BishoujoSenshi Sailormoon: Goddess Episode 4: The Devoted, Forceful Threat

By: Sokai

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This episode created/written in August 2004.

"Encore! Encore! That was excellent, Kaiou-san!"

Ten'ou Haruka smiled softly to herself while she stood backstage in the massive concert hall, listening to the brilliant applause and reverie that her senshi partner and soul mate, Kaiou Michiru, was currently receiving after having finished her Aria upon her violin.

Haruka watched with esteemed pride and delight as several bouquets of red, pink, and white roses were thrown onto the stage and landed softly in a scattered heap at the blushing Michiru's feet.

"Hmm . . . Somehow, I don't think she'll be needing the roses I've brought for her anymore," she lightly mumbled to herself with a faint smirk upon her face, looking down at the bright yellow bundle of roses within her off white colored gloved hand.

"Well, no, I wouldn't say that. In fact, I think it would be safe to say that she will find these roses the most . . . tantalizing . . . After all, yellow roses are symbols of friendship as well as love . . ."

Haruka looked with a slight start, as she rested her deep and vastly mature blue eyes happily upon the aqua haired beauty, who gracefully approached her backstage.

"Is that right? Well, then, I'm glad that I didn't go ahead and get the white ones instead to match your dress," smirked Haruka, as Michiru carefully took the roses from out of her hands and smiled, while at the same time suddenly staring at her a bit peculiarly.

Following Michiru's gaze, Haruka looked down at her clothes, then grinned as she realized why her better half had begun to laugh lightly. Compared to everyone else currently in attendance at the concert hall, Haruka was standing out like a sore thumb, what with being adorned in her racing clothes and gloves.

"Oh . . . Gomen nasai, Michi-chan. I didn't have enough time to change into more appropriate wear before coming to see you perform, and—"

"-- I am just happy that you were able to come at all, Haru-chan. After all, my concert was on the same day as well as close to the same time as your race . . . How did you get here in enough time to hear my last piece, anyhow? We're clear across the city from where the race had taken place," Michiru interrupted, smiling with slight suspicion as she inclined her head to inhale the roses' intoxicating aroma while the two of them entered her private dressing room.

Haruka suddenly grinned at Michiru's bare back mischievously, as she closed the door behind her and ran her gloved hand through her short, platinum blonde locks.

"Well, let's just say that the city of Moscow has nothing on my racing expertise . . ."

Michiru turned around and raised a perfectly waxed eyebrow as she narrowed her sea green colored eyes at the taller girl, after setting up her several bouquets of roses into as many vases as she could find within the room.

"Mmhmm . . . So in other words, you henshined to get here in time, ne?"

"How did—"

"— It has only been two years, Haruka-chan: have you already forgotten about our strong bond, both as senshi and as lovers? I had sensed that you had henshined for whatever reason, and was actually thinking of ending the concert early to follow suit . . . But, since I didn't really feel any sort of struggle or distress from you, I had decided against it at the last minute," Michiru stated, moving over to wrap herself within her lover's arms as she smiled back at her surprised expression.

"No wonder you didn't seem all that surprised at my presence, then . . . For a minute there, I had thought that I was losing my 'mesmerizing and irresistible' hold on you . . ." Haruka murmured into her Sea Goddess's ear softly, laying a gentle kiss upon her neck in never-ending adoration.

Suddenly, the masculine young woman felt the smaller girl's body tense up slightly a bit uncharacteristically, given the current circumstances. Haruka released her and moved in front of her to lock her blue eyes with her aqua ones.

"Michi-chan, what is it?"

Michiru shook her head slowly, eyes momentarily glazed over before clearing alongside her thoughts apparently the moment she had responded.

". . . It's nothing, darling . . . Just that . . . I'm not quite sure why, but I had suddenly felt as though someone . . . as though someone had just walked over my grave . . ."

Taking her hands in mixed protection and comfort, Haruka forced a smile, if only to reassure the obviously concerned young woman before her, although her insides were now churning with her own anxiety. She hadn't wanted to say anything before, for the sake of not ruining her partner's important and flawless performance, but Haruka had been feeling the exact same notion ever since she had henshined earlier that afternoon. And now that she had heard the similar reaction come out of her counterpart's mouth (the one who has always been extremely intuitive), Haruka was now sure that it was more than just coincidence.

Allowing her smile to wain away, Haruka plastered a worried frown upon her face in its place as she opened her mouth to speak.

". . . Michiru . . . What do you say we spend our upcoming two week vacation back home, instead of within the States as we'd planned? I don't know about you, but I've been missing Usagi-tachi a lot lately, and so thought it'd be a nice treat for both sides if we went to visit . . ."

Michiru, having long since understood how to read between the lines (or in this case, words) whenever talking to her lover and what she really meant, merely nodded in agreement.

"Hai . . . A visit would be lovely . . ."

The two women stood in a silent reverie as the same impending feeling continued to sink deeper into their hearts, unsure of what was in store for them once they arrived back home to Tokyo.


"Oooh! Hota-chan, did you see? Date-kun was totally watching you during class!"

Smiling softly, Tomoe Hotaru turned around and tucked a strand of her now medium length black hair, with its eerie purple sheen behind her ear as she looked at one of her many beaming friends around her.

"Was he, Sasume-chan? I hadn't really noticed . . ."

She thoughtfully rested her deep violet eyes upon the traditionally mischievous and gossip-oriented red head before her, faintly blushing as they all made their way outside of Juuban High School and onto the courtyards.

"Nani? You are kidding, ne? He was smiling from ear to ear the entire time and everything!"

Hotaru giggled lightly, noticing that Sasume had suddenly drifted off into a dream-like state as they made their way off campus.

"Yes, well . . . Let's hurry, minna-san, or we won't be able to grab a booth at the café for lunch," she smiled, gently grabbing Sasume's arm as her other friends followed suit.

As the small pack of giggling girls made their way happily down the street (Hotaru in the center by nature), even more of the formerly reclusive beauty's friends had suddenly joined them.

Although she was thankful for the overabundance of great friends and apparent popularity in both the female as well as male population here at Juuban, it was still taking some time to get used to for Hotaru. After all, it had only been four years, technically, since the time that she had been frequently ostracized by any who'd come across her, never bothering to initiate conversation, let alone by her friend . . . all except for one pink haired individual, whom she missed tremendously . . .

As the larger group of girls' escalating laughter (courtesy of another of Hotaru's friends, Hikari, having just made a rather amusing joke) reverberated against a set of nearby trees as they passed, Hotaru hadn't noticed a lone young woman walking towards her direction, with a unique hairstyle of medium length light purple hair braided into a tight up-do (save the two dark purple large strands on either side of her face).

Because neither girl had been paying much attention to where she was walking, both soon bumped shoulders into one another while passing.

"Gomen ne," the girl replied with a foreign and distinct accent, her head bowed in apology while straightening her posture.

"Iie, it was my fault, so I should bethe one to apologize. Demo, in any case, my name is Tomoe Hotaru, a second year student here at Juuban — what's yours?" Hotaru smiled politely at the new girl, as she began to fix her violet colored eyes upon her similar own.

As the two made eye contact for the first time, both women suddenly shared a strange, nagging feeling of familiarity. However, before thought could have formulated in regard to it, the brief silence between them was promptly broken.

"Naini Talkar Rachna, a fellow second year, transfer student at Juuban from India. It is nice to meet you, Tomoe-san."

About to further their apparently dual conversation, Sasume suddenly tugged upon Hotaru's shoulder lightly, succeeding in arousing her attention.

"Hota-chan, let's go, or else we'll lose that booth for sure!"

Taking this as her leave, Rachna bowed her head once again before stepping to the side to get around the gaggle of young women and began walking away.

"Chôtto matte! Naini Talkar-san, would you like to join us for lunch?" Hotaru offered as she turned to catch up with her, smiling warmly.

Feeling a faint pang within her heart, Rachna paused a moment before turning to face the clearly popular young woman.

"No, but thank you, Hotaru." She bowed her head once more before pivoting back around and walking back towards campus.

Hotaru watched as Rachna left, her brow slightly furrowed in thought.

Why do I have this odd feeling about that girl? What could it mean?

"Hota-chan, are you coming?" Hikari called out to her from behind, snapping her back to reality.

"Hai . . . coming."

Sasume giggled, shaking her head at Hotaru as all of them resumed their way down the street towards their favorite café for lunch.

Rachna paused in mid step as stepped onto campus. She felt her heart tugging — almost yearning for the young girl named Tomoe Hotaru. Blinking, she lifted a tanned hand to her chest and directly over her heart.

What is this feeling? Rachna thought to herself, while watching the raven haired woman and her friends walk further away.

Smiling faintly, she thoughtfully lowered her hand from her chest to her stomach as it had suddenly growled.

"Maybe I am hungry, after all . . . Tomoe-san! Wait up!" Rachna abruptly called out to Hotaru, running to catch up to her and her friends, joining them.


"Ohh, Sibley-san! Isn't this outfit so kawaii? You would look really becoming in it . . ." Niang gushed, holding up a pale blue summer dress that was on clearance in one of the marketplaces within Juuban, much to Sibley's dismay. She rolled her amethyst jems in both frustration as well as disgust.

"Would you mind, Niang-san? We're not here to shop and act like chummy best friends. We're here together only on patrol to start finding the nine fragments of the shirozuishou as Obelix instructed us upon, and that is exactly what we are going to do," Sibley chose to prelect, seizing the dress from out of the Chinese girl's grasp and tossing it back onto the pile of other clothes before moving onward.

Niang blushed furiously as she quickly followed after the raven haired girl, the sea of fellow shoppers vastly growing around them.

As they made their way through the marketplace on that partly sunny, chilly day, Sibley's mind began to wander back to earlier that week when Obelix had filled her and her fellow Goddess Senshi in about their mission, a mere month and a half ago that her life had been altered forever. . .

". . . It is imperative that you work together to find the rest of your fellow Goddess Senshi team, as well as the nine fragments of the shirozuishou, Miss Siasi and Niang.

Although merely fragments at this present moment, wherever should they be, each alone possesses immense power, for either good or evil . . . And once brought back together it can and will bring about great destruction . . . which is precisely why we need to locate them and seize this power for our own . . ."

As Obelix's prominent words echoed within the confines of her mind, now gradually dissipating, Sibley's eyes focused regrettably upon a familiar small group of girls: one with black hair, another with brown colored locks, and the smallest of the three (who was currently in between the two), was giggling happily while her long, blonde tresses glided gracefully behind her.

Sneering, Sibley stopped abruptly in her place, causing Niang to smash into her from behind due to lack of attention.

Great . . . just great, she thought to herself, as she continued to stare down the oncoming threesome (especially the ebony haired girl, who at that moment seemed to have read her mind).

". . . Great! Just great . . . Look who's here . . . Of all the people to run into —"

"— Aya! Rei-chan! Why'd you stop for? We're only two stores away from purchasing the prettiest kimono for the 'End of Summer' festival at the university coming up! Let's hurry and —" Usagi interrupted Rei as she watched the long haired girl stop short suddenly and without warning, before abruptly cutting herself off once hers and then Makoto's gaze followed Rei's.

"Uh, oh . . . There goes your 'double', Siasi-san, Rei-chan. You might wanna turn the other way, before you two go at it like you always do whenever encountering one another," Makoto advised wearily, a small smirk forming upon her face as she watched Rei's, as well as Sibley's melt into one of annoyance while they continued to eye the other.

"For the last time, Mako-chan! Sibley Siasi is not my double! She is just an extremely self righteous little —"

"— Oh, how flattering, Hino-san: are you gushing about how much you like me?" Sibley berated, striking the nerve she had been hoping to as she watched Rei's face redden with mixed anger and embarrassment.

"Why, you —" Rei began to retort, however was abruptly silenced when a shrill-like scream sliced through the air from behind, startling her and every other shopper within the area.

Suspecting foul play, abandoning her former desire to get even with Sibley verbally, Rei narrowed her eyes towards Usagi and Makoto, who both nodded in silent agreement to go investigate.

Meanwhile, Sibley had already turned her back to them, the left pocket of her black pants faintly glowing white as Niang began to look slightly apprehensive while watching the large crowd begin to disperse rather quickly — including Usagi and her friends, she'd noticed.

"Sibley-san? What is it?" Niang asked nervously, moving closer to her side to conceal the mysterious looking, deep red compact Sibley had just pulled out of her pocket that continued to glow white from its closed inside (in addition to dodging the running couple that had come charging towards them and out of the marketplace).

Sibley slowly looked up from the new item Obelix had bestowed upon her to help them in their mission, and glared straight ahead as she responded slowly.

". . . Looks like we've tracked down our first fragment . . ."


"Excellent! The first fragment of the glorious shirozuishou has been found! And it is all mine! Quickly, daimon! Bring it to me!" Nemesis beamed with evil relish, as she addressed the humanoid looking youma resembling a grotesque, disfigured male before her.

It had just finished extracting a pale violet shard from the body of a frail, innocent young woman, who now lay lifeless upon the gravel within the back alley of the marketplace.

"Hold it right there, baka! Firestorm Flash!"

Suddenly a fierce stream of fire jetted through the air and impaled the youma's now extended arm, singing it and knocking the shard from out of its hand before Nemesis could seize it, skidding to a halt several yards away.

The silver haired demoness turned her attention harshly onto the three new visitors, before resting a calm hand upon her ashen face, (although her hard eyes reflected that of unbridled rage).

"It seems as though we have challengers, daimon . How amusing . . ."

Eternal Sailormars glared at both the now smirking youma, as well as the mysterious woman before her before lowering her arm that had just released the fiery attack.

"I don't know who you are, but we will not just stand idly by while you continue to terrorize innocent shoppers on this lovely day! As the Senshi of Fire, I, Eternal Sailormars, shall see to it that you fry!"

"Ugh, I swear, Mars-san: do all of you Sailor Rejects have a cheesy opening speech like that, or is that you just being your usually retarded selves?" Mars regrettably heard the familiar voice of Sailorartemis remark from above her.

The three Eternal Senshi present turned their attention to the building behind them to see Sailorartemis and Sailormazu both standing in different poses upon the rooftop, while returning the gaze.

As the two Goddess Senshi expertly leaped from off of the roof and at their side a few feet away, Eternal Sailorjupiter sighed in barely controlled aggravation.

"I should have known that this was all of your doing, Artemis-tachi . . ."

Sailormazu's soft blue eyes grew slightly hardened with resentment as she responded to the accusation.

"You are more than welcome to think whatever you like, Jupiter-san. Demo, we are —"

"— Just about out of time! Daimon, destroy these nuisances and retrieve the fragment!" Nemesis suddenly barked, fed up with the intrusions, the youma already charging past her and towards the five senshi.

"Fragment? What fragment? Aaah!" Eternal Sailormoon squealed, just barely dodging the youma's blow.

"Sailormazu! Don't waste your time and energy on these small fry! We're here for the shard! Let's just find it and leave these brats to die, already!" Sailorartemis instructed after firing one of her flamed arrows towards the youma, successfully embedding itself into its leg, who still continued to pursue its onslaught of attacks.

"You're the ones who are going to die, Sailorartemis! You and your crony!" shouted Sailormars, gritting her teeth after having gotten slammed into the ground by the youma and wearily getting back up.

Nemesis scoffed in disgust, spitting at the ground for emphasis, before suddenly beginning to hover high above it and out of harm's way.

"How dare you lower my standards as to assume that I, Nemesis, Head Officer of the Onyx Star Clan, would ever associate myself with such vile trash as these two weaklings?"

Eternal Sailormoon, pulling out her Moon Power Tier and preparing to attack, frowned up at the silver eyed villain.

"Nemesis? Onyx Star Clan? Just who are you, and what do you want with us?"

"Sailormoon! A little less inquiring, please, and more attacking!" Jupiter suggested from behind, panting heavily after delivering a roundhouse kick to the youma, however not before having received one herself.

"H-hai! Gomen! Silver . . . Moon . . . Crystal . . . Power . . . Kiss!" exclaimed Sailormoon, sending her mystical attack towards the screeching youma and succeeding in destroying it, greatly to Nemesis' dismay.

Panting in exhaustion, the three Sailorsenshi stood close together in defiance and eyeballed Nemesis, and were about to advance upon her when suddenly another one of Sailorartemis's arrows sailed through the air and nearly singed Moon's hair.

"Hey! Watch it!"

"For once, I am sorry — I was actually trying to hit your guard dog, Mars-san, instead," Artemis smirked, wiping a small stream of blood away from her chin, as Sailormazu retook her place at her side, her expression riddled with mixed emotion.

Taking this distraction as her cue to retire for the time being, Nemesis rose higher into the air to relocate the fallen, stray shard before seeing it shimmering faintly underneath a tree not that far away.

"Well, I'll just take my fragment and leave you all to your play date! Ja!"

"Uranus . . . World . . . Shaking!"

"Neptune . . . Deep Submerge!"

Eternal Sailormoon's heart suddenly swelled with great hope, as her ears took in the sounds of the familiar attacks wielded by Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune.

Sure enough, when turning around, her crystalline blue eyes rested upon the two older Sailorsenshi, as their two powerful attacks careened across the air and just missed Nemesis by only a few inches.

"Sailoruranus! Sailorneptune! What're you doing here?" Eternal Sailorjupiter asked, excitedly watching the two partners rush to their comrades' side.

"Well, Neptune-chan and I were just in the neighborhood, and thought we'd drop in for a little visit," Eternal Sailoruranus remarked, as she and Eternal Sailorneptune smiled warmly at the brunette.

"This is great! Now, with your added help, we can at last take out the Goddess Senshi, as well as this new apparent enemy, Nemesis!" Eternal Sailormoon concluded, grinning happily, as she gave Neptune a generous hug.

Within the midst of this new development, Sailormazu's attention suddenly turned towards the tree that had been sheltering the stray fragment for the past several minutes, just as yet another sailorfukued visitor calmly bent over to pick it up.

Gasping, she quickly gripped Sailorartemis's gloved arm.

"Sailorartemis-san! Look! It's another Goddess Senshi . . . ne?"

She has to be on our side, unlike these two other new senshi, right? Besides apparently knowing them, they are also wearing white sailorfuku like Sailormoon-tachi, while this one's wearing a black one just like Artemis-san and me, Sailormazu thought to herself, as she continued to stare at the newcomer.

I sure hope she is — it's now five against two.

". . . For complete balance to be maintained, there must always be a constant contender for the opposing forces of good versus evil . . . And that is why I, Sailorshiva, the Senshi Goddess of the Cosmos, am here to renew that balance . . ." the new senshi apparently known as Sailorshiva calmly stated before moving into the direct center of the battle.

The disregarded shard was now clutched safely within the woman's left black gloved hand, while her right securely gripped a menacing looking cleaver. Her bright, violet colored left eye seemed to inhabit feelings of compassion, while at the same time her mysteriously pale and dull gray right eye reflected that of sheering, destructive determination.

All eyes were now upon the newcomer, as Sailors Mars and Jupiter both frowned to themselves while looking over the girl's identical black sailorfuku to the other Goddess Senshi, although her color scheme was instead violet and gray.

Nemesis, without warning, suddenly threw four, poisonous acid coated daggers towards the senshi in blinded fury, both Sailor and Goddess alike.

"I'll be taking back that shard now, btch!" She shouted as she advanced upon Sailorshiva, who merely stood firmly in her place, undaunted as both the daggers as well as Nemesis sailed toward her.

At the last possible second and with a flick of her wrist, Sailorshiva effortlessly deflected the one dagger heading toward her from out of her path, and then sliced straight through Nemesis's extended arm with her cleaver, lopping off her hand.

The Sailorsenshi, Sailormazu, and even Sailorartemis stared in alarming surprise as the youngest senshi present calmly tucked a strand of her light purple colored hair behind her ear. Her uniquely different colored eyes screened separate sentiment simultaneously while gazing down upon Nemesis's severed hand and watching it eerily twitch on the ground.

"Did . . . did you see that, minna? Without so much as blinking, and without using any of her senshi attacks, she was able to do . . . to do that to Nemesis!" Eternal Sailormoon whispered in fright, shivering as a chill ran down her spine.

Spitting out some of the black substance that was her blood as it had surfaced into her mouth, hugging her injured limb, Nemesis glared furiously at all of them as she backed slowly away.

"This isn't over! Do you hear me? Not by a long shot! I will be back for that shard, as well as for my revenge!" And with that, Nemesis vanished within a cloud of black, acidic smoke.

Making a fist, Eternal Sailoruranus looked towards the three Goddess Senshi, especially at multicolored eyed Senshi.

". . . Now that that distraction is out of the way, we can begin our own fight . . ."

"There will be plenty of time for you to . . .'fight' us at another point in time. However, we now have what we had come for in the first place, and so there is no more reason to stay any longer," Sailorshiva confirmed, raising her cleaver directly in front of her and pointing it towards Sailoruranus and the rest of the formerly advancing Sailorsenshi. Sailors Artemis and Mazu, taking the hint, quickly abandoned the scene.

Frustrated that her new enemy was escaping (although at the same time afraid to risk any sort of similar injury that was inflicted upon Nemesis to any of her comrades), Eternal Sailoruranus merely raised a clenched fist back at the shorter girl, who had then begun to slowly retreat from her spot as well, her weapon still raised.

"Don't despair, fellow senshi: as I said before, there must always be balance, and so since we've apparently gotten the upper hand on you this turn, perhaps you might luck out and be victorious when next we'll meet . . . Until that time, ja ne . . ."

Furious, Sailoruranus finally advanced from her spot and fired her World Shaking attack at her foe, just after Sailorshiva had at last turned and ran off. She let out a curse while at the same time angrily kicking at the ground when the attack had regrettably missed its target.

"It's all right, Uranus-chan — we will get them next time . . ." Eternal Sailorneptune comforted soothingly, as she came to her side.

Eternal Sailorjupiter looked down at Nemesis's already decaying hand, frowning in mixed revile and anger, while Mars and Moon continued to look ahead.

". . . This can't keep going on like this, minna-san. Just when we thought we finally would be able to beat them, another, obviously more powerful Goddess Senshi shows up to help . . . All I can say is we had better up our ante if we ever have a chance of winning . . ."

-- End of Episode Four

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