Title: Crooning

Author: Kytten

Pairing: Fredric/Pirate King (Iven)

Disclaimer: I don't own POTP

Author's Note: Thought this was the first Pirates of the Penzance fic but I guess I was wrong. Nice to know others took the initiative before the Official Empress of Slash got here.


Part 1

Iven had been desperate to make the boy stay with them. But he had left. And that was Not Good. In capital letters and a few of those hyphen things if you were really serious. It had taken him a moment to think of the leap year paradox. He had been musing over the gifts he had given Fredric for his birthday every March 1st or February 29th. Which ever came first.

And that's when it hit him.

Well it flew over his head and had to circle around but the desired effect was the same. Iven stood too fast, hitting his head on an over hanging shelf, and staggered back into a wall where the objects falling off the broken shelf could smash into his feet.

He didn't feel it.

Fredric was his again. That curly haired prince of perfection was his once more.

But those damn British police, bobbies they called them, had hurt his boy. When he announced he was bound by duty to rejoin the pirates they had attacked him. Fredric was very pretty but never one for complex, multi-syllable thoughts.

And all that brought them to present times. Iven sat on the bed in his quarters with Fredric's head on his lap as he slept, put out by the ship's doctor. The boy was squeamish about stitches, you see. So Iven waited for the boy to wake up, knowing full well he would be drunk and disoriented. He ran his fingers through those beautiful curls, crooning some nonsense that Fredric couldn't hear.

This boy was his.

Not Ruth's

Not Maybel's

Nor any other man's.

His and only his.

Iven paused in his song to press a kiss to the boy's brow. Fredric snorted in his sleep, turning his face towards Iven.

And as the pirate king, it would be hypocritical not to steal that offered kiss.

Untainted, unstained.