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Chapter One: Find out while Being Three

Yuki's POV:

Sango awoke me from my slumber. "You know Kagome and InuYasha are coming today for a visit," she said. I got up and washed my face. I was an orphan. Sango and Miroku were not my parents and claimed to have found me in front of their hut, but I think that they know something I don't. Kagome and InuYasha come to visit every once in a while. It is rare that they visit at the same time since I was told that they live in

different places. Kagome is the village priestess with the old Kaede and very pretty. Kaede always smiles and tries to help in every way she can. Kagome was always friendly and very kind toward me. It didn't

help that when I walk in the village, people would say how I resemble Kagome, but there were signs of some dog or wolf demon. Sango and Miroku had told me that Kagome and InuYasha were not my parents. "Yuki, let's go. Kagome is here already!" I went outside. Kagome was standing there, talking to Sango. She spotted me.

"Yuki, come here," she said. I went to her. She picked me up and hugged me. "Have we been a good girl for Sango and Miroku?" I nodded. "Where is Shippo or Rei?" I shrugged. Shippo was a fox demon that was about twelve years old. Rei was a regular person, but Sango and Miroku's real son and 5 years old. I was only three. Kagome began to finger my ears. They were like a dog's ears. I started to giggle.

"Kagome, stop that please," I giggled. Kagome stopped and I looked at her. She smiled a sad smile with soft wanting-to-cry eyes.

"You are so pretty," she told me, giving me a kiss on my cheek. I smiled and gave her a kiss back. She always treated me like a daughter. It was like I was her daughter.

"Do you have children at home?" I asked. Kagome shook her head. She looked sadder. She hugged me tight.

"You are the only one," I thought I heard she mutter. Sango smiled and waved at something. I looked to see what she was waving at. InuYasha was walking toward Kagome and me. Kagome looked at him and smiled. It was still a sad smile.

"Yo! Hey, Yuki, how are you?" he asked.

"I am fine. I'm happy," I answered. InuYasha smiled, his own dog like ears twitching. He looked at Kagome and his golden eyes softened. I knew they liked each other.

Later that day, we sat down to eat dinner. The night was trying grip the world as I gulped down my food quickly. Rei and Shippo ate faster than me and got to play. Kagome and InuYasha started to scold me at the same time, but started to laugh when they realized what they were doing. I smiled and ran outside. When I got tired of chasing fireflies, I sat beneath the window and listened to the voices of those I love


"Kagome, do you think that you could tell Yuki? I don't like lying to her like that. InuYasha, come on now. She is your daughter, too," Sango's voice yelled. Sobs were heard from Kagome.

"Sango, Kagome wants Yuki to live without knowing who her parents are," InuYasha's voice shot back.

"Kagome, you don't think that having no mother or no father is good for her. Do you?" Miroku's voice demanded.

"I just wanted her to not be shunned for being a child of forbidden love, child of the devil," Kagome's voice cried. "You know how a priestess is supposed to be pure at all times. I love Yuki. She is so pretty.

Her eyes are brown with those flakes in them. Her full black hair with silver dog-ears. Her sharp claws match her milky skin. I can't bare it." I heard Kagome continue to cry.

"Kagome, the villagers know everything. They can tell how she looks like you and how there are signs of InuYasha in her. They don't shun her because they know how you would feel. You taught them to accept half demons from any background. They learned to accept the forbidden love that went on between you and InuYasha. I have talked to them. Kaede has told them to accept you as a priestess. She has told them to accept Yuki. Yuki must know and soon," Miroku explained. I gasped. I heard InuYasha jump and walk over to where I was. I ran before he could catch me. I ran and ran until I reached Kaede's hut. She was standing outside and saw me come near.

"Where are ye going, child?" she asked. I stopped.

"Kaede, who are my parents? I want to know. Sango and Miroku tell me that I am an orphan, but I heard Kagome, InuYasha, and them say things about how I am not a orphan," I answered. Kaede looked about and ushered me into her hut. I sat down next to the fire that was constantly running at night. She sat next to me.

"Now, Yuki. Have you seen the sad look in Kagome's eyes when she sees you? Have you ever noticed how Kagome and InuYasha treat you with much more kindness than anyone else? Their eyes softening to each other and toward you?" I nodded, remembering how sad Kagome's smile was.

"Why are they like that?" I asked. "Why are her smiles so sad when you talk about children?" Kaede poked the fire with a stick. "Why does she like my ears?"

"It is because she likes InuYasha's ears. When they meet each other in secret, she pets them and he purrs for her. You giggle when she pets yours and they remind her how you are InuYasha's daughter and heir to

his possessions. I remember the day you were born. According to Kagome, it was the fifth of May. It was a nice day. Kagome had tried all she could to hide that fact she was pregnant from the villagers. The

only ones who knew were Sango and myself. She didn't even tell InuYasha for a while. When he found out, he was happy. He was there for your birth. When you came out, you cried a mighty cry. Kagome cried with tears of joy, sadness, and pain. InuYasha smiled and held you tight. He gave you to Kagome, who held you tight also. Yes, I remember that you were born right in that corner." Kaede pointed to a corner and I looked at it. When I stayed at Kaede's, I would sleep there. "When Kagome gave you to Sango and Miroku, you wouldn't let go of her. She cried and cried, trying to calm you down. You screamed and screamed, not wanting your mother to let you go. When you finally let go, Sango took you. They were told to tell you that you were an orphan Halfling. InuYasha always watched over you when Kagome couldn't. He told Kagome everything and kept you out of trouble. They love you so much that they were

willing to give you another chance to live a life without being called the child of forbidden love."

"I love them so much, Kaede. It makes me sad when Kagome smiles. They are so sad. Her eyes seem to want to cry," I told Kaede. She nodded and looked toward the door.

"Yuki, I think your parents would like to speak to you." I looked at the ground. Kagome and InuYasha walked in with sense of knowing, anger, and wonder. InuYasha glared at Kaede.

"What did you tell her, old hag?" he demanded in a harsh tone I had never heard him use before. Kagome ran to my side and covered my ears.

"InuYasha, you can't say that around Yuki. SIT BOY!" Kagome snapped. I faintly heard her words. I struggled to get out of her arms as InuYasha slammed to ground.

"InuYasha, Yuki has every right to know about her birth. I didn't tell too much about you two and your journeys together," Kaede said, calmly. Kagome removed her hands from my ears. I giggled as they twitched.

"Yuki. There is something I have always wanted to tell you. You are not an orphan," Kagome started, hugging me tight and rocking back and forth.

"Kagome, she is only three. It isn't like she understands everything you tell her," InuYasha barked, still angry with Kaede.

"InuYasha, let me continue, please," Kagome begged. InuYasha's anger in his eyes dimmed.

"Fine." I blinked a couple times. "I still don't think that she understands."

"I know what you are telling me, InuYasha," I said. Kagome shrugged and continued.

"Your parents are InuYasha and I. You were never a mistake. People would have called you one. You were a child born from a Halfling and human. Very simple. You see. Your mother, me, isn't a regular person. I'm a miko and a priestess of the village. That makes the love between your father and I forbidden. I wanted you to be accepted in the village. I thought that without knowing your parents, you could grow up and lead as normal as a life you could lead," Kagome said.

"Why do you look so sad when you see me?" I asked.

"Because it breaks my heart to see what a pretty little girl I had, but could not keep. It broke my heart to know that you were getting along without much help from me or your father," Kagome answered.

"Why did you mutter 'you are the only one' when I asked if you had children?" Kagome grinned a little.

"Because it is true. I love you, Yuki."

"I love you, too…" I was at a loss for words. I didn't know whether or not to call her mom.

"Yuki, you can still call me Kagome if you wish."

"Mommy," I finished. "Daddy, I love you, too." InuYasha came over to me. He took me out of Kagome's arms and hugged me tight.

"I love you, Yuki," he said. I yawned and he began to rock me back and forth as if he did the same thing long ago. Kagome stood up beside him and watched me close my eyes. I fell asleep.