"Aww, you know I love you and Makoto as much as I do Ami and the others. Demo, so long as you don't call me 'Odango-atama' so much anymore, I don't see how we'll have any problems."

"Oh, sure, and since your fiancé is away in America once again, you won't have to worry about him calling you 'Odango-atama' in agreement with me, either." Rei quickly released herself from Usagi's grasp before she could hit her, jogging ahead as fast as she could with the trunk dragging behind her. Several fellow students watched in bewilderment as the fair haired girl ran after the raven locked young woman in mock anger.


Sibley Siasi emerged from the dormitories a half an hour later, having abandoned her former clothes of red shorts and a white tank top, now donning her school uniform -- only . . . it wasn't the girls' uniform. It was instead a boy's school uniform. The jacket, anyway, as she wore another pair of shorts in place of the pants that came with the attire.

Ignoring the gathered stares at her attire as she made her way through campus, Sibley placed her hands behind her spiky black haired head, sighing with impatience.

"I just got here, and already I'm bored. I hope this Orientation is interesting. Maybe they'll pass mention to the possible sports or clubs we can join here, like Archery . . ." Sibley walked off campus, crossing the street to a nearby park that was surprisingly empty, save one elderly couple sitting on a bench together.

Taking a seat upon the closest bench to the entrance of the park, Sibley stretched out her limbs before lying down, her amethyst eyes looking up at the clear blue sky. The warmth from the bright sun had begun to make her feel sleepy, and so her eyes instantly began to droop -- just as something had caught her eye.

Shielding her eyes from the sun's rays, Sibley sat up to gaze upon a Red-tailed Hawk, it mysteriously circling above her and seeming to lose altitude with each passing second.

"What the --" Sibley cut herself off as she quickly stood from her seat, backing away from the bench when the hawk came closer and closer to the ground, letting out a two to three second rasping scream, startling the elderly couple. Sibley watched as they began to flee from the park, thinking she should probably do the same, and uncharacteristically run away from potential danger, when she suddenly heard a masculine voice sound from behind, speaking Greek instead of the expected Japanese.

"Do not flee, Miss Siasi! I mean you no harm!"

Stopping in her tracks, her mind thinking the impossible that that voice had come from the hawk, Sibley immediately shook her head, frowning.

"This is stupid, Sibley! You've never run away from anything before in your life, and you sure as hell aren't about to start now, and over a mere animal . . ." She muttered to herself with self disgust before turning around to face the newly landed hawk, who perched itself upon the back of the bench she had only a moment ago laid upon.

An instant, although brief, feeling of familiarity washed over Sibley as their eyes locked momentarily before speaking.

". . . I'm just imagining things right now. How could a hawk, of all animals . . . a Red-tailed hawk, for that matter, be here, when it's a known fact that they're usually found in marshes, or grasslands in North America -- not Tokyo, Japan, and sitting right in front of me . . ."

"I see your vast knowledge of animals has not waned at all over the millennia, Miss Siasi," the hawk suddenly piped up, clicking its beak as if in affection towards the young woman.

Feeling nervous for a moment, although still refusing to back down, Sibley continued to stand her ground, lightly frowning.

"Is this some sort of trick? Perhaps some new age Japanese toy? Hello? Wherever you brats are, you'd better come and pick up your toy, because it isn't impressing me in the slightest!"

"You never did impress easily, Miss Siasi, I remember; however, please -- do not insult me. I am very much alive, and am talking to you of my own free will. If you remembered your past you would know that."

Sibley, growing impatient, slowly approached the talking hawk and stood behind it, double checking to see if perhaps there was indeed a latch where batteries in toys could be stored. The hawk ruffled its feathers indignantly, turning its head to look at her.

"Please, Miss Siasi. It was an dreadfully long journey for me to catch up to you from Athens, and an even longer duration to finally find you. I believe I am in no mood for such shenanigans. I have far too much to discuss with you . . ."

Looking about her to check and see that there was not a soul in sight to witness her about to converse with a hawk, a talking one no less, Sibley folded her arms and flashed it an uninterested look.

"All right, I'll bite. Just who are you, how are you able to talk, and why have you been searching for me in the first place?" The hawk's beak eerily melted into what looked like a smile, gently bowing its head towards her in respect.

"These are all very noteworthy questions, and will be answered in due time. However, for now, allow the simple introduction of my identity to suffice. I am Obelix, the Messenger . . . also your guardian, as well as your friend . . ."

"Obelix the Messenger? My guardian? I don't know how to break it to you, but you picked the wrong person to decide to seek guardianship over, because I'm as independent as they come," Sibley revealed, staring at the hawk incredulously as a light frown began to spread itself across her formerly inert countenance.

Why does this name sound so familiar to me? She thought, her scowl deepening.

"Oh, no, Miss Siasi; I, of all individuals, know of how strong your will is. However, you and I were, once upon a time, great companions. But, anyhow, time is indeed of the essence here, and so I must ask for your cooperation as I try to get you to re-embrace your past . . . and, your destiny . . ."

Sibley opened her mouth to retort, but something inside of her promptly decided against it, feeling that perhaps the current affair that she suddenly found herself immersed in might actually be important, and so instead she simply stood, preparing to listen to what Obelix had to offer up as further explanation to his vast, as well as mysterious declarations.

"I must ask that you forgive me for the delay in our meeting. Though I am not entirely sure, I believe that something or perhaps even . . . someone might have masked you from me for reasons unknown, otherwise I'd have found you much sooner.

You see, Miss Siasi, you are much more than just Sibley Siasi, a native Grecian who just transferred to Japan to pursue her college career. You are also Sibley Siasi, the Prophetess; the Hunter; and most importantly, Sailorartemis . . ."

Sibley felt her heart jerk as she listened to Obelix's words, the last he had spoken triggering her memory of last night to come fluttering back to her.

Sailorartemis? Just like that name in my dream . . . Sailormoon . . .

Furrowing her brow, Sibley exhaled impatiently, refusing to believe the hawk's words, at last fed up.

"So, what're you saying exactly? That I'm some psychic, sailor hat wearing hunter of old? Please, hawk; don't make me laugh! I mean, sure I'll admit that I am pretty good with a bow and arrow, and do like to go camping and hunting on occasion -- although I'd never harm, nor eat the animals since I'm a vegetarian, so it's more like tracking I do, rather than hunt . . .

And yeah, from time to time, ever since I was fourteen years old, I'd have a few inexplicable dreams or 'visions,' but not all of them came true. So, I'd hardly call myself a clairvoyant, or any of those things you referred to me as."

Seeing that clearly no amount of talking would ever make her understand, Obelix suddenly flapped his wings vigorously, causing his supposed charge to raise her arms over her face in defense.

Expecting to feel her skin either being pecked at or scratched from Obelix's large and deadly talons, Sibley slowly lowered her arms to see that she was still in tact, and that the hawk now had something shiny within its beak.

"What . . . What're you --"

"You will not yet listen to reason, and so I have no choice but to show you the proof that you obviously desire. Take this wand, and thereafter speak these words: 'Artemis Goddess Power, Make Up!' The rest, or at least half of what I have told you, will begin to make a little more sense to you."

Not wishing to make a public fool of herself by saying such a silly phrase, Sibley hesitated to take the deep red wand from Obelix's beak. However, at the same time, she was vaguely intrigued at the prospect. Therefore, if only to shut him up, rather than to satisfy her curiosity, Sibley at last reached out and clasped the mysterious wand firmly inside of her hand.

She felt an immediate surging feeling of warmth rush over her as she clutched the wand in her left hand, looking down at it with mixed emotion. The top of the mystical device seemed to be ordained with what appeared to be an orange bow and arrow, it shining up at Sibley while she looked over the rest of its unique features.

Suddenly the young Grecian felt a great, overwhelming urge to utter the peculiar phrase the even more peculiar bird had instructed to moments before, feeling as though it was simply the right thing to do at that given moment.

And so, almost instinctively, looking from her right to her left to make sure that no new visitors were approaching the park's entrance, Sibley abruptly raised the arm holding the wand straight above her head, shouting,

"Artemis Goddess Power, Make Up!"


"Hello, and welcome to the Orientation of the 2004-2005 school year here at Crystal College! My name is Lindsay Roberts, a third year here at this wonderful University, and transfer student from New York, America!

I will be the 'official greeter' here at Orientation this afternoon! Today will hopefully be an enjoyable, stress free day for all of you, new students and old alike! With that, let us move forward to our first destination!" A girl with curly brown hair and vibrant blue eyes announced, wearing the same school uniform Rei had been earlier, leading a vast crowd of students towards a brown crystal building in the far distance.

"Boy,she definitely has 'school spirit,' ne? And she's from New York? The last time I went there for vacation last winter, I only encountered grumpy, rude New Yorkers."

"Well, maybe she isn't a native there, and only moved there after living somewhere else for several years, Mako-chan; I told you that you should've spent your vacation somewhere else," Rei playfully chastised, lightly smirking at Kino Makoto's smug face as she remembered the memory.

She had at last arrived on campus only twenty minutes before, having no time to change into her uniform before meeting up with Rei and Usagi for the commencement of Orientation.

Usagi giggled at her two friends before moving forward to join the rest of the students.

"I'm sure not all New Yorker's are like that, Makoto, and clearly that Lindsay girl is a good example of that notion. But anyway, I will agree with her on one point though . . ."

"Oh, yeah? What's that, Usagi-chan?"

"That hopefully today's Orientation -- this first day in college, really -- is as stress-free as possible. I just want to soak up this great new feeling of independence before the heavy load of homework comes my way."

Rei smirked at her friend as Makoto lightly laughed, the three of them continuing to trail behind the other students, although not too far behind.

"Yeah, we wouldn't want you to overexert that mundane brain of yours, after all . . ."

"Why must you always be so mean to me for, Rei? I'll have you know that I've much improved in my studies, and matured over the past two years, thank you very much! I'll bet that I'll even score higher grades than you this semester, to boot, because nothing is going to distract me! And --"

"Well, that resolution didn't last very long, ne? Bet some aisoku caught your eye again, right, Mako-chan? Makoto? Usagi? What's the matter with --"

Rei, having been in the lead before the other two girls, hadn't seen what had caught both the eyes of her friends, causing them to stop abruptly in their tracks. However, now looking towards the same direction as they, she at last saw precisely what could have possibly been so awe-inspiring as to mute the two so suddenly.

In the slightly far-off distance, off campus and seemingly coming from a park across the street, a large jet of deep red light shot miraculously into the sky.

"Nani? Do you guys see what I see?"

"Hai, Rei-chan. What do you think it could be?" Usagi asked a bit worriedly, absentmindedly clutching the front of her uniform, having long since changed into it herself.

Makoto instinctively placed herself in front of her in protection, frowning with suspicion.

"I don't know what it is, but since obviously no one else seems to be paying attention to it or perhaps can even see it except the three of us, it's gotta be something Senshi related . . . and here I was finally getting used to living a normal life . . . Well, two years is better than none, ne? C'mon, let's go check it out, Rei! Usagi, you stay here on campus where it's safe!"

Usagi immediately clenched the tallest girl's bare arm as she advanced from her spot in front of her, shaking her blonde head.

"No! I won't let the two of you walk into possible danger, where you could be outnumbered! I'm coming with you!" Rei lightly furrowed her brows towards the kind hearted maiden, shaking her own onyx colored head, her long hair now put up into a dangling ponytail to help alleviate some of the excessive summer heat.

"Usagi-chan, please. You're right, it might become dangerous, and since the others aren't here to help us protect you, who knows what could --"

"I will not hear it, Rei! I am as much a part of this team, a Sailor Senshi, as the two of you, or the others! And just because they're not here to help out doesn't mean that I can't hold my own . . . After our last battle, I'd say that I've more than proven that . . ." Usagi stated firmly, her cerulean blue gems shining with determination as well as great maturity.

Makoto couldn't help but smile.

". . . Hai. You're right, hime-sama. You certainly have, more than you will ever know . . . Then, come on, already! There is no time to waste!"

And with that, the three young women took off towards the direction where they had briefly gazed upon the mysterious, ethereal pillar of light, leaving the Orientation and fellow students behind.


"A threat draws near, Miss Siasi; Sailorartemis . . . I can sense them fast approaching." Obelix whispered harshly as his black beady eyes shined vibrantly towards the direction he had believed the potential danger to be coming from.

The newly transformed Sailorartemis still felt a bit dizzy at that moment, and so could not muster any sort of reply. As she raised a gloved hand to her forehead, a voice shouted at her from behind.

"Rin . . . pyou . . . tou . . . sha . . . kai . . . jin . . . retsu . . . sai . . . zen . . . Akuryou taisan!" Eternal Sailormars chanted, using one of her many Shinto Priestess skills upon her assumed foe, throwing a ward towards her back as Obelix hastily rose into the sky, seeking refuge in a nearby tree.

Successfully making its mark, the three Sailor Senshi expected the mysterious woman to hold in her place and have whatever evil that might have been controlling her to immediately expel itself from her at that moment.

However, and incredibly so, the ward merely ignited, falling to the ground in a burning heap as the woman's body also became inflamed.

"What the? Who are you? Face us, you coward!"Eternal Sailorjupiter called her out, smashing her fist into her hand with angered emphasis. Making a fist of her own, Sailorartemis slowly turned around, the flames around her blazing, magically having no effect on her.

Eternal Sailormoon gasped in mixed shock as well as slight fear at the sight of the girl as their eyes locked, watching as her opponent's shone with rage. For now, having been offered a better view of her, the others could see that the mysterious young woman was wearing a sailorfuku much like their own, save hers was black instead of white, and with no sort of sleeves.

In fact, there were a lot of differences in the appearance of her fuku. Long black gloves with a deep red banning around the elbows covered her hands, while an equally deep red crystal cris crossing chain with a small dangling orange jewel draped across her tawny complexioned forehead.

A large orange bow with two thin ribbons slightly trailed down the front, and a red crystal miniature bow and arrow rested snugly upon her chest. Another, larger bow of the same color caressed her backside, two lank ribbons again hanging gently from it as it slightly grazed the ground, and two studded red crystal earrings of a hawk dangled effortlessly within her ears.

Perhaps the most unique attribute about the young woman was what was on her neck . . . or, rather, from the looks of it to the Sailor Senshi, embedded inside of her neck. Directly underneath her chin, right within the center of her neck, and in place of where a choker might have been, blazed the same, tiny, bright orange bow and arrow tattoo-like sigil.

How peculiar . . . her symbol has appeared to have marked itself upon her neck rather than her forehead as ours had, Eternal Sailormoon marveled silently to herself before breathing out,

"She . . . She's a senshi? Minna, she's a Sailor Senshi!"

Mars shook her head violently, her fiery bow already forming within her hands, preparing to attack.

"Can't be! I'd sense something neutral, or at least positive about her! All I can feel at the moment is anger and resentment!"

"Well, if she is one, she's probably just another poser senshi like the ones Galaxia had created to destroy us, and to do her bidding!" Sailorjupiter spat, glaring at the other girl across the way.

Taking a defiant step forward towards them on her black high heeled shoes much like Sailormars' red ones, Sailorartemis placed one gloved hand upon her waist, her fingers lightly brushing against her deep red skirt.

"I would be very careful of what you say next, otherwise I might be forced to rip out your tongue . . ." Sailorartemis said tightly, glaring right back at Jupiter without an ounce of fear within her eyes.

Clearly not expecting such a response from this other supposed Senshi, Eternal Sailorjupiter stammered a moment before Eternal Sailormoon stepped for her.

"Tell us! If you are not our enemy, then who are you? If you do not cooperate, I, Eternal Sailormoon, leader of the Sailor Senshi, will be forced to punish you!"

Sailormoon . . . like in my dream . . . Sailorartemis thought to herself a moment, causing her guard as well as judgment to momentarily falter.

Growing impatient, Eternal Sailormars intervened, tired of maintaining and holding onto her fiery bow any longer. Raising it towards her, Mars magically formed a deadly arrow also made of the same menacing fire and pointed it at her, preparing to strike.

"Answer her, girl! Or I will shoot this at you! And trust me, I never miss!"

Snapping out of her temporary daze, the troublesome feeling of hearing Sailormoon's name instantly leaving her, Sailorartemis took another daring step forward, folding her arms across her chest after running one gloved hand through her spiky short black hair before surprisingly smirking at her.

"Is that right? Well, then I think it's only fair to warn you that I happen to be an excellent archer myself, and so I really don't think you'd ever want to be on the other side of my arrow, 'Little One.'"

"That's it! I'm tired of her arrogance! Mars . . .Flame . . . Sniper!" Eternal Sailormars exclaimed, at last letting go of her firey arrow, just missing her target as Sailorartemis quickly, and expertly rolled out of the way, all eight eyes present watching as the airborne projectile instead embedded itself into a nearby bench, setting it aflame.

"Is that all you got? I would have thought that a fellow archer might have been better than that! Hardly worth my time," Sailorartemis berated, dusting herself off.

Growing more and more infuriated, Sailormars quickly formed another arrow, ready to shoot it at her, determined not to miss this time.

"Wait, Sailormars! We don't even know her name! Please! I will only ask you once more: what are your motives? Who are you?" Eternal Sailormoon asked, pleading with their potential enemy to reveal herself.

Sailorartemis merely glared at her a moment, pausing. She did not quite see any feasible reason why she should cooperate and tell them a thing, they who fired on her first. Besides, how would she answer who she was, when she didn't even really know?

However, as she closed her eyes, still thinking, mysterious words began to form within her mind, feeling as though they were the right ones to say at that given moment. And so,

". . . I am the Goddess Senshi of the Hunt, Sailorartemis . . . and, in the name of Courage, I will make you pay . . ." Sailorartemis finished, feeling the innate words escape from her lips as she opened her determined eyes.

Eternal Sailors Mars and Jupiter quickly placed themselves in front of Sailormoon after hearing this declaration, preparing to fight.

"You see? I told you that she was our enemy! We have to destroy her now, before she even gets the chance to do so to us!"

"Hai! I'm with you, Mars! Let's get her by attacking at the same time!" Sailorjupiter agreed, her fists glowing green as she prepared her attack.

". . . Mars . . . Flame . . . Sniper!"

". . . Jupiter . . . Oak . . . Evolution!"

"Nuh uh! I don't think so, Sailor Losers! Your time has come! Artemis . . . Archer . . . Precision!" Sailorartemis suddenly countered, surprisingly her three foes.

Orange flames appeared around her left hand as her own fiery bow formed within her right. She expertly and seemingly aimed the arrow at both of the combined attacks of the Fire and Lightning senshi as they continued to sail towards her.

At last she released her arrow right before the attacks might have impaled her, it slicing through the air as well as through Sailormars and Jupiter's attacks, continuing to serge on.

"See that! She completely obliterated both of our strongest attacks!"

"Who is she? I --"

"Sailormoon! Watch out!" Sailorjupiter called out to Eternal Sailormoon, too late to protect her from Sailorartemis' fire arrow as it connected with her arm.

Eternal Sailormars blinked in mixed surprise and shock as she and Jupiter rushed to Moon's side, catching her as she fell backward, the impact from the arrow so powerful that it had knocked her completely over.

"Sailormoon! No! Hold on!"

Sailorartemis took this newfound commotion as an opportunity to retreat for the time being as her insides suddenly felt uneasy.

Sailormoon . . . it really was like how it happened in my dream . . . my vision . . . Sailorartemis abruptly turned and sprinted away towards a few nearby bushes, her face contorted into one of confusion.

Why am I running away? This is so unlike me . . . She thought to herself as she continued to charge away from the scene, moving at a much faster pace than she normally could have if in her civilian guise.

Meanwhile, Eternal Sailormars began cradling Eternal Sailormoon within her arms, lying her across her legs as she knelt down to look at her injured arm.

"Moon-chan, don't worry; we're gonna get you to a doctor to look at that arm, and then it'll be all right . . . okay?" Sailormoon winced in profuse pain as she hugged her bleeding arm, squinting up at her with one eye open.

"Who . . . who was that? Such power . . ."

"Maybe she really wasn't a poser senshi, after all . . . looks like we might have a potential new enemy on our hands, minna . . . guess two years was too long of a 'break' of no battles, ne?" Sailorjupiter said with mixed solemn and bitterness, turning to see that the new senshi had escaped.

--End of episode one

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