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Clash of the Gods

By Rogue Wingweaver

Chapter 1

Like Stars in the Sky

"Hi Draco" cried a group of girls as the sexy slitherin walked down the hall.

It was his fourth year at Hogwarts and the girls were glad he was back. Draco had always been popular with the ladies, it was in his blood.

"It's good to be back" he said, looking around at the familiar surroundings.

"I wonder where that bloody potter boy is. Off trying to save the world I imagine. If you ask me, his head is ten times bigger now that he is a champion than it was before. What do you say we help shrink it a little for him?" He smirked and turned to Crabb and Goyle who were walking beside him.

They laughed but didn't say anything in response, they rarely ever did. Draco just liked them around to listen to him anyways. They all walked further down the hall but stopped when they saw the famous trio. Draco jumped at the chance to torture Harry.

"So Potter, now that you're a champion, I bet you get to spend a lot more time with your boyfriend." He said, trying to look like he cared.

"And who would that be Malfoy?" Harry asked

"Why, Cedric of course. Isn't that why you forced yourself into the tournament? So you could be with your lovy dovy." He mocked.

The halls filled with laughter and Harry was angry as usual.

"No Draco, I think he is more your type." Harry answered.

Then he turned and looked at Hermione and Ron, signally that it was time leave the hall. He had learned to leave Draco to his joking, he just liked the attention anyway.

Displeased that his verbal strike had been doused by Harry, Draco left the crowd in a huff. Who does Harry think he is? He is an insufferable mudblood lover, that what he is. Distracted by his frustration and thoughts, Draco wasn't watching where he was going and ran right into someone. For a split second, Draco looked up and saw that the person in from of him was Cedric Diggory. He had been walking so fast that when he hit Cedric, they both lost their balance and crashed to the floor. Cedric was on his back, the books he had been carrying were scattered around him. He looked up to see Draco Malfoy, straddling him. There was a shock like electricity when their eyes met. Draco quickly got up and tried to hide the shade of red his face was turning. What was this feeling rushing between the two of them? Neither knew and both tried to ignore it.

"What's the big idea? Didn't you see that I was in front of you?" Draco demanded, trying to act normal.

"I should ask you the same questions." Cedric replied as he bent down nervously to pick up the books he had been taking with him to the Library.

Draco looked around for support, then he remembered that he had left Crabb and Goyle with the other laughing students. Without another word, he stormed off in the direction of the dungeons. Once in the Slytherin common room he sat down in his favorite chair and let his nerves calm down. Lately he hadn't been sure how to handle himself. He was fourteen and even though it didn't seem possible, he had changed a lot over the summer. He was now over six feet tall, his white blonde hair surrounded the face of a young man instead of a child. He had grown into his good looks quite nicely but he wasn't sure what to do about it. Many of the girls gave him looks and he knew he could have his choice of any of them but this didn't excite him. He felt very lost and confused. The encounter with the famous Hufflepuff only concerned him more. He wasn't sure what had happened there. He had blushed and this was not something he did very often. Draco didn't know what made him leave the dungeons that night but he was restless and somehow he found himself on his way up to the astronomy tower.

The Tri Wizard Tournament had started and everyone had been shocked to hear that two

people would represent Hogwarts, Cedric and Harry. This had never happened before and many were not pleased. The first task was over and Cedric, Harry, Fleur, and Krum had got past their dragons and retrieved the mysterious, golden eggs. So far, none of them had been able to open their eggs. Cedric knew what his father expected of him and he was trying his hardest to make sure he won the tournament. He knew his father loved him and that was why he expected so much of him. Amos Diggory had always thought his son was perfect and even though he didn't mean to, this put a lot of pressure on Cedric. The last thing he wanted to do was disappoint his father. The problem was, he was tired. The stress was wearing him thin.

As Cedric sat in the library trying to finish an essay for Potions class, he couldn't concentrate. What was in the egg? What would be the challenge of the second task? He had no clue what his earlier encounter with Draco Malfoy meant. He had always had little to do with the young Slytherin.

Why can't I just leave it all? Cedric screamed in his head. He needed to do something to calm himself. Knowing right away what would sooth him, he got up quickly and gathered his books. He walked out of the library and followed the familiar path to the astronomy tower. He often came here to look at the stars and think about how small he was compared to the vast sparkling sky before him. Once he was up the tower, he walked over to the low wall and sat down, leaning his back against it. Cedric let his thoughts consume him until he was lost in a different world.

It was at this time that Draco appeared. He looked around, saw Cedric and jumped. He tried to urge his legs to turn around and run, but failed. He couldn't take his eyes off the figure in front of him. The feeling from earlier was back but he didn't feel embaressment this time.

What is this pull I feel, drawing me to Cedric? He is a Hufflepuff. But Draco's thoughts stopped there. Cedric had sensed him and turned to see who invaded his heaven. There eyes met and that same electricity came alive again. All of a sudden Draco could move again and he walked towards Cedric. Cedric got up and was the first one to speak.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, trying to sound annoyed but his voice wavered a bit.

Before Draco could stop himself he said,

"I don't know, something made me come so here I am."

"Is everything alright? Why are you here?" Draco asked.

Not knowing what made him answer, Cedric seemed to relax and said,

"I was feeling overwhelmed so I came here to unwind."

He sat back down and patted his hand beside him, motioning for Draco to join him. Then he looked back up at the sky and continued.

"The stars have a calming affect on me. When I'm here, my troubles seem to fade away for a while."

Draco, still feeling a bit nervous, had sat down. He could see the evidence of stress in Cedric blue eyes. Hearing what Cedric said only confirmed this truth. He let his eyes explore the person next to him. Over all, Cedric was extremely handsome. His hair was light brown, slightly mussed as he ran his fingers through it. Draco wished those fingers were his own. He turned his eyes from Cedric and looked up at the stars.

They both sat in silence for a while, they didn't need to use words to talk.

Cedric wasn't sure why but he felt calmer with Draco there. He looked over at the Slytherin. Draco's extraordinary looks made Cedric's heart beat a little faster. Those silver eyes were enchanting and Draco skin looked even paler than normal in the moonlight. He looks much older than fourteen, and he isn't acting like his usual stuck up self. Is there more to Draco? Cedric thought to himself. He was willing to find out and the idea of this excited him.