The Dorsa

Set between the first appearance of McKay and Janet dying (no specific spoilers). Samantha and Daniel and captured and used for experiments and they have to deal with the consequences when they are rescued and returned to Earth.

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Chapter One

It started out as a recognisance mission to P3X-269, what they thought was a planet devoid of intelligent life. They were mostly right in that regard. It was a popular planet for the Dorsa to 'farm', as they liked to put it, the pleasant conditions – temperate weather, oxygen-based atmosphere – meant humanoid races were always coming here. They liked to farm through other planets, rather then exposing their own address. This way, once captured, the rest of their race couldn't track them down to Dorsal, their homeworld.

The humans of earth had registered on the Dorsa radar several years ago, upon incurring the wrath of the Goa'uld for all the motherships they'd taken out, although all the superior races – the Nox, the Asgaurd and especially the Goa'uld – considered them to be inferior beings. Which was just what the Dorsa liked in their subjects. Intelligent enough to have gotten the Stargate working in the first place, not intelligent enough to escape from their clutches.

The Dorsa didn't like to grab people from their planets (and anyway, they'd learned the hard way of the iris the humans of earth had over their Stargate) or an colonies planet – it created too many problems. So they used planets such as this one as a go-between. Now they just had to sit and wait.

Jack was grumbling because they'd been sent on a recognisance mission. He considered himself beneath such things. " Why couldn't we send a grunt team to do the boring stuff? " he asked.

" Because, " Daniel said, keeping an eye out for anything resembling an artefact, which was hard, because this planet didn't have anything resembling a civilisation. It was pristine, untouched. It was a wonder no-one had stumbled onto it before this. It could make a good Beta site. " In an egalitarian society, everyone has their share of the grunt work. "

" In case you haven't noticed, Danny-boy, the military is not an egali-whatsit. Those at the top who've done all the hard work already get their pick of the missions, and those who haven't get what's left, " Jack retorted, but Daniel was already off doing his own thing. He tended to ignore Jack when he went off on one of his tangents.

He barely heard the soft whizzing through the air before he was hit by what would be considered on earth to be a tranquilliser dart, and had deadly efficiency. He didn't have time to contemplate what had hit him before he dropped to the ground in a dead faint.

" Daniel! " Samantha called, seeing him go down, but soon she too was taken down by one of the Dorsa's darts. She'd been trained – not as thoroughly as Jack, but trained nonetheless – to resist external influences but all her training was no match for the technology of the Dorsa. Soon she felt her mind becoming cloudy, her body growing heavy and…

" What the hell – ? " Jack yelled when he saw two of his team go down. He had no better resistance then Daniel and Samantha. Teal'c had some, but the Dorsa had come across the Jaffa and their Goa'uld symbiotes before, and had long since adjusted the effectiveness of their tranquillisers.

Two Dorsa emerged – two was all that was needed for such a simple expedition, like a child collecting bugs for a science display. And like a science display, if all went well, the subjects would be allowed to leave when it was all over. The Dorsa prided on treating their subjects as humanely as possible.

" Those two, " the male of the two Dorsa said to his companion, pointing to Daniel and Samantha. They needed a male and female for their experiments, so Samantha was an obvious choice. By process of militation – they considered Jack to be too old, many species they'd come across lost their potency as they aged, and although they had done previous experiments with cross-species breeding, that wasn't on the cards this time – Daniel was chosen to be the male.

The Dorsa directed two full-automated contraptions which resembled stretches, lying low to the ground, to where Daniel and Samantha's bodies lay. The flat bed part of the contraption tilted, sliding easily under their unconscious bodies until they were fully on top of it. It required no work from the Dorsa, apart from securing them properly.

" What do we do with those two? " the fame asked the male, gesturing towards Jack and Teal'c.

The male shrugged. " Leave them. They'll wake up in an hour or so and report back to Earth - –ut they won't have much to report, we'll be long gone and they won't be able to trace us. "

" Do you know that for sure? The Asgaurd spoke highly of their determination to get their people back, " the female said dubiously.

" When they know where to find them, " the male pointed out. " After we've gone through the Stargate, they'll have no way of tracing us – even the Asgaurd had trouble finding us, and the Asgaurd are far more advanced then the humans. "

" The Asgaurd and the humans have an alliance – will they intervene? "

" I doubt it. The Asgaurd have their hands full with the Replicators, I doubt they would concern themselves over two humans. " Even a human who had successfully defended the Asgaurd against the Replicator threat – the Dorsa knew much about Major Samantha Carter, and the rest of the Stargate Command. " And besides, the Asgaurd are in a worse position then us. They know the necessity of reproductive studies. "

At this, the female nodded sagely. The Dorsa had been having problems reproducing for several hundred years now. They studies other species in the hope they might find a solution to their problems, so far without much luck. " Let us be off then, " she said.

The Dorsa headed back towards the Stargate, the automated contraptions that help Daniel and Samantha trundling after them. It was a short walk to the Stargate, and then a few moments to dial the Dorsa homeworld. By the time Jack and Teal'c came too, they were long gone.

" Jesus Christ, what the hell was that? " Jack asked irritably when he came to. His head was throbbing, like a bad hangover, although a cursory examination of himself didn't find anything else wrong with him.

As soon as he was done looking over himself, he realised Samantha and Daniel were mission. He leapt to his feet, his eyes scanning the landscape for any sign of them. " Carter! " he called. " Daniel! This isn't funny, come out! "

" I believe that if they could heard you, they would show themselves, " Teal'c pointed out with his usual obvious logic. Jack rolled his eyes but knew Teal'c had a point. Besides, Daniel and Samantha wouldn't just run away as a joke. Clearly, they'd been kidnapped.

" We have to look for them, " Jack said.

" Can they have not been taken through the Stargate? " Teal'c asked.

That was what Jack had been afraid of. If they'd been taken through the Stargate, there could be no finding them – they might not even have the address for where they'd been taken to in their computers.

" We'll look anyway. Then we'll come back again with reinforcements, " Jack insisted, already feeling the guilt of having two of his team-members disappear in front of him. And what the hell had that thing been that they'd all been shot with? If it was a tranquilliser dart, it was the most effective one he'd seen in his life.

Jack and Teal'c made a cursory search of the planet, to no avail. Daniel and Samantha were nowhere to be seen. He was forced to head back to earth to admit he'd lost half his team.

" The Goa'uld? " was the first thing Hammond asked when he was told about the attack on them.

Jack shook his head. " I doubt it. Why would they leave me – and especially Teal'c? I don't see why they'd go to such lengths to steal Daniel and Carter and leave Teal'c. " Jack produced the spent darts that he'd had the prudence to bring back with them. " I've never seen these before, but maybe the Tok'ra or Asgaurd have, " he suggested.

" I'll contact them, " Hammond agreed. " But first, we'll send a bigger team back to P3X-269 to see if we can find them. It's a small chance, but a change that they may still be here. "

" And if they're not? " Jack asked, his expression dark.

" We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, " Hammond replied.

They searched every inch of P3X-269, under every fallen branch, log, behind every rock, in every cave, and found nothing. It soon became apparent that whenever Daniel and Samantha were, it wasn't on P3X-269. And they had no idea where to look from here.

Daniel came to about the same time as Jack and Teal'c, but millions of light years away. He was unbound but there wasn't much he could do with his freedom – he was in a room with no perceivable door or window. The room was padded, like that one he'd spent time in when everyone had thought he'd gone crazy (he was still a little sore about that) but when he touched the material, it wasn't like anything he'd felt on earth. Come to think of it, it wasn't like any Goa'uld technology he'd come across, either.

Then again, Anubis had risen through the ranks by pinching other race's technologies. Asgaurd loot was a particular favourite of his. Although this didn't resemble Asgaurd technology, either.

I guess we're not in Kansas anymore, he thought. He wondered where his team-mates were. They must be around here somewhere, whoever – or whatever – had captured them must have grabbed the lot of them, no sense in leaving behind any witnesses. Well, the first thing was to find them. If he could work out how to get out of here.

There were a sound to one side of the room and a portion of the wall slid back like a sliding door where there absolutely had not been a door before – Daniel had checked. He made a mental note of where the wall had opened up, although somehow he doubted it would work for him. Clearly, these people were more advanced then they were.

Then what the hell did they want for with them? The races that were more advanced then them – the Nox, the Tollan, even the Tok'ra for a while – had made it clear they thought they had no use for the humans of earth. Even the Asgaurd had treated them with benevolent condescension, like a parent to a child, before Samantha had won a battle for them using tactics they hadn't thought of.

Two figures entered, looking surprisingly human. They even appeared to be a male and a female. Daniel was automatically suspicious. And he was suddenly very aware that all he was wearing was a short rope that barely skimmed his thighs made from a thin material he hadn't seen before. " Who are you? " he demanded. " Where the rest of SG-1? What do you want with us? "

" If you mean the other three you were with when you were acquired for our purposes, the woman is being held here, and the other two were left there. We assume they have since found their way home. "

They only took him and Samantha and left Jack and Teal'c? That made no sense. He bet Jack was good and mad now. Jack O'Neill didn't take well to losing half his team under his very nose. " They'll find you, and come after you, " Daniel threatened confidently.

" I do not think so. I would be surprised if your commander has the address to this planet, and even if he did, he would not know this was the place you are being held. There are millions of planets in the galaxy you could be being held. Is he going to search every one of them? "

Daniel was quiet ; the figure had a point. Even if you only counted the planets that were hospitable to the human physiology – and Daniel assumed these creatures had something similar to a human physiology – that was still millions of rocks they could be on. As valuable as he and Samantha might be, no-one was that valuable. It would be like searching for two needles in a million haystacks.

" Who are you? " he demanded finally.

" We are the Dorsa, " the female of the two said. " We are both descendants of the ones you call – the Ancients. "

If they were telling the truth, then it made sense that they looked like humans. " You're not Goa'uld? " he asked suspiciously.

" No we are not. We live in an uneasy harmony with the Goa'uld. We are more advanced then they are and we wish no harm for them, so they mostly leave us in peace. "

A race more advanced then the Goa'uld? For a brief moment Daniel thought about trying to broker a diplomatic agreement, then decided against it. Clearly, in kidnapping him and Samantha, they had shown their contempt for them. " What do you want with us? " he demanded.

The woman looked bashful for a brief moment. " We are an advanced race, but not advanced enough to solve our procreative problems, " she said.

" You mean… like the Asgaurd? " Daniel asked. Although he wasn't around when SG-1 had made the discovery that the Asgaurd had been unable for some time to sexually procreate, and had been reduced to cloning which degraded their species over time, he had been filled in on that revelation.

" Not quite. We have been unable to adapt the Asgaurd's cloning technology to our own physiology. We are still able to sexually procreate, but not even at a rate to maintain our current population. Our numbers have been decreasing steadily for several hundred years now. If the trend continues, eventually we will all die out. "

" My heart bleeds for you, " Daniel said, trying to keep the sarcasm out of his voice. He had sympathy for them, but it was hard to be nice about it when he'd been captured. " So what do you want for us? "

" We have been studying the fertility and procreative methods of other races, " the male Dorsa spoke up. " You humans of earth caught our interest some time ago, when you began eliminating Goa'uld system Lords. "

Daniel couldn't help but be flattered their exploits had reached so far into the galaxy. " Having studied you, we believe you are our closest genetic relatives in the galaxy, " the male Dorsa continued. " We have a few physiological differences, but mostly they are superficial. We have come to believe you are our best hope to discovering the key to our fertility problems. "

" How? " Daniel demanded suspiciously. " Why us? We have others who specialise in that kind of thing. I do archaeology and Sam's specialty is astrophysics. "

" We wish to study your procreative methods, " the female Dorsa said firmly in a tone that brooked no argument.

Daniel saw fit to argue anyway. " You…want…to…what? " he asked incredulously. " You're not saying… you want to study Sam and I… having sex? "

The female Dorsa nodded. " We have been studying the procreative methods of many species for some time now, " she said. " We believe our hope lies with your kind. "

Daniel laughed hollowly. They were treating him liked some goddamned science experiment. He wondered how well a reminder of the Geneva convention would go down here. " You can't treat us like this, " he growled. " We're human beings, not animals for you to practice your experiments on. "

" I'm sure the lesser beings you humans practice your experiments on feel the same way, " the male Dorsa pointed out. Maybe they'd been taking notes from the Goa'uld ; they had made a similar argument over the 'superior being' of Klorell getting to keep the body of Skarra.

" You can't make me have sex with Sam, " Daniel growled. " I'm a human being, I have free choice. I – ahhh…. " he cried out when the male Dorsa pointed what looked like a television remote at him that seemed to control his muscles, forcing him onto his knees. Automatically he tried to resist to no avail ; a few seconds of struggling made him feel as exhausted as if he'd run one of Jack's marathons. His body felt heavy, like he weighed ten times what he actually did. The electromagnetic pulse that was being remotely directed to him was designed to mess with his body's sense of gravity and make him feel like he had mercury running through his veins rather then blood. Exhausted, he curled up into a little ball on the floor, his head tucked under his folder-up arms.

Satisfied with his compliance, the male Dorsa walked over to Daniel and prodded him gently. Daniel whimpered at the intrusion to his personal space, but did nothing else to defend himself. The male gestured to the female, who procured a small box which contained two large syringes, filled with liquid. Silently, she passed the syringes to the male, who nodded approvingly and took them one at a time, injecting the substances into Daniel. " Just relax and this will soon make you feel very good, " he said to a prostrate Daniel, a knowing tone in his voice.

In her own room, Samantha was pacing frantically, trying to work out where she was and where the rest of her team was. For a while she'd settled on the theory that the Goa'uld had them and were keeping them separate, like the time Hathor had gotten hold of them (you'd think they would have learned not to mess with SG-1 by now) but she decided again it, as everything she'd seen so far – namely, these four walls – weren't any Goa'uld materials she'd seen before.

Mind you, Anubis had elevated pinching other species technologies to an artform, so who knew?

Her questioned were answered shortly after, where two Dorsa – a different male and female to the pair who had visited Daniel – entered the room where she was being kept, through a door that Samantha could swear hadn't been there when she had applied pressure to every point she could reach. It was only her and Daniel here on account that, for their current experiment, the Dorsa had no use for Jack and Teal'c.

" They'll come looking for us, " Samantha threatened confidently.

" They won't have much luck, do you think we're short-sighted enough to use our homeworld to acquire subjects? " the male Dorsa asked. Samantha went quiet at this ; she knew as well as Daniel did that the chances of them being found without a known address were slim to none.

" What do you want with us? " she demanded.

The male Dorsa explained the predicament the Dorsa were in. " Can't help you, I'm a doctor of astrophysics, " Samantha said shortly.

" We do not want you for your knowledge, we are a hundred years ahead of you, " the male said condescendingly. " We want you because you humans have proven yourselves to be very fertile. We wish to study your procreative methods. "

Samantha stared at him, mouth open in shock. " You want… me and Daniel… to have sex? " she asked incredulously. " No way, forget about it. I'm a human being, I have free will. " She crossed her arms over her chest smugly. Clearly, the Dorsa thought little of humans if they thought they mated indiscriminately. Daniel would so not go for that, and neither would she.

In response to her refusal, the Dorsa held up what looked like a television remote and aimed it at Samantha. Immediately, she felt like she weighed ten times more then she did and after a few moments of resisting, she dropped to the floor, exhausted.

With Samantha helpless, the Dorsa injected her with the same substance that Daniel had been injected with. " Don't be afraid, " he said to her. " I think you'll quite enjoy this. "

Samantha was deposited in a room which was like the rooms they'd initially been held in, the walls covered with a foreign spongy material and no door to be seen. In the centre of the room was a huge bed – at least King-sized – which Daniel was sitting on cross-legged, trying to get the short robe he was wearing the cover as much of him up as possible. There were no blankets, but the temperature of the room was pleasantly warm. The Dorsa had taken the time to discover the creature comforts of the humans of earth.

" Hi, " Daniel said when she made eye contact with him. She had taken thirty seconds to take in her surroundings and realise Daniel was there, and in that time he had become uncomfortably aware of how much of a woman she was. She was wearing a robe that matched Daniel's in its length and thickness, and it emphasised her long, toned legs and her womanly curves. Automatically he averted his eyes, trying to keep his mind out of the gutter.

" Do you have any idea where we are? " Samantha asked, trying to keep her mind of how well the skimpy excuse for a robe Daniel was wearing showed off his tanned, muscular body. Bet he was a killer in bet. Automatically she averted her eyes, trying to keep her mind out of the gutter.

" No, apart from it's the homeworld to a race called the – "

" Dorsa, " Samantha finished off. " Never heard of them before. Have you? "

" No. Although apparently they've heard of us. "

" Closest genetic match? " Samantha asked. Daniel nodded. They'd been giving the exact same information. Pity it didn't include how to get out of here. " Did they – did they say what they wanted with us? " she asked in a whisper, embarrassed to bring it up… especially in light of the fact she was distracted by the thought of how it would feel to have Daniel's strong arms wrapped around her while he was screwing her brains out.

Oh, God, where did that thought come from? She turned her head away from Daniel's gaze, hoping he wouldn't see how badly she was blushing.

" Yeah, they said, " Daniel admitted in a low, embarrassed voice. " I told them they couldn't make us – then they hit me with – "

" Yeah, what I wouldn't give to get hold of one of those things, " Samantha cut in. " It made me feel like my body was made of gold. "

" Most people say lead, Sam, " Daniel couldn't help but smirking over her scientific correctness. That, and he'd pick an argument with her just to distract himself from his growing attraction for her. He glanced down at her barely concealed legs and wondered how they would feel, wrapped around him in the throes of passion. He turned his head away from her, hoping she wouldn't see just how badly he was blushing. Not that there was much blood available for his face right now.

" Gold is denser then lead, therefor it's heavier, " Samantha said crossly, willing to pick an argument to distract herself from her growing attraction for Daniel. God… he…was…so…hot…and…she…was…so…horny…

Samantha shifted slightly, and the motion caused her robe to slip down slightly, exposing plenty of round, creamy breast. Daniel felt the effect immediately. " Oh, God, " he said gutturally, " I'm so… " he trailled off when he realised what he was about to say.

" Horny? " Samantha offered. Daniel nodded, embarrassed. " I think it's something they gave us, like a hormone stimulant, " she said.

" I can think of a huge market for something as strong as this, " Daniel couldn't help but saying. His mouth was dry, and he couldn't help but stare at Samantha. She was so fucking sexy. He didn't know how long he'd be able to restrain himself. " I told them… they couldn't make me, " he said, and in light of how badly he was aching right now, his words sounded remarkably naive. " Whatever I might say or do later, I just want you to know, it's not me. "

" Just so long as you don't hold my actions against me either, " Samantha agreed. She shifted again slightly and the motion proved too much stimulation for her. She moaned softly.

Daniel was turned on by Samantha's clear desire. He looked at her hungrily. " Please don't do that again, I don't know how long I can keep my hands off you, " he admitted.

" I'll try not to, " Samantha said wryly, her emphasis on the try. She looked around the room, trying to think of something to distract herself. " Do you think they're watching us? " she asked. She couldn't see any cameras, but that didn't mean they weren't there. Hell, Dorsal cameras probably bore no resemblance to earth cameras. For all she knew, the white padding could be a camera.

" Probably, " Daniel said. " They said they wanted to study us so they've probably got some kind of surveillance on us. "

" Great, " Samantha muttered. " I'm about the star in my own porno. " Oh, who was she kidding, she didn't care. All she could think about was Daniel and how it would feel to have him inside her.

" Let's play a game, " Daniel said suddenly. " A memory game – to keep our minds of…things, " he added when he saw the look Samantha gave him. Clearly, her thoughts were in the gutter, along with his. " Name all the states of America… and their capitals… in alphabetical order. "

" The states or the capitals in alphabetical order? " Samantha asked, saying anything to distract herself.

" States in alphabetical order, capital in order of the states, " Daniel said.

" Montgomery, Alabama, " Samantha started. It was lame, but it made her think about something else.

" Juneau, Alaska, " Daniel replied.

" You just made that up! " Samantha cried, momentarily distracted. She had never heard of Juneau, Alaska.

" It's pretty small, small then Anchorage, " Daniel admitted. " But I did a study on Inuits about ten years ago, I swear it's a real place. " Samantha looked at him suspiciously. If they ever got back to earth, she was going to look it up.

" Phoenix, Arizona, " Samantha continued.

" Little Rock, Arkansas, " Daniel said.

" Sacramento, California… "

" … Cheyenne, Wyoming, " Samantha finished. She looked at Daniel with a 'now what' expression on her face. This game had done very little to keep her mind off things. More then once her gaze had drifted down Daniel's body to his increasingly obvious hard-on, and it took her longer and longer to shift her gaze.

" Stargate teams, " Daniel said, wracking his brains for something – anything – that would distract him from Samantha. Not that this game had done much to keep him from staring at her barely-concealed breasts. As time went by and she became more aroused, a thin film of sweat covered her body, causing the thin material to stick to her skin, making the outline of breasts very visible. Her nipples stood out like cherries and Daniel had difficulty thinking of something other then ripping off her robe and burying his aching hard-on deep inside her. He swallowed hard. Christ, he had never had such thoughts about a woman. He was behaving – or at least thinking like an animal. If he wasn't so horny, he'd be ashamed of himself. " Their leader, the rest of the team. "

Samantha rested her head against the wall and tried to think of her own team. They were a blur to her, the only thing that was clear in her mind was her desire for Daniel. " SG-1, " she said. " Colonel Jack O'Niell. Major Samantha Carter… Doctor Daniel Jackson… oh, God, " she groaned. She couldn't take this anymore.

She stood up and crawled onto the bed, straddling Daniel. " I want you, " she said hoarsely.

" I don't want to do this to you, " he said from his heart. His body was a completely different story. She was so close to him, he could feel the radiation of her sexual heat. " I love you Sam, and I respect you. I'm sorry… "

" It doesn't matter, " she said softly. There was a fire raging through both of them and there was only one way to quench it. " I understand – I love you too. But right now I don't care. " She ground her crotch against his, and shuddered on impact, almost climaxing there and then. " And I don't think you do, either. "

" No, " he groaned, and he reached out to pull apart her robe. Her body was perfect. She was perfect. Wriggling out of his own robe, he lifted her up by her hips so she was just above him. " God help me, " he whispered as he lowered her on top of him, letting out an inhuman groan when he buried himself inside her.