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Chapter 1

1 week previously

Four men sat in an upper eastside hotel room in New York City. They were trying to negotiate what three of these men called a 'business deal'. The fourth man looked outside into the crisp May night, wishing that he had never agreed to this meeting. "We need you to infiltrate Cali, a high level drug cartel in Colombia to see if they are planning any terrorist attacks," the short but dominant figure said.

"And what happens if I don't?" the fourth man asked.

"Then we will kill your family, everyone on your team and their families," the short figure replied.

"You can't do that!" The fourth man said, slightly panicking, "you will never get away with it."

"We are the CIA—we can and will."

The fourth man felt himself go numb; he let his head fall into his hands. He had to do it. He couldn't let the people he loved die just because he didn't want to do something. This left him with only one choice. "I'll do it," he said in a near whisper.



Danny ended the phone call with Jack and smiled. It had been a difficult case and now it was turning into a vial night, but at least the phone call had delivered some good news, Viv was going to be alright.

Martin listened to one side of Danny's phone call. It was obviously good news and presumably about Viv. Martin had found it incredibly difficult to focus on their latest case, as he like the rest of the team were extremely concerned about their fellow agent.

Martin watched as a blue panel van pulled in front of them. He found himself smiling finally since this day was at an end. He and Danny just needed to transport Adisa to the holding cell, and then they could go home. He had decided that he would – if possible – pop by and see Viv before work. He watched the traffic lights turn to green and waited for the van to pull off. He waited. Damn, he thought, as he looked at the van. You drift in front of me, and then you don't go when the light changes to green. He sounded his car's horn. And then Martin watched in horror as two guys jumped out of the van with automatic weapons and opened fire. From that moment, Martin Fitzgerald's life would change forever.


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