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"Sesshomaru, how could you betray me!" Yelled a woman with curly, raven hair.

"I'm sorry, no matter how kind you are, you are different. You even have magical powers, yet you are, but a mere mortal. I asked the witch, Kikyou, to seal you in a magic amulet. " A silver haired man said calmly. His expression never changing. He had amber eyes and a stotic face.

"Sesshomaru, I thought you loved me and I accepted you for who you are, a demon, yet you dare to seal me!" She shrieked back.

"I did love you, but I found that Kikyou woman greatly surpasses you. If not in status than in power." With that the silver haired demon turned and walked away.

The woman stared at the retreating man with her equally stotic blue eyes. Tears streamed down her face, no matter how much she tried to hold them back. Holding her head high in diginty, the tears that were on her face had vanished mysteriously. The blue silk dress she wore barely touched the ground. Beautiful designs of cherry blossoms decorated the clothing. She wore jewlery on her wrists and neck that dangled fashionably. Her hair was pinned up in a complicated design.

Walking steadily down the hall, she came past a woman in plain white clothing. Her hair was straight and was tied lower ponytail. Her eyes were cold and deep brown. Other than the eyes, hair and dress of clothing, those two could have been mistaken as twins.

"Kikyou." The first woman with blue eyes nodded her head in hello, but it was more of forced habbit than anything else.

"Princess." The seemingly older woman curtised, eyes averting the Princess in respect. And with that they both went on their way, leaving a trail of malice hate for one another.

The Princess walked into the a well decorated room and said in a dangerously calm voice, "Father, I did not heed your warning and I am cursed to by Lord Sesshomaru, I will be captured in the amulete during the day and free during the nights. From this moment on, I am immortal. So I asked to be hidden in your tomb, so that I may protect it." All this time, the pale faced girl never changed her stotic face.

"Did I not warn you? Loving a demon!" The king bellowed taking his eyes off his paper work, then taking deep breathes to calm himself he said business like, "When will this happen and how will the spell be broken?" Knowing fully well that his daughter was well trained for these kind of spells.

"The spell will be activated when the sun goes down. This spell will only be broken when I find an innocent soul to love and trust. I doubt I'll ever trust again," She said with such sorrow, that made the King wince. What Father would want their daughter to be sad? "So Father, please don't go looking for men to help me." She said sadly, "I will live forever and dread over my choices. So I will watch your tomb as well as mother's." A gentle smile graced her face remember her long, dead mother.

After some thinking, the King said, "Who will be my heir?" "Prince Souta would." The girl replied. "He is not of age!" The King once agian bellowed. "He will be when you pass the thrown. You are a wise and great king and have no enemies, healthy as well. So I am sure, you will live for a very long time." The Princess gave a smile that she was well known for melting the hearts of Princes all around, but this smile had been forced, like so many before.

The King thought more, and replied soleumly, "I am sorry this happened." For of course, no father would like their daughter to be given such a fate. Even a King. "Do not. I placed this curse by trusting that demon!" A flash of sadness appeared in her angry eyes and flickered away as fast as it came. They remained in a uncomfortable silence.

Over the years, the Princess lived on, never aging, forever youthful. Sealed during the day, free to wander during the night. Years passed and the King was old. He died in his bed at night with his daughter and son beside him. That night, many cries and moans were heard that night for their great king.

Once the prepreations for the tomb was made, and Prince Souta was crowned, The Princess was lead inside with coffin of their king.

A silver haired man stood by a tree not far from the tomb, "I am so sorry, Kagome." The silver haired demon whispered and ran off far away never to be seen again.

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