Title: Caught

Author: Orilon

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: AJ Styles/ Jerry Lynn mentioned

Spoiler warning: small ones for 7/8 Impact and No Surrender

Disclaimer: Everything from NWA: TNA belongs to the Jarrett family and Panda Energy and the wrestlers belong to themselves.

Distribution: If you want it, take it, but let me know where.

Summary: Why was AJ mussed on the 7/8 Impact?

Feedback: Please.

After the interview segment setting up my match with Sean Waltman at No Surrender, I go back to the locker room and sink on to the bench. I look down and groan at my appearance. I thought that I had put myself together better after my time with Jerry Lynn was interrupted. Usually I can get my clothing in order so fans can't tell what I was doing before I came out, but I had less time than usual today and it showed.

We've always had bad luck with being caught or interrupted backstage from the time we joined TNA. I can't tell you how many times that just when things heat up, its time for a match or they want to do an interview segment. Things had cooled down for awhile when Jerry was away to heal his shoulder injury but now that he's backstage working as an agent for the X-guys, things have heated up again, and so have the lectures from management.

Mortimer's lectures about not sleeping with the enemy have evolved into management's lectures about keeping the PDAs off camera. In the beginning they fought to control the relationships between most of the locker room, but since most of the guys are gay or bi, they finally have given up and now stress that what goes on backstage stays there and doesn't get publicized.

Sometimes it gets worked into angles, in such a way that most of the time fans can't tell, like our chemistry together during our feud in the first months of TNA. It has been said that there is a thin line between love and hate, and we used our feelings to make things more intense. Although every time his arm strayed when he was setting me up for the cradle pile driver made it difficult to keep it on the hate side of the line.

In other cases, the chemistry between the two in front of the camera comes from the backstage relationship, with America's Most Wanted being the first example that comes to mind. Their tagging chemistry in the ring comes from their backstage relationship that started after they joined TNA.

I'm hoping that once the taping is over, we can go back to the hotel room and properly finish what we started without interruptions.