Well, here is episode 1 of "Never Ends Challenge".

AN Members appeared in the episode:

Gary - Gary

Fab - Fabian

CrystalYamaki - Eunica

Caroline - Caroline

RumoraSuiku - Kain Slasfer

Episode 1 - Contest Commence! Caroline Enters PG 13

"Now, would contestant number 14 please take the stage? That's you, Caroline!" the host of this Bealides Pokemon Contest spoke in loud clear voice. His name was Eunica. He was a 16 years of age or so young boy that was about 5 feet tall. He wore a pair of frameless spectacles with a white t-shirt. He liked to wear a dark brown coat every time he entered the Pokemon Contest arena building. He had the habit of clipping his green mechanical pencil on his right ear. He also had short dark brown hair.

Caroline, a 15 years of age teenager girl, was there at the back stage. She had long brown hair and a pair of sapphire blue eyes. She wore a light purple dress, long purple socks and purple high heels. Purple was her favorite color. She was kind and cared about all her friends. She only liked cute Pokemon and most of the time; she was scared of tough and ugly Pokemon. Caroline admired May, who she had watched on TV for many years and wanted to become a coordinator just like her. She could be hot tempered at times, but mostly she appeared slightly weak. When she heard her number to be called, she stood up and walked toward the stage.

"There is no need to be scared. Stay calm and I would do just fine!" Caroline mumbled to herself.

Caroline walked to the stadium and stood near Eunica. She took a deep and long breath and was ready to perform.

"Vulpix, it's time for you to take the stage!" Caroline yelled.

She threw the PokeBall high in the middle of the stage and Vulpix, a cute little fire fox, popped out from the PokeBall. It landed in the middle stage perfectly and wagged its tail toward the audiences and judges.

"A nice opening and a great Pokemon for the Pokemon Contest!" Eunica said, "Let's see what tricks this Vulpix is going to do for us!"

"Vulpix, use Fire Spin and Tackle!" Caroline called.

Vulpix opened its mouth and fire came out. It leapt through the spiral loops of fire with a Tackle attack wonderfully.

"A nice combination! Fire Spin and Tackle!" Eunica exclaimed.

"Good job, Vulpix. Now Smokescreen and Ember!" Caroline ordered.

Vulpix opened its mouth once again. This time, a thick-layered smoke came out and surrounded the whole stadium. After, many star-shaped Ember attacks joined the smoke, making it looked like twinkle little red stars during the night.

"Gorgeous technique! The stars appear and then disappear…Now let's see what our judges have to say about that excellent performance." Eunica responded.

Eunica turned to the three judges. The Major gave her 9.1, the small man from the Pokemon enthusiast club gave her 9.1 and finally, the very own Nurse Joy from the Bealides City gave her 9.2.

"Caroline scored a total score of 27.4 and that's the highest score yet!" Eunica announced.

Caroline seemed to be satisfied with her score. "Good job, Vulpix!" she complemented her Pokemon.

Caroline walked back to the waiting room. She was a little worried, but she was also confident that she could make it to the second round. Suddenly, a loud clapping sound could be heard. Caroline looked around and saw a teenager boy walking toward her.

"Good work, Caroline! Those were some unique combinations!" the boy praised Caroline for her good work. The boy had smooth black hair with a pair of cold emerald eyes. He wore a green jacket with mixture of black on it. His long pants were black, the color green could be revealed when it got folded up. He carried around a fishing rod, and often used it in his contest performances and battles. He cared for his Pokemon, but was cold toward certain people. He preferred to be solitude and was often quiet whenever people talked to him.

"Thank you, but do I even know you?" Caroline got confused.

"You don't know me, but I know you. Anyway, let me introduce myself. My name is Kain Slasfer and I am 15 years of age. Nice to meet you, Caroline!" Kain Slasfer said.

"Nice to meet you there. But how do you know me?" Caroline questioned him.

"I prefer to keep that as a secret and I hope it's okay with you." Kain Slasfer answered.

"Oh, okay. I like your style." Carline grinned, "Wait a minute! I think I've seen you somewhere before!" she tried to remember where.

"Possibly, but I am like a lone wolf and absolutely hate it when people ask me about my past!" Kain Slasfer replied.

"I didn't ask you about your past, did I?" Caroline asked.

"Don't' worry, I am just saying. Anyway, see you around sometime! You would know more about me eventually!" Kain Slasfer waved good-bye to Caroline and walked out of the waiting room.

"That was weird, but he sure looks handsome!" Caroline said while looking at the television.

She saw Kain Slasfer with his Pokemon, Combusken, the young fowl Pokemon. They together did a couple of beautiful tricks and got a score 29.4 in total.

"Awesome! Now that becomes the highest score in this contest yet! Kain Slasfer sure rocks!" Eunica shouted.

"Wow, I guess I got myself a tough rival!" Caroline was impressed by Kain Slasfer's primary performance.

"Jane had score 19.5 and that ended our primary performance. In a moment, we would announce the four constants that made it to the second round!" Eunica said.

Caroline waited in the waiting room, patiently. In a couple of minutes, Eunica announced that Kain Slasfer, Caroline and two other guys made it.


Meanwhile, Gary and Fabian were in the Pokemon Center of Bealides City. They were looking for Nurse Joy, but apparently, she was not there.

"Excuse me, may I help you?" a voice behind them asked.

Gary and Fabian turned around and saw a thin and tall young lady. She had black long hair and wore a black shawl around her body.

"Oh yea, you can help us! This is what happened." Fabian started to talk. "This is my cousin, Gary. He just got dumped and wanted to ask you if you want to go out with him." Fabian joked around.

"Is that so? Your cousin sounds like a pretty weird person to me. Asking out a girl he doesn't even know about." The lady got mad and decided to walk away.

"Wait!" Gary yelled and the lady turned around. "Fabian, quit it! You promised me you would be good! Your lame jokes are just ridiculous!" Gary whacked Fabian's head. "I am sorry there. It's not what you think. My cousin Fabian likes to joke around with people a lot, so don't mind him." Gary apologized.

"Oh, I really don't know who to trust." The lady answered.

"Fabian!" Gary was ready to whack him again.

"Okay, I am sorry! What I said before was only a joke! Happy now, Gary?" Fabian asked.

"Much better!" Gary led go of Fabian.

"Very well then, my name is Sarah and I am a friend of Nurse Joy. She is currently at the Pokemon Contest Arena of the Bealides City, so I am afraid you can't speak to her right now. That's why I am here, to take over from Nurse Joy." The lady introduced.

"Hello, Sarah! Gary is the name and this is my annoying cousin, Fabian!" Gary said.

"We are just wondering…" Fabian got cut off.

"Save your stupid jokes for later! We are new to the Testtle Region, so we, actually, I want to know more about the region." Gary inquired.

"I see, come with my, Gary!" Sarah went in a room and took out something. "This is for you, a map of the whole Testtle Region. I am afraid that if you want to know more about this region, you really should ask Nurse Joy. I am not really clear on this region myself." Sarah apologized.

"It's alright! A map is all we, I mean, I need. Thanks a lot, Sarah!" Gary smiled.

"And he still wants to ask you out on a date!" Fabian yelled from far.

"Shut up, Fab!" Gary got annoyed and ran toward Fabian wanting to whack him again. "See you, Sarah! Thanks for the help!"

Fabian ran out the Pokemon Center and so had Gary. Gary wanted to kill him for making such lame jokes. People in the city looked at them in a weird way. Gary felt embarrassed and he decided to quit. He walked away and left Fabian behind.

"Wait up, Gary!" Fabian yelled.


In the Pokemon Contest arena building, Kain Slasfer was defeated by another coordinator. He seemed depressed, but determined to win next time.

"Now, direct your eyes to stage two for match two! Just to make it clear, our contestants have to use a Pokemon differs from the primary round. Let the match Caroline versus Glenn begins! " Eunica called and the time started to tick.

"Go, Beautifly!" Caroline yelled.

"Let's go, Torchic!" Glenn said.

Caroline chose Beautifly, her first Pokemon given by her father when she was eight years of age and Glenn picked Torchic.

"It seems that Beautifly is at a disadvantage since Torchic is a fire type, but only time would tell which one of them would advance to the final round!" Eunica stated.

"Beautifly, we still can win!" Caroline encouraged her Pokemon. "Start by using Gust!"

Beautifly flapped its wing and white wind came out. It struck Torchic and it got pushed to the wall. Glenn's points lost 20.

"Beautifly, use String Shot to tangle it up!" Caroline ordered.

White string came out of Beautifly's long mouth and it tangled up the foe's Torchic.

"Now, spin it!" Caroline said. "When it stopped, use Silver Wind!"

Beautifly pulled the string in and Torchic was spinning in circles. When it stopped, it got very dizzy. Without knowing anything, silver-colored wind blasted it against the wall once more. Torchic fainted.

Glenn was stunned, "What just happened? We didn't even make a move!"

Caroline went to her Beautifly and gave it a big hug. Kain Slasfer was sitting in the audience and was glad that Caroline made it.

"A big congrats to Caroline and Beautifly as they advanced to the final round!" Eunica congratulated them.

Caroline went back to the waiting room for a five minutes break. There, she saw her opponent with his Pokemon.

"You are going to lose, big loser!" that guy smirked.

Caroline ignored his advice and was talking to her Beautifly about their strategy for the next battle. Five minutes later, Eunica wanted them to go on the stage and start the battle.

"Who would win the Bealides Pokemon Contest? Caroline or Lee? It all comes down to this! Begin!" Eunica exclaimed.

Caroline released Beautifly as that Lee guy chose Hitmonlee.

"Well, there is no way I am losing to him." Caroline thought.

"No little girl can win over me. This match should be easy!" Lee believed.

"Beautifly, String Shot!" Caroline called.

The white string was coming directly at Hitmonlee and it got all tangled up just like that Torchic. Lee lost 10 of points.

"Break free and use Hi Jump Kick!" Lee ordered.

Hitmonlee broke free of those strings and came back hard with a High Jump Kick attack.

"Gust, let's go!" Caroline demanded.

A gust of wind came at Hitmonlee and pushed it back down along with its Hi Jump Kick. It fell on the ground and got a little injured by the leg. Lee's point had gone down 40 leaving him with only 50 left.

"God damn it! How can I lose to a puny girl? Get up, Hitmonlee! Use Reversal!" Lee ordered, angrily.

There were only 2 minutes left on the clock and Hitmonlee appeared to have taken a lot of damage from that Gust attack.

"We can't just sit around waiting for our opponent to make a move. If he is not going to do anything, we will!" Caroline yelled. "Tackle and Silver Wind."

Beautifly spun in circles while flapped its wing to launch a Silver Wind attack. Its little spin had created a powerful and unavoidable silver tornado. Hitmonlee was stunned, but didn't know what to do. The attack hit it with great force. Lee lost another 20. Hitmonlee tried to get up, but it just didn't have the strength to. It fainted right in front of all the audiences and judges.

"What beautiful technique!" Nurse Joy exclaimed.

In a few seconds, the bell rung and stated that Hitmonlee was out of the battle making Caroline and Beautifly the winner of the Bealides Pokemon Contest!

"The result is clear! Caroline, please step this way to get your winner ribbon!" Eunica announced.

"Yay! I did it! I beat Lee. Let's see who the loser is now!" Caroline said, proudly.

She went over to Beautifly and gave it another hug. When she received the ribbon, she flashed it to everyone in sight with great optimism. Kain Slasfer came to her and told her that she did a wonderful job.

"Caroline, your Beautifly's attacks are great. You really trained it well. Give some credit to yourself!" Kain Slasfer grinned.

Caroline blushed, "Thanks, Kain Slasfer. You are being way too kind!"

"But next time, I would show you that I am better than you or anybody else. I would win the contest. See you then, Caroline!" Kain Slasfer gave Caroline a hug and left the contest arena.

"He is really sweet, but still, he is a little weird." Caroline mumbled.

"Now this year's Bealides Pokemon Contest is officially over. Until next time!" Eunica smiled and announced.

Caroline walked out. She felt good that she won her first ever contest in the Testtle Region. She knew that she had experiences back then at the Hoenn Region, but she figured that the contest in Testtle was a lot harder. There were many different kinds and alternatives. Caroline sighed and wanted to leave those behind. She just wanted to celebrate her small victory right now.

"I am one step closer to the Grand Festival in the Testtle Region! Yay!" Caroline jumped with joy.

Suddenly, she saw a familiar face across the street. She ran to there and took a closer look of the face of that trainer. It was him!

"Gary!" Caroline exclaimed.

"Huh?" Gary turned around and got confused. "I am not sure if I know you."

"Nice to meet you, Gary. I watched you battle in the Pestee League. Your Pokemon are awesome and combine with your great battle techniques. You are number 1 without a doubt!" Caroline smiled.

"Thank you! Wow, I am starting to get my own fan too." Gary giggled, embarrassed.

"My name is Caroline and my dream is to become the top coordinator!" Caroline introduced.

"Hello there!" Fabian bugged in. "Gary just wants to ask you if you want to go out on a date with him." Fabian started again.

"FABIAN!" Gary's face started to turn black, because of all his anger.

"I know you too. You are Gary's cousin, Fabian. And you are a great breeder, I heard. Even so, you have the personality to joke around with people." Caroline took out her hand and wanted to have a friendly shake with him.

"See. Gary! She understands!" Fabian stuck out his tongue and shook hands with Caroline.

Gary sighed, "My cousin is just a little childish, sometimes. Don't mind him. Anyway, I heard there was a contest awhile ago. Did you win?" he asked.

"You bet!" Caroline proudly flashed her winning ribbon to Gary.

"Good for you. I know you would become a great coordinator someday!" Gary said.

"Thanks! Would you do me a favor, Gary?" Caroline asked.

"I would try my best." Gary responded.

"I travel with myself, so I want to ask you if it's okay to travel with you and Fabian." Caroline asked.

"If you can take Fabian's silly jokes, then sure. It's good to meet new friends along the way!" Gary nodded.

Caroline was happy. It had been such a wonderful day. She won the contest and even better, she was going to travel with Gary now – one of the best trainers in her eyes.

"Caroline, why don't we rest in the Pokemon Center tonight?" Gary questioned.

Caroline accepted and the three of them headed toward the Pokemon Center once again. Their journey in the Testtle Region had just begun!

Episode 2 - The Rival and The Ghosts

On their way to the next town, Gary gets challenged by a female Pokemon trainer named Lindsay. Can he win, or would he lose? Furthermore more in the cave ahead of them, something happens. But what? Find out in episode 2 of "Never Ends Challenge".