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Chapter Twenty-Four: The babies and New hopes

InuYasha's POV

Shortly after Eliza left, Kagome began to go into labor. I did everything I knew to do and rushed her to the hospital. There she gave birth to twins. A girl and a boy. Only after a few hours. I congratulated Kagome and she just smiled.

"Two more perfect additions," she whispered. The doctor and nurses smiled. They only knew that Kagome's firstborn had been done at home and was not on record until recently. I held the boy and named him Takuto. Kagome just laughed when she heard the name. "The girl's name is going to be Hikari."

I went home that night and told Yuki and Eliza who were very excited when Kagome finally came home. Yuki just smiled and helped out in any way she could. Being the oldest, she wanted to help out a lot. Kagome was happy. She had three little half demon angels to love and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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