Well, this is my AN member based fanfic. Please excuse my mistakes and stuff in the fic, because I got a lot to write...Since the members in that forum enjoy this fic a lot, so I plan to post in here also...Enjoy as you read along!

AN Members Appeared inthe prologue-

Gary - Gary

Ciara - Professer Ciara

Fab - Fabian

Caroline - Caroline

Prologue: PG 13

"Who would claim the victory? Gary or Max?" The MC said in the background while the deciding match was about to start.

It was burning in the Pestee League battle arena. A 15 year old teenager boy who had black hair named Gary made his way to the final round. Gary wore a sleeveless jacket with a T-shirt and had glasses. He also wore a pair of black gloves on his hands. According to Professor Ciara in the Lokesteep city, he was friendly to everyone and was a happy-go-lucky kid. Gary was down to his final Pokemon. It was a Charizard, his favorite Pokemon. It was also his first Pokemon and was given by Professor Ciara on the first day of his Pokemon journey. He opponent was also down to his last Pokemon. Gary knew that he was at a disadvantage, because Max's final Pokemon was a Mantine. It was partly a flying type and partly a water type. Since Charizard was a fire type, it was weak against water.

"Who cares about the disadvantage. You can still win, Charizard. Don't give up!" Gary said, determined.

"Now since both trainers are down to their final Pokemon, I think it's time for a field change." The MC said.

The MC pulled the rope beside him and the field started to change. The rocks in the middle of the field started to disappear and go down. After a short while, a new, refreshed field could be seen. It was a water/ice field with a giant pool in the middle. On the both sides, there was ice everywhere on the ground. It was also very sparkling.

"As you can see, the field change was now complete. Luckily, both Pokemon can fly, so the ice wouldn't be that much of a problem to them. But be careful when they land. The ice is very slippery. Who would claim victorious? Charizard or Mantine? Just simply by looking at their types, Mantine has an overwhelming advantage over Charizard since it's a water type. But only time would tell. Begin!" The MC announced, excited.

"I must be careful. Mantine is pretty strong for a water Pokemon. Since I never battled with one before, who knows what other attacks it might know?" Gary thought.

"Hey kid, you are going down! Go Mantine, start it off by using Wing Attack!" Max ordered.

Mantine's wings started to grow and it was coming straight at Charizard.

"Fly up to dodge it! After, use your Dragon Rage attack!" Gary called.

Just when the attack was going to hit, Charizard opened its wings and moved up to avoid the attack. After, it opened it mouth and launched a powerful dragon attack. The red fireball was aiming at Max's Mantine and it was a direct hit.

"Good job, Charizard! That's the way to do it!" Gary complemented his Pokemon.

Mantine was hit pretty hard. It got pushed onto the icy ground and was struggling to get back up.

"Come on, Mantine! You can do better than that. Counter it with your Hydro Pump attack!" Max yelled.

Mantine got up and stared at Charizard. It looked evil, maybe it was because it wanted revenge. Mantine flapped its wings and flew again. It flew higher than Charizard and stopped directly below the burning sun.

"Charizard, watch out!" Gary called.

Charizard tried to look up, but the sun just blinded it. It started to fall.

"Now it' your chance!" Max said.

Mantine nodded and struck Charizard hard with the most powerful water attack. Charizard got shaken by the attack; it got pushed down into the pool in the middle of the field.

Gary knew that he was in trouble, "Oh no, Charizard! Are you okay?"

Charizard's tail was just one inch above the water and the rest of its body got fully sank in the water. It tried to get back up, but it was obvious that it was taken a lot of damage. After some struggling, it flew out of the water and was ready to teach Mantine a lesson that it would never forget.

"Yeah, I know you can do it! Now Charizard, use your Iron Tail!" Gary commanded.

Charizard flew near Mantine. Its tail started to shine.

"Mantine, Blizzard!" Max ordered.

Just when the Iron Tail was about to hit, Mantine launched a series of powerful ice snow flakes from its mouth.

"What's that?" Gary was shocked to see what happened.

Without expecting, the Blizzard attack froze Charizard's tail and put an end to its Iron Tail attack.

"Hehe, there is more of that coming." Max giggled, "Bubblebeam!"

Mantine quickly launched another water attack. Charizard was in an awkward position, so it got hit once again.

"Charizard!" Gary exclaimed. "It hasn't recovered since when it got hit by the Hydro Pump attack. One more water attack and it would be doomed." Gary thought, clenching his fist.

"Charizard is still in the game, but it's obvious that Mantine is doing a better job in the final round. Can Gary and Charizard turn this around?" The MC eagerly asked.

"Charizard is just a weakling; Mantine can take it down anytime." Max was proud of its Pokemon. He knew that it could win hands down. "Finish it off, use your Hydro Pump attack!"

"Gary! Watch out!" On the other side of the battle field, a 13 year old boy Fabian was watching the show on the TV. He carried a bag containing books and other stuff about Pokemon. He wore a pair of black gloves on his hand, just like Gary, and a blue shirt with a black vest. He also wore green and long pants. Although he was young, but he was an awesome Pokemon Breeder and was very good at cooking. He learned that from his mom when he was only 5. He was a really cool guy. Believe of not, he was the cousin of Gary. Fabian was watching the Pestee League on TV the whole time. He didn't even miss a minute of the show. He wanted Gary to win, but he knew that he was in trouble. "Come on Gary, you are always good at thinking. Do something about the attack!" Fabian yelled at the TV.

Meanwhile back to the battle stadium, the attack was coming directly at Charizard.

"Dragon Rage!" Gary quickly ordered.

Charizard did another Dragon Rage attack. When in contact with the Hydro Pump, the two attacks exploded and pushed back both Pokemon. Charizard was falling and so was Mantine.

"Aim your Flamethrower attack at the ground!" Gary commanded.

"What?" Max was confused. He didn't get why Gary wanted his Charizard to launch an attack that way.

Just when Charizard was about to hit the ground, it used its Flamethrower to soft its landing. It flipped its body and flew again. On the other hand, Mantine was down at the ground. It got hurt pretty badly.

"That was close. I know Gary could figure something out!" Fabian said, relived.

"Both trainers are really fighting hard! This match is going to be intense!" The MC exclaimed.

"Damn that Charizard! Mantine, get up and use Wing Attack!" Max yelled, angrily.

Mantine got up, but it was panting heavily. It flew toward Charizard and was ready to finish it off once and for all.

"Smoke Screen!" Gary called.

Gary made its move. Charizard covered the whole stadium with a thick-layered smoke. Neither the Pokemon nor the trainers could see anything in the surrounding.

"You are just wasting our time. It's clear that Charizard is no match for my Mantine!" Max explained.

Gary heard him and then he closed his eyes. He was thinking about a strategy, but his mind was empty. Soon, the smoke cleared, Gary was stunned.

"Where is Mantine?" The MC asked.

It was very unbelievable, but Max's Mantine just vanished out of the sight. Charizard was above the pool, trying to sense where Mantine could be hiding.

"Hydro Pump!" Max called while laughing evilly. "This match is mine!"

"Gary!" Fabian thought about it and yelled, "It's in the pool!" He knew it was useless, because no way Gary could hear him.

A beam of water came out from the pool and hit Charizard straight!

"Argh! Charizard!" Gary was shocked. He never expected that to happen.

Charizard was down on the ice. It struggled, trying to get back up with all its might. Unfortunately, it just didn't have the strength to.

"Going, going and down!" The MC announced.

"Charizard is unable to continue, the winner for the Pestee League is Max and his Mantine!" the judge said.

Gary sighed, "It's over. I was just that close to victory."

After, he took out the PokeBall was withdrew his fainted Charizard.

"Charizard, you were fantastic! Have some rest, will ya?" Gary said.

Gary was actually not feeling bad for losing in the final round. He was glad that he made it to the Best 2. That was his best record so far. He walked over to where Max was. He took out his hand and wanted to have a friendly shake with him. When Max saw him, he just pushed him back and made fun of him.

"Loser!" Max smirked.

Gary wanted to fight back, but he thought about it and decided not to. If only he had won, then Max would not make fun of him.

"We will see who the loser is next time." Gary said and then left.

"Well, Gary lost." Fabian was ashamed of Gary, "At least that was a close game."

Later that day, Gary didn't go and watch the closing ceremony for the Pestee League. Instead, he stayed in the Pokemon Center the whole time. He gave Nurse Joy all his Pokemon and wanted her to take care of them. As when the Pestee League came to a close, Gary took his Pokemon back from Nurse Joy and wanted to head back to the Lokesteep City. It took him a couple of days to do so. When he was back, Gary was first welcomed by his cousin, Fabian.

"Hey, Gary! Welcome back!" Fabian was pretty excited to see him. He ran to the back of Gary. He jumped onto his back while gently whacking his head.

"Fabian, get off of me." Gary always hated when Fabian did that. It made him embarrassed and felt like an idiot.

"I probably wouldn't do this if you won the Pestee League, Gary!" Fabian stuck out his tongue.

"It's easier said than done. You know how much pressure I had back then?" Gary questioned him.

"I don't know and I don't care." Fabian answered while making another face at Gary.

Gary sighed and decided to change the topic, "So, how's everything going here?"

"Good. Oh yeah, Professor Ciara said that she wants to talk to you." Fabian informed Gary.

"Okay, I am on my way." Gary responded.

"I am coming too!" Fabian followed.

It wasn't a long walk to Professor Ciara's laboratory. The lab was located on the high ground. It was high and wide. The whole lab was constructed by cements and was painted white. Looking from afar, it was very majestic. Fabian and Gary walked up the stairs and pushed the door open. Inside, Professor Ciara was seated on the sofa. She was glad to see Gary again.

"Gary, you are back!" Ciara exclaimed. "How are you doing?"

"Hello, Professor Ciara. I am doing great. It's just that I am a little tired after all this walking." Gary replied.

"Well, this is understandable. You can go back to your house and rest right after this talk." Ciara grinned.

"What are you going to talk about?" Fabian bugged in and asked.

Ciara stared at Fabian and then she continued, "The Testtle Region!"

"Testtle Region? What's that?" Gary seemed to be interested in this topic.

"It's a new region. I know you like to travel around with your Pokemon, so Gary, why don't you give Testtle Region a try? I mean, do you want to go there?" Ciara asked.

"A new region? Yup, I am going there without a doubt!" Gary answered. "But what's in there?"

"There are quite a few new Pokemon there, but it's not easy to encounter one because all of them are super rare. Other than that, there are not only gyms, but Pokemon Contests too, like the Hoenn Region. Aside of cities and towns, Testtle Regions are mainly made up of mountains, caves, forests and streams." Ciara didn't finish, but got cut off by Fabian.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Fabian eagerly asked.

"Fab, stop it! Stop interrupting us!" Gary said.

"Oh, it's okay. I guess Fabian is just excited to see you again. He was a really good boy when you were away." Ciara paused for a few seconds and then she continued, "What I mean is that if you want to reach a city or town in the Testtle Region, you have to pass a cave, or climb over a mountain, or surf across a lake, or even find a way out of a forest. It's a very complicated region. I've heard that the gyms there have some new rules too."

"Awesome! This region is wonderful! I want to go there!" Gary spoke.

"It sure is. If you want to go there, here are the 2 ship tickets. Go to the Lokesteep City bus station tomorrow at 9:00 and it will take you right to the port. Once you are there, take the St.Angel Ship and it will bring you to the first town of the Testtle Region." Ciara smiled and gave Gary the tickets.

Gary took the tickets from Ciara, "Why there are 2 tickets?"

"Because I am going too!" Fabian talked again.

"Wh..What? You can't be serious!" Gary was shocked to hear that.

"Please Gary, I promise I would be good. Plus, who is going to cook for you if you are going there alone? I am younger than you, but at least I know how to cook. You don't so ha ha!" Fabian begged Gary.

"Okay fine. Just promise me that you wouldn't be annoying." Gary closed his eyes and said.

"Yipee! Testtle Region, here I come!" Fabian hopped up the ground.

Ciara wished them luck, "Good luck and be careful there, Gary and Fabian!"

After, those two went back to their house. Gary hogged the bed as soon as he was back. He was really tired of this journey and wanted a long night good rest. It didn't take him long before he felt asleep.


The morning came fast. Pokemon sound could be heard almost everywhere in the Lokesteep City. Fabian woke up first. He rushed to where Gary was and heavily shook his body.

"Wake up, wake up! It's 8:30 already!" Fabian yelled in Gary's ears.

"Stop it! You are going to make me deaf!" Gary suddenly got up and scared the life out of Fabian.

"Gee, calm down!" Fabian said. "I am just trying to wake up, so you wouldn't miss the bus and the ferry."

"Yea, but you don't have to scream! Now my ear hurts." Gary whined.

Fabian looked at Gary and he seemed mad. "Fine, I am sorry!" Fabian apologized.

"You better." Gary replied.

After, Gary got off his bed. He got dressed and went in the dining room. He randomly went through the refrigerator and found a piece of bread. He quickly devoured it and also drank a cup of milk.

"Gary, hurry up!" Fabian rushed him near the door way.

"I am on my way!" Gary said.

The two teenager boys ran toward the Lokesteep Bus Station. From afar, they could see the bus was already there.

"We can't miss this bus! If we do, we can never get to the Testtle Region!" Gary yelled, "Come on out, Bayleef!"

A yellow grass Pokemon with leaves surrounding its neck and a long piece of leaf with a cut on the edge on its head popped out from Gary's PokeBall.

"Bayleef, aim your Vine Whip at the pole of the bus! Fast!" Gary ordered. "Fabian, grab on to me."

"Hmm, okay." Fabian nodded.

The bus driver looked ready to close the door. At the same time, a vine grabbed on to the door pole.

"What's the meaning of this?" The driver got confused.

Gary's hands tightly grabbed onto Bayleef's vine with Fabian on his back and it quickly swung over onto the bus.

"Oh no!" Gary yelled.

Both Fabian and Gary were now safely on the bus. Unfortunately, Gary got tripped and Fabian was thrown out. It looked as if Fabian was going to bite the ground.

"He, he, he!" The passengers on the side laughed at the two of them.

"Ouch!" Gary got up first, "Fabian, are you okay?" he asked.

Fabian was groaning on the ground. He heard Gary, but didn't say anything back.

"I know you are fine, so get up! People are making fun of you!" Gary ordered.

Fabian moaned, but he slowly got up.

"It's all your fault, Gary!" Fabian blamed his cousin.

"What did I do wrong? If I don't use Bayleef's Vine Whip, we might even miss the bus. It was just an accident that I tripped." Gary explained.

"You always have your reasons." Fabian said while walking into further of the bus.

"He is just stubborn." Gary thought. "And you Bayleef, you were really great. We couldn't do it without you. Now return!" Gary withdrew his Pokemon into its PokeBall to rest.

Fabian was seated on an empty seat on the back of the bus. He looked out through the window and saw some very beautiful view. He suddenly got depressed, because he knew that he was going to miss this place.

"This is the sea port, may all passengers please get off?" the bus driver nicely inquired all the people on the bus.

Gary and Fabian heard him and they got off the bus without saying a word to each other.

"Hey Fab, are you mad at me?" Gary asked.

"No, it's just that I think I am going to miss this place." Fabian responded.

"Don't worry. We would be back in a year or so." Gary encouraged him, "Come on, let's find our ship and start the new adventure!"

Fabian looked up at Gary and said yes. When they found the St.Angel ship, they walked up the stairs and flashed the ticket at the lady standing by the entrance. When they were inside, they were impressed by how many trainers there were. Gary got excited, because he wanted to challenge them for a battle. Suddenly, someone touched his back. Gary turned around.

"Are you that guy in the Pestee League?" the boy asked.

Gary was happy to hear that, he thought that he got a fan. "Oh yes, it's me, Gary."

"I know, you are one who lost in the final round to Max's Mantine." The kid made fun of him.

Gary was embarrassed, "Well, at least I made it that far. I want to see you do it."

"Oh be quiet! Let me just get to the point. I want to challenge you to a 3-on-3 battle just to see what your Pokemon are really made of." The boy requested.

"If it's a challenge you want, then I would accept. Don't cry to your mama when you lost." Gary warned him.

"No way!" the boy seemed determined to win.

Fabian was aside. He didn't want to get involved in this, because he didn't want that kid to make fun of both of them if Gary lost. But then again, if Gary won, he knew he'd be left out.

"Life is tough." Fabian thought.

The St.Angel ship had already started moving. All trainers were aboard. Some were battling, some were showing off their Pokemon attacks and some were just eating in the grand dining room. Meanwhile, the battle Gary with another kid was under way. Gary had already easily taken out two of his Pokemon just by using his Bayleef.

"Mudkip, use your Water Gun!" the kid called.

"Bayleef, dodge and use Razor Leaf to finish it off!" Gary ordered.

Bayleef jumped to avoid the attack. After, a series of green leaf came out and struck the foe's Mudkip hard. It fell and fainted.

"Well, that was easy." Gary said. "Good job, Bayleef."

"Wow, I can see why you made it to the final round. Your Pokemon is obviously very well-trained." The kid complemented Gary and his Bayleef.

"Thank you! It's nothing." Gary answered. "Fabian, let's go!"

Gary withdrew his Bayleef and then he and Fabian were on their way to their cabin. While there, there was a bunk-bed. Gary decided to sleep on the bottom one since Fabian always liked the top one. They played some Pokemon games while lying on the bed. Without knowing anything, both of them felt asleep.


As the morning came, the St.Angel ship was there at the destination. Gary and Fabian got off energetically and were very impressed by the Testtle Region.

"This region has some pretty cool buildings!" Fabian exclaimed.

"I agree with you there, Fabian." Gary followed. "What's the name of this place?" he asked.

"According to this sign, we are currently at the seaport city – the Bealides City." Fabian responded.

"Cool! Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go to the Pokemon Center!" Gary said while running full speed toward the Pokemon Center of this city leaving Fabian behind.

"Wait up! I am coming!" Fabian yelled.

Meanwhile, a girl named Caroline was…


Episode 1 - Contest Commence! Caroline Enters!

Gary and Fabian are at the Pokemon Center gathering information about this region while a girl named Caroline is in the middle of a Pokemon Contest. Can she win the Bealides Contest? When the contest is over, Caroline goes out and sees/recognizes Gary. What would happen then? Find out in episode 1 of Never Ends Challenge