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Some Questions Get Answered and So Even More New Ones Arise

Asuka ran upstairs the instant they reached the house, very eager to escape the accusing glares of her siblings. She ran down the hallway very quickly, hugging her backpack to her chest. She approached the closed door, pushing it open cautiously. (Takumi-kun plays a lot of pranks on her) When nothing happened she smiled gratefully, entering the room and throwing her backpack on the bed, groaning when it rolled off of the other side.

She sat down at her vanity table reapplying her liquid eyeliner. She let her hair loose by pulling on the grey velvet ribbon containing it. Her thick wavy black hair tumbled down, eventually reaching the small of her back. She turned to her closet pulling out a black tank top, and her favorite overly large pair of chain pants. She kicked off her boots, and unbuttoned her black pants pulling them down around her ankles. She then pulled the bigger pants on, the pants settling very loosely on her thin, bony hips. The tank top she pulled on instead of her tee-shirt was slightly fitted. She left the fishnet sleeves on her arms.

She glanced at the photos scattered on her desk, most of them being aged black and white shots. She walked over to the desk, her fingertips lightly tracing the faces in the pictures. Krad. Dark. Tohru-chan. Taki-kun. Haru-chan. Dad. And…she smiled when she found the photo she wanted. It was of a short woman in her mid to late twenties, with thick wavy black hair just like her own. She also had ice blue eyes, and was grinning at the camera. She had on a light pink kimono with white Sakura blossoms clustering at the bottom, and then flowing up thinning out to reach mid-thigh. She was hugging a tiny three year old girl, clad in a blue kimono with dark grey flowers. The girl had short cut wavy black hair, and huge purple eyes. It was Asuka and her mother. She laughed a bit sadly.

"Hey 'kaa-san." She flopped onto the bed with her hair over her face.

"Well…I'm back. You weren't wrong by the way 'kaa-san. They weren't real pleased with my refusal to wear the girl's uniform." She sighed heavily as she rolled onto her back, throwing her hands over her face. Finally she rolled over again onto her stomach, rooting around in her bag for her AP Calculus book. Suddenly she looked up at the door, rolled her eyes, and cleared her throat.

"It's okay midgets. You can come in." she said with no small amount of laughter in her voice. The honey blonde head of her six year old sister popped in, followed by the thirteen year old Miharu, and the sixteen year old Takumi. They slowly crept into the room, each with identical 'interrogation' faces on.

"What's up Toh-chan? Haru-chan? Taki-kun?" The tiny blond Tohru was the first to speak.

"Um…onii-chan…is it true…is the Niwa clan you were looking for here in Azumano?" the small girl stammered cutely.

"Yes. The Hikari is too." she muttered very darkly. The little girl's crystalline violet blue eyes welled up with tears.

"So…you're…um…going to STAY!" she finished on an excited wail. As Asu-chan nodded she was thrown onto her back by the little girl's force.

"Tohru-chan, you really are just thirty-seven pounds of emotion aren't you?" The little girl hiccupped and nodded, blushing bright red in embarrassment. She then buried her face in her onii-chan's lap, sobbing for joy.

"I MISSED YOU!" Asuka was starting to look uncomfortable with the whole situation, patting Tohru's head awkwardly. Takumi spotted her quickly growing panic and started to try and save her.

"Um…hey Toh-chan…" she looked up sniffling. "D'you think that you can let us talk alone for a little bit? Could you maybe…go play with your stuffed usagi toy?" He asked this even more quietly, as he gently tried to smooth the stray hairs away from her face. She nodded silently sliding off of the taller girl's lap. She wandered out of the room, shutting the door behind her. After only a few moments Miharu spoke.

"Are you going to attend the theft tonight?"

"Is Akusa-sempai coming back?" Takumi asked, his eyes going glassy and face flushing, as the anime flowers background came up behind him. Asuka looked at the starry-eyed sixteen year old, over to the giggling thirteen year old, and then back to the boy, flashing a devilish grin at him.

"If I didn't know any better," said Asuka. "I'd think you missed my alter-ego!' she ended on a light teasing note. She started giggling too, after his blush deepened.

"To answer your questions, yes I am going tonight, and…" she said her face growing serious "and…yes she will be coming back." her voice had gotten very quiet. Miharu climbed up onto the bed leaning into the taller girl's still form.

"I know you don't like losing control like that, but it really is impressive that you've handled it this long."

"The Hikari is much, much stronger. His transformation is…incredibly painful, and usually destroys a person's will to…fight within a few months. Especially if I have him pegged correctly as a person who would fight against changing."

"Can we come with you?" the girl asked meekly.

"NO!" Asuka said sharply, sitting up straight disturbing the younger girl. "I'm sorry…but my answer is no, it might be dangerous…especially…with…Krad back."

"Fine." Haru-chan said rather weakly. "We both understand." she said this a bit more firmly. "Right Taki-kun?" He nodded his head silently; sullenly.

"Yeah." he dropped to the floor, leaning back into the side of the bead. Suddenly a voice rang out from the living room.

"ASU-CHAN! P-H-H-O-O-O-N-NE" She leapt up, jumping over Takumi's head, landing like a cat in the doorway. She shot down the hallway, and went flying headfirst down the stairs, skidding to a stop in front of her stepmother.

"Who is it Kana-san?"

"I think it's a boy? Daisuke-san, I think he said?" Asuka's eyes warmed considerably as she went into her happy-chibi-anime mode.

"Dai-chan?" she had snatched the phone away from Kana-san, so quickly that it still had a few blonde hairs hanging from it. She walked away, running up to the attic, the portable phone pressed tightly against her ear.

"Soo Dai-chan, what's up?"

"I was just calling to see how you were Asu-kun."

"Bullshit…Niwa, lemme guess, you wanted your explanation?" he was silent on the other end of the line.

VV "Lucky guess Asu-kun." he said in a rather irritated voice as she started giggling.

"S-s-s-so-so-sorry for being so rude Dai-kun! I-I just really like to be right."

"I noticed Asu-kun."

"Umm…yeah…so about that explanation. I won't be free until…umm…after ten thirty, unless we can meet up at six thirty-ish?"


"I…um…need to…go…watch Dark-san?"

'Wonderful…yet another Dark fan girl.' he thought in annoyance.

"HEY! Niwa-kun. I am NOT 'yet another Dark fan girl.' she started off yelling and then after realizing what she had just done, began stammering to try and cover for her mistake.

'I…um just need to…um be there." she finished lamely, thinking "Damn it! How in the HELL could I have let it slip! Baka…baka…baka!"

"Um…Dai-kun, d'you want to meet me before the theft like…um…an hour and a half before it starts, we can talk then?"

"Soo at six thirty? The park?"

"Yes to both."

"OK I'll see you then Asu-kun!"

"Sure G'bye Dai-kun!"

"Later Asu-kun!" Asuka clicked off the phone, laying back in the attic's window seat, rolling her eyes in her head. She sighed.

"Now what am I gonna tell Dai-chan!" she squeaked throwing her hands over her face.

'Hmm…here's a thought…maybe the…truth?' she froze sitting straight up.


'Yes Asu-chan?'

'The truth? What, that I'm a partly psychic FREAK with an alter-ego who takes over my body in order to keep his alter-ego in check. Or that while I have impartiality concerning them all…my alter-ego is in LOVE with Krad! Hmm? Or that I'm an insane control freak who's also a recovering S.I! Or that my mother married Dad, got pregnant, got divorced, had me, slit her wrists, and I've been living with my half siblings for three years, while traveling the world looking for HIM! Or Hikari? Yeah there's a great plan…idiot!'

'You really have some issues kid.'

'Naw life's just a bottle of sunshine.'

'I was going for the family angle. Skate around the psychic connection-thing as long as is possible. You know we have a job to do here, along with Ime and Emi.'

'I know'

'It's important.'


'It's important.'


'You're fourteen years old and forgot about your advanced calculus homework.'

'I KN--- I…WHAT!' she began racing around the house like a madwoman, trying to find her A.P calculus book and graphing calculator

'Relax, you have all night.' Asuka said laughing.

'That was not even remotely funny.'

'You still have to pick out something to wear?'


'You have no fashion sense.'


'You aren't listening to me are you.'


'Are you?'

'…nope.' She stalked off to her bedroom, completely ignoring Akusa, pulling out a tattered notebook, and reading the inscription in gold ink.

From the Mind Of Asuka Hamano-Sakamoto-san

She flipped a couple of pages into the notebook, turning to a poem dated 24/9/2005. She traced the words with her eyes.

'Walking down a hallway,

With my arms across my chest.

My closed up heart is cryin' out.

My fears show on my f-a-c-e.

My shoulders go up around my head,

So my neck just disappears.

The emptiness starts fallin' out,

The e-n-d- is here.

Just a little hopeless,

Just a little bent.

Just a broken porcelain doll,

I'm just completely spent.'

'Oh this is just idiotic!'

'Like I said before…kid you have problems.'


'Damn it! Did you stop seeing Dr. Nokawa again!'

"Now why would you go and say a thing like that?'

'Because it's '

'true. I don't need his…special brand of help anymore.'

'Like…hell. Mind explaining what the hell that poem was for then?'

'It was a positive way of manifesting my depression, low self image and suppressed rage.'


'Exactly. That is the same kind of horse shit that they feel they must ram down my throat every time I go to that…place.'

'Give it up kid.'

'Can't now. Gotta get ready for Dai-chan.'

'Whattya going to wear?'

'Black of course.'

'Yeah but what?'

"This." she swept out what she was looking for. It was a modest black skirt, it ran to a few centimeters above her knees and then flared out, and a dark purple and grey striped tank top. She wandered over to her dresser picking up her hairbrush. She started tugging it through her hair. She then split it in half, winding up each one into two even buns secured at the back of her head. She then slid two purple flowered chopsticks into each bun. She sat down at the night stand pulling out her purple ribbon choker and tying it around her neck. She pulled out a pair of striped toe socks that matched her shirt. She slid them up her legs. They almost made it past her knees. Her eyeliner was still there and in the coat she wanted. She went over to the mirror surveying the finished result. It wasn't over the top Goth, and at the same time it wasn't frilly-princessy-girly-frou-frou. It was simply her.

'Eh…it works.' Akusa muttered noncommittally.


'You're welcome.'

'Let's go Akusa.'

"G'bye 'kaa-san. I'll be back soon." She started walking down the stairs getting ready to leave when the kids all leapt into her path.

"Asu, Aku," Miharu began.

"We just wanted to ask once again," Taki took over.

"Can we please come with you?" Tohru finished, and all of them gave the best rendition of the puppy dog face ever given.

"NO!" both voices erupted from Asuka-chan's mouth.

"Okay." The children all left the room huffily

"Well that was really odd,"

'I concur.'

"Let's go Akusa." she left the living room barely making it through the doorway when her father's earth shattering yell was heard.

"ASUKA! COME HERE THIS INSTANT!" she went to the office.

"Yes papi?" she said timidly.

"Where are you headed right now."

"Um…the park?"


"To…um…kill time until Dark-san's theft?"

"And?" The word was drawn out. Left dangling.

"to um meet a friend? Is that okay?"

"A boy?"

"No…umm…I'm gonna go get Ime and go over tonight's game plan?"

"OKAY…Have fun!" o she sweat dropped. She slunk out of the room muttering to herself.

"Ookay has EVERYONE gone completely and utterly INSANE!"

'Coming from you? That's rich.'

'Bite me.'

'How hard?' She was so busy arguing with Akusa that she didn't notice the tiny fact that she was in the street. Or that there was semi-truck coming towards her. She looked up just as the driver sounded his horn.

"Oh shit." she muttered trying to brace herself for impact. The cars headlights were looming up, as she felt a body collide with hers, slamming her out of the way. She stared up, panting as she looked up into a pair of icy eyes, transfixed, as she lay on her back with his body draped over hers.

"Watch where you're going…baka." he gasped as he jumped up, and ran off. She sat up brushing back a piece of hair that had fallen into her face as she watched his disappearing back. She blushed.

"I will Hikari-san." she whispered.

'And now she develops a crush.'



'Shut up.'

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