Weird title, better story, one shot. My first teenfic, cuz I honestly don't like em and they've been done to death. All four girls, cept Paige and Phoebe are best friends, Prue is the most popular, and Piper is a geek. Piper's depressed until she meets the new guy, Leo.

The girls are in 12th, 11th, and 10th grade. No magic and no Patty.

Disclaimer: We've been over this before, I do NOT own anything!

"Girls, you're going to be late for school!" Grams called up the stairs. Just then Phoebe came sliding down the banister.

"Hey Grams," She said as she took the glass of orange juice Grams handed her.

Then Prue walked down the stairs, making sure her make-up was perfect in her compact mirror, all dressed up in her cheerleaders outfit. Following her was Piper; she awkwardly walked, her head down, carrying her books.

"Why can't she trip just once?" Piper thought glumly.

Grams shook her head. "Phoebe dear I honestly wish you wouldn't dress so- grungy." She said as she looked over her. Phoebe was wearing a leather jacket, black skirt, and black boots.

"Just be grateful I'm not dressing like Prue over there." Phoebe snorted pointing to her oldest sister.

"Shut up, Freebie!" Prue screamed!

Phoebe stuck her tongue out and laughed.

"Girls!" Grams hollered. Both stopped.

"Stop bickering, you'll miss the bus."

"I'm riding with Andy," Prue informed her then walked out.

"I'm walking with Paige," Phoebe said then put on her headphones and turned her music on full blast. She waved then left.

"What about you Pi-…" Grams looked around. "Where'd she go?"

Piper was standing on the corner waiting for the bus. Prue and Andy drove by and honked, they both waved to her and she waved back. That was the cool thing about Prue; whenever someone would pick on her she was always there to stick up for her. The same was true with Phoebe; she even beat a kid up once because she was bullying Piper. Piper snapped out of her trance as Paige and Phoebe walked by.

"Hey Pipe," Phoebe smiled.

"Hey Phoebe, hey Paige,"

"What's up?" Paige asked as she pushed some of her jet black hair behind her ear.

Piper shook her head, staring at the ground.

The three of them turned to see the bus coming.

"Why don't you walk with us? You don't need to be riding with those losers anyway." Phoebe insisted as she threw her arm around Piper, they started to walk.

They walked until they got about a block away from school. Then they stopped.

"Well Piper, this is where you get off." Paige said.

"But the school's just around the corner." Piper motioned in the school's direction.

"Ah, but we're not going to school." Phoebe smiled. "We were gonna go spend the day at the arcade, wanna come with?"

"Um, no thanks, I have a big test today." Piper looked around uneasily.

Paige shrugged. "Suit yourself bookworm, but if anyone asks, we're both sick, stomach problems, got it?"

"Yea, ok," Piper muttered.

Phoebe nodded then the two ducked into an alley.

Piper watched as the two disappeared then continued walking. She wished for once she could be like her sisters. She would much rather be like Prue if anything. She was pretty, popular, and smart.

Not that Piper wasn't smart, or pretty either, because she was both of those. She just didn't show off the second asset as much as she could've. Being smart on the other hand was her strong point. She had been a straight A student all her life, that's why people were always calling her a teacher's pet and shooting spitballs at her, and tripping her in the cafeteria. Basically every embarrassing thing imaginable had been done to her.

Piper lost her train of thought when she realized she was at school. She quickly made her way past the large groups of people. There was the Jocks, the punks; that's who Paige and Phoebe usually hung around with, the misfits, and of course, next to the Jocks, were the cheerleaders; Prue's group. Prue was the head cheerleader and Andy, her boyfriend, was the football team's captain, the perfect match.

Piper made it to her locker and opened it. She heard someone knock on its door. Shelooked around it to see her best friend, Jeremy.

"Knock knock," He said.

"Hey Jeremy," Piper smiled.

He handed her an apple. "For you my lady,"

"An apple?" Piper laughed.

"I've got more than my share in my locker. At least according to Missy and her 'yes men' I do."

"Well at least you know you'll never get scurvy." They both laughed at the joke that only they got.

Piper looked at Jeremy as they walked to his locker. Piper couldn't figure out how come they hadn't dated, he was cute. She shrugged the thought away when the morning bell rang.

"Ah, a new day of learning begins." Jeremy said in a sing-song voice. "See you at second period." He waved then turned the corner.

Piper was smiling until she walked into her homeroom class, then she remembered why she hated school, Missy Higgins.

Missy was co-Capitan of the cheerleading team. Which only fueled her God Complex. Missy hated anyone who wasn't a cheerleader; Prue was the only one she hated on the team. This made the verbal beatings worse for Piper.

'Just find your seat and she won't bug you.' Piper told herself, but she accidentally bumped into her. Missy turned around angrily.

"Ugh, watch where you're going Halliwell!" Missy spat in her usual preppy voice. She tossed her blonde ponytail behind her.

"Sorry Missy," Piper muttered her apology then attempted to squeeze past her.

"Hey, it talks!" One of Missy's 'friends' laughed. So did anyone else who heard it.

"Missy leave her alone!" Piper heard Prue's voice as she walked in. Luckily they mixed the grades for morning period.

Missy huffed. "That's why no one respects you Halliwell," Missy leaned into Piper. "It's because you always need your sisters to protect you." She snarled.

"I said back off!" Prue ordered once again. Missy looked at Prue then scrunched her nose. She knew very well that Prue had the power to kick her off the squad for harassing someone like that.

Prue grabbed Piper's arm then lead her to a seat in the back.

"You okay?" Prue asked genuine concern on her face.

"Prue, I don't need you sticking up for me like that!" Piper said in a shaky voice.

Prue was a little bit taken back by this. "So how come when I walked in you were just letting Missy walk all over you like that!"

"It doesn't bother me; really, it's just Missy being Missy." Piper avoided eye contact with Prue.

"Pi-," Prue started but the second bell rang. She sighed. "We'll talk later,"

Piper nodded as Prue went and sat with the rest of her team, but not before shooting Missy a cold glance, which she returned.

"Okay class," Their teacher Mr. Grant started. "Before we begin; we have a new student, he's in the 11th grade class, Mr. Wyatt you can come in now."

The door opened and in walked the cutest guy Piper had ever seen. All the girls gasped.

"This is Leo Wyatt, Leo why don't you introduce yourself?" Mr. Grant asked then took a seat.

"Sure ah, ok, my name's Leo, I just moved here from LA because my dad got work here, an-," He was interrupted.

"Who cares about that, what we wanna know is, are ya single!" Missy grinned.

Piper rolled her eyes at this.

Leo blushed and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Yea, I'm single."

Missy and a couple of her friends high-fived each other.

"Thank you Leo, now I need someone to show Mr. Wyatt around." He scanned the room. Missy's hand instantly shot up but he didn't say anything.

"Ah, Piper, why don't you show Leo around the school?" Mr. Grant asked, actually insisted.

Faint groans were heard all around the room.

Piper slowly nodded her head. Then a piece of crumbled up paper hit her. Her face turned bright red.

"Ms. Potter, detention! You know the rules!" Mr. Grant boomed as he placed a pink slip on the culprits desk..

Leo started to make his way to the back of the room when Missy stuck her arm out, stopping him.

"Why don't you sit here?" Missy asked pleasantly as she pushed the girl next to her out of her seat.

"Ah no thanks," Leo lightly laughed then walked to the back and set his backpack down and took the desk right next to Piper's. He shoved out his hand.

"I'm Leo,"

Piper grasped it lightly then let go. "I'm P-Piper," She blushed.

"That's a beautiful name," He said.

Piper simply nodded, trying to hide the huge grin that was trying to escape.

Leo smiled then took out a notebook and started copying what was being written on the board.

As the bell rang Piper waited till everyone else got up and left. So did Leo.

"Any reason in particular we're still here?" Leo asked through the corner of his mouth.

Piper jumped as she realized that Leo was still next to her.

"N-No, I just don't like the crowds. Ok let's go," They both got up.

"This is nothing, at my old school we had twice this many people," Leo said when they made it to the hall.

Jeremy came running up.

"Hey Pi- Who's this?" He motioned to Leo.

"Oh, Leo this is Jeremy, Jeremy this is Leo. Leo's new." Piper informed him.

"I see that," Jeremy looked at him oddly as they shook hands. He just met this guy and already he didn't like him. "What's he doing here?"

"Mr. Grant wanted me to show him around." Piper said as the three of them walked to there next class, biology, Piper's specialty.

"Is that alright with you?" Leo asked.

"Of course it is, right Jeremy?" Piper eyed him.

"Umhmm," Jeremy replied blankly.

They walked into their class.

The rest of the morning had gone rather smoothly, except for the evil eye that Piper was getting from Missy and her group.

Piper and Leo grabbed a table outside and set their lunches down.

"It sucks that your friend had to stay and help the teacher." Leo said as he pulled his food out of his bag, Piper did the same.

"Yea, but he always does that." Piper assured him. Leo took a bite of his sandwich. "What kind is that?"

Leo chewed slowly then reluctantly separated his bread. Marshmallow, peanut butter, and bananas. "You must think that's pretty sick, huh?"

Piper smirked then showed him her own sandwich. It was the same thing. "It's my favorite!"

"Mine too!" Leo couldn't believe anyone else liked that kind of sandwich.

Just then they saw Missy approaching.

"Here we go again," Piper muttered under her breath. She looked down at her hands.

"Hey cutie, why don't you come sit over at the cool table before the smell of geek rubs off on you?" Missy invited sweetly.

"Again, no thanks, I'm having fun with Piper." Leo turned her down.

Piper looked up at him and smiled, he smiled back.

"Uck, fine, don't say I didn't warn you though." She turned on her heels and stomped away.

"She's right you know, unless you wanna be branded a loser." Piper said quietly.

"Why would I be?" Leo raised an eyebrow.

"If you haven't noticed I'm not exactly Missy,"

"That's a good thing, I personally don't like her." Leo smiled then got serious again.

"Piper anyone who thinks you're a geek clearly hasn't spent anytime around you."

Hearing him say that made Piper's stomach flutter. She blushed. "That's sweet Leo, thanks."

Leo nodded. He looked past Piper and saw someone else coming.

"Great, here comes trouble," He said.

"Piper turned around then giggled. "No, that's my sister."

"Prue sat down next to Piper and stole one of her carrots. "Ah, what's up Pipe?"

Piper smiled then cast a sideways glance at Leo.

"OH!" Prue smirked. "I-I was just…" She got up. "leaving." She squeezed Piper's shoulders then smiled at Leo then left.

"What was that about?" Leo laughed.

"Beats the heck outta me!" Piper laughed nervously.

At 3:30 the final bell rang. Jeremy and Piper were at her locker when Leo walked up.

"Hey Piper, I was wondering if maybe I could walk you home?" Leo offered he leaned up against a locker casually.

Piper and Jeremy exchanged a glace.

"Go on," Jeremy said. "I've got a dentists appointment anyway." He kissed Piper on the cheek then walked off.

"That'd be great." Piper accepted.

"So are you and Jeremy…" Leo started as they crossed the street. Leo adjusted his backpack over his shoulder carelessly.

"What? Going out?" Piper asked. Leo nodded.

She blushed. "No, we're best friends; we've been friends since…" She thought for a second. "God, like preschool, we're neighbors." Piper cleared.

"Oh, that's cool, I just thought- you know- when he kissed you…"

"No no, that's just something we do." Piper quickly replied. "Well here we are,"

"Hey, I live a couple houses down." Leo said as he pointed to the blue house at the end of the street.

"Really? Awesome…I mean, neat." Piper didn't mean to sound so excited.

"Yea," Leo agreed.

"So- um- d-do you wanna come inside?" Piper stuttered.

"I wish I could, but gotta get home, I still have a ton of stuff to unpack." Leo said regretfully. Piper looked down sadly. "Hey, tomorrow's Saturday, why don't you show me around town?"

"Okay," Piper answered quickly.

"Cool, so I'll pick you up around 9."

"So- I don't mean to ruin the moment- but, is this a date?" Piper tried to hide her enthusiasm.

Leo nodded. "U-Unless you don't want it to be!" He said quickly.

"No, it's fine," Piper guaranteed him.

A huge grin spread across Leo's face. He had just gotten a date with the prettiest girl in school. " Well see ya," He leaned over and kissed Piper on the cheek then walked away.

Piper stood there, frozen, her hand on her tingling cheek. Leo turned around and waved. Piper barely lifted her other hand to wave back. Once Leo was out of site she ran up the steps happily. She had just gotten a date with the cutest guy in school.


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