Okay, this is my first fan fiction ever. It is a shipping fanfic and I hope you will enjoy reading it. This fanfic only involves ContestShipping (DrewxMay), my favorite Pokemon characters. I know maybe it's not really good, but it's only my first time. The rating for the whole fic is PG 13. Okay, I will just cut this in short and please enjoy my CS fanfic - Dream of Glory!

Prologue: PG 13

"Now, the Hoenn League is officially over, until next time! Congratulations Sam (The made-up winner of the Hoenn League)!" the announcer said as thousands of people cheering in the background.

The Pokemon Grand Festival and the Hoenn League were all over and neither May or Ash claimed victory. Outside the battle arena, the gang decided to head back to Petalburg first for a small break.

"Well Ash, it's over." May said.

Turning his face all red, Ash responded "Ya, I was so close to victory! So close!"

"There's always someone who is better, right? And don't forget Ash, there is always a next time!" Brock tried to calm Ash down.

Max added," Brock is right, Ash. So, don't give up!"

"Thanks you guys. I will keep that in mind" Ash said looking at his friends, "where are we heading next, Brock?"

Brock stopped walking for a moment and said," Let's see. How about the Battis Region? Ash, I know you are going to love it there. There are many battle tents and thousands of trainers who can't wait to battle. And…there are many pretty girls! I can't wait to see them!"

"I don't know about the beautiful girls part, but if there are battles, I am going there without a doubt!" Ash said cheerfully.

"What about Pokemon Contests, Brock?" May asked, a little disappointed.

Shaking his head, Brock answered," I am very sorry, May. There are no contests in the Battis region."


"Cheer up, May! Trust me; we are not going to stay there for long!" Ash said.

"Okay" May responded looking depressed.

She knew what Ash said was untrue, because when it came to battling, Ash was always at it. No way was he going to leave that wonderful battle place so quickly. May wanted to argue with Ash, but she held back her thoughts because it was not going to work.

"What am I going to do there?" May questioned herself while sighing deeply.

Ash and others kept walking and shortly after, they arrived at May and Max's house.

"Oh honey, I am so glad to see you again!" Caroline stepped out the door as soon as she spotted May and Max.

"Mom, we missed you so much." Max and May responded in unison.

"It's good to see you again, Caroline!" It was Brock this time who gave Carline a greeting.

"Hello Brock and Ash, long time no see. Come on, step right in!" Caroline smiled at them.

Everyone ran into the house except for May who just speechlessly stood in front of the door.

"May, are you going to go in?" Ash kindly asked.

"No, thanks. I am going out for a walk." May answered while turning her body toward the road.

"What's going on with May, Ash?" Caroline worriedly questioned.

Ash went into the house and took a deep breathe, "She is going to be fine. I think she's just depressed that we are going to a new region where there aren't any Pokemon Contests. But in a way, I feel sorry for May, she is a Pokemon Coordinator whatsoever. It is harsh for her to be in a region where there are only gym battles."

"Oh, that's what happened. She's such a silly girl. Remember Ash? When she just started the Pokemon Journey with you, she didn't even like Pokemon. But when the time passes on, May bonds and loves all her Pokemon she captured, so eventually she wants to do something fun with them like entering the Pokemon Contests to test out the skills her Pokemon has. I am sure she will realize that gym battles are as fun as contests if she goes to the new region with you, Ash. Don't worry about it; I will talk to her when she comes back." Caroline grinned and went into the kitchen to bring out some yummy cookies she made. "You guys must be hungry, so dig in!"

Meanwhile, May was alone outside wondering. She decided to take a bus to go to a place she used to visit all the time before she met Ash. She headed toward the Petalburg Bus Station and waited for a bus. As the bus came, she went on and sat in an empty seat near the window. A few minutes later, the bus started to pull away. May was looking out through the windows. She saw a few people training their Pokemon and the rest were trees and grass. Probably because of her sadness, May had a sudden urge to sleep. Her head felt dizzy and slowly, but gradually, she felt asleep on the bus.

"Little girl, wake up. It's the bus terminal. You have to get off." The driver gently shook May, trying to wake her up.

May yawned and opened her eyes. She heard what the driver said, so she apologized and quickly got off the bus. May looked around, but didn't recognize anyone or anything in the surroundings. She was a little scared and feared that she might not know the way to get home.

"Where am I? This place looks creepy and weird." May shivered.

To her surprise, her pink little kitten popped out of its PokeBall and was chasing after its own tail.

"What are you doing, Skitty? I didn't want to let you out!" May yelled at it.

Skitty ignored May's words and ran toward the wood in front of her.

"Skitty, wait! Don't go in there, you will get lost! Come back here!" May screamed while chasing after it.

It was too late. Skitty was too fast and active for May. May didn't want to go in there, but she knew she had to find Skitty. May gulped and reluctantly stepped in the wood. The wood was as bad as May expected it to be. Rocks and branches were everywhere on the hard ground. May had to be careful, or else she would get tripped by them. May looked around and saw nothing but tree branches.

"Geez, this place is awful! Skitty, where are you?" May said while walking on a pile of tree branches.

May was tired of this nature walk. She had already made a few turns, but still no sign of her Skitty. With the every step May walked, she was able to hear the cracking sound from the broken branches. It was not easy to walk in the wood; many twigs were together blocking her way. May had to carefully open them up enabling her to pass through. Suddenly, May heard a sound nearby.

"Skitty?" May followed the sound and went there.

By any luck, she spotted Skitty standing on the ground. In front of it was a mysterious person with a black cloak facing the opposite direction.

"Skitty, there you are! I was so worried. Thank you, sir. Were you the one who found my Skitty?" May went down to pick it up.

The person turned around and spoke," You are finally here. I've been waiting for you, May."

May could see his face now. He wore a pair of sunglasses to cover his eyes and a pair of dark brown gloves on his hands.

"Who are you? And how do you know my name?" May didn't know why, but that cloaked person freaked her out.

He stared at May and said," Don't rush me, May. I challenge your Skitty to a Pokemon Battle. If you win, I will tell you everything you want to know. During the meantime, you can just call me Mr. X"

"You want to challenge me? Sure, I accept!" May looked at her Skitty and asked," Are you ready to win?"

Skitty nodded and jumped out of May's hand. Mr. X giggled and took out a PokeBall behind his cloak.

"I don't play to lose, I play to win! I choose you, Shelgon!" Mr. X threw the PokeBall high in the sky.

A dragon-liked Pokemon came out the PokeBall.

"Shelgon?" May remembered seeing one of those evolved from the Bagon long ago in Hoenn. She wanted to know more about it, so she took out her PokeDex and scanned it. "Shelgon, the rock head Pokemon. It is the evolve form of Bagon. Shelgon's body is covered with overgrowths much like bones. Its shell is very hard and bounces off enemy attacks. When it's waiting to evolve into the next stage, Shelgon hides away in a cavern."

"Wow, so this is a Shelgon. Pretty cool, huh?" May was impressed to see one of those. "Okay Skitty, let's do it!"

"You seem pretty confident, May. I guess I will give it my all!" Mr. X looked straight at May and ordered, "Go Shelgon, use your Earthquake attack!"

Shelgon jumped up and then down to send powerful waves at Skitty. Skitty didn't have defense on that one and it was pretty badly affected by the attack.

"Skitty, hang on!" May yelled. "Use your Double Slap attack on Shelgon!"

Skitty was shaken by the Earthquake attack, but it got up and ran toward its opponent. It turned round and tried to slap Shelgon with its tail. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to damage it.

"Shelgon's body is tough. An attack like Double Slap won't do anything to it. It's our turn to fight back. Shelgon, use your Head Butt!" Mr. X called its move.

Shelgon quickly ran toward Skitty and struck it hard with its head. Skitty groaned on the ground, but it was struggling to get back up.

"Oh no! I am in trouble. I have to think of something and it better be quick!" May said, frightened.

"May, I thought you were much better than this. I guess I was wrong. Shelgon, let's wrap this up by using Dragonbreath!" Mr. X ordered.

"Skitty, use Assist and fast!" May called!

Skitty raised its right paw and it started to shine. The attack Gust came out and it pushed back Shelgon's Dragonbreath. The attack reflected back to Shelgon.

"Yay, good job Skitty! Dragon attacks are super effective against a dragon Pokemon!" May grinned.

"Damn, I never expected an Assist attack. That attack sure took me by surprise. I have to do something before she can regroup." Mr. X said while looking worried.

"Come on Skitty, Assist one more time!" May commanded.

Once again, the attack had done its job. String Shot came out from Assist and completely tangled up Shelgon.

"Yay, Shelgon can't move now! It's our turn to make a comeback! Skitty, let's finish this up, use Blizzard!" May called.

"Try and break free, Shelgon!" Mr. X exclaimed!

Since Shelgon had not recovered from when it got hit by its own Dragonbreath attack, it was too worn out to do anything else. Skitty hopped into the sky and took a deep breathe. After, it launched a series of strong snow flakes from its mouth. The attack struck Shelgon like tons of bricks and it got pushed back hard. After a few seconds, Shelgon fainted on the ground.

May happily ran to Skitty and gave it a big hug," Skitty, we did it!"

"You were great, Shelgon! Return!" Mr. X withdrew its Pokemon into the PokeBall and walked toward May. "You just proved me right, May. I can see now why you are Norman's daughter!"

"Thanks! You can answer all my questions now. Who are you? How do you know me and my father? Where is this place? How can I get out?" May rapidly threw out all those questions at Mr. X trying to get answers.

Mr. X remained where he was, but speechless.

May got mad, so she yelled at him, "Come on, answer my questions! You promised me you would if I defeated you!"

Mr. X looked ready to leave, but as promised, he said, "It's not time for me to tell you my true identity yet. This is a rather deep, but confusing wood. Once you get in, it is quite difficult to turn back. You have to continue exploring in this wood, until you can successfully discover that place. A place you will love."

"What place are you talking about? How can I find it?" May was disappointed in his answer.

"You will find it, May. You will!" Mr. X turned around and started walking.

Tears came out of May's eyes, but she tried to shake them away," No, please don't go! I want to go home, tell me how!"

Mr. X took off his cloak, "Turning back is not an option here, my dear." He paused for a few seconds and then he threw May a scroll," Here is something that might help you in the future. I have faith in you, May. You can do it. I will be seeing you there."

After, he tossed his cloak high in the sky. A strong gust of wind started to blow. The dust on the ground started to fly everywhere. May covered her eyes with her hands. A minute later, the wind ceased. May opened her eyes holding the scroll, but to her surprise, Mr. X was gone. All she could hear was the echoing sound from him saying "you can do it…you can do it…you can do it…"

May was frightened, she dropped Skitty and covered her ears. She kneeled down and hoped that the echoes would go away. It was useless, the more she thought about it, the worse it became.

May got frustrated, tears dropped down from her eyes to her face and then to her cheek. She couldn't bear this any longer, "Stop it!" May yelled with all her might. Later, she picked up a stone on the ground and fiercely threw in onto the sky.

"I should have never left home. If I didn't, all this won't happen. Ash, Max, Brock, mom and dad, help me!" May's hands touched the ground. She hated herself, hated why she ever stepped out of the house.

Suddenly, May felt a drop of water slid down from her face. She looked up and saw thousands of drops of water coming down from the dark and cloudy sky.

"Oh great, now it's raining!" May wined.

May got up and looked at her pink kitten. It still seemed so happy and active running in the rain. The weather started to drizzle. May couldn't help it, but to withdraw Skitty into its PokeBall.

"You should get some rest, Skitty!" May whispered.

May started her journey in the rain. She walked forward a few steps and seated under a gigantic tree. She knew the ground was dirty, but she couldn't find anywhere else to stay during the meantime. The rain was heavier. It started pouring. A beam of thundernbolts crushed down from the sky lightening everything nearby, but scaring them at the same time. May was shivering, because she was cold and terrified. Raindrops went through the branches of the tree and then down onto May's body. May was weeping. The tears and the rain got mixed together. You really couldn't tell which was which.

"It's hopeless. Nobody would ever know that I am here." May mumbled to herself.

Her hands were holding her knees; she tried to sleep in the rain, but she was cold, sad and hungry. May felt powerless, so she closed her eyes. She was hoping, wishing that she could go back to her cozy and warm house with Ash and others when she awoke the next morning. After awhile, May felt asleep in the rain.

Chapter 1 - It's That Face Again! Rivals' Reunion

May is still out there alone in the wood. She caught a terrible cold because of the pouring rain last night. Just when May really needed someone's help, Drew appears. The two rivals meet once again. What will happen? Find out in chapter 1.

Credits: Thanks to Amanda (Encyclopika) for revising the prologue and helps me to expand on the "lost in the wood" idea!


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