A/N: This was my submission to the rkchallenge community on Livejournal for the history theme. I wasn't going to post it until after I found out who won, but I believe the community has frozen, that's why I'm posting it now. I have no beta for this story.

It's a boy.

Kenshin's heart beat so loud in his chest he was surprised no one could hear it. "It's a boy." Megumi announced, placing a small bundle into Kenshin's arms. She had returned to Tokyo just for this special arrival. "Congratulations, Ken-san. You have a son." She smiled at the speechless man, staring in wonder at the little creature in his arms.

A son. He had a son. Pride swelled up deep within his heart. He and Kaoru had a son. He pushed back the blanket that covered his son and looked at his son's face. The little face that peeked out at him blinked in the lamp light. The small fuzz of red on top his head was still a bit matted and gooey from the birthing.

He had a son. Kenshin studied the boy's face carefully, wanting to take in every bit of him. He could hardly control his excitement. A son! A son! He had a son! His mind raced with all he could teach this boy. How to cook, how to tend the small garden they had, games, and all sorts of things. His mind also raced with questions. What to name him? How to feed him? What kind a person would he grow up to be? His mind slowly settledon one thought: What will he think of me?

Dread slowly ebbed away Kenshin's happiness. What would his son think when he learned of his history? His past as Battòsai? Would this little creature in his arms hate him for it? Kenshin couldn't bear it if his son grew up to hate him.

What if he never told him? If no one said anything to him, then his son would never know. Kenshin knew that would never work. The war was too fresh in people's minds, the history books would talk of it for ages. His son would hear stories, hear descriptions of Battòsai, and someone would probably unintentionally tell his little boy that he was indeed one of the most feared killers in Japan.

How would he handle that? How would he explain his past to his son? How would his son react to the news? Worry was starting to drain Kenshin's strength away and he lowered his head towards his newborn son.

The little boy looked up, wide-eyed, at his father. Too young to understand much of anything, but he understood one thing, that red stuff that moved was pretty. He reached out with his tiny hands and grabbed a fistful.

"Ow!" Kenshin yelped at the sudden tug on his head. He grinned down at his son as the baby began to giggle. With careful hands he unwound his red locks from his son's tiny fingers. He could worry about tomorrow later, right now was more important. He had a son.

"Kenshin," Kaoru's voice called to him. He carefully walked to his wife who was lying on a futon, face flushed and drenched in sweat; he couldn't remember a time when she looked so beautiful and proud. He knelt down beside her, their son in his arms. She smiled at the two of them. "What shall we call him?" she said with a satisfied smile. Kenshin merely shrugged and smiled back down at his wife. "Kenji. Let's call him Kenji."

With a joyful grin he held out their son to her. "Here, Kaoru, hold our son, Kenji."