(A Saber Marionette J/Saiyuki crossover )

by ROD G.

(Disclaimer : I do NOT, repeat NOT own either Saber Marionette J nor Saiyuki.This takes place

between SMJ Again and SMJ to X .)



A new day dawned on Japoness . Already there was much activity at Otaru Mamiya 's

apartment . Cherry , one of Otaru 's three marionettes , had just finished making breakfast . The

petite violet-haired android female was now setting up the table . Soon enough , Otaru , the brown

haired youth had entered along with bluish/black-haired Lime and red haired Bloodberry .

" Man , " Otaru said , " something sure smells good . "

" I hope you like it , Master Otaru , " Cherry replied politely .

" Yay ! Breakfast ! " An excited Lime said . " I 'm so excited ! I like breakfast ! "

" I 'll say, " Hanagata Mitsurugi said as he popped his blonde head from the sliding door . " It

does smell so good ! " Suddenly an exasperated Bloodberry proceeded to unceremoniously

toss him away , sending the annoying dandy flying throught the air .

" I swear , " the tall marionette said , " every morning it 's the same thing . "

" Well , " Otaru said , " now that the Saber Dolls have moved out , maybe things won't be so

hectic anymore . "

But even as he said those words, he wondered if that would be the case .


Another world , another time . Perhaps another reality altogether . Perhaps .

Four travellers had climbed down a small jeep . One was a jaded looking blonde-haired man

in the robes of a monk . His name was Genjo Sanzo . His three companions looked human but

were actually demons . One was a brown haired youth named Son Goku . Another , Cho Hakkai ,

wore a monocle . The tallest was magenta haired Sha Gojyo .

Once all four climbed down , the jeep transformed into a tiny winged dragon named Hakuryu .

" Hey , Sanzo , why did we stop ? " Goku asked with a slight tone of impatience . That prompted

Sanzo to hit Goku with a paper fan that the monk tended to carry .

" Now listen here , " Sanzo spoke in a slightly exasperated tone , " we stopped because I sensed

something odd ahead of us . Call it a feeling . "

" What do you mean ? " Gojyo asked . Soon the foursome were marching , unaware that they

were being watched . Watched by four figures who were hidden in a nearby ridge . They were

demons as well . Their leader , whose name was Kougaiji , had tracked Sanzo ' s group to this place

for a purpose known to himself . One of his followers , a dark purple haired female named Yaone ,

watched him with mild interest .

" Is there something we should know about ? " She asked . Kougaiji then replied , " I have a

feeling something out of the ordinary might be up ahead . "

" Really ? " Asked the young orange haired demon girl called Lirin .

" I can see that for myself , " Dokugakuji , the large male answered . The four of them followed Sanzo 's

group , making sure not to be detected .

The monk and his party soon found themselves staring at a huge symbol of an unknown nature

scrawled on the ground . The one who finished scrawling it was a baldheaded man in an ornate

green robe .His pointy ears and sharp teeth revealed him to be a demon . He began to gesture and

chant and the design on the ground began to glow , glowing ever brighter .

" Who are you ? " Sanzo asked . " Are you a demon ? "

" Oh , I am much more than a demon . I am Yang the mage . Soon I will be the most powerful sorceror

in this or any other world ! "

It was then that Sanzo whipped out his banishing gun , ready to fire . Suddenly , a gust sprang up ,

forcing Sanzo to fire at the ground , resulting in a blinding light swallowing the mage , Sanzo and his

group as well as Kougaiji and his companions .

After what seemed like an eternity , Sanzo and the others woke up . Unknown to them , Kougaiji ,

Dokugakuji , Yaone and Lirin were nearby , all unconscious . Of the mage who called himself Yang ,

there was no sign whatsoever .

" W- where . . . where are we ? " Goku asked .

There was no answer .


Several hours later , Sanzo , Goku , Hakkai and Gojyo were riding Hakuryu in jeep form when they

noticed a city not far ahead . Soon , after Hakuryu had changed back to his tiny dragon form , the

foursome had entered the citystate of Japoness with hardly any hassle .

Less than an hour after entering Japoness , Sanzo and his party were sitting by a small building .

" I 'm hungry , " Goku began to moan .

" When aren 't you hungry , you dumb little monkey ? " Gojyo teased , which got him a dirty look from

Goku .

" I think we should decide on our next move , " Hakkai said , " which may not be as easy as it sounds ,

since we 're not sure what this place is . "

Sanzo nodded in agreement .

Meanwhile , Lime was running around , cheerfully waving at several passersby . Several minutes later ,

she noticed four young men standing around . She looked at the foursome quizzically .They did not

seem to her like they were from Japoness .

" I'm still hungry , " Goku moaned . Suddenly Sanzo hit him with his paper fan .

" Stop complaining , " Sanzo uttered . " We still have to . . . "

Before he could say anything more , the four of them heard a voice .

" Hi . "

The four turned around and saw a cheerful looking girl behind them .

" You 're not from around here , are you ? Allow me to introduce myself . My name 's Lime . Can I help

you guys with anything ? "

Sanzo and the others did not know what to say .


NEXT CHAPTER : Sanzo and his companions end up staying with Otaru and his marionettes . Don't

miss the armwrestling match between Sha Gojyo and Bloodberry!