Note: Lily was a changeling (a fae-baby put in the crib of an infant). She took the form of her predecessor (the real, human Lily Evans, whose fate is as of now unknown) and was raised unknowing of her true heritage (with her foster parents similarly in the dark) by the Muggle Evans family. Her son's blood protection demands he is returned to her true ancestors, wood-elves.

Disclaimer: Avon is a real forest in England. Everything else is made up. The wood-elves (the species, culture, lifestyle, and characters) all belong to me, with the obvious exception of Lily Evans-Potter and Harry James Potter. They and all other characters (and species) of the Harry Potter series belong to J.K. Rowling. I apologize for the recent low calibre of my writing; I am ill and wish that I could have written this story in better form.


"Where does the blood of Lily Evans-Potter dwell?" Dumbledore asked an enchanted parchment scroll in his office. He had just heard of her death.

To his surprise, many of the locations were not street addresses and house numbers. A bright, pulsating heading was the Godric's Hollow House, where Harry was still lying in the ruins. Many more dimly written names were in the Black Forest, but a good handful were in his own Forbidden Forest. Dumbledore turned around and gazed at it from his office window. One last, bright pair of names was filled in at the bottom of the list.

King Ofen and Queen Beluma, the Forest of Avon.


Dumbledore was not specifically prepared to meet a whole new species of reclusive elves, especially not their royalty. But the FamilyFinder had given these names and this address, so . . . he sighed. He'd have to cast the ward spell on the whole forest as a precaution, since there were so many family members in an out.

"You are Albus Dumbledore," an airy, not-human voice told him once he was escorted to the platform where the king and queen sat. The length of both monarchs' hair was identical, and both had feminine features more than masculine ones. "The child is a half-elf. Whose child?" she? asked the crowd.

"Lily. Lily Potter, née Evans."

"Née Evans? How very little you know about our world, Albus Dumbledore," the Queen scorned him. "Fire Lily, Tiger Lily," she sighed sadly. "We should have brought her back once she finished that dread school of yours. She should not have been caught up in your war," she continued to scold. "Very well. My wife and I will take our grandson. We can see her blood-sacrifice, and we know your intentions. We will cast the wards ourselves, human. Begone."

Albus Dumbledore was quite mortified to realize he'd misjudged the sex of a king. He was more than startled to be flung from the forest borders before he could even draw his wand, and still more surprised that Harry was no longer in his arms.