Origin of Trust

Kat Warrior

Disclaimer: All characters are property of Shogakukan, Inc/ Minagawa/ Takashige. Used without permission and without intent of profit. Story itself is property of Elizabeth H, AKA Kat Warrior, and should not be used without author's consent. Also, I am well aware that this whole event, due to Jean and Yu's ages, is impossible. Granted, I had to tweak their ages some. But what's the point of writing fanfiction if you don't have fun writing it? Non-yaoi. Just brotherly fluff.

"Can you believe there's another kid running around here?" Jean heard one soldier ask another. He knew that the older soldiers didn't like being him there, but he ignored that and concentrated on the other fact. There was another young person at the Arcam base. Jean paused and ducked behind a corner to listen for a moment.

"Yeah," the other soldier agreed, "I don't see what potential Yamamoto thinks they have at this age, but he's in charge. Speaking of runts, I wonder where that French boy is? He might like to meet this Ominae kid." The men unknowingly started to walk his way. Jean panicked for a moment and then moved so that he looked as if he were just walking up from the opposite direction. He did the usual - cram his hands into his pockets and look uncaring. The two soldiers stepped around the corner and greeted him with smiles. He pretended to be happy to see them, as if he hadn't heard them complaining about him only seconds ago.

"Hey Jean," the first one said, "Yamamoto brought another younger soldier here. Maybe you'd like to meet him because he's closer to your age than all us old fogies."

"Sure," Jean answered, with a shrug that screamed "Whatever."

And then Jean had been taken to Yamamoto's office to meet Ominae Yu. Jean had been slightly shocked to see that Yu appeared only to be ten years old - eleven at the oldest. He'd been hoping for someone closer to his age. He'd tried to be polite considering that Yamamoto was watching, but he half expected to be annoyed by this Japanese kid by the time the day was over. That had been six hours ago and so far, so good. It was about ten at night and Jean was sleeping peacefully. Ominae shared his room, but had his own bed at the opposite side. This suited Jean just fine as long as Ominae didn't snore. Which he didn't.

When there was sudden added weight to his bed and a smaller body pressed against his, Jean woke up. He looked down in confusion and irritation to see Ominae clinging to him with his eyes wide with fear.

"What are you doing?" he demanded in a harsh whisper.

"I dreamed bad..." the boy replied in broken English, "I'm scared."

Jean sighed and looked at Ominae, wondering what he ought to do about it. As the frightened brown eyes stared into his bright blue ones, he felt his frustration melting a bit into sympathy - perhaps even empathy? In the short time he'd known Yu he'd learned that he'd seen his parents' bullet-ridden bodies when he was very small, and then been kidnapped and trained to kill like a monster. Jean's past hadn't been pleasant, either. He'd lost his parents, and others who had been very close to him.

"Fine," the French teen relented, "You can stay with me."

Ominae smiled and whispered "Arigatou," before snuggling into Jean's chest. Jean was rightfully surprised by this, and inquired as gently as he could why the Japanese boy did that.

"When I was small and became scared, Papa would hold me to his heart," he answered. "It's sound made me not so scared."

"Well, alright then. Just go to sleep now." After some thought he added. "I'll look after you."

In five minutes Ominae had fallen asleep with the beating of Jean's heart to soothe his fears. Five minutes later, Jean was fast asleep as well. This was the start of a strong bond of brotherhood and trust.