Cold Night

It has been a week since Wally asked for help from Nigel, Hoagie and Abby on sorting out his emotions. This was the night. Wally was going to tell Kuki about how he feels. He wasn't afraid to admit that he was nervous about how she'd react, especially since she's still mad at him. But he couldn't back off now. It was now or never. Wally will tell her tonight.

It was the beautiful night of the Valentines dance. Wally came alone. Hoagie was with Abby, and Nigel was with his domineering girlfriend, Lizzie. And Kuki, she came with Kid, one of her former suitors and the only guy spunky enough to violate Wally's "property". Wally hated seeing her with him. He wanted to attack him right then in there. Wally had been watching Kuki all night and he hated seeing her dance happily with Kid. And he hated seeing Kuki go from smile to frown whenever she sees him. All night, Wally stayed by the snack table thinking of a way to tell her how he feels. But how would he do that? She was mad at him. And besides, she was always with Kid. Wally can't talk to her with him around. It would be hard to keep himself from hurting him.

"How's it going? Have you told her yet?" Hoagie approached Wally.


"Why not?"

"It's Kid. He keeps following her around. How can I talk to her that way?"

Hoagie looked at Kid and Kuki for a moment and watched them dance around on the dance floor.

"Go to the balcony" Hoagie told him, "I'll handle this"

And so Wally waited at the balcony. He leaned on the railing staring up the starry sky as he waited. "Oh, it's you…" Wally turned around and found Kuki standing there, with the balcony doors closed behind her. He took a minute to take a look at her. She was beautiful. Her hair was down with a small strand held back on each side, and her red haltered gown embraced her figure with it's fabric swaying with her on her every move.

"I thought Hoagie meant something special when he said there was a surprise waiting for me…." She said coldly.

Wally placed his hands in his pockets and tried to smile, "That attitude doesn't really fit you, Kuki…"

"Yeah, it looks better on you"

Wally was hurt but he didn't show it. "I deserve that…"

"What do you want anyway? Kid is waiting for me inside"

"I just wanna talk"

"About what?"

Wally stared at her thoughtfully and then looked up at the sky.

"It's a beautiful night, isn't it?" He smiled.

The coldness on Kuki's face was wearing off, "Yeah, I guess it is…"

"You look beautiful too" He smiled at her.

"Why are you acting like this? Is this a trick? It's not nice!"

"Why would I trick you this way…?"

"Because you're cruel. You would never tell me that I'm pretty or anything like that"

"And you're supposed to be sweet and kind. You would never consider a compliment to be a trick"

"The Wally I know never compliments me"

"And the Kuki I know is not as cold as you are right now"

Kuki's face softened a bit, "What is this about, Wally?"

Wally slowly walked up to her, "You know how weird it is, that you and I are the exact opposite of each other? You know…me being a jerk and you being a sweetheart?"

"Yeah, so…?"

"This is gonna sound strange but there's this line that I used to make fun of because I thought it was stupid. After all it had never been implied to me…until now…"

"What line is that…?"

"That opposites attract"

Kuki trembled a bit as she stared into Wally's honest eyes. But she took things the wrong way.

"This is a cruel joke, Wally" She said and she stormed off. As she walked through the crowd of dancing people, Wally followed her. Then he said those words over the thick noise.

"I love you"

Kuki froze and turned to him. Strange enough, the music stopped and the crowd heard what Wally said so they too, turned to him. The look on Kuki's face was asking Wally to ensure her of what she heard. And so he did.

"If this was a cruel joke," Wally told her, "Would I really say it in front of this whole crowd?"

Kuki breathed, "…No…"

A few minutes later the two were at the balcony again, the balcony doors closed, isolating from the rest of the party. Wally sat on the marble railings with his head bowed down, with a smile on his face. Kuki was beside him and she was leaning on the marble rail and staring into space, shocked from what happened earlier.

"I can't believe you did that…" She said.

"I know" Wally laughed.

"And you're laughing about it!"

"I'm too happy…!"

"I don't understand, Wally…"

Wally got off the railing and faced her. "When a guy loves a girl" He said as he removed his jacket, "He's willing to risk everything for her. From his reputation," He placed his jacket around her, "All the way to his very own tuxedo jacket" And he smiled.

Kuki looked down on the Tuxedo jacket he had placed around her. Then she looked up at him.

"So…you really mean it…?" She said smiling a bit.

"Yeah Kuki. I do" He smiled. They were both overwhelmed with happiness as they leaned over to each other and kissed for the very first time. From then on, Wally never doubted that opposites attract, ever again.