"The Phoenix's Lament"

Echoing sound of the haunting tears

Flowing down red matted feathers

A strangles sound escaping from throat

Music that makes all words seem worthless sound

A broken memory stained forever

In the mind of a boy, the Chosen One

The one who stood by frozen

And watched the man be made into that memory

Laid before him a restless journey

Of Vengeance and sorrow of love's lost

"REMEMBER TO LOVE" echoed a silent voice

Of the broken memory he froze forced to watch fade

People pay their last respects

Silent promised made from afar

None suffered more dearly

Having come so close so far

The sounds still haunting

The night of the Phoenix's Lament

For a fallen mentor, a father

Whose life thrown to the side, broken and bent

Listen carefully

The woeful song of his bird

As it flies off into the night sky

So his song will forever be heard

Rest in peace

This kind and gentle man

And may his bird's song

Echo strongly as a reminder

Of the fallen, of the great, of the gentle souls laid to rest.

a/n: Okay so I read the 6th book in like ooooh 9 hours and yes I cried and if you didn't read the book yet sorry I warned you it was a spoiler for it and i couldn't resist for the simple fact that this character was a great character and i wanted to remember him in some way yes I am a freak deal with it.