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Author's Note: I shouldn't be writing poems. I should be finishing a present for my Onee-san, or working on a Double Trouble update. But no—I had to write this. Sorry guys. . . the mental pictures of Rosette and Chrono in their winter coats and mittens in a candy store. . . it was too much for me to resist. XD

Ah well. In any case, please enjoy!

PS. This one is dedicated to my Grandie, who wanted a poem for her birthday. Sorry it's a fanfic poem, Grandie—I hope you don't mind too much!


Candy Store


In a little candy store

Not too far from New York's bay

In a time before the present

On a bright, crisp winter's day

Stood a girl and stood a boy

—One in blue and one in red—

With a tiny sack of silver coins

And looks that clearly said:

"Oh, which sweet here should I choose

When they all appear so good?"

With a frown and with a sigh

The pair straightened where they stood

Keeping eyes and noses pressed

To the glass of the display

Taking in the sights and smells

Of the candy where it lay

In those shiny tins and boxes,

In cans full of paper gold

In jars of crystal suckers

All just waiting to be sold.

Purple, orange, white, and pink

Chocolates brown and mints of green

Swirls of milk and blocks of caramel

In a cotton candy dream.

Both the girl and little boy

Seemed astounded by the store

And they couldn't quite decide

Of which treat they wanted more.

Should he choose the licorice?

Should she choose the colored dots?

Should they lean towards something sour,

Or perhaps towards something hot?

There was silence full of humming

Bitten mouths tugged tight in frowns

Then the candy man said something

That flipped their musings upside-down

"Why don't you choose a favorite

With a new or different twist?

Instead of taking a new treat—

Instead of such a risk—

I find I like the tang of old

When feeling stuck like this."

Both the girl and boy considered

Staring at the gentleman

Then the one with eyes of scarlet

Gently brushed his best friend's hand.

With a start and with a smile

With a fist upon her hip

The girl turned to face her partner—

But was greeted with his lips.

The action left her quite surprised

—This sudden, shy embrace—

But she soon began reacting

Pressing closer to his face.

For a long and fleeting moment

The whole world just disappeared

And there was no candy shop

Nor a man there with a beard—

Just a couple who was kissing,

Feeling neither shamed nor weird

As all worries of rejection fled

And were no longer feared.

Then with a silent sort of sigh—

His heels re-touching ground—

The blushing boy grinned happily

And slowly turned around.

"I would like rock candy, please.

In cherry would be nice.

I checked my sources and it seems

That flavor's just 'bout right.

It's sugary and tangy

Like a candied summer night.

It tingles like her laughter does,

And her yells from when we fight."

So with a chuckle and a beam

The man secured a stick,

Then gave it to the blushing boy

As the girl made clear her pick:

"I think I'll take some strawberries—

The ones with chocolate cream.

They're sweet and soft and savory;

They taste like springtime dreams.

And the colors tell a story—

Like the ones he told to me—

About the devil in the darkness

Who chose to be set free."

Then with their purchases all wrapped

And payment on the stand

The pink-cheeked boy and flushing girl

Left smiling, hand in hand.