1The little psychotic robot bounced happily squeaking around the green room while watching the scary monkey show. He was waiting for his master to get home, that he was. As the cyan eyed little robot turned happily to the sound of the door opening, his, or it's face fell slightly.

"Mastah? Is you okay? Does mastah want some tacoooooos?" GIR asked in a slightly more higher pitched voice then normal.

"No GIR...I want no tacos..." his green skinned master replied evenly without his usual enthusiasm.

"No tacos? Why does mastah not want the tacitos?" GIR asked again, throughly confused at why his master was so upset, but couldn't place it into words since his programing consisted of used wrappers, and coins.

"I just don't GIR...leave me alone..." Zim replied taking out his contacts that made his eyes appear human, and yanking of his black wig.

GIR followed Zim silently for once in his tiny life, and Zim kept walking to his toilet where he could flush himself to his lab. GIR stared hard at his master, and noticed something almost immediately.

"Why is mastah leaking?" GIR asked, while coming over to Zim, and poking at a slash down Zim's arm which was indeed leaking blueish blood.

"I...I'm hurt GIR...that's why I'm going to the lab..." Zim replied, covering part of the slash with one of his black gloved hands.

"Hurt? WHO HURT MAI MASTAH!" GIR said angrily switching to his obeying form with red eyes.

"It was that stupid pig-smelly Torque from my classroom at that stupid Skool." Zim said sadly, and looked back to his arm.

"..." GIR stared at his master waiting for him to continue, and Zim sighed.

"He believes that I am what a human would call a 'Faggot' but I have no knowledge of what that means. I guess it is a bad thing since he also mentioned The Dib. He called me that word, and slashed me with that stupid metal thing that humans use to kill each other." Zim explained while flushing himself, and his little robot sidekick to his lab.

"Does mastah need a hug?" GIR asked forgetting instantly what Zim had been talking about.

"Yeah GIR...I guess master does need a hug..." Zim replied looking sadder than he ever had before, and held out his arms to his little friend.

GIR instantly attached himself to the green alien, and laughed happily as he patted the other's PAK unit. Zim sighed heavily, and hugged his smallest, and best friend as well as psychotic little robot closer. It was okay to leak every once in a while, and when you did, it was okay to hold onto your friends even if they don't know what's going on.

Zim shook as he picked GIR up still hugging him, and walked deeper into the lab to fix another wound with his technology, and hate of the filthy human race. What had he ever done to them? He hadn't taken over their world yet. Humans were so stupid, and hateful.

What a disgusting ball of filth it was.