The others looked shocked at the shaking Mitsuko. She was trembling in her rage. Hiei was holding her mother but that didn't bother her. Her father dared call her mother impure? His wife was the one that was impure! She stood up let her rage flow around her in the form of her powers. Violet flames encircled her body lashing out almost everything except them and her mother. They wrapped around Kagome like a blanket, they seemed to understand the forbidden child holding her wouldn't hurt her and wrapped about him too. She stormed from the room in search of her father. It seemed Reiki was burning and its reason was is very mistress's rage at her father. Kurama would have found that funny, as he walked through the parting flames, had the situation not been quite so dire. But it was, this world was in flames because Kagome's honor had been insulted. When he finally caught up to the enraged princess she had both her parents held by the throat. Shippo lay dead next to a stunned Koenma, he was shocked.

"How dare you!" the flames burned brighter. No one had understood how the Monk turned god and Wind Witch had given birth to a fire wielding daughter but none had dared to question it till now.

"Kagome is the purest being in the world, if anything her powers rejected yours father! You are the one no longer pure! You are not my father and for a long time you have not been my mother. Kagome is and will be. I shall take over this realm and protect her from impure creatures such as yourselves!" her eyes bled violet with her rage as she killed her parents. She turned and nodded at her brother, as if deciding that he may live. She turned to him still in her rage and he quietly approached her. Trying not to appear threatening to her, he held his hand out to her. She took it and sniffed it. She seemed satisfied with that and went back over to her parent's bodies and made the kanji for impure on the neck. She went over to the ghost child and snarled at it. He knew the child had been a kitsune and therefore should have liked it but something about the kid put his hackles up. She destroyed his spirit with whatever type of miko powers she had. He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her. She turned and snuggled into him. Much like her so called mother had done to Hiei he noted, offhandedly.

"Come now, Mitsuko. Let's go get your brothers and sisters." she shook her head in his shoulder. He arched a brow and then realized that she of course couldn't see it and sighed.

"And why not?" she giggled at his annoyed tone.

"They're all with mama already. They flames lead them straight to her. They know what my powers look like." he nodded and then with a look of mischief swept her up into his arms. She yelped much like one of his race would do. She tightened her legs around his waist, nearly cutting off his circulation.

"Now where are we going?" she asked, curiosity shining in her eyes. He felt like laughing, normal princesses would have demanded to be put down or at least carried right but she didn't seem to care.

"Back to the others." she pouted and he did let a chuckle escape him. They arrived to a hilarious scene. Kagome was straddling Hiei in her sleep, her head still on his shoulder. Hiei was blushing while the children encircled the pair. Mitsuko must have thought the scene funny to because she burst out laughing.

"Not. A. Word." Hiei muttered. Kagome mumbled and ran her hand through Hiei's hair, making Hiei's blush deepen. The two nigens were unconscious a small lump on both their heads. Kurama arched a brow at this Hiei motioned to the albino child. He realized they never learned the children's names.

"What are the children's names Mitsuko?" Mitsuko hopped off of him and walked over to her brothers and sisters. They smiled up at her before pointing at their mother. She nodded and they laughed. The fire everyone had noticed had disappeared a little while ago, along with Mitsuko's rage at the dead.

"Well our little girl's here are Lily and Akiko. I'm guessing you know which is which from mom's scene with Shippo earlier. Kiyoshi is the half wolf half dog boy there, Hikaru is our little brown hair green-eyed boy, and Kage is the two year old shadow boy. Why?" he shook his head and she pouted causing the little girls smile mischievously at each other.

"Mitsuko has a crush! Momma! Wake up! Mitsu has a crush on the avatar!" the first part had been squealed together but the last sentence had been uttered by the moth/butterfly youkai. The two older youkais shot her a look. How had she known that he was an avatar? He looked at Mitsuko.

"We all know. Mom briefed all but little Lily who didn't understand. Uncle Sesshomaru sent over your files." she looked guilty for a second then she smacked her forehead and materialized a cell phone. She held down the number two and waited. She mouthed the word Sesshomaru to him and he nodded his understanding. Kagome was still snuggled up to Hiei though now in a less interesting position to say the least. Hiei had his arms wrapped around her though and she seemed content to let him keep them there. He'd thought back to the police reports on the Bloody Angel and knew if she truly wanted any of them dead they would be. The children though didn't seem to fear her at all though. And from what he'd heard from Koenma's tantrums, Lily had seen Kagome kill her mother, and she was still comfortable around her. She was truly a pure being. He zoomed back in on his lovely little princess when he heard her yell.

"I killed them already. ... She still had Naraku's mark on her back. Her mating mark with Miroku influenced his own taint. Then he had the audacity to call mom impure. Said she'd killed innocents. Seems not all has been as it appeared Uncle. ... I've told you for years I didn't like the kit! He wasn't even really Shippo, he was Naraku! She was trying to get him a new body using the magics of my realm... You forgot that I would inherit? ... Mom's uh well sleeping. That" she looked at the kids before curbing her tongue "bad word really hurt her... No. No she's healing now... Fine. Ja Ne." She rolled her eyes. Then raised them to his.

"He's on his way." they looked over when the children giggled. The Koorime had stiffened as the slightly awake Kagome stretched over him. His arms had tightened slightly when she made to move away, she seemed to be running on instincts because she just gave a slight purr and relaxed. She arranged herself about him and gave a reassuring purr though it broke off when a swirling white and red portal appeared. She awoke completely when the familiar youkai's voice rang through the air.

"I see you left out a few details again, Mitsuko." Mitsuko winced and bit back the reflex to stick her tongue at him. Her mom couldn't save her from the Ice King's wrath today.

"Sessho?" Kagome murmured confused, but safe. She nuzzled her head farther into the neck and shoulder currently hiding it, while allowing her aura to feel out the others in the room. The avatar was standing extremely close to her daughter, while the toushin and the human were unconscious, the trace of Kiyoshi's aura told her who knocked them out. She didn't need to look up to see crimson eyes and jet black hair on the youkai holding her. Her brother was laughing at her, the ungrateful wretch. She pouted.

"Imouto, if you're done pouting, we do have some things to discuss." she sighed before giving his neck one last nuzzle before trying to get up. She was slightly surprised to finding herself falling back in his lap. She smiled gently, momentarily forgetting the tragedies of the past. Hiei tightened his arms instinctively. He didn't want to let her go, so he turned her so she would at least face her other brother. He rested his chin on her shoulder possessively. He didn't understand what was going on or what he was feeling but until he did she would be safe, at least from everything except himself. She nuzzled him lightly earning an arched brow from both Sesshomaru and Kurama. Kagome and Mitsuko stuck their tongue out at their respective males while Hiei gave a slightly approving growl.

"What do we have to discuss that couldn't have waited until I called you, brother dearest?" she asked her voice silky to his ears where as most were rough. She kept her voice low pitched and quiet so not to hurt their ears, making him give off his own little purr, for her ears only. She turns large liquid eyes towards him and he continued at a pitch no one can hear but only she can feel. She smiled and leaned into him slowly. Sesshomaru and Kurama both take their actions into account with calculating eyes.

"Spirit world is in ruins, Kagome. Did you not know? Miroku, Kagura, and Shippo all lay dead." she became like stone as did Mitsuko though not for the same reason. He could smell their deaths on her. Kurama wrapped an arm around the girl and she turned into his embrace willingly enough though she didn't look like she really even noticed.

"What happened!" her aura and ki wrapped around everyone and every thing much like Mitsuko's had. Kurama could finally see the family resemblance, their tempers. Hiei tightened his grip around her and let a reassuring growl loose. Sesshomaru glanced at Mitsuko as if asking permission she shook her head and would have taken a step forward if Kurama would have let her.

"Mama?" Kagome knew that tone of voice. She also knew she wouldn't like what came next. She turned and nuzzled the koorime's cheek asking him to let her up whispering that she'd come back. He didn't look happy about it but with one final nudge from her, he did.

"What have you done, my little one?" her voice wasn't angry just quiet and surprisingly peaceful if a bit remorseful. She opened her arms and Mitsuko knew if she was to tell her mother the truth she'd need to be in those comforting arms. She moved against Kurama's arms so she could get to her mother. He let her go and watched as she was enveloped in a loving embrace. Kagome held her close knowing no matter what it was her little one had done, she would be forgiven.

"I did it mama. She used them mama, by mating with Miroku she gained the power to make their plans real. She stole Naraku's soul and melded it with Shippo's so you wouldn't suspect anything. She tainted Miroku in hopes of swaying him to their cause and hurting you. When you told us what he said to you I grew enraged, I'm sorry mama." she was crying holding her mother as tight as she could. She quieted when she felt a hand tenderly stroke her back, the words of the lullaby's she heard as a child whispering through the air. Kagome was singing softly as tears ran down her face her voice was tender and sincere in its affections. Mitsuko crumpled under the weight of her guilt as Kagome finished the final verse. The others beside the children and Sesshomaru rushed to her side and she gave a watery laugh before picking her little girl up bride style. Mitsuko might have been 390 but compared to her own 618 she was still a little girl. She hummed melodiously as bit her lip and wondered where to take the new Queen of Reikai.

"I will go home for a time and all are welcome, even you my big brother. This place lies in ruins but when we return it will be as if her power never grazed its halls, you will see. Kikala please will you get started but this time I have one special request of you. Make a garden of tranquility by my little one's office, for as seen she explodes quite easily." She addressed the woman who emerged from the shadows. She was a shadow hawk demoness and very good at her work. She could spot a specific talent from miles away. Kikala bowed and nodded before fading into the shadows to tell her construction crew of their job. Kagome nodded letting her eyes fade from their threatening color they had turned in her anger earlier. She opened a portal revealing a large castle in the depths of the woods extremely old yet it held the ability to stand if war was waged on its occupants. Kagome lead them through her swirling whitish-pink portal, still holding Mitsuko. The children flocked around her she look to be a goddess in the crimson light. She glanced back and saw the two detectives were left.

"Some one needs to carry Yusuke and Kuwabara. Kikala will kill them if we leave them. She is an avid human hater. Her only daughter was killed for her blood. Any shadow creature's blood drunken gives you dark powers." Before she'd even finished Kurama had gone back and picked up the two. She flashed him a grateful smile before she continued on. Lily held tightly onto her mother's dress as they walked with one hand and the other held her brother's. She trusted both with her life. Just as Kagome had once done with her brothers, she still did trust one though it was as if she didn't lose trust in a person until they deserved it, Hiei noticed offhandedly. She was a truly unique person, she was filled with mostly light feelings yet she'd seen some truly horrible things in her time. And for that reason and no other was he going protect her from everyone, even herself.