There were several reasons for why she was feared through out Japan. No one actually knew who she really was, not even the few youkia that roamed the land. And that was the way she liked it. She let a smirk grace her ruby lips at the reasons. One no one had ever seen her, just her victims. Two she went after those who killed, hurt, raped, or in any way harmed a child. Three she knew who had done the crimes before the police ever did. Four she didn't care how old, what race, or what kind of power her victims had. And lastly but not least Five she never killed her victims quickly. There was always the same thing at every scene. A folder full of evidence and proof against the murdered and a single black rose with blood red thorns through the victim's heart. The detectives and such assigned to each victim started calling her The Bloody Rose but the children the victims had hurt, they called her a Guardian Angel. So to improvise the news called her the Bloody Angel. She smirked at the very true name. After all why should she deny her heart of its so badly needed vengeance against those who hurt children in any way, shape, or form. She let an self-satisfied smirk grace her lips as she left the home of her latest victim. This one more tortured then all the others. And there were reasons behind that no one would ever know. And she would never let them ever get close enough to her to find them out. Or else they would simply have to die.