Teenage Wasteland

by Jasmine Starlight

Full summary: Sasu/Hina. He was Uchiha Sasuke, he attends Konoha High, as a whacked out punk, he has a brother who's a dick and is also dating his English teacher, a garage band that seemed promising. She was Hyuuga Hinata, popular and pleasant. But she has problems of her own to deal with, another sucky father who placed value in his other offspring(Like Sasuke). If only she could be…more like Hanabi. Really, the two of them coming together had come out of nowhere...tortured daughter and tortured artist? I mean where's the attraction there?

I have to stop ignoring this story.



"Has anything interesting happened since our last session?"

Going to tell him about your new boyfriend? Why not? You tell him everything else except what cup size you wear.

"N-No; not really."

Yes, stutter like the mindless, waste of flesh you are, you can't even stand up to yourself.

"That's very vague of you."

"How do you mean?"

He means that you're lying again! Hinata-chan why can't you tell anyone the truth? Is it because they won't like you when they find out about your dirty little secrets? They don't like you anyway. Not your friends. Not your father. Not Hanabi. Not Neji. Not that piece of trash Sasuke!

Shut up! I hate you! You're worthless, go away!

Has Hinata-chan met her match?





"Huh. What is it?"

"Where were you? You seemed to have dazed off." Iruka remarked concernedly, staring at his patient intently.

"I'm sorry!" Hinata said smiling sheepishly, "I-It's just I have finals coming up and I'm really stressed out with my studies!" she said bowing repeatedly.


"Written anything?"

Hinata wasn't surprised this time, merely, she closed her locker and began walking to away, Sasuke not far behind.

"Sort of." She replied quietly; pulling out a crumpled piece of loose leaf.

Sasuke remained silent as he skimmed the scribbled paragraphs, "Bleak." he remarked after finishing.

Hinata sighed, "Keep it—maybe you can make something out of it."

"Like what?"

"A prologue maybe—I'm not sure." Hinata said distractedly.

"Hmm—alright, what about the character sketches Kakashi was talking about?"

Hinata was stopped from answering by Ino and Sakura, "Hinata! Where were you yesterday?" she demanded in irritation, completely ignoring Sasuke's presence. Hinata sighed again.

"Don't you have anything to say for yourself?"

Hinata made a move to speak, "Maybe you think you're better than us because—"

"Hey Naruto!" Sasuke exclaimed loudly, predictably Ino turned around and Sasuke flitted off with Hinata in tow.

"You'd think that maybe she'd see through a kindergartener's trick." Sasuke remarked smugly.


"So what should he do next?" Sasuke asked boredly as he rang up several cartons of ramen for Naruto.

Hinata boredly held up a sign with several question marks on it from her table away from the register, "That's nice." Sasuke said in irritation.

"Hurry up, Temee." Naruto said impatiently.

"What's your hurry Usurakontachi?" Sasuke said as he bagged the other boy's purchases quickly.

"Gaara's waiting for me outside." Naruto said before bolting outside. Sasuke sighed and fiddled with his green apron.

"Next!" He called out loudly; much to his disdain Yamanaka Ino dropped her daily regimen of beauty products onto his conveyor belt.

Sasuke sighed again and mechanically began scanning the many bottles of perfume, lipstick, mascara, etc.

It took three angry beeps from the scanner for Sasuke to realize that there was no barcode on the tube of blemish cream he was trying to register. Sasuke yawned boredly and typed in the name of the product on his computer—nothing. The Uchiha boy smiled his patented creepy smile and picked up the phone.

"Can I get a price check for Midol Extra Strength? Register 5. Price check on--"

Sasuke waited as Hinata collapsed into a fit of snickering.

"Price check on Midol Extra Strength is $4.76."

Sasuke picked up the phone, "Thanks."

After scanning all the bottles of nail polish, he was finally done—"Your total is $65.32, cash or credit?"

A glowering Ino handed him a crisp hundred dollar bill. "Your change is $34.68 have a nice day."

Sasuke checked his watch and let out a deep exhalation as his shift was over, he hurriedly untied his apron and made his way to Hinata's table, where she was scribbling away furiously.

"Here." She said triumphantly handing him a piece of torn notebook paper.

He snorted as he scanned the paragraph, "Where am I supposed to put this?" he asked quizzically.

"I don't know," Hinata shrugged and blew bubbles in her macchiato.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and checked his watch, "It's almost 5.30—didn't you have to be somewhere?"

Hinata gave him a blank look for a moment before clapping a hand to her forehead. "I was supposed to meet Ino at the mall." Hinata blanched at the thought of Ino's raging temper.


Hinata thought for a moment, "My house."




Promptly at 4.27 Sasuke made his way to his neighbor's house and rang the bell—today he was wearing one of his most tame outfits consisting of black jeans and his most colorful shirt—which was a black button down with white pinstripes.

The door was opened by someone who seemed to resemble Hinata vaguely with a phone practically glued to her ear—"Who are you?" she asked loudly.

"Is Hinata here?" Sasuke asked in his most non-threatening, non-brooding, non-dark voice.

Hanabi frowned for a moment; "Yeah she's upstairs in her room." She said tersely.

Sasuke gave her a blank look—"Last door in that hallway. You can go right in." She said impatiently, as she ushered him in and toward the staircase.

Slowly he climbed the substantial staircase and meandered into the correct hallway; the last door was painted in pale lavender.

Knocking lightly to no answer, Sasuke let himself into the sun filled room.


Meanwhile Hinata was having a nice, relaxing soak in her bathtub unawares of the intruder in her room.

The bubbles were rather fun, Hinata yawned and stretched leisurely and looked at the kitty clock mounted on the far wall. 4.32. "Wasn't there something I was supposed to do?" she muttered tiredly.

She sank back into the bubbles and dozed off before it hit her—that realization sent her flying into action.

Quickly draining the tub and belting her terrycloth robe around her waist she hurried into her room to find Sasuke alphabetizing her CD collection.

Words could not describe the shade of red her cheeks turned, Sasuke raised his eyebrows, "I thought we were going to work on a project." He said in surprise.

"Shut up." She mumbled in embarrassment as she slammed her drawers in search of her clothes while Sasuke's grin seemed to grow bigger.

"Stop doing that." She hissed as she retreated back into the bathroom.

"Doing what?" Sasuke called back innocently as his eyes were drawn to the only drawer Hinata'd left open in her haste. Fortunately for him and unfortunately for her, it was her lingerie drawer.

"Black lace—classy."

"What was that?" Hinata said as she slowly walked out of the bathroom.

"Nothing." Sasuke said disinterestedly.


Three hours later and the duo were still only in the early workings of their great novel.

"This is ridiculous." Hinata said as she slumped down in her computer chair.

"You're telling me." Sasuke remarked from his fixed position on the floor.

Idly, Hinata snapped to attention when a conversation with Ino popped up.

XoxoDivaxoxo: Can you believe that Uchiha kid?

WhiteLaceGirl: What about him?

XoxoDivaxoxo: He's sooo…not-matching.

Hinata let out a sharp bark of laughter, which roused Sasuke from his temporary slumber.


"Come and read this." She said, all the while grinning goofily.

Sasuke snorted as he read it, "If you please," he said stealing the keyboard.

WhiteLaceGirl: OMG! I totally agree! Liek black w/black don't match at all.

XoxoDivaxoxo: And horrible…

WhiteLaceGirl: and that hair! It's like black. Like, why would someone want like black hair, like?

XoxoDivaxoxo: Yeah.

WhiteLaceGirl: Like, I bet, he's like, gay, like, or something, like.

XoxoDivaxoxo: Yes.

WhiteLaceGirl: Like, despite all of that, like, he's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hawttt

"Sasuke!" Hinata admonished.

"What? Don't you think I'm hot?" he asked innocently.

Hinata stared at him blankly, "Fine just for that, I have to write this."

WhiteLaceGirl: Like, didn't you and Sakura, like, stalk him, like, when we were, like, in middle school, like, right, like?

XoxoDivaxoxo: That was when he wore colors.

WhiteLaceGirl: So you like, admit that you, like, used to, like, like him?

XoxoDivaxoxo:…used to.

WhiteLaceGirl: But, like, now, he's like in a band, like. That is sooooooooooo haawwt. ZOMGBBQ!

"That's enough." Hinata said weakly as Sasuke began tapping out more messages that were getting more and more idiotic.

Hinata let out a breath of air as she signed off the internet and opened up the file where their story was saved.

"I was having fun." Sasuke said as he scanned the newly written chapter.

"At my expense." Hinata replied crossly.

"What? Does Ino save all the conversations she has with everyone and store them on her computer for blackmail?"


"Are you serious?" he asked leaning closer to her.

"Probably, I mean if everyone "loves" you, then I guess you have to be on your toes all the time." Hinata said gingerly poking the '1' button on her keyboard that didn't work properly.

"Aren't you her friend?"

"That's a better reason for her to record our every conversation because I might stab her in the back one day, or something." Hinata said annoyedly.

"I see." Sasuke said quietly.

There was a moment of silence before Sasuke said something.

"I didn't know Ino was planning to blackmail the entire school, I mean, are spoken conversations recorded too? Then teachers will have something to worry about—"

Hinata started giggling quietly. Sasuke's lips quirked.


"Hey, should we make it a romance?"

Hinata sighed tiredly; there had been a distinct lack of sleep in her life. "Straight?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "I didn't know you were a yaoi fan girl, but judging from your manga content you wouldn't mind if they were gay."

Hinata slumped down over her books.

"Are you alright?"

"Fine." Hinata mumbled weakly.

"Get up." Sasuke said.

Hinata looked up from her obscured view of bangs and books into Sasuke's eyes, "Why?"

"We're ditching that's why. Let's go."

"What? I can't."

"I have gym and you only have health. No one cares anyway."


"Where are we going?"

"Nowhere, just be quiet."

"You know, in some places this could be construed as kidnapping."

"In most places, this is construed as consideration."


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