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The day was hot and sun burned the back of Cole Younger's already red neck.Today was the best day of his life, Today he was going home. Home with his brothers, Cousins and friend. Home to his mother and younger brother Jimmy, to his farm and to his life. As he rode his horse Elda, he slowlytrotted home while talking with his fellow riders. A tall man with black hair and tan skin, his bother Bob. A tan skinned ndian, Tom. Another rather large man with a dark brown mustache and dark brown eyes, Frank. The last was equally as tall with dark brown hair and piercing brown eyes, Jesse.

" I can't wait to get home, I am so hungry " said Bob.

" Is food all you ever think about, " asked Cole .

" Why doyou alwayshave tostart trouble ? " asked Bob back.

" Come on now boys it's been four years, we're going home, relax " said a extremely happy Frank.

" We almost there yet, Tom ? " asked Jesse eager to be home.

" We are not almost there, we have arrived" said Tom.

" Thank God " said Jesse " home at last "

Cole and the rest of the gang looked around at the home which for so long they have been away from. The shops and streets, people who they so vaguely remember. To most of them it seemed as though they never left the place which they had finally returned to.

" Cole , Bob could you go to the farm and tell my momma we're home , Frank and I are going to talk to Doc. Mimms" said Jessie.

" No problem see you there in a while, " said Bob.

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