Opposites attract


Opposites attract:One of the most famous quotes of all time. No one knows where or whom it came from, but it relates to some people. Maybe this quote is just trying to prove that love conquers all…that differences between two people can never get in the way of their feelings for each other. Of course, there were some that disagreed to this quote. One of them was a particular Australian boy named Wallabee Beatles. Wally never believed that opposites attract. In fact, why would Wally believe in such a thing? His main opposite was every girl who ever existed. See, Wallywas a sexist. He hated girls and despised their ways. The last thing he ever wanted was to fall in love with one of them. Not that he wanted to be gay or anything. He just disliked "girly" things so much that he has dedicated his whole mind and body to repelling women. Unfortunately, things turned out the opposite and women came after him when they were supposed to hate him. Anyway,Wally lived his whole life believing that love would never victimize him...but oh was he wrong.

It's been three years since everyone in the gang had turned thirteen. Over the years, the closeness and bond between the Kids Next Door gang had not changed at all. Together, they all grew up and morphed into interesting teenagers. Nigel Uno was still the intelligent and hard-working leader of the group and he had grown to be an attractive young man. With the combination of his British accent, his army-style haircut and his red turtle neck sweater embracing his fit figure, he gave people the impression of a gentleman. Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr., who had grown slimmer over the years, was as nice and jolly as he had always been. Despite his corny jokes and lame punch lines, everyone still found himadorable. Sweet and jolly little Kuki Sanban had grown tall and lovely as she entered teen hood. With her charm and beauty, she attracted many, many suitors. Wallabee Beatles was still the typical Australian tough guy, but the former shorty of the gang had grown over the years. In fact, Wally had grown so tall, manly and muscular that he became the school heartthrob. Abigail Lincoln stayed angelic, cool and fashionable as she had always been and her attractive curves and looks charmed many guys. This was the former group of childhood friends who grew up to be a group of loyal teenage friends.