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Question Answered

By: 24

Jarod unlocked the door dreading going inside, but he had to go in. He opened it and looked around. There was nothing amiss and so he closed and locked the door behind him. This pretend was almost over and for that he was glad. He checked his mail and then sat on the couch and turned on the T.V. to watch some news.

"This just in. They are still looking for Grace Richards. As you know she is known as the Red Rose Stalker. She picks a victim and then leaves the person a red rose. She has also been known to break into houses and leaves a red rose as her calling card. If you see this woman please call the police as soon as you can. Remember don't go after her alone. She may become dangerous. "

There was a color photo of a woman who has blonde hair and blue eyes.

This was the woman who was sending him roses and stalking him, but why did she pick him? It wasn't like he stayed in one place. He didn't want to call the police because there were too many questions. So he decided to stay a little while after his pretend to catch Grace. He would be the bait and hopefully he would be able to catch her.

A couple of days after he had finally finished his pretend. He watched the police drag the man away and put him in the squad car and drive away. He then turned to the sidewalk and walk to his own car. He got in and drove to his lair.

The next day was when it happened. He was lying down on the bed not asleep, but pretending to be when he heard a noise. He waited patiently, as the footsteps got closer and closer. When she got close enough to touch his face he reached out and grabbed her. He quickly subdued her and tied her up. He turned on the lights and saw Grace looking at him.

"How could you do this?"

"Do what? You were the one who was stalking me." He paused then asked a question. "Why did you pick me?"

"Because I fell in love with you when I first saw you."

He put tape on her mouth and then called the police, while that was done he tied her to the chair and then left. He drove a little ways away and watched as the police went in and grabbed her and took her away in the car.

It was done and for that he was glad. He picked up the cell phone and dialed a number.

"This is Sydney."

"It's over. She's in custody."

"You found who was doing this?"

"Yes and she's in police custody."

"Who was it?"

"Her name is Grace Richards and she was called the red rose stalker. I'm glad that it's over Sydney."

"Me too Jarod. I'm glad you're safe." He hung up the phone and turned to Miss Parker.

"It's over Miss Parker. He caught the woman who was after him."

"I'm glad Sydney now we can concentrate on catching him."

She walked out of the office and back to hers. She sat behind the desk and sighed. She was glad that Jarod was okay and the woman who did this to him is behind bars.

The End