Washington D.C. - The Parliament Building.

Who was this person named Wraith? He had come out of nowhere, and appeared to be Cobra's newest bio-engineered super soldier, leveling the playing field with his vast array of weaponry and arsenal. With his help Cobra forces were gaining the upper hand in this battle with G., lead by the infamous Serpentor back from the dead. Victory for G. looked slim.

But this wasn't the first time it looked dark for G.. They'd managed to pull victories out from even the smallest of margins and this was no different. But things looked a little hopeless with this Wraith character being Cobra's front runner. He appeared to be unstoppable.

Cobra had attacked the Capital Building at precisely 10am EST. Their purpose was to seize the building and hold it. And they were doing just that. Even with thousands of America's best troops battling it out with Cobra troops, they were having limited success at best. G. had arrived to take control of the situation and formed a counter attack, but Wraith held his ground and counter attacked their counterattack, and wouldn't let anyone pass to the building.

Trained, or perhaps programmed, in several different styles of martial arts, not even America's finest had a chance against him. He was an unstoppable killing machine, slaughtering dozens of green shirts and caring nothing about any civilians who got in his way. It wasn't until G. called in a special elite duo that G. finally started to make some progress against Cobra.

And this is where Kamakura and Snake Eyes came in, master and apprentice of the Arashikage Clan, a now almost defunct ninja clan limited to a mere few. Years ago there were many ninjas in G., and a team was formed called Ninja Force, but it disbanded along with G. in the later half of the twentieth century. Now the leader Snake Eyes was back and with a new pupil, and he stood by his master's side in the heat of battle, dropped off by helicopter into the street that lead up to the Capital Building. To someone who just arrived it looked like a battle royal, with Cobra on one side and G. on the other, fighting for total domination over the world. And to a certain extent that was exactly what it was. Cobra wanted to rule the world. And to control America's capital was the perfect place to start. It was a great strategic marker.

Wraith had seen their arrival but was not swayed by their appearance. He smiled underneath his metal mask and activated his stealth technology to approach them unseen. Tiny, microscopic mirrors, embedded into his armor, reflected his surroundings which to the naked eye made him seem invisible. But to one such trained as Snake Eyes, he knew he would senses his presence. And he attacked, drawing his sword towards Snake Eyes, turning off his invisibility. Snake Eyes blocked with his sword. And the two ninja warriors clashed like titans in battle.

Wraith struck hard and fast against Snake Eyes. But Snake Eyes mirrored his every move, almost knowing psychically what Wraith intended to do next. But to a ninja seeing the future was nothing more than knowing his opponent. But as this was Snake Eyes first time fighting Wraith he was doing pretty well against him. And yet there was a pattern to his attack. It looked familiar, as if Wraith had been trained by someone with a working knowledge of the Arashikage. And Snakes Eyes knew who this person was. It could only be his arch-nemesis Storm Shadow, who once was his closest friend and Arashikage Clan blood brother. But he chose a different path than Snake Eyes and joined the forces of Cobra. He had converted to good a few years back but Dr. Mindbender brainwashed him with the Brainwave Scanner and now Storm Shadow was again with the people he hated and despised with a passion, though forced to obey.

Snake Eyes sliced through the air and hit Wraith's shoulder with his sword cutting off a piece of his armor at his upper shoulder. Wraith's arm started to bleed but he didn't relent in his attack and continued to battle Snake Eyes one-on-one, and to the death if need be. It was almost if Wraith had a reason for hating Snake Eyes judged by his fighting technique. But that idea of hate was most likely programmed into his brain to provide focus to kill his enemy.

Not far from them waged another battle, and of a similar sort. Again two ninjas fought, and Storm Shadow and Kamakura were the protagonists. They clashed swords, the clinging of metal together echoed in their ears, even over the massive sounds of the battle roaring around them. And despite Storm Shadow having countless years more experience over his opponent, he couldn't overpower Kamakura, a somatic new breed of half-ninja, which he found displeasing, and his eyes, with the lowered eyebrows and burning hate, showed it.

"You traitorous dog, Storm Shadow," Kamakura spoke out. "How dare you show your face here, leaguing yourself with these monsters again. You're defacing the Arashikage Clan."

"You words are treacherous, young one," the soft spoken ninja, Storm Shadow, said. "The opts of my status are vastly more rewarding than working under a false guise of a malicious government built on lies and deceit, and the blood, sweat and tears of a populace they care nothing about."

"You're wrong," Kamakura said. "You've been brainwashed to believe falsehoods."

"And you are naive to think you're a match for me," Storm Shadow said.

They pushed away from each other and came together again, their swords touching, the clang of metal against metal, but they were equal in strength and skill. And none could get the better of the other. "I see you've been trained by my former blood brother, Snake Eyes. He's finally taken an apprentice under his wing. How ambitious and contentious of him. I had thought to revive the Arashikage Clan years back, to rebuild what my family had taken generations to achieve and destroyed in one horrible night by a silent killer. But it was fools dream ." Storm Shadow pushed in, using his hate and malice against his opponent, forcing Kamakura to take a step back.

"You were good once," Kamakura said.

"And I was foolish!" Storm Shadow said.