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Chapter 4 - Gotta Run, Ditto PG-13

It was a sunny and bright day with Pidgey flying all across the light blue sky. This place seemed to be very pleasant with beautiful flowers and huge trees. Our friends May and Drew seemed to be found on a green grass field relaxing from their journey. May, who leaned on a tree with her eyes shut, suddenly burst them open and looked at her Pokemon Contest rival. Drew, who happened to be resting on May's knees, snored as loud as the thunder. The two of them happened to be on a date. May grinned at the sleeping Drew and decided to have a little fun with him, so she took out her hand and poked his handsome face. It was soft and May giggled a bit. This sudden action disturbed Drew as he moaned and awoke from his beauty sleep. He rubbed his eyes and saw May staring at him with a grin. He was shocked and realized that he was on her knee. He quickly jumped up and tried to get away from May. He ran, but accidentally got tripped by a small stone on the ground. He groaned, because his head fell before the rest of his body. May saw Drew lay down on the grass field with a confused face expression and thought it was quite funny. She couldn't help herself, but burst into laughter!

"Look who is the silly one now!" May said while giggling.

Drew got up and dusted off the dirt on his shirt. He just flipped his stylish green hair and taunted May with his usual "humph". May ignored him and continued her laughter.

"Drew's so silly! This's hilarious!" May exclaimed.


"Drew, you're silly! You're not all that perfect! Hehe," May giggled, asleep.

"Hey, you! Wake up!" A voice came to her while shaking her body.

May moaned a little and unlocked her eyes. There she saw Drew standing in front of her with a suspicious look.

"What? What happened?" May yelled.

"Well," Drew started talking with his usual attitude, "someone here was sleep talking. I mean how stupid was that?"

May heard his voice and knew that he was taunting her again. She felt fully awaked and realized that all that was nothing but a pleasant and amusing dream. A dream, that was all! Nothing more! May felt a little embarrassed and turned around, facing Drew with her back.

She sighed, "How good would that be if it was real?" May muttered.

Drew walked beside her and passed her a hand towel.

"Wash your face at the pond, maybe that can cure your sleep talking problem," Drew said with some amusement in his tone.

"Shut up! I don't need it. I won't do that again!" May did what she normally would do, she argued back.

"Oh really? Then why did you do it in the first place?" Drew questioned.

"I…I had a dream!" May stammered.

Yea, what a nice dream!" Drew smirked.

May got annoyed. She took the hand towel from Drew, swung it at him and hit him by the shoulder.

"That hurts!" Drew whined, "You want to play violent now, huh?"

"That's what you get for making fun of me all the time," May answered while sticking out her tongue.

"Yea, like that's going to help you," Drew responded.

May ignored him and ran toward the little pond near with the hand towel. She knew that she needed to wash her face to refresh herself. Even though she didn't expose her dream to Drew, she still dreamed something she could her never imagine herself did.

"Go on a date with Drew? No way!" May mumbled. "Why did I dream something like that? Why?"

May put the hand towel in the cold and clean pond water to make it wet. She then pulled it out and twisted it. May washed her face. It was a cold wash and May suddenly felt energetic. Some thoughts came to her mind saying that she had some feelings toward Drew. May shook her head uncontrollably to shake away this terrible thought.

"What's with her today?" Drew, who watched over May this whole time, was really confused by her weird actions. "As long as she didn't think of anything stupid or silly, it's really none of my business," he continued.

It was true. Drew could care less of what May was thinking, because he had something more important to worry about right now. It was no other than the health condition of his three beloved Pokemon who had been poisoned by the poisonous Pecha Berries they had yesterday. Drew carefully took out their PokeBalls and threw them in the mid-air.

"Come on out, everybody!" Drew announced.

Within a few short seconds, the grass and poison Pokemon Roselia, the flying and dragon Pokemon Flygon and the flying and bug Pokemon Masquerain popped out from these PokeBalls. As they came out, they looked much better than before. Flygon, who could already walk and fly around in the air; Masquerain, who was able to flap its diamond shaped liked wings; and Roselia, who could move and spin around on the ground, were all grateful to see their owner again as they quickly moved their way toward Drew.

"I suppose you guys are feeling much better now, huh?" Drew questioned with a grin on his face.

They all consented in unison as Roselia and Flygon made their way near Drew and Masquerain, who had landed on Drew's head for a resting spot. On the other hand, May was on her way back to Drew. As she saw Drew with his Pokemon, she fastened her walking pace. When she made her way back, she threw the hand towel on the ground and asked Drew if his Pokemon were alright. May was worried about them, because she knew that she was the cause for their illness. She had the responsible to care for them.

Drew did his usual hair flipping pose and talked, "They're well on their way to recovery, thanks to you,"

"That's good to hear," May answered and suddenly, she paused for a few seconds, "Hey, are you insulting me again?" she asked.

Drew shrugged his shoulder, "Why would I? Let's just get on with the breakfast and then ready to hit the road. We've wasted enough time today already,"

"Yea, okay," May consented. She was trying her hardest not to start arguments with Drew, because they were all so pointless. Most of all, they could only waste their energy and time.

The two traveling kids had some quick, but delightful breakfast. After, they began to walk toward the destination that was given by that mysterious Mr. X. It was usually very quiet on their way, because Drew never talked much. It was pretty special today since Drew began to speak to May first.

"So, what was your dream about?" Drew questioned. He was still curious about her words and actions in the morning and wanted to get a clear explanation now.

May heard him and blushed a little, "Oh, it was nothing," she replied.

Drew doubted her, "Oh really?"

"Be quiet! It's really none of your concern. Can't people have some privacy?" May asked.

"Alright, alright, you can have it your way," Drew answered, a little disappointed.

"It was just a silly and ridiculous dream," May edged on before both of them went in silence again.

It had been awhile since either of them opened their mouths. May really wanted to ask Drew if they could find a spot and rest since the sun was really strong that day and they had already been walking non-stop for hours. She didn't, because she didn't want to hear any rejections or taunts saying that she was a weakling from Drew. She knew if only she had pushed herself a littler harder, she could continue the walk without any rests in between them. Luckily, things had turned out better than May expected. A little after, Drew took a seat on a medium sized rock that could fit about 2 people and offered May to rest too.

"You know, I'm quite impressed!" Drew started.

"Yea, about what?" May questioned.

"You!" Drew stated without even looking at her. "You didn't even ask for a break,"

"Oh that," May responded, "I actually wasn't that tired," she lied.

"Really?" Drew asked.

"Erm, yea!" May stammered, nervously. She knew if she had told Drew the truth, she could expect nothing but his usual smirks.

"Hehe," Drew giggled, "Let's go then!"

"Say what?" May whined. "We've only been seated for a few minutes! Are you out of your mind?"

"I thought you aren't tired!" Drew sneered, looking directly into her eyes.

May tightened her fist, "Fine, let's go!" She said while holding a grudge against Drew.

Drew got up and began walking with May right behind him. She sighed and looked pretty down and depressed. But just suddenly, a loud noise had shocked both May and Drew. Bang! Something had crushed on the ground nearby! Drew was alerted and ran toward that sound by his sense as fast as he could.

"Hey, you! Wait for…"May wanted Drew to wait for her, but he jogged like the wind and didn't hear a word May said. May had no choice, but to follow him.

The ground was a little rough around that area. Many huge tree branches lied still on the ground, blocking Drew's way. He hopped over them easily and saw a bunch of Pokemon. Who were they? It was pretty evident that they were a bunch of rat Pokemon, Rattata and Raticate. An angry Fearow was swirling in the sky as if it was the boss to all those other Pokemon. Drew glanced at them with his bright and sharp eyes and noticed a Ditto got stuck in the middle of those sharp-teethed Pokemon. Ditto, who seemed very scared and miserable, looked very innocent and had an urge to yell in Pokemon language for assistant from people. It tried to curl itself into the shape of a ball to avoid hits and damages from those frightening rats. Ditto was bullied. Drew was outraged! He couldn't stand those brutal actions and was ready to teach those rat Pokemon a lesson or two. He reached down to his PokeBall and was prepared to fight. During that instant, the Fearow lowered itself and flew toward Drew. Drew went down to dodge the hit and fell on the rough ground. Fearow screamed to order those Rattata and Raticate to retreat and used its Whirlwind attack to immobilize Drew. In a split second, all those wild Pokemon was gone except for the bullied Ditto. Drew was in pain, but he got up and walked toward the injured Ditto.

A voice suddenly came in and interrupted him, "Drew, there you are! What happened?" It was May!

Ditto got frightened really badly. The voice was just like a ton of bricks showering on it. It quickly ran away from the two kids and into the bush. It was really shy.

"Ditto, wait!" Drew yelled.

Drew followed Ditto into the bush, but he couldn't find anything there. All he could see was a bunch of green grass, leaves and small branches. No sign anywhere for the poor Ditto. It had escaped! Drew walked out and stared at May hard.

"Look what you've done!" he said, angrily.

May was startled. She had never seen Drew this serious and mad at her before. His voice was hard like the stone. May realized that she had done something wrong, but she knew that she didn't do it on purpose.

"Wow…I've finally seen Drew's dark side. It's so creepy!" May thought in her mind. "I….I…I'm sorry for whatever I did. Please…please forgive me, "she apologized, quietly.

"You realize that you've panicked that injured Ditto away! What did you do that for?" Drew questioned.

"This...That…Well, I didn't know what happened, so…" May tried to explain.

"Humph," Drew gave May his usual attitude and walked away. "I just really hope that Ditto will be okay. It doesn't look that well, "he muttered to himself. Some thoughts came to his mind telling him that he and Ditto would meet again somewhere and that had somewhat comforted him. Watching Pokemon in pain was the least thing he wanted to see.

May felt pretty guilty for making Drew the way he was now. Her face was burning as if she had eaten too many hot peppers. It was as red as an apple. May hurried her way.

"I feel so stupid now! Why did I do that? I don't want to see Drew like that. It…It gives me the creeps of wanting to stay far away from him as if he'll bite me if I go near," May thought while strolling in silence. She was too afraid to talk again. "I have to do something. Something that….that can calm him down," she continued her thoughts.

May summoned up all her courage and walked quicker, so she could be near the angry Drew. She took out her hands and placed it on top of Drew's right hand. She held it tight. Drew stopped to look at her. He was confused. It was practically the first time in a long while that a girl came to him and held his hand. He loved that feeling.

May apologized while gently shaking Drew's hand, "I…I'm sorry, Drew. Please don't be mad at me again. I didn't mean to scare the Ditto away on purpose. Trust me! I didn't mean it! I…I…" It was too much for May to continue. Tears was about to roll down from her eye lids and she tried to control her emotion.

Drew felt a little embarrassed, but he still tried to keep his cool. He looked into May's eyes and said, "Hehe…What can I expect from a dumb coordinator?"

May understood that it was an insult, but she somehow felt glad. Drew had returned to his normal self. The one who liked to joke around with people.

May led go of Drew's hand and whispered, "Thanks, Drew,"

Drew flicked his green hair and continued walking. May followed right behind him.

"You know something about Ditto, don't you?" the question popped out of Drew's mouth.

"Huh?" May was shocked for a second. She knew that they were talking about the Ditto all along, but she just couldn't remember what exactly was one. All she could remember from Hoenn was that Ditto was a pink creature. "Well, it's that pink thing," May stammered.

"Pink thing? Have you ever been to school? Have the teacher ever taught you to be more detailed?" Drew taunted her.

"Well, I don't really remember the rest…" May whispered.

"Huh? I can't hear you! Have the teacher ever told you that you have to speak loud when you're talking to someone?" Drew complained.

"Shut up!" May yelled. She then took out her PokeDex and was ready to get some detailed information on the Pokemon, Ditto.

"Ditto, the Transforming Pokemon. Ditto is a Normal type Pokemon and has the capability of turning into any Pokemon on command. It can also turn into objects. This makes him the most versatile and strategic Pokemon ever," The Dexter said.

"Yea, that's right! It's the Transforming Pokemon! How cool will it be if I have one of those in my possession?" Drew announced, proudly.

"You were planning to catch it?" May questioned.

"No, not when it's hurt and weak. It won't be fair to the Pokemon if I catch it that way. I'll heal it and when it returns to full health, I'll battle it and attempt to catch it fair and square!" Drew responded.

"I'd like to have a shot on Ditto too!" May said while grinning.

"Fat chance! Not if I catch it first!" Drew smirked.

"What if you don't?" May asked.

"You scared it before, remember? I don't think it's willing to become your Pokemon even if you really caught it, May. Pokemon has a very delicate heart and it can get hurt very easily. And you've done it to Ditto," Drew replied.

"But…But it was an accident," May tried to fight back! Truthfully, May was quite fond of that Ditto herself too.

"Do you actually believe that Ditto would think it was an accident too? Those mean Pokemon…" Drew tried to talk some sense into May, but he got cut off.

"Who were those mean Pokemon?" May curiously asked.

"Well, if you'd listen to me, you'd find out. Anyway, those Rattata and Raticate were so cruel to the Ditto and when you scared it, it would think that you were one of them too," Once again, he got interrupted.

"No! No! No! It's different! I'm a human being! I'm different from those wild Pokemon!" May argued.

"Will you please stop cutting me off? Talk about manners!" Drew flipped his hair and continued, "I don't know, May. It really depends on Ditto! Let's just hope so. C'mon, let's go search for it!" Drew insisted.

"Fine, fine!" May consented.

The two traveling kids settled down and were now on the mission searching for the escaped Pokemon, Ditto. It was quite strange, really. The weather suddenly changed and the wood soon became very foggy. It was extremely difficult for neither Drew nor May to clearly see what was up ahead.

"What's with the weather? It just changed so suddenly and now I can't see anything," May whined.

"Cling tight to me, May! If you don't, it's not my responsibility if you get lost!" Drew insisted.

"Okay. Hehe, that's pretty sweet of you," May said.

Drew and May continued walking, but they had sure slowed down their pace. Neither of them wanted to get separate from each other or get hurt. As they walked for another 5 minutes or so, both of them were alarmed by a loud yelling sound.

"Ahhhh! Help mi! Someone! Please help mi!" the voice screamed.

"Hey, Drew! You're not going there, are you? It might be a trap!" May warned.

"What if it's not? What if someone really needs our help?" Drew said.

May got a little annoyed by Drew's kindness, "It's hard enough to just walk, not to mention saving people!"

"You don't have to go if you don't want to. Nobody asked you!" Drew replied.

After, Drew took off on his own and ran toward that voice. It wasn't as bad as he expected as the fog was beginning to fade away into the thin air.

"Help! Mi need help!" the voice cried.

Drew went as he followed the wave of the voice. He strolled quietly just like how a spaceman would walk in space. He hid behind a grand tree and looked ahead. It was a little girl, no more than 6 years old, crying for help. Surrounding her were the same bunch of Rattata and Raticate that had bullied the Ditto before and in the sky was that exact same furious Fearow.

Drew was fuming with smoke coming out both of his ears. He stepped forward and yelled, "What monsters you are!"

All the Pokemon turned to look at him, including the little girl. Fearow cried as it made a command. One Rattata jumped up toward Drew and was ready to launch its Tackle attack. Drew made a quick thought and picked up a tree branch on the ground to block its attack. The tree branch broke into half and the great force made him to fall on the ground.

"Ouch!" Drew yelled.

Fearow cried some more as a couple Rattata made their moves toward Drew. They opened their mouths to show their sharp and humongous front teeth. They were so bright that all those lights made Drew blind. He wasn't in a position for any counter attack. All he could do was blocking his face with both of his hands.

"Okay, quick Castform, use Powder Snow!" the little girl ordered.

Castform nodded as it flew toward Drew and launched its Powder Snow attack. Snow powders came out and froze all those Rattata just in time.

"Wow, that was some quick thinking," Drew complimented her, "and that explained why there was a sudden fog. It was all this Castform's doing! Thanks you!"

Castform made a happy cried as it flew back to its trainer. Fearow frowned in the mid-air as it saw its underlings failed to attack and froze in ice. It squeaked loudly as it commanded all those Raticate, the evolved form of Rattata, to attack Drew using their Super Fang attacks! The Raticate used Quick Attack to swiftly move in front of Drew and then tackled him. Drew got pushed further and got hit on the tree.

"My back…" he said with one eye open.

This came the little girl's voice once again, "Castform, use Powder Snow one more time!"

When Castform was about to open its mouth and blew out ice powders, one Raticate jumped to the same height as Castform and hit it with its Super Fang attack! Castform fell on the ground in pain. The bright light shone in the sky as it gave May a sense of direction of Drew's current position.

"Oh no, Castform!" the little girl held it in her hands and started to whimper. "Mi Castform is hurt! Mi Castform!"

May made a mad dash toward that light. She ran at an amazing speed like she had never ran before. She made it just in time where she saw the Fearow was about to peck Drew with its powerful Drill Peck attack!

"Argh! Damn it all!" Drew closed his eyes in despair.

It came May's voice, "Not so fast!" She reached into her little bag and grabbed the PokeBall of her young fowl Pokemon, "Combusken, use your Flamethrower against this despicable Fee…Fee…Feebow!" May ordered.

Combusken popped out the PokeBall as it rapidly jumped in front of Drew as his guard and unleashed the fire attack from its beak. The Fearow dodged it as it made a signal for withdraw to all the other Pokemon. Just as the last time, it used its Whirlwind attack to paralyze its opponents to help the Rattata and Raticate to make their getaways. Whoosh! In split seconds, all of them vanished into the bushes.

"Haha! Cowards!" May said proudly as she made a silly face toward all those escaped Pokemon.

She then sprinted her way toward the injured Drew who was leaning against the tree. She gave him a concerned look as she stared at him. She kneeled down to her knee and tried to help Drew move.

"Hey, Drew! Are you okay?" May nicely asked.

"I think so," Drew answered.

"Here, let me help you out," May stood up as she offered Drew a hand.

"When did you become so kind?" Drew questioned her with a smirk. He then slowly got up on his own.

"Hey! Fine!" May was a little disappointed due to the fact that Drew was still so cold to her. "I was just trying to help!"

"I can see that! I'm just scared that my weight is going to crush you!" Drew said.

"So, are you saying I'm weak?" May questioned.

"I never said such thing!" Drew flipped his hair and taunted her, "You know that huge bird is a Fearow, not a Feebow!"

"Fee…Fearow? Wasn't that what I said?" May blushed a little and stuttered.

"What do you think?" Drew inquired her.

Their arguments seemed to come to an end when they heard the whimpering voice of that little girl with the Castform!

"Mi Castform! It's dying! It's not hovering in the sky anymore! It's dying! No! Mi Castform! Nah!" the little girl screamed like the thunder.

As she said that, both Drew and May switched their attentions to the girl. She was just an ordinary little girl with a pony-tail who wore a simple white dress. She was just like all the other kids who would cry over a little matter. Drew walked near her and had a good look at her fainted Castform.

"Don't worry! Your Castform is going to be fine once it gets a nice long rest in its PokeBall," Drew told her, "and by the way, thanks for saving me before,"

The little girl looked up at Drew. She wiped her tears off her face and gave Drew a small grin.

"Is that so? Mi Castform is going to be okay? That's good," the girl answered.

"Yea, so what's your name?" Drew asked. "Mine is Drew,"

"Drew? Really?" the little girl seemed pretty surprised to hear that. She knew that name. She was always fond of a green haired Pokemon Coordinator named Drew. "Drew, it's you!" the little girl popped up and gave Drew a warm hug! "Mi found you! Mi finally found you!" the girl happily said, but she wasn't let him go.

"Erm, that's nice. Do I know you?" Drew was a little shocked. He tried to push her away. He didn't want the little girl to hug him especially in front of May.

"Mi name is Anne! I'm your biggest fan! U're so cute! I've always wanted to meet u in person. My biggest dream is to marry you! Will u marry me?" Anna replied, very excited. She led go of Drew, pulled him down and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

On the other side, May was a little mad at this rude little girl. She felt very uncomfortable seeing a sight like that. She had known Drew for a long time, longer than that Anne girl anyway, but she had never dare to kiss him, not even hug him.

"She's trying to steal Drew away from me," May thought, depressed.

"Okay, that's enough! I'm glad you like me and all that, but…" Drew nervously moved back from Anne and sat on the rough ground.

Anne smiled at him, "C'mon, Drew! Bring me home, so I can make you my groom!" she proposed.

"Say what?" Drew stammered as he tried to move back like a crab. He was trying to get away from Anne.

"C'mon, Drew! Mi like u! So don't be so rude to your number 1 fan!" Anne replied while trying to kiss Drew on the cheek for some more. Drew dodged some, but couldn't avoid others.

May clenched her fist, "I have to do something about this. Drew…Drew…" she thought.

May stepped forward and tried her best to stay calm. She was pretty angry at Drew himself for not rejecting her. He could just say no to her and end this ridiculous matter, but he didn't.

May frowned and yelled, "Stop it! Leave Drew alone!"

"Look who's talkin now! Mi no u to!" Anna gave May a fake grin and said.

"You do?" May asked, didn't really believe her. "I guess I'm more popular than I expected,"

"Ya, of course! Mi remember ur the loser to my beloved Drew during the Grand Festival? Am mi wrong? Am mi wrong?" Anna responded.

"Huh?" May got shocked by the time Anna finished her saying, she thought that Anna was going to say something nice about her, but she was completely wrong. May had gone mad and started to yell in front of this young child, "How dare you? Who do you think you are? You really think anyone can make it to the Grand Festival? You…You…!" May roared as loud as she could and some spits came out of her mouths as well.

The little girl stood there silently and began to sniff. She was about to cry. Drew saw her and knew that he had to do something. He hated to see people cry.

"Hey, hey! Chill, May! She's just a child! Don't be so rough on her," Drew persuaded May.

"So okay, you're now on her side now?" May argued.

"No, May. But she's about to cry," Drew whined.

"Fine, be that way then! You go home and marry her for all I care!" May bickered.

She then walked away from Drew and Anne to calm her temper. Drew asked her to wait up, but she ignored him and continued to stroll around this thick wood alone.

"God! Girls sure need to work on their anger managements," he mumbled to himself.

He then got up from the ground and walked toward the scared child.

"She scary… Mi don't like it…" the little girl said.

"Well, it's not totally May's fault for making her the way she was if you acted properly," Drew tried to tell Anne that May actually wasn't as bad as she thought. "So tell me, where're your parents and what're you doing in this wood?"

"Oh, that! Mi mom is the ranger of this wood. Mi went out to play and then mi got lost. When mi was really hungry and all that, those Pokemon came out and attacked mi. Castform was really brave to stand up to them," Anne explained.

"Ranger of this wood, you say? So it must've been Paula!" Drew said in confidence. "Okay, May and I'll bring you back to your mother, so don't worry, okay?"

The little girl opened her mouth and yawned, "Mi tired! Mi can't walk any further! Mi need someone to carry mi!" Anne boldly asked while giving Drew a hard glare.

Drew sighed in defeat, "Why, why me?"

Drew lowered his body, so Anne could get on his back. Drew carried her as she fell fast asleep on his back.

"What'll May say once she sees me like this?" Drew thought.

Drew jogged lightly to be able to catch up to the angry May sooner. When he did, he noticed May staring at him with her fuming face expression as she would never forgive Drew again and then turned around walking on her own without a word.

"So you're on a date with her now, Mr. Perfect?" May taunted him with anger.

"Give me a break, May! You know she's only a kid!" Drew said.

"So you're saying that just because she's a kid, she can hug and kiss you all she wants?" May continued questioning him.

"Okay, I lose this time! Happy now? I appreciate your help back there too, May!" Drew admitted.

"That's better!" May said, a little changing in her tone.

"But…" Drew continued.

"But what?"

"Well, what Anna said is partly true too! You did lose to me in the Grand Festival!" Drew edged on.

"Grr…I hate you!" May told. "I knew he wouldn't give up that easily. Oh well, that's the same old Drew I know," she considered.

"Yo, time for a change of topic. You know, Anne is actually the daughter of Paula," Drew said to May.

"Seriously?" May stopped as she stared at Drew with doubts, "Paula doesn't act like that,"

"That's what she told me. Let's just bring her back to her mom and get this over with, okay? Man, things are starting to pile up. I'm still extremely worried about that Ditto!" Drew responded.

"Drew is actually a nice person deep down, but I just can't stand him sometimes," a thought suddenly came to May telling her that.

"May, you don't like her, do you?" Drew asked, out of curiosity.

She gave a quick thought to that question and answered, "She's spoiled and rude! Who would like a child like that?"

Drew giggled a bit, "I shall say, I must agree with you once in my life!"

May and Drew continued their endless stroll in the thick and devastating wood. For the third time in a day, both of them once again heard a loud banging sound. The noise was so thunderous that even Anne was alerted to that and woke up. She rubbed her eyes and asked what happened, but she received no serious answer.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Drew?" May paid no attention to the child and gave all her attention to her rival, Drew.

Drew nodded his head, "It's those Pokemon again! I have a bad feeling about this!"

It was the naughty Anne this time, "Mi too, but mi not scared, cuz mi have Drew!"

May and Drew crossed their stares and after, both gave a deep sigh.

"That's enough, Anne!" Drew said to her with a solemn tone. He then made her to get off his back. "Look after her, May! I've had enough of those Pokemon!"

Drew rushed to get there and as he expected, it was those ugly Pokemon again and by ugly, he meant cruel.

He started, "Here we meet again! People always say that third time is a charm and this time, I'll show you some real power with no mercy!"

Fearow giggled a bit in Pokemon language as if it didn't believe a word Drew said. All it could recall was that the last couple of times, Drew would be creamed by the Fearow and its underlings if it wasn't for the help of May and Anne.

"We'll see about that now!" Drew flipped his hair and went on, "I choose you, Roselia!"

The PokeBall spun in the mid-air and it popped open with Roselia inside. Fearow made an order and those Rattata went first with the basic Tackle attacks. Roselia easily avoided them and in return, it countered with Stun Spore attack. All those Rattata got paralyzed and cried in pain.

"That's the way to do it, Roselia! Now use Petal Dance against those Raticate!" Drew cried with confidence and pride.

Roselia jumped up and thousands of glorious flower petals came out from its hand. Just as the attack was about to hit, those Raticate moved out of the way as the Fearow squeaked. Something got hit, but it wasn't those Raticate or Rattata. Drew watched in shock as he saw the Ditto that he was really fond of in pain.

"Ditto!" Drew exclaimed.

He tried to run and take a hold of it, but the Raticate blocked his way. He clasped his hands and ordered Roselia to use Solar Beam on them! Roselia spun a few times and a white beam with rainbow edges came out and KOed all those Pokemon in the way. Drew was really serious and determined to cream all those nuisances. He usually wasn't do that, but seeing that Ditto got hurt really made him absurd. By the time May got there with Anne, Drew had already taken care of all those Raticate and Rattata with ease.

"Wow Drew! This's incredible!" May smiled and complimented him.

"Ur mi hero, Drew!" Anne said while giving him free kisses.

The Fearow seemed very upset seeing all his underlings fall in battle. It aimed for Drew with its Drill Peck attack like before.

"Masquerain, Hidden Power!" Drew tossed the PokeBall high and ordered.

The flying bug Pokemon came out and blocked its flying attack with Hidden Power. It seemed super effective as the Fearow fell on the ground.

It came Drew's voice, "Finish it off with Blizzard!"

Masquerain flapped its wings hard and this strong ice attack sure had done the job. Fearow lay on the ground without moving for quite some while and it had admitted defeat.

"Three cheers for mi hero! Yay!" Anna announced, excited.

May got very irritated by her as she just walked away. Drew, on the other hand, didn't seem to be happy at all. He walked to the badly injured Ditto and held it in his arm. He hugged it tight and ordered Masquerain to search for Paula for help in air. This Ditto needed some serious medical examination. Luckily, it didn't take Masquerain long before it spotted Paula and tried to explain to her what happened. Ranger Paula rapidly made her way to her daughter Anne and Drew and May. She didn't really talk much and then brought them to the nearest shack from their current position. The shack wasn't really that crappy. The outside seemed a little old and rusty, but the inside was actually pretty good. It was warm and there was a bed with blankets. Anne got overjoyed as she saw her mommy again. She kept hugging Paula until she rudely told her to cease this action at once. Drew placed Ditto on the warm bed and covered it up with the blanket. He spent almost the whole afternoon and night treating and caring for it. He wasn't a doctor of any kind, but he knew some tricks in healing. He learned it from his father, who was a Pokemon doctor, when he was really young. Outside the shack, there stood May and Paula. Anne, who had gone out again, was promised to be back at the shack by night time.

"It's great to meet you again, May!" Paula warmly greeted her.

"Yes, I suppose," May said, "I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but Anne…"

"I can understand your pain. She bugged Drew a lot, didn't she?" Paula nicely inquired.

"More than a lot, she even kissed him on the cheek a few times," May confessed, a little sad in her tone.

"Oh my! I'm very sorry! Anne is a huge fan of Drew as you may already know," Paula apologized to May for the inconvenience caused by her daughter.

"No, no! I'm not jealous or anything, it's just that it's hard to endure," May protested.

"It's alright, May! It's hard not be expose any feelings to cute guys," It was the last sentence Paula said before she went into the shack to have a check on Drew.

"Cute guys? Drew?" May muttered.

Paula gently pushed the door open and nicely greeted Drew. Drew saluted back to Paula the same way.

"You're a nice guy, Drew. It's great to see someone caring for a Pokemon that doesn't even belong to you," Paula stated.

Drew flicked his hair and gave a small giggle, "Well, I can't just stand by and do nothing when I know it's hurt!"

Paula agreed by nodding her head, "I would've done the same thing if I were you," she paused for a few seconds, "Erm, do you mind me asking you something?"

"Go ahead! A great coordinator can answer anything, or can at least try to answer them," Drew said, proudly.

"Was…Was my daughter a great trouble-maker to you?" Paula asked, a little nervous in her tone.

Drew gulped and then frowned. He decided to keep quiet and thought in mind, "God help me! Not that question! Anne drove me like crazy!"

Paula stood there waiting for a response, but since she didn't get any, she could assume that Anne was one. Paula breathed in a deep breath and sighed.

"I really need to spend some more time with her. Since I'm the ranger of this wood, I'm always out during the day and at night, I always become so tired that I can't get a chance to teach her how to behave properly in front of people, how to react and interact with them and more. It's really my fault!" Paula apologized in depression.

Drew got a little worried. He didn't expect to see Paula like that. He didn't want to see her sad.

Drew felt a little awkward, but he tried to cheer Paula up, "Err, no! Don't be like that! I can totally understand the current position you're in and how much responsibility you've got to put in this job that you have to sometimes neglect the existence of Anne. So yea, don't blame yourself,"

Paula suddenly felt grateful, "Thanks for understanding me, Drew!" She looked out and added, "May is upset with you! I can tell!"

Drew was pretty astonished to hear that, "She is? Why?"

"Well, it's because of Anne and the way she acted toward you," Paula hinted him.

Drew suddenly felt pressure on his shoulder, "Oh, that… Yea, I'll talk to her about that later,"

"Maybe an apology too!" Paula suggested and then she walked out of the room.

"Upset with me, huh? May? Are you…" Drew mumbled while stepped toward the window frame and stared at the glittering stars and the waxing moon.

The next morning, as the sun just set in, May was already up and stood outside the shack silently waiting for her partner. She didn't want to go in there and wake him up, because Anne was there too. She hated everything about her, but mostly the fact that she wanted Drew. Ditto was there on the warm and comfortable bed resting while Drew crawled up and slept on one corner of that bed. The bright morning sunray hit Drew's body as it went through the transparent window. Drew rubbed his eyes and awoke in shock. It was probably the most unbelievable morning he had ever experienced.

"AHHHHH! HOLY COW!" he yelled, very surprising.

May was alerted by that loud screaming sound. It was no different than how people would've yelled when they've got murdered. She quickly rushed in and there she saw Ditto on one corner of the bed and then Drew on the other with Anne embracing him as if he was her pillow.

"Drew, you…!" May was not ready for that sight as she angrily slammed the door shut and ran outside!

Anne slowly opened her eyes as she got disturbed by all those noises. She saw Drew with her and hoped to give him a friendly kiss on his cheek.

"Nooo, don't!" Drew warned her.

"Why not? U didn't give mi a beddy kiss last night!" Anne whined.

"Why would I give you one? And why are you on this bed? How did you get on? Argh! I don't care anymore!" Drew exclaimed in great shock as he hurried his way down the bed. He quickly grabbed his purple shirt and rushed out the door leaving Ditto and Anne behind.

Anne got a little confused, "Did mi do something wrong?" she muttered.

Outside, Drew put his clothes on and went around searching for his friend, May. He looked around and noticed May ten meters away from the shack staring at him with rage and sadness in her eyes. Drew was speechless for awhile as he just led her stand there alone in pain deep down her heart. As when Paula came back from her night shift, she could sense the dark aura surrounding May. She gave Drew a quick glare and went inside the shack questioning her troublesome young daughter. What she got out from Anne was pretty obvious. It was normal for her to tell Paula that she was just playing around with Drew, because she liked him so much. As all of them had breakfast later on, no one had said a word on the breakfast table except for Anne, who didn't stop talking even for a minute. Before Drew and May's departure, Drew troubled Paula to take care of the injured Ditto since it was still not well enough to have an officially Pokemon battle with him. Anne kept asking Drew to give her a goodbye kiss, but he just neglected her, because he didn't want to make May even more upset. Anne cried a bit, but then, she was alright.

"Hey, May," Drew said, nicely.

"What?" May answered, very rudely.

"Paula said you're upset with me. Mind telling me the reasons?" Drew questioned. "Damn, what a stupid question," he thought. Drew felt a little bad for asking her that rhetorical question.

"Paula said? PAULA SAID? Can't YOU tell by looking at me? People say you're smart. They say that you're great! I can't believe you're so dull!" May exclaimed in great disappointment!

Drew tried to explain, "This morning…It was an accident….I…I didn't know what happened either! She just magically appeared on the bed and you know the rest of the story,"

"I'm not going to buy that story," May coldly answered him.

As Drew noticed that there was still no changing in May's voice, he chose to try a different method, probably the one that all girls would appreciate. Drew moved closer to May as he wide opened his arm and placed it on her left shoulder. He pulled May in a little closer as he warmly embraced her.

Drew flipped his hair with his free hand, "C'mon! If you mind so much, you should've told me so," he declared, looking into May's eyes.

May was startled. Drew had never done this to her before. Her heart began to beat very rapidly and her anger got softened caused by the feelings she had toward Drew. May blushed a little. She determined that Drew could be forgiven in one way or another.

"It felt so good. He's so warm," May thought while letting out a grin.

As when Drew noticed that trace of laughter, he led go of May.

"I know this method can work on girls! Girls can never resist that smoothing feeling and charming power from a guy," Drew smirked as he began to exercise his arms.

At that moment, May realized that she had been tricked.

"Screw you! I knew you wouldn't be that nice!" She said as she stomped her foot.

Wrath had overcome her emotions once again. When May was about to explode into rage, a red rose had thrown to her as it had calmed her anger once again. She just couldn't get mad at Drew anymore.

"Hehe, ain't girls easy to tame?" Drew sneered.

May came closer to Drew, "Shut up! You should at least feel sorry for what you've done!"

"Yaya. I already am, okay?" Drew looked at May and said, "Smile, now!"

Drew began walking again, but as he stepped forward, something in front of him blocked his path.

"Ditto!" both May and Drew exclaimed in unison.

Ditto slowly went to Drew and wanted care from him. It kept rubbing his right foot until he would pick it up and hold it in his arms.

"Ditto, but you suppose to rest in bed with Paula!" Drew said in concern.

Ditto gave Drew a weak grin as it told his something in Pokemon language. It yearned Drew to catch him, so it could be one of his companions and friends and could travel with him, because it was truly grateful to what Drew had done to it. Everyone would want a nice trainer like that.

"But you know, I'm not all that great. If I'm, then I wouldn't injure my Pokemon just a few days ago. My training isn't enough and I believe that…" Drew was in the middle of a touching speech, but May cut him off since she wanted to say something very badly.

"Hey, Ditto! I'm sorry about last time, okay? But will you come with me and be my Pokemon instead if Drew doesn't' want you? I promise I'll be nice!" May offered.

Ditto stared at May with a scared look. It shook its head as it rejected May's proposal. It would rather be alone than be with someone it didn't want to be with. It gave Drew another look and hoped that he would change his mind. It began to rub his body.

"Oh Ditto! You're such a nice Pokemon! It would be a shame to let you go!" Drew announced!

Ditto heard him as it crawled up to Drew's shoulder. It was so glad that Drew accepted it instead of forfeiting this magnificent chance to catch such unusual Pokemon.

"Ditto! Dit!" Ditto cheerfully cried.

"Yea, that's right!" Drew flipped his hair once more, "I caught a Ditto!"

May led out a sigh, "Congratulations, Drew!" May patted him on the shoulder as she congratulated his success on "capturing" a new Pokemon.

"Thank you, miss!" Drew said, energetically.

"Alright, Ditto! Welcome to the team, buddy! I know you'll fit right in," Drew gave a good stare at his newly caught Pokemon before he and May got set on the road again.

Pidgey chirped, twittered and hopped on the tree branches as if they were glad on Drew's gain today too.

"A nice day it has turned out, don't you think so too, May?" Drew questioned, still excited.

"To you, maybe. Definitely not me! I've had enough this couple of days," May complained.

Drew and Ditto exchanged looks, "I told you that I'm going to catch this Ditto? Are you impressed by my skills?" he taunted.

"Zip your mouth! You're just lucky, that's all!" May disagreed.

"At least I have luck. Someone I know doesn't even have that skill," Drew laughed, "Pokemon love me too!"

"Blah, blah, blah!" May pretended not to hear Drew.

"Yea, fear me!" he lightly slammed May's back as they continued their journey in the wood.

May awarded Drew with some more arguments. She talked back with something and believe me, their quarrels had continued. It was far far away from over. They had a lot to talk about, just like a newly married couple. Of course, the new Ditto hadn't really got used to those weird customs. Unfortunately, soon after, the weather broke as it started to hail incessantly like crazy. Drew and May ceased bickering for just a little while as they rushed their way in search of a shelter that could save them from getting frozen and wet from this terrible catastrophe. Soon after, May burst in saying that it was all Drew's fault for causing this hail.

May opened up her yap and blamed this all on Drew, "See what you've done, Drew? If only you didn't heartbreak Anne before our departure, none of this would happen! I bet you 10 bucks that this's all that Castform's doing!"

"I say this's all your fault for treating her so rudely," Drew fought back.

"Oh really? She doesn't have a crush on me like she does to you!"

"You should've been shamed of yourself, May!"

"No, you should!"


Therefore, their urges to fight with each other had carried on into this hailing morning.

"DREW, U BETTER NOT FORGET MI! MI KNOW MI WON'T!" Anne yelled evilly as her echoes voices began to spread across and vibrate deep into the woods!

After all this time and all Drew and May had been through, maybe it was kind of hard to believe that it was only the start of a new day. Time had sure passed by very slowly like an old-aged turtle crawling. But yea, it was just the beginning of a long, wet and chilly day…

Chapter 5 - Frown by the Thorns

Drew and May's adventure in the wood has continued. A huge patch of thorns has blocked their only way toward the destination they're looking forward to see. How can they handle this difficult situation? Can they get rid of the patch of thorns and move on or would they get stuck in the woods forever? Find out in chapter 5 of "Dream of Glory"!


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