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Will and Determination

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Genre: Humor/General

Couples: Oc/Hiei, Botan/Kurama, Keiko/Yusuke, Yukina/Kuwabara, small mentions of Shizuru/Sakyo and Shizuru/Koenma

Warnings: Oc romance, Keiko's last name will be spelled: Ukimura. I'm not too familiar with Kurama's family, his stepbrother and stepfather their ages and personality.

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Summary: A foreign exchange student from America who has brought all her attitude and quirkiness with her. Let's just hope the Rekai Tantei can handle her. . . Especially when she finds out their secret!

Exchange Program: Texas Girl

Her brown eyes scanned the white piece of paper in her hands as her mouth slowly dropped lower to the ground, her eyes shot up larger, and she began to tremble with excitement.

The girl next to her raised an eyebrow before she leaned over, throwing an arm over the girl's shoulder.

"Wassup?" She asked as she scanned the paper that the girl was reading. After the first look over, the brown-eyed girl's friend gasped.

Screeching with excitement she shot up, surprising everyone in the classroom and began bouncing up and down on her toes.

"Sarah? What the hell are you doing?" The teacher up front snapped finding herself becoming very impatient with the female who was dancing in the middle of a lesson.

Grinning from ear to ear the blonde cleared her throat and began reading the paper the girl next to her held in her hands not a moment ago.

"Dear Miss. Callie Johnson,

The people of the Japanese Council and the school of Meiou High, congratulates you on your success of becoming the chosen foreign exchange student.

Hearing about your triumphs during difficult times and unsettling struggles made everyone believe you are the perfect candidate for the program.

You have received a plane ticket in the envelope that tells the gate, the time the plane leaves, and the expected time of your arrival in Japan.

Your surrogate family will be the Minamino family. Your tutor as well as your guide to the school and the city will be Minamino Shuichi, a seventeen-year-old student that will be your upper-classmen as well as 'brother'.

When you arrive at Japan's Airport he, as well as his family, will be waiting for you with a sign that says your name at the outside of your arrival gate.

Your school uniform, as well as your books, will already be given to your surrogate family.

Because of your current condition we have also arranged for an apartment for you in the future if you wish to stay when you turn the appropriate age.

The Meiou district, as well as the surrounding small cities (Sarayashiki, Tsukai, and Odo) corresponds with American government so the language more widely used will be in your knowledge of understanding.

We once again congratulate you on your victory and achievement of becoming our new student and hopefully, future resident of our city.


Blah, blah, blah!" The girl named Sarah finished off, not caring about reading the signatures at the bottom.

After a brief moment of silence the entire classroom filled with wild cheers and hoots of happiness and victory.

"YEE-HAW! Ya did it, runt!" A pure young Texan rancher exclaimed, as he went up to the smiling, and blushing brunette, and gave her a noogie.

The teacher also gave her congrats to the smallest pupil in her class. "Job well done, Callie. You have accomplished something that many couldn't. We are all so proud." She stated with a proud smile as her dark blue eyes began to mist.

Laughing sheepishly she threw her arm behind her head, scratching the backside of her neck. "I didn't think I would make it! It was just something fun I wanted to try out. I mean sure Japan sounds awesome and I would love to go, but . . .Well . . .I guess I really need to think more highly of myself, don't I?"

With her class talking excitedly about her trip, the scrawny brunette took a look out the window with a small dreamy smile on her face. 'I wonder what's going to happen.'

Shiori smiled fondly at her eldest son as he came home, explaining that he had been chosen to house and care for an American exchange student.

Scanning over the letter, the woman gave another proud smile to her son. "Callie Johnson, huh? Sounds like a wonderful name. I'm sure she will feel right at home with you as her big brother, Shuichi."

Kurama, or known as Shuichi to his family and friends at school, also smiled over to his mother who was radiating excitement and pride.

"Texas? Oh my! How exciting! We can learn all about her home as well." As she continued reading her mile turned somewhat sad before she took a small glance up to her son. "An orphan?"

Sighing, Kurama ran a hand threw his mane of red. "Yes. Car accident of some sort that happened years ago."

Nodding in an almost understanding, Shiori gently folded up the letter and placed it in a box Kurama recognized.

"Your memory box, mother?" He inquired politely to the dark-haired woman whose shinning black eyes twinkled. "I would like the letter that's telling me I'm getting a daughter to be in a safe place."

The blonde haired blue-eyed Sarah squealed, covering up her tears as she tackled her friend in a bone-crushing hug.

"You'll e-mail me, and IAM me everyday? You'll send me a passionate love letter every month? And send me something nice and sweet every other weekend?" She begged, making the four other teens behind her groan in agony at what was coming.

"Passionate love letters? Sarah, love, not in front of the children!" Callie cooed out as she stroked the taller girl's hair. "Oh my! And you say not in front of the children, you naughty, naughty girl!"

Giggling seductively, the tiny brunette purred as she nuzzled herself in the girl's arms. "Only when it comes to you, my love." They then jumped away from each other giving one another the thumbs up sign cheering, "Yes!"

One of teenage boys sighed as he shook his head. "Why must those two act gay in public?" A Mexican girl heaved a sigh as well as she pushed up her glasses. "The hell should I know. And. . . Oh no they're bawling now." Rubbing her head she began muttering curses under her breath.

The other two teens decided to remain silent, knowing that insulting the girls won't do any good, in fact it good be their death since the two females were known to be hot-headed-banshees.

After what seemed like an eternity the two girls finally parted, giving each other true watery smiles before the smallest of the groups turned her back and went into the gate, on to her new home and life.

Little Shuichi was jumping up and down, having a complete field day as he helped his mother prepare the nice full size bed in the guest room. He was going to have a big sister!

She was older by a year, but he still had another older sibling on the way!

"There." The gentle voice of his mother spoke out as she fixed the pillow to her liking. "Perfect. Don't you think Little Shuichi?" She asked to her son who grinned in return.

"Yeah, mother! She's going to love it! I can't wait till she arrives! When is she going to arrive, mother?" He asked curiously making his mother giggle, also excited about the arrival.

"Tomorrow at 12:15, gate eleven. We are going to throw her a nice welcoming party and make her feel right at home." Shiori exclaimed happily to her young stepson.

Grinning in anticipation, Little Shuichi ran off to his room, getting ready to call all of his buddies and brag about his new sibling.

"Ok. Hey that's pretty cool. An exchange student from America, eh? When is she going to be here?" Yusuke asked, as a smirkish grin appeared on his face.

Smiling to the leader of the group Kurama thought back to the information he received about picking up the girl. "Ah that's right. 12:15. My mother and Little Shuichi are quite excited."

Launching a large muscular arm around the redhead, Kuwabara laughed. "Well housing a babe from America, Texas even is pretty nifty! You are going to introduce us, right buddy?"

Snorting at his friend's attitude Yusuke crossed his arms glaring at the wall. "Please all you want to do is flirt with her."

Stiffing at the accusing, Kuwabara turned heel, facing the black-haired teen, as he pointed an accusing finger at him. "You take that back Urameshi! I do not flirt with girls! I'm already taken by my beautiful Yukina!"

Producing another snort Yusuke muttered a phrase that went along the lines of, "Yeah right."

Fuming at the teen Kurama laughed, before excusing him self, stating he needed to get home to help prepare for the guest.

Once outside another visitor came up to him. Smiling politely Kurama welcomed his best friend. "Hello Hiei."

Huffing at the man's gentle ways, the small demon glared up at him. "So you're housing a ningen? Hn. And here I thought you couldn't stoop any lower." He snapped sarcastically, making Kurama heave a sigh.

"Believe what you want to believe but I would enjoy if you at least dropped by tomorrow evening to meet her. She will be sticking to me for the time being, so sooner or later your bond to run into each other. Might as well go head on and get it over with."

Throwing his head to the side with an annoyed grunt, Hiei agreed, only if Kurama promised that the ningen would stay away from him and the baboon would stay away from his little sister.

After saying he couldn't make a true promise though he would try, Hiei vanished with a flash of black.

Taking one more breath, Kurama began his way to his home.

Japan's Airport


At the announcement that they would be landing shortly, Callie gave off a loud whoop, throwing her arms in the air.


The passengers could only grind their teeth at the girls loud screeches, something she did the entire way, other then jump around, ask questions to very person in sight, and vomit. Poor thing got a bit airsick over the Pacific.

Her seat-partner thanked Kami that he was home and wouldn't have to be near the hyperactive female who wouldn't leave him alone the entire trip.

Placing on her light blue back-pack and her about two sizes to big large white cowboy hat, Callie skipped off to the gate, where she would be meeting her new family.

Her other, larger luggage would be arriving at the Minamino in about a day or two. She began bouncing in anticipation.

"I'm meeting my new family! I'm meeting my new family!" She sang out like a little girl. Once the gate opened she rushed out, looking around for a sign that spelled out her name.

After what seemed like an eternity, though was only about two minutes, a large white sign that read: JOHNSON CALLIE came into view. Squealing she pushed her way threw the tight-nit crowd.

Kurama smiled at his mother and younger brother who were about to start jumping with happiness and anticipation.

His father was smiling, also excited, but more clam and reserved like himself as they waited for their newest addition to the family.

A loud, "Hi-de-ho family!" Erupted from the crowd and a small body covered with a large white cowboy hate tackled him to the ground.

Not expecting his new 'sister' to be so straightforward, he fell to the ground with the tiny body on top of him. Blinking his jungle green eyes down he met with a grinning face and brown twinkling eyes of a female.

His mother blinked, taken aback from such behavior before smiling. "Hello, dear. I'm Minamino Shiori; this is my husband Takuto (don't know his name!), my younger son Shuichi or called little Shuichi, and that," She stated as she pointed to the male below her. "Is Shuichi or big Shuichi."

Looking at the teen below her, she broke into another grin. "You and your brother have the same names? That's pretty weird. And really cool!" She chirped as she jumped off him, grinning at his face.

"Wow!" She exclaimed as she pointed to his hair, only to allow her hands to run threw it. "You have long, silky, red hair! That is cool! Oooh! Green eyes! Pretty! And you're also tall!" She was jumping around him, pointing out everything much to his family's amusement.

"Callie dear." His mother stated, cutting the girl off from her awe and excitement. "We should get your bags and head home." She chirped softly making the brunette grin before saluting before running off to get her luggage.

"Oh! Callie-Chan! Please don't wander off!" Takuto called out after the girl before sprinting off after her.

Jumping up and down in the back-seat of the car between her new brothers, Callie would every once in a while jump on each of her brother with a hug laughing in excitement before she would point at something in the passing scenery.

Kurama smiled as his younger brother and his new younger sister converse about both Japan and Texas with pure happiness.

"So it can actually snow here during September? Whoa. We're still usually fanning ourselves and gobbling down ice to cool us down during September."

Little Shuichi blinked also interested in the state she was from. "It's still that hot? Say, do you ride horses to school?"

Laughing at his naïve view on her state she threw him a quirky grin. "No! We drive cars! We have tall buildings and fast food restaurants as well as amusement parks and all that. We aren't just a country state you know."

Smiling sheepishly as he scratched the side of his face as a blush came up on his cheeks as he mumbled a small apology. Laughing at his adorable appearance, Callie tackled her new little brother with a hug.

As she was busing herself with kissing and hugging Little Shuichi, Big Shuichi or Kurama, took in her appearance.

She was extremely short, possibly a good few inches shorter than Hiei who was 4'10. Her small frame gave the red-haired demon indication that she had yet to fully grow her figure. Her body looked almost brittle with how scrawny she was.

Glancing swiftly at her chest, not wanting to be accused of being a pervert to his new sister, he took notice that her chest was very flat. Her face also wasn't yet done developing. It appeared that she hadn't grown into her eyes, which were a bit larger than normal or her ears, which were poking out from the wire of brown fur on her head.

Her lips were full and pink but it didn't appear that she took care of them as flakes of dead skin laid all over it. It also looked as if any second her lip was going to spilt and bleed.

Her teeth were white and straight, the possibility that she might have had braces sometime in her life.

Her nose was small like a button and every once in a while she would wiggle it as if she had a sneeze caught in her throat that wouldn't get out. Her eyebrows were slim and neat, though appeared to have left small nonpermanent scars, signaling that she probably struggled during the procedure.

Her hair was short and messy, almost appeared to be made of wire and was cut in an almost pixie-style, making her look like a fairy or a nymph who hasn't brushed in about a year or two.

Her skin was a soft tan color, indicating to the demon that she stayed in the Texas sun often. In the right light he bet that almost appeared to have a soft glow.

He went down to her feet, which were covered up by large tennis shoes and appeared to be a bit large for her. Her kaki-biker shorts were also large for her as they reached her knees and had more pockets than he sought needed.

As he continued to take in appearance he began to see that she had a fetching for over-sized clothing as her blue t-shirt reached her thighs.

He also took notice that she had a thing for hugging people out of the blue. . .and here she comes.

The girl squealed and glomped him. "Big Shuichi!"

He supposed that he might get use to this ok.

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