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A Twin Thing

Summary: In a galaxy far far away, two little twins decided to drive their parents insane.

Chapter 1: Stop Touching Me!

"Leia!" A six year old boy with blonde hair like his fathers yelled to his sister. She was also six years old and had chocolate brown hair like her mother's. The young boy quickly took his finger and dug it into his sister's arm.

"OW! Stop touching me Luke! STOP TOUCHING ME! MOM!" Leia whined and her mother answered her.

"What is it Leia?"

"Luke won't stop touching me!"

"Don't listen to her mom, she's lying!" Luke stuck out his tongue at his sister. Leia copied him. This time their mother's voice, which was usually soft and beautiful came as a scream.

"Do I need to come up there? Because if I have to come up there, we're going to have a problem! So do I? I'm waiting!"

Leia and Luke looked at each other, "NO!"

"Good, now play with each other like you love each other."

Padme sighed and sank back into her chair. Usually she would have been very passive when it came to the twins fighting, but not today, she was working from home today because Anakin had a mission to go too and Sabe couldn't watch over the kids. Padme needed to get her work done and she just couldn't go that with the twins constant bickering.

Leia sat on the floor, playing with her doll happily, when Luke came over and stole it. This was the start of the screaming again.

"MOM! LUKE STOLE MY DOLL!" Leia screamed and chased after Luke.

"Luke honey, if you stole your sister's doll, then please give it back to her? Mommy has a headache." Padme rubbed her temples, pleading silently that her two children would shut up for a minute, so she could have some peace and do her work. Too bad that didn't come true.

"MOM!" Luke's frantic cry came from upstairs; Padme could hear the running around. She hated it when the twins did this.

"Do I have to tell your father about this!" Padme yelled once more and heard the running stop. She sighed in relief.

Leia and Luke looked at each other once more, they knew how their father got when he heard that they were causing their mother problems.


"Good, now please would you just play silently for awhile, so I can finish my work?" Padme had no idea that the twins didn't know what she was talking about.

Padme shook her head to clear her thoughts. She picked up her pen and started to get to work. Finally the twins were quiet; she could finish her work, fix dinner, and wait for Anakin's return. There, that was the schedule, and it would have gone like that too, if the twins hadn't kept yelling at each other.

"I get it first!" Luke yelled and stole the game from his sister. Leia almost broke out into tears.

"NO I DO!" Leia yelled back, wiping the tears that came down her face.

"Leia it's MY turn!"

"No it isn't! It's MINE!"

"I'm going to tell mom!"

"Not if I get there first Butthead." Leia answered and both children hurried down the stairs towards the kitchen where their mother sat, doing her work. When they entered the room, Padme dropped her pen and looked at them.

"What is it now?" Padme questioned and Leia and Luke pointed at each other.

"Leia won't let me us the game first!"

"Luke is being a butthead!"

"Leia, please don't call your brother names."

"But Mom-"

"But nothing Leia, please go play silently with each other, I don't have time for this… Please?" Padme pleaded and shooed Leia and Luke out of the room.

Padme was twenty eight years old with two children and a husband who acted like a child still. She was still deciding whether to give up her job as a senator and be a full time mother, or just keep working and supporting the family. She had no time to dwell on these thoughts because once again, came Leia and Luke's cry.

"MOM!" Leia and Luke yelled in unison. Padme decided to ignore them, they were causing too much trouble, she needed to finish these papers before-

"MOM!" Came their voices again, but again Padme said nothing.






"I'M COMING!" Padme yelled and ran upstairs towards Leia's room where both of the children sat, crying. Leia's thumb was red and swollen and Luke had a bump as large as a golf ball on his head.

"What happened?" Padme winced at the sight before her. Padme softened as she saw the tears in her children's eyes. She picked Luke up and shifted him to one hip and then Leia to the other hip. She quickly carried them downstairs and placed them on the counter, so they were sitting up.

Padme's motherly instincts kicked in right away when she had first entered Leia's room. She had turned from the devil mom who was upset at her children for being annoying while she was trying to finish importance business work, to the wonderful caring mother who she usually always was, who would give up anything to see her children happy.

Quickly, Padme got ice from the refrigerator and handed one pack to Luke and the other to Leia.

"You two are driving me insane." Padme teased and ruffled Leia's hair.

"But Mom, it wasn't my fault, it was Luke's. He was the on-"

"It's ok Leia, I just want to see you two get along some time, ok?"

"Ok." Luke and Leia said together and watched as their mother turned around to prepare dinner before they went and picked up their father.

"Yes right." Leia said under her breath and Luke looked at her. All Leia could do was smile sweetly.

A couple hours later…


"I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you-"

"Stop touching each other! We'll be there in a few minutes!" Padme pleaded and both children stopped, not wanted to upset their mother more then they had that afternoon.

"Are we there yet Mom?" Luke questioned as he sucked on his fingers.

"No sweetheart, we're not. And would you please stop sucking on your fingers?"

"Yep." Was all Luke said, but he didn't stop sucking on them, he kept sucking on them. Leia drummed her fingers against the window.

Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap-

"Leia, could you please stop that?" Padme questioned as she looked in the mirror at Leia.

Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap-


Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap-

"Leia, if you don't stop, I swear there is going to be a problem."

Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap-

By now, Leia and Luke were cracking up and Padme's face was red from anger. She stopped the speeder and turned around. She was about to say something when Luke interrupted her.

"Finally we're here!" Both children got out of the speeder and Padme sighed deeply and got out also, running as she tried to keep up with her children. It was as if her husband wasn't bad enough, it was just her luck she had gotten two children that acted just like their father. They stopped at Dock B 1045.

"Where is Dad? Where is Obi-Wan? Are they here yet?" Luke questioned and stuck his fingers in his mouth again.

"Luke, take your fingers out of you mouth, they will be here soon."

"Good, because this is boring." Leia piped in and started to drum her fingers against the railing, luckily Padme took her arm firmly away from the railing and held it tightly so she wouldn't do that again.

"We are pleased to inform you that at Dock B 1045, it has just landed." The voice boomed over the speakers as Jedi and other people walked out of the ship. Padme sighed with instant relief. She had been worried, even if she hadn't shown it.

It was a miracle when Anakin and Obi-Wan walked out of the ship. It felt like a hundred pounds had just been taken off of her shoulders. Thank god… Padme thought to herself as the two Jedi walked closer to them. Not noticing that Leia had gotten away from her grip, Padme looked around stupidly. She looked behind her. Oh my god… Padme saw Leia, running away towards a ship that was just board. Her figure got smaller and smaller, Padme let go of Luke's arm, expecting their father to grab him and dashed after her daughter.

Once Padme had got to the gate, she saw Leia talking to an alien arguing about whether or not she should be able to be let into the gate. Padme quickly grabbed Leia's arm, and apologized to the alien. Whisking Leia away, Padme lectured her daughter.

"Never do that to me again. You scarred me half to death! You know what they could have done! They could have-"

"He should have said sorry to me."

"No Leia, he shouldn't have."

"Yes, he should have mother, I was right and he was wrong."

"You are driving me INSANE!"

"Sorry mom." Leia said half-heartedly and turned her head sideways to look at some other strange people. Once they had returned to where Anakin and Obi-Wan stood with Luke, Padme let go of Leia's arm to greet her husband. Padme and Anakin watched as Obi-Wan and their children walked in front of them. Padme rubbed her head, man did it hurt, one more sound out of one of them and she would explode. Too bad that sound came from her husband.

"So how are things at home?" Anakin questioned with a smirk on his face. Padme's face twisted up in disgust and anger.

"Don't talk to me, I have a headache."

End of Chapter 1

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