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"InuYasha... You got to stop looking for it... There's nothing here but a big rock, grass and trees." Cried a violet-eyed male. He had short black hair that was tied to a small, tight ponytail. He was lean and well built making him good looking with a perverted tinge about him.

The one who could be assumed to be InuYasha, growled. "There's got to be something here, Miroku! I can just SMELL it." He got down on all fours and sniffed the ground. His long and wild, silver hair that was tied back in a low ponytail fell down to his shoulders. Soft, silky, white, twitching dog ears perched on top of his head, listened for any sounds.

"I can just smell it... a dead body and a new scent... a soft fragance... Surely cherryblossoms and cream aren't down there? There's something, I just KNOW it!" He cried determinly, golden eyes shined with innocent determination.

"But InuYasha... We've been searching for days. I'm hungry..." The one now known as Miroku complained.

"It's here!" Pulling back a fist he slammed it against the ground and it gave away out of age and the strength of the force of a hanyou.

They were met with stairs to a dark unknown passage. Flexing his claws he took the first step, possibly to a new life, instead of the small apartment they barely managed to afford.

The boys could scarcely breathe as the walked quietly down the passage. They found that the walls were roughly made, as if barely able to hold under the pressure of the rocks. Unlike the Ancient Egyptians, there was no maze to loose themselves in, as if the builders would suspect nothing bad would harm the place.

Finding themselves met with white beads dangling from the top, making it seem like a door. Miroku hesitantly touched the beads, ready to brush it away but got shocked. Gasping he pulled away, looking at InuYasha.

The violet-eyed man was met with a determined face as InuYasha touched the beads himself and was met with...a pleasant feeling. He stiffened and brushed the beads away as if they were made of nothing. Miroku looked at InuYasha strangely but shrugged it off, thinking it was a hanyou thing.

They were met with another stone wall. WIth a heave and a rush of breath, they managed to push through the way and fell to the ground. Panting with breath, they were met with feet. "Who are you? Leave this place at once."

InuYasha looked up and found the source of the cherryblossoms and cream. He met with clear, greyish-blue eyes that were shining with wisdom...and was that sadness?

"How. Dare. You!" She shouted, her eyes quickly filled with glaring hatred. "How dare you come near this tomb! GO!" Pointing a furious finger to the entrance.

Raising up to full height, he glared with determination and amazement. "I am InuYasha. I have come to investagate this tomb site, who are you and how did you find this gravesite before us?"

"I-InuYasha?" Her eyes widen dramatically and then eyed their clothing and looked deeply in the golden eyes. She tentively touched InuYasha's cheek and then spotted the twitching ears. "You aren't... him."

Then snapping back, taking her hand back, she turned around, "Leave this tomb. This tomb, belongs to me."

"You have no claim over it!" InuYasha snapped.

"Oh yes, I have no claim over it." The girl stared at the sealed coffin, then kneeled down beside a coffin. "But this chamber belongs to my father. And it's MY duty to guard it. You," The woman pointed a menacing finger to them, "are intruders."

InuYasha began to think she was cracked up.

"Look... why don't you come out of this... chamber so we can talk...peacefully?" Miroku's voice squeeked.

"..." was his reply.

"Um... InuYasha! Think of something!" Miroku whispered in a hush voice.

The girl with fair skin rose to her feet and with her penatrating blue-grey eyes, she rose her hand. She slammed her palm against the hanyou's forehead with a force that InuYasha wondered why he wasn't unconcious. He felt a lightened feeling and felt his world melt, but then awoken with a startle when he heard a female scream.

The 'cracked up' female pulled back her hand that now supported a burn mark. WIth a startled look, she started at him with wary eyes. With a sigh, she looked back at him with a tired expression. "A pure heart." Was what she said, meeting with InuYasha eyes.

"Whaaaaaa?" InuYasha's confused face was reeeeally funny right now. Me? wha-? Who is she? WHAT is she? WHat did she try to do--? "My name is Princess Kagome, from the Higurashi line." She held her head high and in dignity. "This is my father, King Higurashi the 3rd. I don't know who are you, or what you want, but I can believe that you mean us no harm." Narrowing her eyes as if DARING them to say something different.

"Uh... But I heard that the Higurashi line died out--" Miroku started then regretted it immediately. "WHAT!" She shouted. "WHAT YEAR IS IT!" He muttered something, casting his eyes to the ground.

"Has it really been that long...?" She whispered to herself, as if lost.

"Look girl. I can see that you're depressed an all." InuYasha finally spoke out, "But you can't live your life in this... dump. No offence." He added quickly, recieving a glare from the Princess. "I live on forever." Her face shadowed with scorn. Rolling his amber eyes he answered, "Do you want to see what the future looks like? The tomb was pretty well guarded and those beady thingies..." He trailed off, thinking to himself.

"... I suppose-- NO!" She glared. "I can't leave my father's tomb unguarded!" Shaking her head. But what if this...this...BOY can actually 'help' me? I-I don't need help! I promised my father I'd protect his tomb...She mentally slapped herself silly for thinking that she would abandoned her post.

Kagome looked with her blue-grey eyes to InuYasha's amber eyes. Fury of faded betrayal came back to her, but then when she looked deeper, those amber eyes were so much...kinder... love? She felt those decades of building up her wall again slowly crumble. With a sigh, she made her decision, remembering her father's love to her and his words before he died.

"Kagome... My dear sweet Kagome... I know that you feel... indebted to guard my tomb... but if you ever... EVER get a chance to be free from the curse... go. Go and find your freedom... and love." With blessful sigh, he passed.

Kneeling beside the coffin, she bowed. She lifted up the seal.

InuYasha and Miroku quickly walked over to look.

"This, this is my father." She said with a proud voice as the men looked over her shoulder to see a handsome man about in his thirties. He had short black hair with long eyelashes covering his eyes, he wore royal robes fit for a king... He only seems to be asleep.

"How did you manage to keep him so...so... preserved?" Miroku stuttered.

Kagome didn't answer. With a wave of her hand, she poured a little blue light from her hand. The blue light was both warm and inviting. The small amount of light seem to flow all around the long past-away king's body. "Father... I have to go now. I'll be back before you know it..." The girl talked to the long dead man as if he were alive. Then nodding curtly to InuYasha and Miroku, as if indicating them to lead the way out.

Raising an eyebrow, InuYasha walked slowly out with Miroku trailing along. Once they were out into the sunshine, Kagome squinted into the bright light, obviously not use to the immense rays. "Say... How old ARE you?" "I'm 17 summers, not inculding those years in the tomb. And you?" "Uh... I'm... err... 20...winters?" Kagome blinked at his stuttering, then shrugged, looking around.

"Few has changed in a thousand years..." Kagome whispered. "Actually... you haven't been in that tomb for a thousand years. Judging by your clothes, you've only been in that tomb for about few hundred years." InuYasha corrected automatically.

But Princess Kagome was already walking around, stumbling occasionally. "This tree... the grass... the land." She blinked as she looked at the clear blue sky. "The sky... By the Goddess... I have forgotten how vast the sky was."

She looked at InuYasha and Miroku with commanding eyes. "Show me more."

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