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Chapter One: A Dead Dark

Crimson hair that was spiked crazily everywhere got ruffled by a breeze so slight no one in the classroom noticed it. Normally sparkling ruby eyes were drooped slightly as his mind began to tune out the teacher's obnoxiously monotonous voice. His head slowly tilted forward, chin falling to rest on a thin pale hand. Daisuke Niwa typically made it a rule to not space out in class, but the day was hot, and muggy, and the teacher's voice was even more distractingly dull than it usually was. In addition to all of that, every single one of Daisuke's thoughts came to rest on Dark.

Dark. His curse. It had been two years since the eternally young man with long violet hair and majestically deep-purple eyes had come to rest in his mind. A prince-like being and a thief, whom Daisuke found amazing and irritating, at the same time. Daisuke smirked at the thought of Dark possibly hearing that he respected him. The smart aleck that he was 'forced' to harbor in his mind would probably have a stroke. Daisuke was lucky of course, he had managed to create a corner of his mind that not even the infamous 'Kaitou Dark' could penetrate. It was there where he harbored all of his most precious secrets. It was also there where he was jolted from his musings by the aforementioned thief's annoying whines.

"Dai-chan?' The whines began.

'Don't talk to me Dark.' He said reasonably.

'Dai-chan!' The whines increased.

'Leave me alone Dark.' He said more sharply.

'Dai-chan are you still mad at me for messing up your date with Riku-kun?' Dark asked.


'C'mon Dai-chan are you?'


'Dai, if that's it I seriously am sorry for sa-'

"Shut up!" Daisuke exploded, his fist hitting the desk.

The entire math class was jolted out of it's semi-daze as the startlingly loud voice of the 16 year old Niwa cut through their brains. The teacher glared evilly at the ruby-haired teen as his pale face quickly darkened to a very deep shade of burgundy.


"But…" Niwa's apology was cut short with the teacher's next sentence.

"NOW!" He jumped up racing out of the room as quickly as he could. He in fact left a trail of dust that would have put the roadrunner to shame. As he ran he could still hear Ms. Tavelli's voice echoing after him, and the hysterical howls of the class echoing off of the walls.

As Dai sat on the office bench he heard a small voice in the back of his head.

'Sorry Dai-chan'

It's all right Dark. You were just being your usual pain in the ass self.'

The tentative peace offering was shattered in pieces by the detention slip slid into Daisuke's hand.

"A MONTH!" He exclaimed totally outraged. His eyes bugged out in his head as he started to scream silently.


'Uh-oh' his counterpart said. 'Oh crap. I'm completely dead, because if Dai doesn't manage to kill me for this one, Emiko-san will definitely take care of it.'

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