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Authoress's Notes: Hmm. This is my first 02 fic, but rest assured, I'll be going back and forth between the two seasons. I WILL NOT abandon Season One as so many authors do when they "cross over". It's so sad! This has been rolling around in my head for quite some time, but I kept putting it off because it was 02. Finally I sat down, got to thinking about it, and decided it was worth a try. I had part one done and part two started before I left my computer, and I finished it up the next night. Bon appetit!

"Come on, Kari, please, please, please?"
Kari sighed. Davis was on her case again. "No. For the three hundred forty-eight thousand six hundred and twenty-third time, I will not go out on a date with you. Not this Saturday, not the next, not ever." She slammed her locker door shut and turned on her heel.
"Are you sure?" Davis's voice echoed through the hallway. Other students that didn't even know him or Kari began to snicker at his pathetic desperateness.
Kari sighed again, but pretended not to hear him, or see the laughing kids. ~Now he's messing up my reputation, too. They're not just laughing at him anymore. I need to come up with something to get him off my case. But I don't want to hurt him too badly--he'd be crushed. I have to think of some way for him to like someone else. Arrrgh! It's definitely Monday!~

That evening, after dinner, Kari decided to call up Sora. She thought of her older brother's girlfriend as a sort-of older sister. There were things that she could talk about with Sora that Tai would *never* understand and that she just couldn't discuss with her mother. ~Perhaps she's just already taking on the role of sister-in-law...~ Kari giggled to herself. ~I'll have to use that on Tai sometime. Anyway, I'm glad she's there for me. And that I have my own phone line in my room!~
Sora finally picked up. "Kari! What's up?"
"I need to talk to you, Sora."
"Is something wrong?" Sora asked worriedly.
"Yeah. Guy problems."
"Ohh...it's about Davis, huh?" Sora asked. "I saw what happened in the hallway today."
Kari blushed. "Yeah. It wasn't so embarrassing once, but it happens every day, day after day..."
"Well, what do you need to know?"
"Sora, is there a way to get Davis to get off my case and find himself a different girl without hurting his feelings?"
Sora, on her end of the line, smiled a bit. "I think you might have just suggested the answer yourself."
"What...?" Kari sat on her bed, frowning. ~What is she up to?~
"A different girl. Listen. Davis likes you because he thinks you're perfect. You're pretty, you're smart, you're polite, you're a great listener..."
Kari blushed again, not knowing what to say. She knew it was all true, but she didn't want to be a bragger. She decided the most polite thing to do was interrupt. "Sora, go on with your plan, please."
"All you have to do is *go* on a date with him, and show him you're not as great as he thinks you are."
"But, Sora...I...I don't like him...I don't want to go--"
"He doesn't have to know that, and he doesn't have to know that you're everything he thinks you are and more."
Kari blushed yet again. "Thank you, Sora. But I still don't understand what you're saying."
"Kari, listen. Find out what he hates in a girl. Maybe the one thing that really irks him is if a girl insists on going to a movie or something like that. I don't know. Snoop around a bit. Then the next time he asks you on a date, accept, and then on the date do *everything* you know he hates. He'll be disappointed but glad he got out before he got in too deep, he'll find someone who likes him too, and you're free to go on to another guy."
Kari smiled the same devious smile as Sora. "That just might work."
"Of course it will. Good luck! Now, I have to go, my mother is yelling at me from downstairs, something about wilting carnations..."
"I don't want to get you in any more trouble. Thanks for your advice. Bye!" Kari pressed the hang-up button on the phone, and then dialed T.K.'s number.
His mom answered and asked her about school and such, so it was a few minutes before Kari got to her friend. "T.K.!"
"Hey, Kari. What's up?"
"Oh, nothing new...can you do me a favor?"
She heard T.K. laugh a little. "Right. You tell me there's nothing up and ask for a favor in the same sentence? Nothing suspicious there."
"Wait until you hear the favor. Listen, Sora just gave me an idea to get Davis off my back and I need to talk to his sister."
"What has that got to do with me?"
"If you could call Matt and get him to call Jun and have her meet me in the library during lunch period, I'll owe you one."
"In the library during lunch?"
"The one place Davis is sure not to be, at a time all he can think about is food."
"Why get Matt to do it, though? Why not just get out your student directory and call her?"
Kari sighed. "What if Davis answers? Besides, Jun would do anything Matt asked her to. Please, T.K.?"
"Well, it'll be hard to convince Matt...but I'll do it if you owe me *two*, okay?"
"Thanks, T.K.!"

Later that evening at the Motomiya residence, the phone rang. Jun ran to answer it. "Moshi moshi, Motomiya desu."
"Jun? This is..."
"Oh, Matt, hi! What's up?" Jun sat on the small table where the telephone sat, crossing her legs and trying to turn on the feminine charm.
"Listen, there's something you could do for me, a big favor."
"A favor for you, Matt?" ~Maybe he needs a date for some party. If he needs a date for a friend, too, I know a lot of girls...~
"Yeah. Do you know who Kari is? There's a couple of ways you might know her, she's my brother's best friend, and your brother has a huge crush on her..."
"Kari Kamiya? Yeah. I've seen her," Jun said, getting irritated that the "favor" had nothing to do with going on a date with Matt.
"Great. She wants to talk to you. Can you meet her in the school library during lunch?"
"What does she want to talk to me for?"
"I don't know, but if you do this you'll be doing me a big favor--namely, keeping my brother off my case about it."
"Well...okay. I'll do it..."
Matt hung up.
Jun let out a cry of annoyance. "Ahhhhh! Matt! I was going to say, 'If you give me a big sloppy kiss!'"
Davis stuck his head out his door. "Another bomb-out, Jun?"
"Shut up, you little freak! Go back to your video games!"
Davis wrinkled his nose. "With pleasure, zit-face." He disappeared back through the doorway.

Kari stood in front of a table in the library. Matt had called her to tell her Jun had agreed (and that Kari now owed *him* one too), so she knew that her wait was not in vain. She wasn't sure if she was scared or pleased that Jun was coming. She wondered briefly if maybe she should just go before Jun showed up, but she decided that would probably only raise Davis's opinion of her, and besides, she'd run into Jun sooner or later, and she wouldn't want to lie her way out of admitting cowardice.
At last, the older girl with the spiky hair appeared in the doorway.
"Kari?" Jun asked.
"Yes. Yes, I'm Kari."
"My beloved Matt said you wanted to talk to me."
~Beloved? Wait 'til T.K. hears this!~ Outwardly, Kari pretended not to hear the term of endearment. "Yes. Please. I need to ask you a few things about your brother."
"My brother?" Jun tilted her head. This favor was getting less and less pleasant. ~Matt will definitely kiss me before the week is over, whether he likes it or not. I deserve it!~
"Yes. I need to know...what he doesn't like...in a girl."
"You mean, if he was to go out with a girl, what would drive him nuts?"
Kari blushed and looked down. "Yeah."
Jun smiled. "Well, I should know better than anyone. He recites a list of what I shouldn't do every time I have a date. Let me think." When Jun started remembering, she went on for ten minutes, explaining the different things Kari needed to know. "Why?" she finally asked, after she finished.
Kari returned her gaze to the floor. "Well..."
"He has a crush on you, I know. Let me guess. You want to get him off your case?"
Kari nodded silently.
Jun nodded. "I know he can be irritating, trust me, I live with him. He's a pain of an ototo-chan. But his heart's in the right place. He's not *all* bad. Give him a chance, at least, before you break his heart."
Kari looked up at Jun. "Thank you." She turned and left, not giving Jun an answer either way.

Kari called Sora again after school.
"So? Have you found anything out?" Sora pried.
"I got the *lowdown*," Kari assured her. "Sora, you'll never guess who I talked to about it."
"Well, he's never had a girlfriend that I know of, so I'm not placing my money on an ex...just tell me!"
Kari laughed. "I called T.K. and had him call Matt, who arranged for me to meet with...Jun!"
"Jun? As in, Davis's sister Jun?!"
"Kari, you're a lot sneakier than I thought!"
Both girls smothered resounding laughter.
Finally, Sora calmed herself. "What did Jun say?"
~...his heart's in the right place. He's not *all* bad. Give him a chance, at least, before you break his heart...~ Kari ignored the voice telling her to say it. Instead she went on for a few minutes about the less obvious of Davis's quirks.
"That should be easy, Kari," Sora said. "And I'll bet when it's all over, Davis will never look at you the same way again."
"Thank Heaven!"
"You know what else? I'll bet that once Davis is out of the picture, T.K. will make his first move."
Kari sighed. For the first time she thought of completely abandoning the scheme. "I don't want him to make a move, Sora. He's my best friend, and if he did, it would ruin it."
"Oh. Well, nevermind. Listen. I have to go, my mom is swamped with orders...it's springtime. I guess love is in the air."
Kari laughed. "Okay, then, 'bye!" After she hung up, she thought about what Sora had said about T.K.. ~I thought she knew. There's nothing between me and T.K..~
"What is it, Tai?"
"Dinner's ready!"

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