Goth kag: Okay ppl…this is the last chappie…starts to cry

Inu: Really?

Goth kag: Yep…

Kag/Mir/San/Kog/Sess/Rin/Hojo/Ban: WE LOVE YOU GOTH KAG!

Inu: …I…love you...too..

Goth kag: 00 thank…u…?

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 3 months later &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

"Calm down, little brother." Sesshoumaru said as he fixed Inuyasha's bow tie. They could hear the paparazzi and other people outside Inuyasha's house. The wedding was in his 2 acre back yard.

"How can I calm down! What if I mess up! What the fuck happens then!" Sesshoumaru raised an eye brow at him then shook his head.

"Nothing's going to go wrong."

"Whatever…" Inuyasha said looking at himself in the mirror. Once he was done him and Sesshoumaru walked outside to the ceremony. Miroku, the best man, was standing up by the altar. Sesshoumaru took his place next to him. Inuyasha took his place. Sango stood across from Miroku.

The audience consisted of at least 200 people. Not counting family. Then it would be 300. Inuyasha gulped.

Then the audience began to stand as Kagome walked down the isle. Shippo had the trail of her dress in hand, the flower girl was Rin, and Sota was on Kagome's arm since her father wasn't alive to give her to Inuyasha.

They made it up to the altar, paparazzi and cameras were flashing. The wedding went just as planned.

"… may kiss the bride." Inuyasha lifted her veil and leaned down and kissed her. The kiss turned passionate as people cheered and cameras flashed.

"I love you." Inuyasha whispered.

"And I love you." Kagome whispered back.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 11 months later &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

"Okay Kagome, breath. He he whoo, he he whoo, he he whoo." Sango said as she held Kagome hand. Inuyasha swerved right to the next street causing Kagome to run into Miroku.

Kagome screamed. Inuyasha looked back there through the rear view mirror. Kagome screamed again.

"Left! Inuyasha, Left!" Miroku yelled as Inuyasha turned into the hospital. He parked the car and Miroku ran out and grabbed a wheel chair. Kagome sat down as Inuyasha pushed her into the hospital.

"Nurse! Nurse!" Sango yelled getting a nurses attention.

The nurse rushed to the counter and got a room. They rushed her to the room and laid her down on the bed. Kagome continued breathing…and screaming… They got a doctor and a team of nurses in the room. They got her undressed and put in some hospital clothes.

"Okay Mrs. Kagome, I want you to push when I get to three, okay?" the doctor said politely. Kagome nodded in pain. Miroku and Sango were kicked out of the room and Inuyasha stayed, holding onto Kagome hand.


"Inuyasha I'm going to kill you!"


"I'm going to cut off your manhood so this never happens again!"


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kagome screamed as she pushed.

"Okay, again."


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kagome screamed again as she pushed.

"Okay it's crowning. Okay again, Kagome." The doctor said. Inuyasha looked at his hand as it began to turn a dark red as Kagome squeezed it. Inuyasha bit back a howl of pain.



"One… two…three!"

She pushed again. Inuyasha winced in pain. Kagome began to relax. It was over. Her grip on his hand loosened. Inuyasha watched as the nurses took the crying baby and began to wash it. (after cutting the umbilical cord and tying the belly button)

Kagome sat there watching also. Her eyes looked tired. The doctor came back with the baby wrapped up in a blanket. It was asleep.

"Meet your new little boy." The doctor said as he placed the infant in her arms. Kagome smiled and looked down at him. Inuyasha smiled also.

"Our baby boy…" Kagome whispered as she moved the blanket that covered the top of his head. He had a full head of silver thin hair. And on top of his head were two triangular ear cover with silver fuzz.

Kagome handed the boy to Inuyasha as sleep over took her. Inuyasha held him close feeling that if he didn't he would fall right out of his hands. He was so small. Inuyasha held him in the palm of his hand.

A nurse came in with a clip board of the baby's stats. She tapped Inuyasha on the shoulder. He turned around.

"Sir, I'm sorry to disturb you but your child is premature and we'd like to keep him over night for tests to make sure he's okay."

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Inuyasha's POV &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

I could feel my heart skip a beat, thinking what would happen if he wasn't okay. The nurse took my boy from my hands. As soon as she did he woke up and began crying. I felt my heart skip again as she walked out with him.

With my boy.

&&&&&&&&&& Three days later at a, 'It's a boy' party&&&&&&&&&&&&&

"He's so cute!"


"Look at his ears!"

"Those dark brown eyes!"

"Awesome! I'm an uncle!"

Kagome sat there at the table with little Kisho in her arms. I was at the door greeting people and taking presents. Miroku and Sango walked in.

"How is he?" Sango asked smiling like a maniac. I rolled my eyes.

"He's fine for the hundredth time, Sango!" I said. After they took his boy for a couple of nights she's been calling none stop to see how he is and if anyone asks me again why we named him Kisho I'm gonna…

"So why'd you name him Kisho?" Miroku asked after coming back with a plate of food.

"Cause I can! That's why!" I yelled. See what he makes me do? Everything stopped. Everyone turned to me. Kagome raised an eyebrow at me. Kisho's face twisted up. Then…

"WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I walked over to Kagome who held him in her arms.

"Shhh shhh it's okay, Kisho. It's okay. Daddy won't yell again, will he?" She glared up at me.

"Sorry…" I mumbled. Everyone crowded around Kagome and me to watch the crying infant. I sat down next to Kagome and stared at the ground. Kisho continued crying.

"Ugh. See Inuyasha? I told you, you can't yell or this will happen and now I have to feed him or he won't sleep." Everyone snickered. I glared at her.

"I wasn't my fault Miroku asked me the same question as every other person that walks through the door." I whispered. She grabbed a blue blanket and covered Kisho and her right shoulder and breast. She lifted her shirt and bra and began feeding him.

"But still I told you not to yell no matter how annoying Miroku gets. No offense Miroku."

"None taken." Miroku sighed. Sango rolled her eyes as everyone laughed.

"We'll take questions now." Kagome said smiling at everyone in my living room.

"What was it like first dating a celebrity?" One of the women in the back asked. I think it was Miroku's cousin…or was it Kagome's aunt…oh well.

"It was hard. He was, and still is, a spoiled rich brat." Kagome smirked as people laughed. I glared at her.

"I was not!"

"Was so. I remember when you gave me the 'always get the girl's' smile when we first met at the café. Oh yeah, you didn't think I noticed did ya?"

I was in shock. She new all this time what my smiles meant? Is that why she refused me that day?

"Anyway he said to me, 'Like what you see?' and I said I didn't," Yep that got a couple

of laughs and smirks. Shit. I'm not going to live this story down…

"Then it went on like that for days! He was so in love with what his money could get him that he forgot that something's can't be bought." Everyone smiled. "So it started as a love and hate relationship."

Then one of Kagome's kid cousin's, I think her name was Chi? I don't know. Anyway she was about 7 maybe 8. She walked up to Kagome who was still feeding Kisho and stared at her then she pointed to the blanket.

"Does that hurt?" She asked. Everyone was silent. I couldn't believe my ears. The brat just asked Kagome if Kisho sucking on her breast hurt…weird little munchkin…

Kagome smiled, "No not really, it just feels weird, that's all." Everyone let out the breath they were holding. I sighed.

"So anyway what was the hardship in the relationship for you, Inuyasha?" Rin asked as she sat on Sesshoumaru's lap.

"Well, she was always playing hard to get. Not like other girls who flung themselves at me. I wasn't used to not being able to get a girl by flashing fame and money. So in the end I had to choose." I was surprised that came out of me.

"Yeah choose between money and hittin' this booty." Kagome said smirking at me. Everyone laughed. Kagome pulled Kisho from her and put down her shirt. He looked at me and yawned. His ears twitched as he fell asleep.

She's right. Kagome taught me that just because I have money doesn't mean it gets me everything. Kagome didn't love me because of money. And neither will Kisho. Even when it looked like I betrayed her she still gave me another chance. And during that time without her she opened my eyes to a new challenge.

So I guess she is right…

And looking at my family now I know that I made the right choice….

The challenge you ask?

'Money vs. Booty'…


Goth kag: That's all folks! starts to cry

Kag: Will there be a sequel?

Goth kag: Srry, but no there won't

Inu: So that's it?

Goth kag: For this story. But I'm coming up with a new one so keep a look out ppl!

Kag/Inu/Mir/San/Rin/Kog/Sess: YAY!