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Dinner with the James's

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" Looks like it didn't take you to very long " Bob said.

" If you don't be nice I'll have to tell your Mama! " Anna said playfully.

Anna walked up to Bob and hugged him.

" Your not just going to ignore me are you? " asked Frank.

" Quinymo " Anna walked over to Frank hugging him as well. Frank hugged her so tightly she couldn't breathe.

" I missed you to " Anna said.

The guys in the room laughed.

" As for you Mr. James I seem to remember you promising you would never change! " Anna said giving Jesse a once over.

" I seem to remember you promising the same " he replied.

After a few reluctant moments Anna and Jesse hugged each other.

" So would you mind introducing me or should I just sit here? " asked Tom.

" You could sit there, " Cole said.

Anna smiled while laughing Cole loved Anna's smile.

" Anna West pleasure to meet you, " Anna held out her hand.

" Tom, same here, " he said shaking her hand.

" Well, we could either sit here and talk or I do believe Anna has just finished baking two delicious smelling apple pies, " said Ma James.

" Then what are we waiting' for girl, I want some pie! " said Frank.

Still smiling Anna walked out of the kitchen holding two steaming apple pies.

" Smells great, " said Bob.

" Tastes that way too, " said Jimmy.

" Why think you Jimmy, " she said smiling.

" This has got to be the sweetest pie I have ever had, It's perfect! " said Jesse.

" I know sweeter, " Cole said. Anna blushed but tried to hide it.

" Be good now kids, Cole you ain't been home but 5 seconds," said Frank sarcastically.

" Well you boys best be getting home your Mama is probably dying to see yaw, " said Mama James.

" I'll go with them I have to talk to Mrs. Younger, " Anna said.

Jesse rolled his eyes as they walked out side to the stables.

Upon arriving in the stables Anna jumped on her dark brown horse Rave. Anna left the stables to find all of the Younger brothers up ahead of her. Mad but excited Anna rode Rave as fast as she could, when she caught up with them she stopped and said, " So you wanna race? " Anna speed of in front of them with Rave.

Ready to race Bob decided to race with Anna " Yehaw. "

Cole and Jimmy followed soon after only for Anna to beat them all.

" You were ahead so really we wouldn't have one anyways, " Bob said.

" Really " Anna asked, " Does that mean you want to go again? "

" Yeah, I do, " said Bob.

Anna and Bob raced from the house to the barn and Anna STILL beat him.

" Get over it Bob, I am a better rider than you, " said Anna jokingly.

" I'm starting to think you are, " Bob said. Anna laughed.

" Well we best be getting in there Ma's been waiting long enough, " Cole said.

Anna, Cole, Bob and Jimmy walked into the house. Anna looked around for their mother.

When she finally found her she said, " I've brought you a present! " She followed Anna to the dinning room where she saw her three sons all together again.

" My boys finally back together again, " she began to cry. All of her boys got up and hugged her. Anna smiled. After the boys went upstairs Anna talked to Ma Younger about her dress. After finishing the conversation she left to home.

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