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Chapter Seven

" Janet, as a Doctor, could you ethically perform an abortion on a woman you didn't think was sane? " Daniel asked.

Janet didn't fall for Daniel's hypothetical for a second. " You mean, Sanchez is threatened to have an abortion and you want to know what your rights are? "

Daniel nodded. " She fully expected that I was going to marry her – I told her I wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot poll, and I was married already. That really pissed her off. Then she told me she wanted to get out, she wanted Sam and I to give glowing victim-impact statements, that Sam provoked her and I seduced her – all lies, " he added bitterly.

Janet was sympathetic ; she knew if Daniel and Samantha would say any such thing, it would be a lie. " It wouldn't do her any good, " Janet said. " I've spoken to Hammond, and he thinks Sanchez is far too unstable to ever be released, even into the population of a military prison. Most likely she'll spend the rest of her life in a padded cell. As for the other thing, I'll talk to her psychiatrist, see what can be done. " It wasn't right that, after all Sanchez had put them through, she could hold such a thing over them, but the crazy woman was right in the sense that Daniel had no say in it. He would most likely be awarded custody if he chose to sue, but until the baby was born he couldn't do much.

He smiled gratefully. " Thanks, " he said, and he went off to find his wife and tell her the bad news.

"… Are you joking? " Samantha asked incredulously when Daniel told her what had happened with Sanchez. Daniel wasn't the type to joke about such things, but it was more believable then it being true.

Daniel shook his head. " I wish I were, " he said painfully. After all that she had done to them, for her to pull a stunt like this now – Selena Sanchez was vicious as well as crazy. " Janet doesn't think it would work anyway, Hammond wants her in a padded cell, she's too dangerous to state security with what she knows. "

" So where does that leave us? " Samantha asked.

" I don't know. Janet's seeing what she can do. " He cupped Samantha's face in his hands and looked her in the eye. " I'm sorry, I wish there was something more I can do. " Like kidnap her, drag her back to his old apartment kicking and screaming, chain her to the bed she'd raped him in for next eight months and force her to have this baby.

" It's not your fault, " she told him. She pressed herself against his chest, and he held her comfortingly in his arms. " I just wish she'd leave us alone. "

He kissed her head and held her close. " Me too, sweetheart. Me too. "


When she had become a Doctor, Janet had taken an oath promising to preserve life, not destroy it. It was why such procedures as abortion and euthanasia were so controversial. But what Sanchez was doing affected her deeply then that. It wasn't just that she wanted to kill her unborn child, it was that she was so indifferent to it, using it as a pawn when Daniel and Samantha wanted it so much. After the hell she had put them through, the right thing to do was carry the child to term and let Daniel and Samantha be the parents they deserved to be – weather Sanchez liked it or not.

Unfortunately, civil liberties meant that they didn't always get what they deserved – that people did rotten things to other people and got away with it. She spoke to Sanchez's psychiatrist about it.

" She's completely sociopathic, " Dr. Armstrong admitted. " She's brilliant at deceiving people, that's why she got passed all the security clearances. If it wasn't for her infatuation with Doctor Jackson, we probably would never have picked it up. "

" That's the reason I've come to speak to you, " Janet admitted. " She's trying to blackmail Doctor Jackson – she wants him and Major Carter to testify in her favour at the hearing, or she'll abort their child. "

" I don't think that will work, even if Doctor Jackson agrees to it, " Doctor Armstrong admitted. " I don't think she's stable enough to be released, even into the general prison population. And with what she knows – she could wreak havoc if she talks to just one wrong person. My recommendation is that she spends the rest of her life in a padded cell. "

Janet nodded. " My question is, is there anything we can do to stop Sanchez from harming the baby? Argue that she's not stable enough to make that decision? "

" We could try, " Armstrong said. " Personally, I'm tempted to agree with you. The lack of remorse she's shown, the lengths she went to to get pregnant in the first place, only to turn around and threatened to have a termination – I don't think she's sane enough to make that decision for herself. She's in no physical danger from the pregnancy, so there's a decent change such an argument could work. Having said that… "

" Civil liberties, " Janet agreed. " But this is the United States Airforce, not some defamation case. From a personal perspective, I'm more inclined to think she should be forced to carry the child just because of the hell she put Sam and Daniel through. They want this child and she's using it as a pawn. "

Armstrong smiled. " I recommend you don't say that to the board, " he said, " or they'll be inclined to think you're acting out of personal interest and not the greater good. "

Janet knew Armstrong was telling the truth, but she argued, " It is the greater good. She assaulted both Sam and Daniel, went to great lengths to get pregnant – now that she is, she may as well carrying the child to term so that something good can come out of it. "

" I agree completely, Doctor Fraiser, but you're coming off a little too strongly. Try and be more impartial about it. "

A board was set up to hear the merits of the situation – Sanchez's right to have an abortion against Daniel and Samantha's wish to have the child. It wasn't like they had any rights, but they'd hired an excellent lawyer to try and convinced the board of three psychiatrists and two doctors otherwise.

It helped that Sanchez's lawyer clearly didn't believe in civil liberties when the person pleading for them was so clearly guilty, and had shown no remorse. Sanchez herself didn't look the least bit guilty, and when she was confront with the details on her assaults on Samantha and Daniel, she stared defiantly at Doctor Armstrong, who'd brought it up.

" The whore deserved it, " she declared of Samantha. " And he's lying… he seduced me, not the other way around. "

" So you're saying you didn't break out of your confinement, and you didn't break into Doctor Fraiser's lab to steal hormone stimulants and a fertility drug, and you didn't break into Doctor Jackson's apartment and you didn't restrain him and hold him captive for six hours while you sexually assaulted him? " Armstrong asked.

" Well, no, not exactly, " Sanchez defended herself, not used to coming up against a man who was immune to her charms. Armstrong was a brilliant psychiatrist, and though she was the most brilliant he'd come across, he'd dealt with and beaten sociopaths before. " He wanted it! " she screamed, losing composure.

" No-one wants to be raped, Captain Sanchez, " a female Doctor spoke out, admonishing the Captain. Sanchez cowered under her steely gaze. This was not going according to plan. Daniel was supposed to bail her out, they were supposed to live happily ever after – she let out a strangled sob.

" We were supposed to be together, " she cried. " And then that bitch got involved and stole him! She deserved everything she got! "

Reluctantly, because they didn't really want to deprive Sanchez of her civil liberties, but she hadn't left them much choice, the board ruled four-one that, unless the pregnancy proved to be a threat to her physical health (her mental health, they agreed, was well and truly deteriorated) Captain Selena Sanchez, United States Airforce, would carry her child to term, whereupon custody would be granted to Doctor Jackson and Major Samantha Carter-Jackson.

Daniel was so relieved, he almost collapsed. The last month when they'd been preparing for this hearing had been incredibly stressful on him. Samantha brought him close against him, holding him tight while he trembled. He hadn't known what he would do if the board decided against them. Hell, Samantha hadn't know what she would do but she had done her best to be strong for Daniel.

And now it was all over, thankgod. The stresses of the last month had rendered the sex life still nonexistent, although they were both over their injuries. Well, that would change tonight.

With a cry of anguish, Sanchez was dragged back to her confinement. It was unfortunate that things had ended so badly for her but Hammond felt there was nothing else that could be done for her. She would be given all the psychiatric care money could buy, all the books and magazines she wanted, but she would never be given her freedom. And she would never be given another opportunity to exact her demented revenge on Samantha and Daniel.

Janet, who had been watching the hearing from the sidelines, came forward to congratulate Samantha and Daniel. It wasn't exactly a celebration, but it was worth something at least. " You guys wanna go out for pizza or something? " she offered her friendship although she had a feeling, no offence intended, that after the stresses of the last month, it wasn't wanted.

Daniel snaked an arm around Samantha in an intimate gesture. Janet had never seen two people with had the same loving intimacy as Daniel and Samantha had. She supposed that was because she had never seen two people go through what they had – as teammates, as friends and as lovers – and still be together. " No offence, but we want to be alone tonight, " he said, kissing Samantha on the side of her head.

" No offence taken, " Janet said. She hugged them both and said goodbye to them.

Back at their house, they spent an hour just cuddling on the couch, getting a grip on what had happened. " I can't believe it's almost over, " she mused. Sometimes she had scarcely believe barely four months had passed between her and Daniel being kidnapped by the Dorsa and now, so much had happened in between.

" We've still got seven months to go, " he reminded her.

" Ugh, don't remind me. Do you think there's anything else she'll do? " Samantha asked.

" I doubt it. Everyone's onto her now, there's no way she can get out of her confinement, or hurt herself, or us for that matter, " Daniel said. Doctor Armstrong wouldn't put it passed Sanchez to use anything she could get her hands on – bleach, a knife – to rob Daniel and Samantha of their hopes once more, so he was carefully vetting anything that went into her room. If she managed to pull anything of now, she was more brilliant then the military's top psychiatrists.

Samantha snuggled closer to Daniel and kissed him on the mouth. He kissed her back, and soon they were making out on the couch. " It's been so long… " she pointed out.

" I know, I'm sorry. I've been… distracted. "

She kissed him. " I know, " she said. " But it's all over now. We can get on we our lives. "

He started to explore her body with his hands, down her chest and her stomach, under her shirt to run his fingertips over her bare skin. She shuddered at his touch and pressed her body closer against him.

" Make love to me, " she whispered. " It's been a month and we haven't consummated our marriage. "

" Are you OK to? " he whispered back.

She grinned. " Fine. Are you? "

His left hand still felt weaker then it had, but he wasn't about to let that stop him. He scooped Samantha off the couch and carried her to their bedroom.

She knew instinctively, as she knew him, that he wanted to be dominant tonight. The few times they had made love since returning from Dorsal, he had wanted to be passive, let her be in control, because he'd been troubled by the way he'd behaved on Dorsal. Now the situation was reversed – being held captive by Sanchez and forced to have sex with her had shaken his security in his sexuality, although of course he wasn't about to admit that, he was too proud. But Samantha knew, and if it made him feel better she'd be whatever he wanted her to be for the moment.

She soon realised while she could let Daniel dominate her, she couldn't be passive in his arms. He knew her better then any man had known her, knew her body and her needs, and worked her up thoroughly. She had never felt so safe or so wanted – or so turned on. She let her mind drift into a pleasant, happy space where there was only her and Daniel, responding to his touch as he slowly undressed her…

A thought occurred to her. " Daniel, " she murmured huskily, groaning as he began kissing her breasts. She steeled herself. She had to get this out. " Daniel… I haven't taken anything since before we were on Dorsal. I'm not on any protection. "

He looked up, barely stopping what he was doing. " You're saying you want me to use a condom?" he asked. He hated them, absolutely hated them, he didn't care was Cleo said, you could too feel them, but if that was his only option –

" I'm saying… I don't want you to use anything, " she blurted out.

Daniel stopped what he was doing and scooted up the bed so look her in the eye. Needless to say, in light of everything that had happened the past two months, it was a surprise request. " You wanna get pregnant? " he asked her. She nodded shyly. He raked his hand through his hair. This was quite a bombshell, although not an entirely unpleasant one. " Jesus, Sam, we haven't talked about this at all… " he started.

" What's to talk about? It feels right, " she said, and he knew she had a point. Their baby hadn't been planned or even wanted at first, but by the time Samantha had lost it, it had been very much wanted and it seemed natural to try again. " What about…?" he started uncertainly, not wanting to put a dampener on the situation by reminding her another woman was already pregnant with his child.

" About Sanchez? I've thought about it, and… I know I can accept both children as my own. "

She spoke these words with absolute sincerity, and Daniel knew she meant them with all her heart. His child with Sanchez would grow up accepting Samantha as its mother as much as any of their biological children together. Samantha Carter Jackson was one hell of a woman to face such a situation with such maturity and open-heartedness.

He kissed her tenderly, tears in his eyes. " I love you, " he whispered. " So much. "

They made love that night with a passion that exceeded anytime they'd been together before. Afterwards, they lay cuddled up together until the early hours of the morning, unwilling to sleep and leave the blissful consciousness of being together.


The months passed, and Sanchez's pregnancy progressed well, mostly thanks to Armstrong's watchful eye. With every day that passed, she became more and more delusional, convinced that any minute now, Daniel was going to walk through the door of her padded cell and tell her everything had been sorted, he'd divorced that ugly whore to marry her and give their child his name…

Armstrong recommended against Daniel seeing her, and Daniel didn't need much convincing. In her delusional state, there was no telling how she might react to seeing him, and Daniel wasn't particularly enamoured with the idea of seeing her anymore then he had to. Instead, Armstrong kept Daniel informed on her pregnancy, which was progressing as well as could be expected.

Finally, the day came that Samantha and Daniel got the call – Sanchez had gone into labour and had a Caesarean section. They would have been called earlier, but it had happened so quickly.

Armstrong related the details of the procedure. She had been taken into surgery screaming from the pain of labour and outrage. She couldn't believe Daniel wasn't there. He had to be there, he loved her and they were meant to be together… that had been the general gist of her rantings. He left out some of the more offensive things she had said about Samantha.

Afterwards, she had been offered by the nurse to hold her baby girl, and she had spat in the infant's face. The nurse had been absolutely horrified ; Sanchez wasn't the first reluctant mother she'd met, but she was first to react so harshly against her own child. No wonder the board had ruled against the mental fitness.

Daniel and Samantha were told she was in post-operative care and that Armstrong didn't think she'd be posing a threat to anyone soon. It was as if the birth of her daughter, the daughter which had simply been a means to an end that she hadn't achieved, had driven home once and for all that Daniel wasn't coming back for her, that all her scheming and backstabbing had been for nought. The woman who had been taken to post-operative care had none of the malicious fire that had powered her previous schemes and cruelties ; Captain Samantha Sanchez, United States Airforce, was now just a broken, crazy woman doomed to spent the rest of her life in a padded cell where the only people who would ever think of her again – apart from the urban legends that would grow to portray her as The Most Evil Woman Who Had Ever Lived – were the couple for whom she had given their first child, in a mixture of gratitude and relief that it was all over.

Their daughter, which Samantha was quick to name Jolinar, was as healthy as could be, something that had secretly surprised Daniel. He'd secretly been half-convinced that spending the first nine months of your life in the woman of such a sick, poisonous woman had to affect you somehow… but no, she was perfectly healthy and ready to be taken home.

Daniel and Samantha watched their daughter in the converted nursery as they waited for all the required paperwork to be processed. " She's beautiful, " Daniel whispered.

Samantha stroked the tiny girl's tiny hands, letting the squealing baby grab onto her index finger. " Mommy, " she said adoringly to the tiny scrap of humanity. " I'm your mommy. " Instinctively her hand drifted towards her stomach, which was slightly swollen with her three-months-in pregnancy. She was convinced it was a boy, which she planned to name Martouf, no matter what Daniel had to say on the matter. ( "Why don't you just call them Romeo and Juliet while your at it?" had been his response, although Samantha secretly thought it was because he was still the teensiest bit jealous of her relationship with the dead Tok'ra.) " This is your big sister, " she said to her unborn child, without consciously realising she'd thought of them as siblings, not the half-siblings that they actually were. For as long as she lived, she would never think of them as half-siblings – she would never think of Jolinar as anything but her daughter.

She threaded her fingers through Daniel's and welcomed his return embrace. "C'mon," she said to her husband, never tearing her eyes away from their child. "Let's take our daughter home. "