Twenty years later on board the Millennium Falcon, Obi-Wan Kenobi stopped in the middle of his training with Anakin's son. A great pain gripped him. Luke switched off his light saber. "What is it?" Without alerting anyone he simply told Luke that he felt a great disturbance in the Force and that millions of voices had suddenly cried out in terror and were silenced. He urged the boy to go back to his training.

He knew the truth and the others on board would soon come to know that the Empire had completely destroyed the planet Alderaan. One of those millions of voices had been his wife's. His shoulders slumped he closed his eyes to hold back the tears. He knew she was gone.

As Luke honed his skill in the background Obi-Wan's mind swam with images of Amira. Glimpses from the past brought forward by his grief. Opportunities missed, decisions made, and destinies sealed. If he didn't realize it when his path crossed with Luke in the desert near his home, he knew it now. This journey was going to be his last service to Republic.

Later on board the Death Star as he worked to release the tractor beam holding the Millennium Falcon he heard her voice. "Millions have died Obi-Wan. Alderaan is gone."

He reached out to her, grasping for that sweet gentle voice that filled his mind. "Amira I cannot bare their loss; your loss."

"Do not grieve for me my love. I will be with you always." Her love washed over him; its essence a comforting embrace.

Obi-Wan brought down the last power switch to the tractor beam. Only one thing left to do to ensure the children make it safely off of the Death Star

"I know what you are thinking. You cannot confront him. He has not been Anakin for years. He will not turn. Promise me you will not face him." Her voice pleaded inside his mind.

"I have nothing more to do; I have kept my vigil over Luke, now he and his sister will realize their destiny. My work is nearly done." He made his way to the hangar bay. Already, he could sense his former apprentice was near by.

He was not prepared for what Amira said next. "There is another. She is not on the path to her destiny, at least not yet."

"Who are you talking about?" He slipped silently down the corridor.

"Our daughter Obi-Wan."

He was stunned. "Our daughter, you never told me."

Her tone was apologetic. "Forgive me my love, Mara was born six months after we parted ways on Polis Massa. I knew even before her birth that she was strong in the Force and would be hunted. I kept her anonymous for as long as I could.

His heart suddenly ached for the child he would never know. "Where is she?"

"When I left you I went to Macaven. I gave birth to her there. The Empire had scouts in almost every system and if someone recognized me with her she would be in great danger. I had to leave her when she was not but three years old. Deelina, our old friend raised her as her own. At least until the Empire discovered her."

"What do you mean, discovered her? Where is she what's become of her?" His steps slowed.

"I only know that she is in the service of the Emperor. She is no Sith, but she has no love for the Republic or the Jedi. She will need our help to find her way to her destiny. She does not know me anymore and she will not know you, but somehow we must reach her."

He could feel the grief Amira felt over leaving their daughter to an uncertain fate. "You did what had to be done. You could not have known she'd fall into the hands of the Empire. Macaven was a logical choice. Do not worry, somehow she will find her true path. I cannot believe that a child of ours would serve the Empire for ever."

Suddenly Vadar was before him and their conversation was about to end. "Forgive me Amira. This is something I must do. I love you.

She knew what he had planned. He would sacrifice his life to ensure that Anakin's children made it safely off the Death Star. Together they would find a way to help their daughter from the afterlife. "I love you. We kept our secrets, we made our sacrifices and now there is a New Hope for the future. May the Force be with you Obi-Wan." And she was gone.