Feeling Dirty

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Chapter 1 :She's Late:
Beastboy watched as Robin paced the living room floor. "Come on Robin chill! You're gonna put a dent in the floor!" he stated. Robin ignored him.

"She should be home by now," Robin mumbled. Cyborg's gaze flicked to the front door.

"Well she called and said she was coming home," he said unconvincingly. Robin turned on him.

"Cyborg that was an HOUR ago! And she said she would be flying home. She should be here by now!"

Raven looked up from her book. "Calm down. She'll be here soon."

"You mean calm like you? You who have been on the same page for the last 45 minutes?" Robin snapped. Raven scowled at me over the top of her book and buried her face into it, but Robin didn't care. Starfire should have been home by then.

If she was hurt then Robin could never live with himself.

'It's my fault that she even went on the stupid date,' he thought. They had been dating for like three months until they had a fight. It all started when Robin looked at another girl.


"So feel no shame staring at other women when I am your girlfriend?" Starfire asked. Robin frowned.

"I wasn't staring! And besides I can look at anything I want to. It's not like you own me or anything!" Robin snarled. Starfire widened her eyes and then narrowed them.

"Well maybe we shouldn't date at all! I mean I do not want to own you!" she shouted.

"Fine!" Robin shouted.

"Fine!" Starfire shouted back.

"FINE!" they both screamed and stalked away.


The phone rang. Robin rushed to answer it.

"Starfire! Is that... what! Hold on a minute." Robin pushed the speakerphone button and turned to the rest of the team. "This guy says he found Starfire."

"Well actually someone else found her. I am Dr. Lory from Jump City Hospital and I'm afraid that your friend is here," Beastboy gasped. Robin's frown deepened.

"What happened?" he said darkly.

"Well we d-don't exactly know, but she was not hurt badly. There will not be much lasting damage except..." the doctor trailed off uncomfortably.

"Except what?" Cyborg exploded. There was silence from the other end.

"I am so sorry."

Robin's pulse quickened. "What? What's wrong with her!" he asked frantically. There was another pause.

"Your friend was raped."

Immediately several light bulbs exploded, as did the T.V. and the toaster as Raven's book fell to the floor. Robin weakly sank to the couch. Cyborg pushed his hand into his face in sorrow. Beastboy continued to stare at the telephone in shock.

"I am so sorry," the doctor repeated solemnly. "She was not hurt very badly and she may go home tonight. Also, of course, we have contacted the local police and they have come to question her on who did this, but she won't speak to us. We were hoping that you might help us."

Robin nodded."Y-yeah. W-we'll be there as soon as we can," he stuttered. Dr. Lory hung up the phone with a click. The Titans sat in shock for another few seconds before Robin stood up.

"Let's go."