Four Because of You

Chapter Four

Don't Let Themr

Hermione spent the next few days looking out her window, unable to concentrate on anything. When she would try to read she would think of Achilles. When she tried to sleep she thought about what Achilles meant by 'I will see you soon Princess.' And when she slept she dreamt about his body and his touch.

Often she would tell herself that she was being crazy. Achilles couldn't get to her, when would he have the chance? After she came back from her bath, Menelaus threw a fit because she had taken too long. After personally throwing her into her room he told her she couldn't bath for two weeks.

She just sighed. It wasn't the first time.

So it was surely impossible for Achilles to get to her. This was a king's boat. He couldn't get passed the guards, unless he killed them. And he wouldn't do that…. No he wouldn't do that for one girl.

But even as she reassured herself, she still found herself moving down so she wasn't visible form her little window. Or looking over her shoulder when she knew no one could possibly be there.

But besides worrying about Achilles she was also dealing with her father. He had heard the speculation among the men that Hermione was at Troy. That he was anger would be a huge understatement. And because of it, Hermione was sporting a blackened left eye, bruises on her arm, and one on vicious looking scar running along her right eyebrow where her father's ring had cut her.

Tomorrow, the troops were going into battle again, and like tradition before a battle, the Kings had dinner. Tonight Hermione was allowed to have dinner with Menelaus and the Kings since she didn't have to hide from them, even though all of then, save Odysseus, ignored her. And the kings, so nice of them not to notice, or care, about her bruises on her face, save again Odysseus. When he greeted her that night he didn't say anything about it, since her father was beside her, but he did give her questioning look when her father was not looking. She mouthed to him that she would tell him later.

Finally the guests took their seats, and Hermione took a seat by Odysseus. He smiled at her and pulled out her chair for her. When they were settled and well into their dinner, Odysseus finally asked her quietly, "Are you ok?"

Hermione nodded slightly and took a ship of her wine. "Yes, nothing too painful, thank you Odysseus."

Odysseus sighed. "I'm guessing he heard the men talking."

Hermione nodded again, but didn't say anything.

Odysseus gave her a concerned look. "Are you really ok, Hermione?"

Before Hermione could answer, Menelaus stood to make an announcement. He cleared his throat and everyone got quiet. Menelaus started. "As you all know, tomorrow morning, we will attack Troy."

The Kings cheered and Menelaus nodded. "My wife as you know, refuses still to come back to me. So I finally found a way to force her."

The Kings quieted And Agamemnon spoke up. "What is your plan brother?"

Menelaus motioned to Hermione. "Her."

Hermione was stunned. "Father what do you mean?"

With an uncaring face Menelaus turned to her. "Your mother will not come back, because she has a new lover, and she thinks you are safe in Sparta. But if she knows I have you here, she will not allow her daughter to stay in the middle of a war camp."

Hermione was shocked; her father was going to use her? It was appalling! And it left Hermione more angry and hurt then ever before. "But what will you say?"

"Simple, when the Princes of Troy come out, I will tell them that either Helen comes back to me, or I will let the men have you."

Hermione was gasp, but besides that, she was speechless. Odysseus stood instantly to his feet. "No, I won't allow it, Menelaus. You will not send your only daughter to those barbarians."

Menelaus snared at the other King. "She is my daughter and I can do with her whatever I wish."

Before Odysseus could respond Agamemnon stood as well. "Brother, are you sure this is what you want?"

Hermione stood and went to her uncle. "Please, Uncle, please! You are King of Greece, don't let him do this!"

Agamemnon shook her hand of his. "It is not my place."


"Enough!" Agamemnon shouted at her.

Hermione back away and glared. "You would allow him to send me to this fate, surely death, like you did your own daughter?"

Menelaus brought her attention back to him. "She will not let you suffer. She will come back."

Hermione could not believe her ears. Her world was falling around her and no one cared. Tears welded in her eyes. "No she won't, and you know it. She left me to you, she left me for them. Why would she care now?"

Without waiting for a response, she ran out of the boat, and onto the deck, not caring who saw her. They would all know she was here tomorrow anyway.

Before Menelaus could call for the guards, Odysseus had already followed the young princess after glaring at the other Kings.

He found her crying on her knees on the back of the ship. He hated seeing her so alone and sad, but he didn't know what to do. He knelt beside her and laid his hand on her back. She looked up at him, and burst into silent tears and fell into his arms. He was at first shocked at the young girl who was clinging to his chest. But he soon began to comfort her when he heard her cry against his chest, "Please don't let him do this to me." He stared into his face. "Please."

Odysseus' mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. He couldn't let her go to the men, they would use her and tear her apart if not kill her. But he always knew that Helen wasn't an easy woman to deal with. A woman who would leave her own daughter for a younger lover, doubtable would come to her daughters rescue.

After all, she didn't the first time.

She had already made her choice. And left her daughter for her own pleasure. And now she was being asked the same thing. Go back with a horrible man, but save her daughter, or stay with your lover and cast your daughter to painful fate. Except this time, her fate would be more dangerous then leaving her with her father.

The only thing the King could think of was to go to the only man he knew who could save her, not try, but could.

Odysseus set the young princess away from him and stared her in the eyes and waited for her sobbing to quiet. He spoke in a low whisper so the Guards couldn't hear. "Hermione, tonight you will go to bed, and someone will come for you. Do not be afraid. You must leave tonight. Do you understand?"

Hermione couldn't speak for fear of her voice breaking, but she nodded.

Odysseus hugged her then whispered again. "Princess, you have to die."

Startled Hermione pulled back form the King. He shook his head. "No, not actually. But everyone must believe it to be so."

A very confused Hermione shook her head. "How?"

"Tonight before you escape, leave your father a note declaring death by your own hand. And by the shore, leave a shoe and the dagger I gave you covered in blood. He will believe your body as swept away by the tide."

"But…" She sniffed. "Where will I go?"

Odysseus' heart ached for the frightened girl. "You will stay with the man who rescues you, he will not harm you. And when the opportune moment arrives, I will send a ship to take you to Ithaca. My wife will care for you there. But now Hermione you must go back to your room, and wait. I will fill you in on more details when I can."

Hermione nodded. She knew the plan had a lot of holes in it, but it was her only shot. If her father ever found out, the worse he could do was kill her, and if her plan fell threw, what else did she had to live for? She leaned forward and hugged the King once more before standing and walking back into the ship, Odysseus behind her. When she entered the doorway, the Kings quieted. She looked into her father's eyes and after seeing no mercy, she knew she had to try. "Father, uncle, my lords." She bowed slightly. "I will be ready in the morning."

And with her head held high, she walked down to her corridors.

After she had left, Odysseus looked back at the Kings, eyeing each one. He glared at Agamemnon, and scowled at Menelaus. He turned to leave, unable to stand the site of them, and threw over his shoulder, "Pigs, all of you. Hades will tear you apart in hell if there is any justice on Mt. Olympus."


Achilles was sitting in his tent, thinking of Hermione, and sharpening his sword when unexepting and completely uncharacteristically, Odysseus bursted threw his doorway. Achilles, never caught off guard, or worried about anything casually looked towards the obviously angry King. "What troubles you?"

Odysseus was breathing heavy, but more in angry then from out of breath. "Menelaus has a daughter, Hermione, and she is here in Troy, not Sparta."

Achilles, for once in his life, was surprised. But you would never have known all he did was raise an eyebrow. And waited for him to continue.

"She has been here ever since we first sailed, I've known her since she was a child. And now Menelaus is using her to get Helen back."

Achilles was a tad angry that his only friend beside his cousin in the world had kept this secret from him. But his angry was completely overshadowed by the sudden worry that hit him in the gut as he thought of Hermione in danger. He rose to his feet quickly. He stared intently at the King. "What has he done to her?"

The King scuffed. "Besides beat her black and blue? He plans on taking her to battle tomorrow and telling the princes of Troy that either Helen comes back with him, or he will give her daughter to the men."

It took all his strength to hold Achilles inside the tent and not let him barge into the King's ship spilling blood. And this reaction also completely surprised him. "Calm down brother, I can't have you killing kings. I need your help to save her."

Achilles saw red, and it took several minutes, and countless measures of self-restraint to kept from pushing Odysseus easily away. Achilles finally calmed down enough, so the king didn't have to hold him back. He looked at the King who gave him a confused look. "Achilles, why are you so affected by this news? I had hoped you would help me, but to this extent is shocking."

Achilles took several breaths before sitting on his bed of mats and furs and laying his arms on his knees and hanging his head. "I know Hermione of Sparta is in Troy. I was walking one night and found her bating in a secret cove."

He glanced up at the king to see his reaction. It was defiantly one to remember. Achilles continued. "She stunned me. She's so beautiful, so innocent. I don't know what I'm thinking anymore, except if my thoughts are of her."

Odysseus still hadn't fully recovered but he sat beside Achilles. "She needs your help."

Achilles nodded. "What do I need to do? And can I kill Menelaus with my sword and watch the blood leak into the sand?"


It was late at night, and Hermione sat in bed, her mind racing. Where was this man to help her? She had already written her note. It was plain and simple and to the point. 'Father, If I am going to be made a sacrifice, it will be to save me, not as revenge for you'

She had her dagger, and knew the only way to get the blood on it was to have it be from her own hand. She hadn't decided which place would be less painless yet.

She leaned her head in her hands, but she refused to cry. She thought of all the possibilities of things that could go wrong. Her father could find her. The guards could prevent her escape. Odysseus couldn't help her in time and the morning came with no one to help her.

She didn't even hear her door open until the hand closed around her mouth. She was about to scream when she heard the voice that had haunted her dreams whisper into her ear. "That wouldn't be wise."

Hermione did not scream, but her eyes widened even more as she looked at Achilles who released her mouth and motioned for her to be quiet. She nodded and took the hand he offered her and stood.

Achilles looked down at her innocent face, which was still the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, even with the black eye and cut. He frowned as he traced the long cut that's stretched from the middle of her eyebrow to the edge of her eye. He reached for her arms and examined the bruising in the pale moonlight that fell threw her window.

He was seething he was so mad, but he knew he could not kill the King who had done this to her. He looked back at her face. "Know that if it was my way, I would skin her father alive. Do you have your note?"

She nodded and whispered. "On the bed."

He looked and noted that it was there. "Dagger?"

She handed him the dagger, I need to leave the…" Before she could finish Achilles had grasp the edge in his hand and made a cut that ran the how width of his palm. Hermione gaped as him.

He motioned that it was time for them to leave, but he stopped her when she picked up a bag. "What's that?"

She looked down at her bag. "Extra clothes and some personal things of mine."

Achilles shook his head. "You can't take those. Why would you take your things if your suppose to kill yourself?"

Hermione realized her mistake, "Oh no, I hadn't thought of that."

She unpacked the few ideas she had. She held a book in her hands, it was small and wore, clearly read time and time again. "Can I bring this? This is all I really need."

He looked at the little book clutched in her hands. "Why?"

"Because it was my mothers. It's the only thing I have that doesn't have any bad memories attached to it."

He nodded unable to deny her request. "Come princess, time to leave."

She took one last look around her little room. In five years these four walls had been all she had known. No matter how much she had missed her mother, or how frustrated she was with her father, she always found this place to be an escape from her thoughts. Despite her less then pleasant memories in Troy, she was afraid to leave.

She turned back to the waiting warrior. She nodded. He watched her a second more before taking her hand and leading her out the door. They moved so silently, all Hermione could hear was her heart beating. When they reached the front of the ship, Hermione noticed that the guards that fallen asleep. She wondered if they fell asleep every night like this. Anyone could have walked into their boat at anytime.

Achilles led her silently threw the camp till they finally reached a large tent. He led her inside and finally released her hand. She looked around the hut, Taking in her new surroundings. His hung neatly on a rake and in the corner was a mat of furs. Besides a water bowl and a few other items littered throughout the tent, there wasn't much to it. But, she thought. It was still a lot better then where she had stayed. Infact, she liked it.

On the boat, everything was crowded with supplies and things that Menelaus needed. There had only been two cabins, a large on for the King and one about ¼ the size for her. But this, this was spacious and roomy. She could breath. She suddenly felt a lot better then she had.

Achilles came to stand by her. "I need something of yours. Something to leave in the sand."

Hermione checked herself, not finding anything. She remembered the ribbon that held her hair. She untied it and let her hair cascade around her. As she turned to hand the ribbon to Achilles, she suddenly stopped at the look on his face.

He watched her hair fall. It was better then he remembered; it was slightly wavy and chestnut, as Patroclus had said. Now that she was safe in his tent, his worry had decreased a degree. And he again noticed how insanely beautiful she was. He took a step forward and took the ribbon from her hand. But he didn't turn to leave just yet.

He moved closer still, slowly, so he wouldn't scare her. He finally stopped when he was an inch from her.

Hermione's eye widened but she didn't move away from him. His presence consumed her. His scent, he smelt like leather, and that smell that was entirely male only. And when his hands grasped her hips and pulled them to his, she nearly came undone. They fit perfectly.

Achilles needed a taste of her. To know that she was here, and not a dream in his tent. He bent his head and stop less than an inch form her mouth. She looked into his eye. "Are you going to kiss me again?"

Achilles nodded.

Hermione shallowed nervously. She never that when she first heard his voice and saw him in her room, that this would happen. When she first met him, she was still a princess of Sparta, and getting into anything like that with Achilles was out of the question. But now, she was no longer a princess, and her future was unsure. She defiantly had more of opportunity if she wanted to pursue anything new.

And with Achilles so close it was defiantly more tempting. If Hermione was a lesser girl, one with not as much self-restraint, she would have probably been I Achilles arms, naked in his bed.

But since she wasn't, She cared what Achilles thought about al this. Was he using her for his own pleasure, and then cast here aside when he tired of her? She didn't know if she could handle getting into a physical relationship with him, getting emotionally involved and being rejected and dismissed as 'just a way to blow some time.'

But then also, a part of her screamed to shut the h ell up and enjoy whatever this man could give her.

When Achilles lips took her in a possessive kiss that screamed that she was his, all-rational thought left her mind. 'Oh I'll think about it tomorrow,' she told herself.

Achilles kissed her to brand her, to make her his, and only his. Whatever happens, she will know throughout her life that Achilles was her first kiss. Achilles set a fire in her she couldn't put out herself. Achilles was the one she would remember.

His lips took control and his tongue swept quickly into her mouth. He heard her moan, and he knew he couldn't stay here as much as he wanted. He had to go and place the dagger, He removed his mouth form hers, and told her. "I will be back princess. When I get back we will talk."

He moved away from her and picked up the knife and disappeared through the flap.

Hermione touched her lips rather tentatively, like the may fall off if any minute.

She sat down on the bed, and rested her head in her hands. She thought of the events of this night. In less then six houses, Hermione had been a plan of revenge against her mother, escaped her father, faked her death, and was now currently in the tent of the greatest warrior of Greece, and was also being seduced by the greatest warrior in Greece.

What was she going to do now?


Achilles knew the place to leave the items, He left her hair ribbon on the sand outside the opening to the cove. And he let the dagger on the beach inside.

He was walking back when he saw Odysseus walking towards him. Achilles nodded and the King even from afar visibly relaxed. When they met and started walking towards Achilles tent, the King asked. "So all went well?"

"It did."

"Is she ok?"

Achilles nodded. He was thinking about how long Hermione had been putting up with Menelaus' anger, and what was the worse that had happened to her. It amazed him that she was still so strong and capable. Another girl would not have the strength to leave her father, or fake her death. She continued to amaze him.

They reached his tent, Achilles asked if Odysseus would lie to see her. He accepted and Achilles went into the tent with the King behind him. Hermione was sitting on the mats, looking as if she was praying. She looked up and smiled. She ran to the King and hugged him. The king smiled, she was the closest thing to a daughter he had. "So all is well?"

Hermione nodded and smiled. "Yes, thank you Odysseus, you've helped me so much. I don't know how I will repay you though."

He shook his head. "What kind of man with any self respect would help out a girl in need of it, then demand repayment?"

Hermione hugged him again before pulling away. She looked at Achilles, who was silently broodily jealous over how friendly the pair seemed to be. Without a word she hugged him too. Achilles was startled, but after a minute wrapped his arms around her as well. She looked up at him. "Thank you too, Achilles. I would never have made it without you."

Achilles heart ached at those few words, never before had any women said such a thing to him. HE wanted to tell her he would have done it again, if e had too. He also wanted to tell her that he would do anything to help her. But all he could do was slightly incline his head.

Hermione let go of him, and Achilles had no option but to do the same. They continued to stare at each other until Odysseus cleared his throat. Hermione jerked her head towards the King.

"I don't know when the next boat is leaving. But I will find a way to get you safe again. I'll let you know more when I know more. I'm afraid you will have to stay here hidden for a while."

"I don't mind."

Achilles looked at Hermione out of the corner of his eye. Now, that was interesting. Did she mean it, or was she just trying to make sure that Odysseus wouldn't worry. Either way, he intended to find out later.

After a few more exchange of words, Odysseus took his leave, it was already almost morning and he hadn't gotten any slept. He needed to be on alert, the men would be waking and getting ready soon, and a tired King was not what they needed when they were riding into war.

After he left Achilles turned to Hermione who had sat back down on the mats. "We need to talk, Princess, now."


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