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By: 24

She watched him from afar. She was fascinated by him and had followed him to this latest town. She only knew his name and that was all. She didn't know his last name, or anything about him, but hopefully she would. When she first caught sight of him she had done some research on him. There were news articles on a man named Jarod who went from place to place helping people, but that was all. The last place that he was in he had barely gotten away from those who hunted him. How she knew he was being hunted? It was because sometimes when she was watching him he would look over his shoulder and sometimes when someone in a car would stop fast he would turn around and he would tense. She also saw the last escape.

She followed him to his latest lair and saw him look down to see what she had left for him. She saw him look around, but she was too well hidden for him to find her.

Jarod walked down the street and was going to his lair when he looked down and saw another red rose. Who was sending these roses? He picked up the rose and then looked around, but he didn't see anyone. This was the third red rose he had gotten and it was getting a little frightening that he had a stalker. He shut the door and locked it and made sure that every window was locked. He didn't like this at all.

He picked up his cell phone and called a familiar number.

"This is Sydney."

"I found another one."

"Another red rose?"

"Yes. This is the third one. Why would someone do this?"

"Jarod, you should come home. We could protect you here."

"Sydney, we've been through this before. The Centre is not my home and it never will be."

"At least we could protect you."

"No. I am not going back to the Centre."

"Just be careful. You don't know who is doing this, or why."

"I will be."

He hung up the phone and stared out the window. It wasn't enough that The Centre was hunting him, now he had a stalker. How in the world was this person finding him? Who was this person? Why me? He had checked the mirror whenever he was going to his latest destination and found nothing. He had checked the car and there still was nothing. No bugs and no tracking devices. He turned off the lights and made his way to his bedroom. He hoped that he would get good nights sleep because tomorrow was a busy day.