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Will and Determination


Couples:Oc/Hiei, Botan/Kurama, Keiko/Yusuke, Yukina/Kuwabara, small mentions of Shizuru/Sakyo and Shizuru/Koenma

Warnings:Oc romance, Keiko's last name will be spelled: Ukimura. I'm not too familiar with Kurama's family, his stepbrother and stepfather their ages and personality…I got these things based on Thief! By Volpone

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Summary:A foreign exchange student from America who has brought all her attitude and quirkiness with her. Let's just hope the Rekai Tantei can handle her. . . Especially when she finds out their secret!


Lily looked down at the girl who was sitting on her knees gaping openly at the sight of the upcoming men, "I take it these are the friends from Japan."

Callie was unable to answer, it had to have been a dream--there was no way that they were here for her. It was simply too good to be true. She could only watch as the two came up to the middle of the facility, looking around with annoyance.

It was them alright, hard to forget those faces.

Kuwabara was there, tall and sturdy in appearance--looking like a big grizzly bear.

Next to him was Yusuke, looking like a know it all punk--as usual.

"RUNT!! GET YOUR SCRAWNY-ASS OUT HERE!!" The male with black hair ordered.

"I take that as a yes--they know your name."

"My name isn't runt, Lily. Nor is it half-pint of anything else that relates to the word short or skinny." The brunette hissed, slowly easing out of the numb shock, now going into regular shock. 'It's really them…what the hell?'

She slowly picked herself up, gaping at the two.

"Come on runt!!" Kuwabara cried out. "We're here to take you back home!!"

Tears just seemed to get slammed out of her face and eyes at this, they wanted her back. Her knees were almost shaking as she began to walk towards them--they actually wanted her back.

And then there were the bullets that landed at the feet of the two males.

"What the hell?!" Yusuke cried out, almost jumping in shock. He could've easily blocked the items but it was the fact that someone was actually shooting at them was the surprise. "What the hell?!" He repeated.

John came out from the main building carrying a rifle, his eyes narrowed, "Who the hell are you and what the hell do ya want with the runt?"

Yusuke narrowed his eyes at the man, "We're friends of hers and we're here to take her ass back where she belongs."

"Huh…belongs?" He cocked the gun. "You do know she was near tears when I picked her up, right? She has been depressed this whole week--and depressed is not a word we use for that moron." He held up the rifle again, daring the two to take another step forward. "And I'm like a big-brother too all these misfits…when one of them is near tears I take it as an insult to myself and I take it as my responsibility to personally take out whatever made them upset."

"This is none of your business." Yusuke snapped.

"Did you not hear a damn word I just said? It is my business when it is one of these kids are hurt…now step back."

Callie rolled her eyes and went around the building she had been in front of and slowly made her way to the main one.

"I won't ask again…step back!" John snarled.

"Fuck no." Yusuke hissed right back.

"That's enough!" Callie spat storming up to the porch with the man with the gun. "John!! How many damn times does she have to tell you?! DO NOT THREATEN PEOPLE WITH YOUR DAMN GUN!!"

"Tch." He spat. "I think she would gladly make an exception with these assholes."

The brunette rolled her eyes again before she shoved the man into the building, "Go tell her we have some visitors…though I would guess she already knows it!"

John narrowed his eyes at her and then to the men in the street, "All you kids back to work!!" He roared to the group of kids who had begun to show up to see what was happening. The squeaked, all rather fearful of John, the trigger-happy cowboy, and hurried back to what they were doing before.

He gave the two one more glare before he entered the building to tell Laura of what was happening.

Watching him go for a moment, Callie inhaled and exhaled in hope to gather some courage before she turned around and looked down at the two. "What the hell…are you guys doing here?" She asked rather softly not moving from the porch.

The looked a bit uncomfortable for a moment before their resolved set in.

"We're here to take you back home. Where you belong…in case you missed out on our screaming." Kuwabara joked a bit.

A watery smile was trying to make its way up her face but she held it down, "I thought I wasn't welcomed."

"For a while we thought so too." Yusuke began walking up to her. "I mean we didn't want you to get mixed up and hurt…though in the end it happened anyway." He sighed pausing for a moment. "Let's just say after you left things got rather gloomy…Hiei attacked Kurama," Callie's eyes widened at this. "Neither are hurt--though they refuse to talk to one another."

"We haven't seen Botan since that night…one reason though is because she confessed to Kurama."

"She confessed?" Callie repeated dumbly before it triggered. "You mean she confessed that she liked him?!"

"Likes him? She loves him! And man, you should've seen that confession! She was screaming at him in your defense when she blurted it out, pulled his hair and kissed him!" Kuwabara laughed. "Kurama was thunder-strucked!"

"Are you serious!?" Callie wailed--wishing she could've seen that. There were times she wanted to just maul her older brother and his calm attitude and ability of staying all composed and cool no matter what.


It went awkward again.

"We really do miss you." Yusuke confessed.

"Well…I missed you too." She shifted again on her feet. "Soooo…what now?"

"We go home! That's what now!" Yusuke snapped, as he pulled out three tickets as he waved it at her face.

The girl raised an eyebrow at his attitude--he hadn't changed--before she walked down and grasped the tickets with a blink. "Now?"

"Of course now--what do you think?"

"But these tickets say December 3rd…that's next Thursday."

There was a moment of silence before the two males grabbed the tickets and pulled the date so close to their face she thought it was touching their eyes.

Finally after a moment they screamed, "THAT SON OF A BITCH!!"

Birds that had been nestled in the trees shot out, cawing in anger and terror at the voices that disturbed their peace.

"Can't we just exchange them for tickets for a closer time?" Kuwabara asked, gasping for air after the scream.

"Oh look! It says non-exchangeable! I didn't know they could do that!" Callie chirped out, very at ease with the situation.


"Will you two please keep it down?" A voice snapped. "We have a lot of animals on this property and a lot of disturbed children. Stop screaming."

Callie turned around and sighed, " John…"

"Ah--the trigger-happy asshole." Yusuke sneered to the man with the scruff on his face. "Back so soon?"

"Yusuke." Callie warned, glaring at him.

"What was that you prick?!" John snapped.

"Guys!!" The little brunette whined, squeaking when Kuwabara grasped her by the shoulders and picked her up and moved her out of the way, allowing the two to glare at each other. They were close to attacking one another much to the girl's displeasure. "Guys!!" She tried again.

"Aw man…that John guy is going to be killed!" Kuwabara groaned out.


"I've told you before--demons are protective and possessive over those close to them." The tall teen heaved a heavy sigh. "You're like our sister--the fact that this guy is getting in the way of us taking you back is really ticking Urameshi off."

"Yusuke!!" Callie roared, trying to get out of his hold. "Come on guys!! Stop it!!" She was ignored--much to her anger. "GUYS!!"

"You son of a bitch!" John snarled, pulling his fist back to throw a punch.

"Bite me bastard!!" Yusuke screamed back, also pulling back and aiming for the man's face.

"GUYS!!" She screeched again as they attacked.

That was until two rulers came out and slapped the two men on the face. "That is enough you two." A voice stated, it was calm and composed and it in a way reminded Yusuke of Genkai. "Now, what is the meaning of this?"

"Mother!" Callie exclaimed happily. "Nice moves!"

"Why thank you, spawn of the devil."

"…..Damn you."

"Trying to condemn a nun to Hell--how cruel!" She smiled at the girl before she released the hands of the two men.

"Whoa Urameshi! You were just stopped by a nun!" Kuwabara laughed.

Yusuke looked over the tall elderly woman who was in the habit and traditional black-garb. His lips fell a bit, "Who are you?"

"I don't know how things work in Japan but here is it considered rude to barge into a place, scream out profanities, demand to see a certain someone, attack an employee, and then demand answers from someone who was just defending said employee." Her voice was smooth, not like Genkai's who had smoked a great deal of her life, but it wasn't the voice itself it was the strength and power within it. There was a confidence and a rather blunt and sarcastic attitude hidden behind that habit and cross. "But if you must know--I am Sister Laura though everyone here calls me Mother." She took a step back away from the male. "Now, your name?"

"Urameshi Yusuke."

"Kuwabara Kazuma."

"I see…John, please go on and do whatever it is that you normally do. I'll handle this." She commanded, earning a nod from the man. "You three, come with me."

"Fine." Yusuke muttered entering the building first--the brunette was still being carried by Kuwabara.

"I can walk you know." She muttered, feeling like a produce.

"Yeah I know…b-but…"

"Here we go." Yusuke grumbled.

"I haven't seen you in so long!!" Kuwabara wailed, holding onto the girl--nearly squeezing her in two from his bear hug. "Our poor little sister was here all on her own! And I haven't hugged her in a week!! Leave me alone Urameshi!"

Yusuke rolled his eyes, "You and your fetching for things with big-eyes."

"What do you mean by fetching!?"

"Is that even the correct word for this?" Callie asked, rather confused. "Do you even know what that it means?"

The leader paused in his steps, "Shut up!! Let's just go on and talk to this hag!"

"You're calling a nun a hag?" His best-friend asked.

"….Shut up, Kuwabara."

Kuwabara snickered under his breath--he got him.

"Please sit down," Laura stated, ushering them to the seats.

"By the way, Mother--why are you in your habit and other stuff? You don't usually wear it--aren't you hot?" Callie pointed out, finally released from the big-teen's hold.

"Oh I had a meeting today…It seems I am going to go on a trip to Europe this summer. And since its beginning to cool down it is not that uncomfortable."

"Good job," Callie shrugged. "Mother--these are the friends I told you about."

"Yes. Yusuke and Kuwabara. I've heard a great deal about you two from Callie. She was quite hurt from this whole experience." They looked down a bit. "But from what she gave off it seems you all had reasons for doing what you did. Now," She sat down, intertwining her hands as she looked at the two. "Mind telling me why you are here?"

"You already know why." Yusuke sniffed, glaring at the woman--his face was burning from the rulers. He thought that was just an story! He didn't think nuns actually carried around rulers.

"And to answer what you are thinking I don't normally hit people with rulers. I just happened to have the two since they were asked for by a resident here."

He gaped at her making her laugh.

"It was more the obvious what you were thinking. So…you're here to take her back?"

"Yes we are." Kuwabara nodded.

"But they got tickets for next week." Callie pointed out, handing her ticket to the woman. "It looks like they are stuck here for a few days…"

"I see…" There was an amused smile playing on her lips. "Well they are welcomed to stay here until the flight next week."

The two appeared rather grateful and very embarrassed at their situation and very pissed at who caused this situation to happen.

"But staying here is not free. You are expected to work here and help around. I must warn you that many here are very violent and are probably not kids you are use too."

"I was a delinquent myself. I think I can handle it." Yusuke muttered.

"You misunderstand--many of these kids are psychologically damage…well, it is something that can't be described. I am only asking you to be patient to those here. After all you are the guests."

Kuwabara nodded, "We understand." He slapped his best-friend upside the head.


"And some fair warning--though it is winter here and most are already hibernating or gone for the time there are the occasional scorpions and snakes. I would be on the look out."

"Fine." Yusuke sighed, not really paying attention. He was not in a happy mood that he would be staying here longer then he first intended.

"Way to be grateful Yusuke." Callie muttered before she nodded towards the nun. "I will watch after them."

"I also take it you are going back with them?"

"Uh…" The brunette shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "I think this is a conversation I need to have with just them."

"Damn straight she is coming with us."

"Urameshi!" Kuwabara hissed.

"I understand. But please tell me soon." She then flipped threw some papers. "We have room with Cory and Phil in the room 3 of building four. They are opened for two more kids who are set to come in next Saturday so your leaving will be just in time. But if those kids come here earlier then expected these two will be in the barn."


"Don't worry--should another girl show up Callie will be right there with you."


"Now…would you mind go and taking these two to meet Cory and Phil? I have some work I need to do at the moment." She shooed them away.

"Well that went rather well and rather weird." Yusuke commented as they exited the office and building.

"She's like that…she's seen a lot of things so something like this probably isn't hard to handle." The brunette said. "I guess I have no choice but to show you around a bit."

"You are coming back with us." Yusuke deadpanned, eyes narrowed. "We didn't come here so you can think about it."

"No choice?"

"No choice."

"Hm…well I have to say," She then punched him in the gut, sending him to his knees. "I hate being ordered around."

He growled, "Damn brat."

She rolled her eyes in return, "You all have some nerve."

"Stop with the high-and-mighty attitude…we know your ecstatic that we are here."

Callie blushed and looked down, her eyes narrowed, "You don't know that…"

"Of course we do, moron."

"Shut up!!" She snapped, glaring daggers at the two and their smug faces only to pause and look down. "You're kneeling in horse-shit."

"What?" He looked down. "GODDAMN IT!!"

"Ok…This is your room."

"How many buildings are there?" Kuwabara asked.

"There are six buildings and in the buildings are four rooms and each room can have up to four to five people." Callie explained. "There is one large barn where all the stuff is held and two more where the animals are held. And one building where the employees sleep and then the main place where the offices are and where Mother stays."

"Pretty big place." Yusuke noted.

"Yeah--it's a charity foundation. They are beginning to spread things like this all over the country as a way to help trouble youths. Its mostly based on the church but it isn't very religious."

"And you came here…?"

"Six years ago. After the accident with my parents I went into foster care but…I was a bit of a problem."

"No…you? A problem?" Yusuke's foot was promptly stepped on. "OW!!"

"Anyway--I lived on the streets for about a month, I ran away from home for a while and that's when I got into some bad stuff."

"Drugs?" Kuwabara guessed.

"No. Not drugs or alcohol…never smoked or even had sex--yes, morons, I'm still a virgin. The family I had lived at for a while before I ran away decided to traumatize me and take me to one of these morgues and show what exactly can happen should you get into that stuff." She shuddered, she had sworn to never to any of that--besides none of it seemed appealing to her. Besides if there has ever been on type of authority figure she's listen to, at least somewhat, it would be a doctor of sorts; they one says drugs are bad she will never take them.

"So they prevented you from doing anything really stupid."

"Er…yes and no. I never did any of that stuff but that doesn't mean I didn't do some bad things."

"Like what?" Yusuke ushered.

"I hot-wired cars and took them for joy-rides…but I only did it two to three times."

Kuwabara whistled under his breath, "You got into the big-leagues."

Callie shrugged, "Yeah…now for a while there I thought I was all that. Found out I wasn't…especially when I was caught. I was then brought here since the foster system wasn't working for me and I have been here every since. Three years ago I was moved up to the point where I was able to go to a public school--this is where I met my friends."

"Then how did you get to Japan?" Yusuke asked, setting down his bag on the bed.

"Well they have had this system here for a while where kids who wish to participate can. You can go and be a foreign exchange student of sorts and get adopted by an out of country family. It never really interested me all that much until recently. This year it was Japan and I decided to sign up for it…I got in."

"And we got you." Yusuke grinned.

"Pretty much."

"Not much of a fair trade." He was hit with a pillow.

"Anyway…" She hissed out, "That's how I got over there with you guys. I guess they place students from the other end on the system who have high-grades. Kurama might've been in the system automatically or had volunteered not expecting that he would be chosen."

"Or his mom did it for him." Yusuke stated.

"Maybe…anyway…that's my story."

"So it was this year that you first got interested in all of this." Kuwabara asked grinning. "I guess that means it was fate that we got you."

She grinned back, "Maybe…anyway…when I came here I discovered I wasn't so tough and I wasn't so bad off or had done some bad things. I mean, yeah I did some pretty shitty stuff but nothing bad."

Yusuke shrugged, "Hey--I used to shoplift, I smoked, I cheated, and I did some drugs here and there when I was younger and before the big thing happened."

"I want this big-thing explained to me soon." Callie stated, leaving no room for arguments. "I also got into fights."

"Us too. You're right…you aren't that bad."

"No duh. Especially with the kids you are about to face up with."

"They that bad?" Kuwabara asked.

The girl shrugged, "I've lived here for a long time and have seen many things…I'm kinda immune to it now."

The door opened and two teenagers came in. One was a tall black kid with his right ear pierced dressed in loose clothing. The other was a skinny white boy with long brown hair.

"Runt--the hell you doin' in here?" The tall one asked.

"Bite me Phil." She snapped back. "Guys these will be your new roommates for a week or less. They're my friends from Japan who have come to pick me up but got tickets for next week."

Kuwabara stood up and made a movement to shake a hand, "Kuwabara Kazuma."

"Don't care."

"Guys…" The brunette warned. "Be nice to them. They will only be here for a few days."

"The same as you idiot." Yusuke deadpanned.

"Stop making decisions for me, asswipe!!"

"Urameshi Yusuke."

"Urameshi--the kinda name is that?" The white boy asked.

"In Japan they introduce themselves last name first--but the tall guy goes by his last name; Kuwabara."

"Once again, don't care." Phil stated with a shrug, brushing past the two.

"He's an ass but he isn't all that bad. I'm Cory…I know, a rather dorky name. But it sure it better then Phil!!" A pillow was thrown at him.

"So…you are the guys who made the runt upset." Phil pointed out.

"Does everyone know about that?" Yusuke growled.

"There aren't too many secrets here." Callie shrugged. "I only told John and Mother…things like this get out."

"We're now an enemy here! How the hell did you get so popular?"

"Runt isn't popular." Cory pointed out. "But everyone here doesn't like it when someone is messed with. Simple as that."

"If nothing is a secret then what the hell did you guys do to get here?"

Kuwabara slapped his hand over his face--and he was called the idiot of the group.

"Not much on tact, is he?" Cory asked with a grin. "Reminds me a bit of you, runt."

"Don't compare me to that moron!" Callie and Yusuke snapped simultaneously as they pointed to one another, glaring daggers at the other.

"Anyway, if you must know I was really into the drugs. I was in so bad that my parents finally got fed up with me and kicked me out of the house--not like they were doing any better. Dad beat mom when he was drunk and mom, when not being beaten, was always high."

"Why the hell are you telling him this?" Phil asked.

Cory shrugged, "Dunno--bragging I guess. See if I can bring out a more horrified expressions to their faces then anyone else. Besides we're going to be sharing a room and its custom to share the story."

"You're a freak."

"Why thank you!" He chirped. "Anyway--a while ago I got real drugged up and stole a car and got into a wreck. I broke a few bones…the one in the other car is now paralyzed."

"Oh…" Kuwabara fumbled slightly.

"Since I was a minor I was sentenced here." Cory then looked over at the brunette. "You got a smoke?"

"You know I don't." Callie stated dully. "And you promised that you were going to stop that."

"Hey--I will…You're turn Phil."

"Ugh." He rolled his eyes. "I was in a gang and I participated in a homicide. Ta-da…next topic." A snort escaped his nose before he picked himself off of his bed. "I'm going riding."

"Ooh! Sounds fun! I'll go with you!" Cory cheered as he followed after. "Bye, guys!! See ya later!!"

"What an ass…" Yusuke stated.

"Phil just doesn't like anyone new. As Cory said--he isn't all that bad. The two of them are best-friends."

"What did he mean going riding?" Kuwabara asked.

"Horses." Callie replied. "Now come on…we have a few more places I need to show you."

Following after her they were shown around and introduced to a few more people who were more willing to be talked too. Many just kept to themselves glaring at all who came to close.

"Terra!" The girl cried out, waving to a pretty girl with long red-hair.

"Hey!" The other girl, Terra, skipped over to them. "Ah, so these are the infamous Japanese bastards." She giggled. "I'm Terra, its nice to meet you."

"Really--everyone else here has found it a displeasure." Yusuke stated.

"Oh they are just being mean. They'll cool down eventually."

"How's Dora?" Callie asked.

Terra smiled, "She's been adopted."

"Oh…well…sorry and congratulations."

The red-head laughed a bit before she smiled at the two men, reaching into her pocket and pulled out a photo of a little girl with black hair--couldn't have been a year old. "She's my daughter. Gorgeous little thing, isn't she?"

"She is!" Kuwabara, the lover of cute things, gushed.

"I like him." Terra stated with a grin. "Anyway--don't worry so much guys, you'll be welcomed here soon…now I need to go! I'm part of the group today that is in charge of grooming!" She ran off.

"She is really nice…why is she here?" The orange-haired male asked.


The two stopped, looking at her in shock.

"She was that happy and preppy and she's suicidal?" Yusuke asked, not really believing the brunette.

"Well she was--she's been getting better. She hasn't been here too long only about a year and a half--she arrived at her final stages of pregnancy."

"The kid was adorable."

"Dora was a bit of the reason why she was suicidal."

"She seemed so proud of her though…"

"She is but for a while she wasn't…Terra was raped and got pregnant because of it."

The two looked at each other--maybe this place would be different then they first had thought it would be.


Yusuke groaned in misery--surely it wasn't time to get up. Groggily opening his eyes he saw some familiar faces; Lily the Goth girl that still had no background story, Terra the girl with the infant, Kuwabara and Callie, Cory and Phil the roommates he and Kuwabara were staying with, and John the bastard he swore to kill one of these days.

"Hm?…What the hell?"

Lily looked down at him dully, her eyes rather heavy--as usual. "I'm about to say a sentence you probably will never hear again."

"Hm?" He moaned, beginning to wake up. "You're waking me up for a sentence?"

"No. We're waking you up because its time to wake up and also because the sentence is very important."

He took notice that Kuwabara was sweating bullets and looked close to screaming. He raised an eyebrow. "What is it…and is someone one touching me?"

"Something is molesting you for heat." Cory stated, raising an eyebrow.

"What the hell are you all getting at?"

"You have a rattlesnake on your crotch."

He blinked dumbly, "What?" He frowned, what was that noise?

Lily sighed, almost as if it was a pain to explain everything. "You have a poisonous reptile on your baby-maker."

Now his eyes went wide, "What?!" He squeaked out and then looked down and there coiled up on him was a thin brown snake--eyes glaring daggers at him, tongue flicking out as he coiled. It was the tail that was making the noise. "Aha…aah…a--aha…." He sputtered out, sweating as he heard the growl like hiss.

The snake moved and the scream that erupted from the man's throat was the loudest and most high-pitch thing the group had ever heard. It could put little girls' screams to shame.

"Quit being a baby." John snapped as he reached down and grasped the reptile by the head and neck and pulling him off.

"W-what THE HELL?!"

"Weren't you told?" Phil asked, his dark eyes looking over the victim. "Rattlesnakes and scorpions can get in here at times…they are attracted to dark and snug places. And the snakes especially look out for the warmth--and well…where is it you think is a great place that produces heat?"

Callie raised her hand, "I know the answer to that!!"

Lily placed a hand on the brunette's head, "No you don't. Now shut up."

Kuwabara winced, "That was…the scariest thing I have ever experienced."

"YOU EXPERIENCED?!" Yusuke wailed shooting up and falling off the bed, looking around wildly for any other animal. "I believe I was the one who experienced that!!"

"Sorry." Kuwabara whimpered out.

"What the hell was that!?" Yusuke roared, pointing at the creature that was still in the hands of the bastard he hated.

"We've already told you--it's a rattlesnake. Big'un at that…"

"Aw--its so cute!" Terra cooed out.

"Are you insane!? ARE YOU ALL INSANE?!" Yusuke cried out.

"What's your problem?" Phil asked.

"He just found a rattlesnake on the thing that makes him a man." Lily pointed out. "Its his first time experiencing something like that."

"Or is it?" Cory joked only to duck away from the glare he was receiving from the guy on the ground.

"Anyway--I'm taking this guy back outside. You need to get dressed and start helping out." John deadpanned.

"Come on--its time to get to work!" Terra chirped out, pulling him off the floor.

Yusuke still looked very shaken, he probably would never be the same.

"This has been torture." Yusuke moaned in pain--it was now the fourth day--tomorrow was the final day, thank the gods--and he was not having much fun. Grooming big animals, cleaning up after big animals…he hated it all.

He was just now getting use to the smell.

Kuwabara seemed to be having a much better time then him, after all he was a major animal-lover and this place was practically shitting out animals. There were three guard dogs, a Pit-Bull, a Doberman, and a Rottwieler--all of whom hated his guts and would chase him around the vicinity if given the chance.

Then there were the kittens--Kuwabara had actually squealed and rushed to their side. Any respect Yusuke had for his best friend flew out the window that instant.

Also the horses.

Neither Kuwabara nor himself had ever been on one. Needless to say they made fools out of themselves very quickly--unfortunately the big lug of his best-friend got the hang of it faster then him.

And of course Callie and the rest of the miniature group that had formed--including John, damn he hated that bastard--, who had all been sitting majestically upon their beasts, laughed their heads off.

Sister Laura was really weird and it almost seemed like she was more blunt then Genkai. Which was saying a lot. Not to mention the fact that she was a nun--holy people made him uncomfortable.

The noises were different too--he could constantly hear the different animals and birds scurrying around outside. Not too mention now he was absolutely petrified of snakes.

And what did the bastards do once they all discovered this fact?

Place a rubber snake in his bed one night.

'I'm leaving tomorrow--that's all I need to think about. I'm leaving tomorrow.' He rubbed his eyes with the palm of his hands, groaning. The time difference was also killing him and he hated getting up at the Callie-alarm clock.

Speaking of which…

"WAKEY-WAKEY!!" Callie sang out, barging into the room.

"Ugh…" The four males groaned.

"The last thing we need to hear this early in the morning is your voice." Phil snapped. "Really--you make our ears bleed."

"Stop being a snob and get up. Yusuke--Kuwabara…you will be on your own today."

"Hmm?" Kuwabara looked around sleepily. "Why?"

"I'm going to see my psychiatrist today--something about a update about how I am feeling."

The two stiffened and instantly shot up, awake. "We're going with you."

"Uh…" Her eyes blinked in confusion. "You want to go?"

"Yes--tell whoever is in charge of taking you that we're going with you."

Callie pursed her lips, not really understanding why they were so hell-bent on coming before nodding and leaving the room.

"What's your problem? Why are you so eager too see the doctor?" Cory asked as he watched the two hurry to get dressed.

"Its nothing." They muttered as they got dressed in record time before hurrying out of the room.

"Damn it…I can't believe we forgot about this!" Yusuke snarled. "We've had four days--FOUR DAYS--and we could've used them to find information on this corporation or whatever it is. Shit!!" He roared in anger.

Of all the things he could've forgotten it had to be that.

"Kurama will kill us!!" Kuwabara groaned.

"Not just Kurama--Hiei as well. He seems more attached to the half-pint more so then Kurama."

"Man, I really don't want to face shorty when he is pissed."

Up ahead Callie was waving at them, still looking rather confused at their aggression in coming with her. They hurried up to her, "Are you guys sure you want to go? It won't be very fun…"

"We're positive. Besides we haven't been allowed to see around here…that's no fair." Kuwabara pouted earning a laugh from the girl.

"That's true…but…er…John is the one taking me."

Yusuke glowered, looking very sulky. "Hate that damn bastard."

"You hate a lot of people." The brunette noted.

"Too true." Kuwabara agreed.

"I will kill you both in your sleep."

"Please, you love us to much." Kuwabara teased as he wrapped his arms around Callie and they both gave him a puppy-dog look.

"Its disturbing that you are trying to hard," Yusuke pointed to his best friend. "And that you…" He paused when he went to the girl. "….Got nothing."

She beamed in pride, "Told you I'm fucking adorable."

"You're an ape."

Kuwabara had to hold the homicidal brunette back from committing a crime that would lead to her arrest. They just go her back--no use in now loosing her again to the legal system.

"Hey, Urameshi--only Hiei can call her anything like that!"

The girl blushed slightly at this, using Kuwabara's arms to hide the glow of her cheeks. "Yeah…he is the only one allowed to call me that…" She then glared at Yusuke. "So just admit it that I am adorable and we can move on!!"

"Feh…Keiko is cuter."

Callie just glared and growled, but accepted it--besides they were running late.

"Are we going or not?" She asked, as she looked to the side and saw John make his appearance. He sneered towards Yusuke in which the teen returned with the exact stare.

"I disagree with this arrangement--these morons shouldn't be coming."


"What was that you brat!?"

"I believe you heard me old man." Yusuke stated back calmly.

Callie and Kuwabara sighed, "I think they can't get along very well because their so alike…what do you think?"

Kuwabara shrugged, "Maybe…"

"And John isn't that old…he's in his twenties…"

"He's still older then us!" Yusuke snapped, electricity shooting from his eyes and meeting the man's in an explosive glare.

"Can I just go to the doctors already?" She moaned out, finding this getting annoying and a bit tedious. These two had been at each other's throats since day one.

"Fine." The three muttered.

"Oye…this is going to suck." Callie grunted.

Yusuke and Kuwabara eyed the place with hate--it was a small building, nothing to special and nothing standing out from the ordinary.

And it wasn't part of a corporation.

The demon growled under his breath, his fist clenching. 'What the hell? This is a family owned business…no corporation funds, no big-time business…then where the fuck is this drug entering the scene?!'

"There…you guys see? Boring." The brunette deadpanned.

"Any place is better then that hillbilly-hellhole." Yusuke was smacked upside the head. "OW!!"

"That was my home for over six years, you know!"

"Bite me bitch….OW!!" He rubbed his arm. "You bit me!"

"You told me too."

"You…" Yusuke growled, finding himself unable to argue against that--he did tell her to bite him. He had almost forgotten how much of a sarcastic smart-ass she was. "Whatever…so who is this therapist of yours?"

"Hm? Oh, her name is Savannah Andrew…she's ok."

"And she was the one who prescribed those pills for you?" Kuwabara asked.

"Yeah…" She replied slowly, now remembering how they freaked out at her pills. But before she could open her mouth to ask anything about it a young woman stepped.

"Callie!! It has been so long!" She paused, blinking curiously at the two males next to her. "And who are these gentleman?"

"Oh! They're my friends from Japan--they came back here to take me home. I'm leaving tomorrow and Mother said it might be a good idea to come get a check-up."

"I see." The woman smiled pleasantly at Kuwabara and Yusuke. "My Name is Savannah Andrew--it's a pleasure to meet you."

She seemed harmless enough. She has round glasses that gave her a quiet librarian look to her, her green eyes soft and watery--almost as if she was on the verge of crying. Her dirty blonde hair went to her shoulders and was pulled back in a tight braid. She was of medium height and was dressed in a skirt that went to calves, a button-up long sleeve white shirt, and a dark green vest.

This Savannah Andrew just screamed shy-nerd.

But Yusuke and Kuwabara have seen more innocent facades and masks--they were not going to let their guard down simply because this woman looked weak.

In fact it boosted their suspicions all the more.

They grunted their greetings in return, giving her rather cold glares--because whether she was part of the scheme or not this woman had given Callie pills laced with poison.

Savannah flinched slightly at their glares, "Uhm…w-well…I just really wanted to see Callie and if-if you have been taking your prescription."

The room seemed to have dropped a few degrees colder by the glare that appeared on the two men's faces.

"Uhm…yes." Even Callie had to flinch at the look. "I have been."

"W-well…t-that's good…uhm…may I ask for your names?"

"Kuwabara Kazuma."

"Urameshi Yusuke." His brown eyes looked over her face to see any reaction at all from her at the mention of his name.

None from what he could tell, but Kurama had always been better at noticing stuff like that--Hiei as well. He bit his lip to prevent himself from frowning to much, he had hoped for some type of reaction to see if perhaps she was aware of what was going on with the pills.

Had she been there was a rather good chance she had heard of his name--human or not.

"Well, it is a pleasure to meet you…" She fidgeted more under the stares. "Well…I would love to chat…b-but I bet you are busy getting ready for your trip home an-and…need to hurry along." She gulped a bit. "B-but before you go I-I do need t-to have a word with you…if--if that is alright?"

The brunette nodded and picked herself up, throwing a confused and worried look to here friends who looked very against her going. "I'll be right back…"

John had dropped the three off saying he would be around the city and when they were ready to be picked up to just call his cell-phone number--after this they were suppose to go sight-seeing to get some gifts for their friends…but at the moment they were not in the mood.

"I hate this…we are right here and we can't do a damn thing!" Yusuke hissed.

"Are we sure it was a good idea to give her our names…what if she is just a really good actor and faked that?"

The leader sighed, "Well…what could happen if she was acting? I needed to see if she knew who we were--if she did we could've cornered her and gotten some answers."

"Yeah…true." He bit his lip as he looked at the door with worry. "I really-REALLY don't like this Urameshi."

"You think I like it? But at the moment I don't think we can do anything…this spy work isn't exactly something you and myself are very good at…" He confessed knowing they couldn't tread softly to save their lives or in this case Callie's.

"But tomorrow we will be heading back to Japan and then she will be safe where she belongs--there is no way that Kurama or Hiei would ever let anything touch her once she's back there. Hell, I don't think any of us will want her out of our sights for a while…that kidnapping followed by this stupid stunt of hers has pretty much guaranteed her a place in the 'Top Ten Things Must Always Watch Over' or something like that…we should get a list because we have some things that always need to be closely guarded."

Kuwabara laughed a bit under his breath, "How do you think she will take being on that list?"

"Er…probably would scream and rant…we haven't told the other girls they're on that list yet--they're all really stubborn, they might get a bit bitchy should they find out just how far our…er…"

"Protectiveness?" Kuwabara helped.

"Yeah--how our protectiveness can get out off hand. I know that if Keiko knew I kinda…"


Yusuke's cheeks glowed, "I don't stalk her!"

"Sure you don't. You just follow her around, watch her when she's at home or with other friends, or when she is in another room, or--"

"I GET IT!!" Yusuke roared, making everyone in the waiting room jump. He ignored them, "I just ensure her protection!"


The door opened and Callie appeared, "What did she want to talk to you about?" Yusuke asked.

"Just how I was doing in Japan, if I thought the pills were working, simple things like that…why?" Her eyes narrowed at them. "Why are you all so concerned about this stuff?"

"It's….its nothing."

"Guys." She warned.

"We'll talk to you about it tonight when we explain everything to you…alright? Now just isn't the best of times, alright?"

Her eyes narrowed, obviously she wanted it explained to her now, but she was willing to compromise. "Fine…Now come on…We can go pick up stuff for everyone!"

Kuwabara jumped up, "WOOT!! TOURISM!" He was yanked back down by the ear with a yelp.

"Stop embarrassing me, you moron!" Yusuke hissed.

"Ow. Ow!" He whimpered making the girl sigh, placing her hands on her hips as she watched the two makes fool of themselves.

"Really…boys are so immature."

"Like you're one to talk brat!" Yusuke snapped, placing Kuwabara in a headlock. "You are definitely the most immature bitch I have ever seen!" He was promptly kicked in the groin,

"You want to start something you asshole?!"

Whimpering, the brown eyes of the demon glare at her, "Want to finish something you bitch?!"

"Bring it…"

The two glared at each other, snarling before they met each other in a tackle.

"Huh--g-guys! Guys come on this is a public place!" Kuwabara cried out as he tried to stop them. "Come on guys…GUYS?!"

Both Yusuke and Callie were sporting some decent bruises and scratches as they glared at each other on the plane.

During the course of the 'tour' the two kept arguing and getting into brawls, leaving them to being kicked out of many different places.

Then once they got back to the ranch they had gotten into a few more, and even had attacked one another have the explanation and story of who and what they were. They didn't get to bed till about three in the morning since Callie wanted all the details and they had to wait in the nurses office to get cleaned up for a little while.

But they had decided that perhaps Kurama would prefer to explain the situation about the pills. And they also really didn't want her freaking out without the help of their friends in Japan to comfort her.

Both almost limped to bed--glaring and growling at each other. They weren't getting along all that well.

Kuwabara thought it had something to do with the fact that they were so alike.

Lily had then commented that the brunette was like the love-child between the two of them. Callie could be kind and seem has if she had a heart of gold and was a total ditz like Kuwabara and she had the short-temper and violent tendencies, as well as the potty-mouth, like Yusuke. Not to mention she was stupid like the two of them--it was such a touching family reunion.

The three had tried to attack the Goth girl but she had slammed the door in their faces sending them sprawling.

And then to further infuriate them she asked which one was the mother and which was the father--though she then re-asked it; which one was the bitch?

This had somehow led to another brawl, only this time Kuwabara was dragged into it.

But now here they were, about to embark on their journey home.

Kuwabara had a feeling it was going to be a long flight.

"Just to let you guys know…" Callie stated as she took a seat. "I get air-sick…like really-really badly. Sooo! If I puke all over you, sorry!" She all but sang out, giving Yusuke an evil stare.

"Don't you even think about it you disgusting whore."

She just grinned, "I'm thinking about it…I'm also thinking about so many other things. Like how you screamed like a girl, how you kept falling in shit, how a male pig decided that he liked you leg and tried to molest you, how I found you hugging Cory in the night…" Her grin went all the more evil.

"I was sleep walking and I was dreaming of Keiko! I'm not gay!" He snarled to her.

"Ohohoho! I think she's going to have to be the judge of that!" She laughed out manically.

"Don't you dare…" He hissed.

"Guys…" Kuwabara moaned in misery. "This is an airplane…we can't fight in an airplane."

"Fine--but the moment we are out of the airport your ass is mine slut."

"Fine by me you pig-banging-fag."

"You're dead!" He growled, pointing a finger at the little brat. "You hear me you bitch? You are dead!"

She stuck her tongue out at him, still laughing manically at him. "Stupid ass! You can't kill me! I'm invincible and too cute!"

"You're an ugly bitch and you know it! I should just sell you to a whore-house!"

"Big brother wouldn't like that at all."

"Tch. He would probably thank me for it." He muttered, leaning back in his seat. Callie's foot rammed into his groin earning a squeal of pain from the man. "Oh…shit…stop--doing that…"

"Stop insulting me and maybe I will."

"I will never be able to have children…" He whimpered as he hunched over.

"No offspring--how sad…" Callie huffed. "Who needs little Yusuke's running around?"

"I. Will. Destroy. You."

Kuwabara rubbed his throbbing head, 'Ugh…someone kill me. Someone please kill me.'

Callie leaned her forehead against the window, feeling to sick to sleep. "This is so weird…I guess I am really happy…" She looked over at the two and grinned, they were fast asleep, Kuwabara leaning on Yusuke's shoulder.

"Hehehe…" She reached into her bag and pulled out a camera and took a shot. Reaching over she gently maneuvered their bodies slightly, she heard some snickers of other people as they watched what she was doing. She took a few more pictures before she placed the camera back, blackmail was such a wonderful past-time.

She then groaned and ran to the bathroom--something she had been doing throughout the trip. A few moments later she was back in her seat looking miserable.

Finally she decided to go to sleep and hopefully miss any other sick-spells.

This time, unlike the flight before, she didn't feel alone in her dreams.

"Have I told you lately that I hate you?" Yusuke asked as he glared down at the petite brunette as they entered the airport close to the town of Sarayashiki.

"You told me often on the flight over here…by the way--everyone on that flight now believes you two are gay." Callie stated back as she brushed past the two of them. "I really do believe you should sit Keiko and Yukina down and explain that you two have certain feelings for each other and can't see them anymore."

"BITE ME!!" Yusuke roared only to then yelp. "SHE BIT ME!!"

Callie grinned at Kuwabara who didn't know if he should sigh or smile back. She gave him a victory-sign, "I win! AAAAIIIIEEE!!" She screeched as Yusuke came up from behind her and grabbed her lips and cheeks and pulled them apart, yanking her back.


"THE HELL DID YOU JUST CALL ME!?" She roared back and spun around and tackled the male to the ground.

Kuwabara sighed, 'I guess this is normalcy…' He then smiled, 'Welcome home, runt…it's great to have you back.'



The tall teen twitched, 'I think.'

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Wit and Courage:

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"Kidnapping ploys, murder schemes, terrifying demons hell bent on destroying the balance of the three worlds…this is our life, monkey, welcome to it."