In all his years as a Solider, Bruce Wayne had never seen anyone move so fast. Clark Kent, the Super-Solider let out a growl, then his eyes glowed bright red. A beam of heat escaped them, melting ropes that held him to the bed. He was up from the bed and on his feet in an instance.

Two soldiers advanced on Kent, but he grabbed them and hurled them though the wall. The other soldiers opened fire on him. Wayne gapped as the bullets bounced off Kent's body. He frowned. "Sorry Pal, you should have done your homework." Kent growled. Then his eyes glowed again and suddenly the guns exploded. Kent moved again, this time snatching Wayne up by the front of his shirt.

"Where's Kanto?" He snarled. Wayne started to protest, when another group of soldiers lead by Hal Stark came into the room. "Drop him Solider." Hal snapped. Kent glanced at Wayne then smirked. "Shit." Wayne muttered. Kent spun and hurled Wayne into Hal and the soldiers. Then in a blur Kent was gone.

"Damn it Banner." Wayne heard Hal shout. "I thought you said he wouldn't be strong enough to move." Wayne forced himself to stand. "Apparently not." Wayne grunted, flipping out his cell phone. "Drake, get Todd and lock down the Base." He snapped. Then he glanced at the other soldiers, Hal and Banner. "Get Van Dyne and Allen down here "NOW!"

Janet pulled the jeep into the parking area. Several soldiers and agents race past. "What in the world is going on?" Hamilton gaped. He hopped out of the jeep. Suddenly a blur appeared in front of the jeep. The blur was a blonde haired man dressed in a hospital gown.

"Attention all S.H.E.I.L.D. personnel, Super-Solider has escaped." The voice on the P.A system called out. Janet gaped at her Uncle. Hamilton slowly deeply. "My god its him." He whispered. "Clark."

Before anyone could move a second blur of red and yellow hellfire appeared in front of Super-Solider. "Walter no!" Hamilton shouted. "You will stand down." Speed Demon growled. Clark blinked at him. "What are you suppose to be?" He asked with a smirk. Speed Demon opened his mouth and a jet stream of hellfire shot out of his mouth. The hellfire knocked Clark off his feet sending him tumbling end over in across the landing strip.

"Speed Demon stop!" Hamilton shouted. "What are doing?" Speed Demon turned, glaring at the professor. "Stopping him Professor." He snarled. Hamilton glanced off to the side. Super-Solider rose to his feet, his clothes were singed but he was unharmed. "Whoa." Janet muttered softly. "Nice touch kid, my turn." He growled. In a blur Super-Solider shot toward Speed Demon, slugging him in the jaw. The blow sent Speed Demon flying into the hood of Hamilton's jeep.

"Allen, what are you doing?" Banner shouted rushing over to him, behind him trialed was Hal Stark and Bruce Wayne. Super-Solider shot a glare at them. "Demons.." He began, but Speed Demon was on his feet rushing toward him, but Super-Solider was ready. He caught Super Demon with both arms, then slammed him to the ground. "Stay down Demon." He growled. Suddenly Speed Demon vanished in his place was a kid with blonde hair. "You're a kid?" Super-Solider gasped. Wally Allen smiled weakly. "Hi.." He said weakly.

Wayne pushed past Hal Stark to see Speed Demon and Super-Solider struggling with each other, but Super-Solider backhanded Speed Demon across the face sending him flying across the yard on to the hood of Hamilton's jeep. Wayne stopped and watched. Speed Demon was up on his feet in a blur, but Super-Solider was ready. He caught Speed Demon and spun him in a wrestling style moved and slammed him to the floor. The flames engulfed them both.

"You're a kid?" Wayne heard Super-Solider call out. Wally smiled weakly at him. "Hi." He said weakly. Kent rose and took a step backward, then looked at them. "What's going on?" He asked.