Old A/N: I am going to try to create a believable Pheely story, in that real episodes don't show anything obvious like asking out or real kissing between Phil and Keely, and I don't think they will until the end of the show's run (a lá Lizzie McGuire). They just show implied liking, and them thinking about their feelings for each other, never really acting on them so far. So I will try to do that too - you know, like at the end of "The Giggle" we all wanted them to look up Keely's future hubby - those kinds of moments that leave you really wanting to beat up a show writer? I am going to try to leave you with one of those. Don't get me wrong, I am a Pheely Phluff Phan as much as the next guy (or girl), but if you were watching the middle of season 2, knowing the show was only through half of its projected run (unless it pulls a That's So Raven and gets extended which we all want), and suddenly they gave each other a huge smackaroo? I, for one, would be kind of sad that the grand love-scheme of things petered out so soon. I love the suspense. In any case, if you don't agree with me, don't flame. I will write some ultimate Phluff after or during the writing of this one, I promise. For now, read and review, no flames, and be nice as this is my first ever fanfic, OK? Wow, that was awfully long!

P.S. - the storyline is very unlikely and unrealistic, I'm just trying to follow the writers' style of No Major Real Phluff Interaction.

Revised A/N: I lied above. That's what I planned to do but it didn't turn out that way. So here's your Phluff. And the storyline is unrealistic but that doesn't make it less fun to write!

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Subtle Nuances


Phil slammed his locker, and was surprised to find that Keely stood on the other side of where the door had just been. "Hey Keel, care for some breakfast?" Opening it again and being very careful to not whack his friend's face, he pulled out that great slidey-shelf he had recently installed, placing two white-and-blue plates on it.

"Is that your mom's... good china?" Keely asked, a hint of anxiety in her voice. She walked around the door, pushed it against the wall of lockers, and stepped up to the shelf. "Because I'd rather just use Styrofoam - china makes me very nervous. Three years ago, at my aunt's house, we were using her good china and I dropped a plate. I felt really bad, and I was grounded for a month."

Phil chuckled, spraying a bagel onto each of their plates. "Please. In the future, china gets really cheap. People use it like... washable Styrofoam, and we have sixteen sets of it. We used to have twenty-one, but Pim smashed them. Cream cheese?" he questioned, offering another spray can to his best friend.

"Ugh, no thanks! That stuff just ruins the perfection that is a bagel." Ever the breakfast-food purist, Keely pushed the spray can away and pulled a small, restaurant-freebie tub of butter from her pocket. It had denim fuzz on the lid, and was very mushy when she opened it. "Knife?" she implored, holding her hand out like a surgeon awaiting a scalpel, and Phil reached into the back of his locker.

"Soccer cleats, spray donut, algebra book, ah, knife!" He brought his hand triumphantly out of his locker, brandishing the small white plastic stick like a sword. Keely took it from his hand, dumped the buttermush onto her bagel, and spread it around. She lifted the ring of yellow-tan bread up to her mouth to take a bite, and a bright yellow splotch landed on her shirt. "Scraps," she muttered as she set it back down on the not-so-good china. "Napkin?" she beseeched, a panicked look on her face.

"Better!" Phil exclaimed as he reached into his backpack, and then rolled his eyes at people when they looked around for the source of the happy shout. "People are so nosy in this century. Calculator, uh, mini-umbrella, Wiz'rd, oh! My favorite future gadget - the Stain-Getter-Outer." From the depths of his backpack's front pocket he produced something that looked like an aerosol hairspray bottle. "It was only in alpha testing when we left, but I'm sure it won't have any adverse effects. I hope the next thing they fix about it is its name!" He aimed the spray-thingy at Keely's shirt and pushed the trigger, first making sure that no one was around to see it.

Keely gasped. Instead of spraying out, as aerosol bottles are known to do, apparently this one sucked things in when the top was pressed. The yellow lifted from her shirt and gravitated towards the nozzle, disappearing into the can. She was absolutely astonished, as proven by the surprised look still on her face. Phil noticed this, and held up the can again. "Should I use this on your face too?" he joked.

Keely's mouth just hung open. "If it's only in alpha, how did you get a hold of it?"

Phil chortled and put it back in his pack. "Dad was one of the engineers assigned to build it," he boasted as he put both of the plates back in his locker after throwing the remnants of Keely's bagel in the trash. "Mom begged him to bring her home a tester, and he did. It's a staple of the Diffy household now." He reached around to shut his locker.

Keely just grinned. "This is my absolute favorite shirt ever," she marveled in amazement. "Philip Diffy, you are a... a shirt-saver!" The blonde breezed past him with her books in her arms and gave him a light kiss on the cheek, her red lipgloss leaving a lip-print there.

As he lifted his hand to his cheek to rub it off, he murmured, "How random and… unexpected!" But though if anyone heard him he would sound irritated, a slight grin played on his face as he walked to homeroom.


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